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GaryVaynerchuk.com Family 1st! but after that, Businessman- a dude that Loves people, business & the @nyjets - @vaynermedia. Tasted wine for years online!
Moneylife India | Financial Magazines online in India Moneylife is an online resource for news and opinions on personal finance, banking, finance and industry sectors from India.
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Twitter Welcome to Early Onset Alzheimer's Support. Sharing my personal journey to help others who have also been diagnosed with Alztheimer's.
Wayne Dyer - The Official Website of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Wayne Dyer was an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He wrote more than 40 books, 21 of them NYT bestsellers...
An Honest Con | One Man's Musings on Books, Music and Anything Else that Comes Along One Man's Musings on Books, Music and Anything Else that Comes Along
Dear Walden In this noisy and fast moving city, I crave for solitude and nature.  Henry David Thoreau wrote “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” But life is a competition…
Gapminder: Gapminder Foundation is fighting devastating ignorance with a fact-based worldview that everyone can understand.
I'm Darnell & I help high-achievers gain brand clarity & avoid pitfalls. I help high-achievers gain clarity & avoid pitfalls in their businesses, so they can create brands people love.
Employment Background Check Services for Companies, ESR Employment Background Check Services for Companies. Highly Certified ESR provides background checks for pre-employment, Form I-9, E-Verify, & criminal records and other background screening services.
Tax Planning for Business Valuation Tax experts for business succession, valuation, buying or selling a company. Tax planning expertise. We wrote the book on business valuation.
Truly Automated Book FREE DOWNLOAD We wrote Truly Automated to help entrepreneurs work ON their business and not IN their business. Learn how to run your business on autopilot so. you can focus on scaling.
Toğan Kuter Eren | Casting Management Toğan Kuter Eren is a casting manager who has managed as a CEO for many years, wrote The Rose Fire book series and worked with many famous models.
Share coding knowledge – CodepediaOrg Coding knowledge hub, providing free educational content for professionals involved in software development. The website covers different topics and technologies with posts whose difficulty levels range from beginner to “hard-core” programming.
20RAP | New Persian Rap & HipHop Songs. Play and Watch! The Latest Hits and Favorite Persian Rap and HipHop. Start Listening Now! ...
Nathan Cahill I wrote a cross-browser extension to replace the ads in the sidebar of Facebook with content of my own. Facebook uses entirely client-side …
Navin B Chawla - An Indian Civil Servant and Mother Teresa Biographer Navin Chawla is one of the Civil Servants of India. He wrote Mother Teresa’s acclaimed biography in 1992. Click to read more about him.
Home - Paul Smith | Business Storytelling Coach Paul Smith wrote Lead With a Story as a way to help companies tell their story. He is an expert storyteller, coach, consultant, and author.
thoughts, prayers & songs: – my journey from self-absorption to doxology   The Apostle of Paul wrote, "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things" (Philippians 4:8). There is a real sense, that if you change the the way you think about things, you will change your life.…
LUKE GILFORD Luke Gilford is a filmmaker and photographer based in New York City and Los Angeles. Luke''s photography and films have been exhibited around the world, including MoMA in New York, FOAM in Amsterdam and at Sundance''s NEXT festival. Luke wrote and directed the short film CONNECTED starring Pamela Anderson and Dree Hemingway featuring Jane Fonda, which premiered on Vice and received the Webby Award for Best Drama in 2017. Luke has directed music videos for Blood Orange and Troye Sivan, and most recently, he directed and photographed the 2017 campaign for Mercedes Benz. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Dazed & Confused, V Magazine, and Vogue.
We buy Comic Books. Sell Comic Books FAST to A+ rated Member of the BBB | 2nd Markets Corporation of Chattanooga, TN We buy comic book collections! Nobody pays more. Owner Jon Warren wrote the book on comics. We are an A+ BBB-rated company buying collections of rare comic books in a fast, secure, no hassle transaction. Get our offer today!
Smarter Plans for the Future - Eric Talaska Eric Talaska “Eco Neato”, a 50 year old single nomad, announces his candidacy for the 2024 U.S. presidency. His campaign motto is “Act on Facts”. His political affiliation is the Green Party and can move to and file in any state. Talaska says we must expediently avert the climate crisis and the sixth mass extinction which are unnaturally accelerated by human activities. He would act on advice from scientists and satisfy notable warnings of Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Greta Thunburg, etc. all the while expanding a green economy and enriching lives with clean air and water. “There is no sustainable economy without a sustainable environment. Our economy has shortsightedly and temporarily grown at the expense of our environment and future generations. I will foster a sustainable balance between the planet, people and profits” Talaska says. Other major plans include creating a Department of Peace funded by a small reduction of military spending, abolishing the Electoral College and implementing “ranked choice voting” which will foster voters to vote with their “heart” rather than the “lesser of two evils”. Talaska honorably served in the Army with a Top Secret security clearance. He then did brutal factory work at night while going to college during the day and eventually earned two college degrees. Being a problem solver, he invented a brake, wrote and prosecuted a patent and designed an innovative campervan. He has extensively traveled the United States with a focus on museum exploration which helps him understand varying cultures, science, art, etc. and worked 25 full time jobs which helps him understand varying industries. Talaska says he is responsible and has no notable adverse records. Talaska hopes his action encourages others who are also at the bottom of any hierarchy and those with disabilities to do great things they might have otherwise been discouraged of doing. He recently lost his service dog he trained and learned a lot from and is in search of another. Talaska is available for interview anywhere, anytime. For more info and a unique comparison chart to President Trump, visit www.EcoNeato.org where all images are approved for redistribution.Eric Talaska (Eco Neato) is an environmental advocate working on eco friendly several projects to make the world a more sustainable place for all life on earth, not just for humans. Later is too late! Act now.
Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur | Amy Carmichael Amy Wilson Carmichael (16 December 1867 – 18 January 1951) was a Protestant Christian missionary in India, who opened an orphanage and founded a mission in Dohnavur. She served in India for 55 years without furlough and wrote many books about the missionary work there. Early life Amy Wilson Carmichael was born in the small…
Orlando, Tampa and Kissimmee Area Stand Up Comedy Resource | A Resource for Comedians and their Homies in Central Florida A Resource for Comedians and their Homies in Central Florida
The Invisible Whiteness of Being | "The white [man] who wrote the national anthem knew what he was doing. He set the word 'free' to a note so high that nobody could reach it. That was deliberate." "The white [man] who wrote the national anthem knew what he was doing. He set the word 'free' to a note so high that nobody could reach it. That was deliberate."
Gil Brewer - noir fiction writer Gil Brewer''s official website. Florida writer Gil Brewer (1922-1983) was the author of dozens of wonderfully sleazy sex/crime adventure novels of the 1950''s and 60''s, including Backwoods Teaser and Nude on Thin Ice; some of them starring private eye Lee Baron (Wild) or the brothers Sam and Tate Morgan (The Bitch) . Gil Brewer, who had not previously published any novels, began to write for Gold Medal Paperbacks in 1950-51. Brewer wrote some 30 novels between 1951 and the late 60''s, very often involving an ordinary man who becomes involved with, and is often corrupted and destroyed by, an evil or designing woman. His style is simple and direct, with sharp dialogue, often achieving considerable intensity. Brewer was one of the many writers who ghost wrote under the Ellery Queen byline, as well as Elaine Evans, Eric Fitzgerald, and Bailey Morgan.
Home2 | Jeanette LeBlanc I help people find their words (and use them well). It's time to write.
Lizzie Lamb - author | Writer of Compelling Contemporary Romance A big hello from Lizzie With Scottish, Irish, and Brazilian blood in her veins, it’s hardly surprising Lizzie Lamb is a writer. As a child, she wrote extra scenes for the films she watched and was almost drummed out of the playground for keeping all the good lines for herself. Luckily, she saves them for…
Dave In AZ | Navigate: main topic dropdowns below, all pages listed on right. Copyright "Dave In AZ" 2019 This blog or collection of writings is just pretty much for me.  I didn't write it to gather readers, or advertising, or anything-- I wrote most of this as posts replying to folks on the internet, and decided it was painful to re-answer and re-type all this when common questions occurred, so I gathered it…
Link''s Lips Sink Ships Call me Jayce // he/they // Sorry for Ruining Peanut Butter for You // Everything Rhink-related on my blog is headcanon // don't be mad 'cause I'm doing me better than you're doing you // old enough...
Stupid Nephilim Love she/her/they/them | ace | 80% Malec trash. 20% Misc. I dabble at editing & writing. AO3:stupidnephilimlove twitter: @ironbibliomane
Music | Scott Crowder Scott Crowder. Newport News, Virginia. Scott Crowder is a songwriter with a unique blend all his own - artist, worshiper, revelator. Scott and his wife co-lead DreamHouse, a local church in Newport News, Virginia / www.JesusLoves757.com. In the past I wrote songs & led the band Dark Little Rooms / www.darklittlerooms.bandcamp.com and still make records for myself and others.
APOSTOLIC BIBLE STUDY | Bible Studies and related News Here is a poem I wrote regarding 9/11 I received a nice commendation for it and if you can ever use it please do 9/11 by George Duke Twas not day nor was it
SCREENPLAY.today - The Best Free Online Screenwriting Course How to write a Hollywood-calibre script or screenplay - for free! No sign-ups, no log-ins, no payments. Just the best information about writing your own movie available anywhere on the web! We''ll teach you more about writing movies than you''d ever believe. We''ll teach you more about scriptwriting than even many top indie film writers and directors know! The best scriptwriting tutorials or screenwriting schools can''t hold a candle to us! Come see!
Nobody Move! | We're here for your money. Cooperate, and nobody gets hurt. We're here for your money. Cooperate, and nobody gets hurt.
Official Author Site forBRUCE WETTERAU - Home Page - Author Bruce Wetterau wrote Lost Treasure: A Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure, about a hunt for Confederate gold buried in a Virginia cavern as the Civil War ended. Home Page - Cover & synopsis of Bruce Wetterau''s novels Killer Fog--Treachery, Greed, And Jihadi Fanatics; Lost Treasure--A Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure, with links for purchasing in print and e-book formats
The London Literary Pub Crawl. The London Literary Pub Crawl, is a theatrical tourist attraction, performance tour and guided walk in London, England. It's rapidly becoming one of the things to do in London, and is a favourite of Hollywood stars and famous celebrities. Meet Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Dylan Thomas, Brendan Behan, Karl Marx, T.S. Eliot, William Shakespeare, Paul McCartney, George Orwell and other writers who worked, wrote and drank in Fitzrovia and Soho, London. Written and produced by Nick Hennegan of the award-winning Maverick Theatre Company.
Mark Mulcahy Website of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Mark Mulcahy. Former frontman of Miracle Legion and Polaris. Currently from Western Massachusetts. Originally from New Haven, CT. Wrote and performed soundtrack for The Adventures of Pete and Pete on Nickelodeon.
Oak Grove Genealogy | dedicated to the passionate pursuit of family WHO IS THE MAN IN THIS PHOTOGRAPH? A quick search for James Laramore, Sr. of Georgia on Ancestry pulls up the following image for him in several family trees. Now, I realize that it's easy to accidentally mislabel old images of ancestors. I likely have gotten some names wrongly placed myself. But I don't believe that this photo is of James Laramore, Sr. but of one of his sons instead and that the photograph was taken by his grandson. I have a copy of this image in my possession. It was inherited a number of years ago with a large collection of family photos, many of them of the Laramore family. A number of researchers are labeling it 'James H. Laramore, Sr.' Personally, I have never found proof that he had a middle initial of 'H', or anything else for that matter, so I leave the initial out. Either way, the man I refer to was born somewhere between 1789 and 1792 in Georgia or Abbeville, South Carolina. He died 22 March 1866 in Lee, Georgia. On the back of the photograph in question is the studio name, 'BROWN & LARAMORE' Photographers, Americus, Ga. The Laramore photographer should be W. P. (William Packingham/Parkingham) Laramore. This Mr. Laramore is the only member of the Caucasian Laramore family in the area listed in census records as a photographer in Americus during this era. In the 1860 census, he was only nine years old -- obviously, too young to be a photographer. By 1870, at the tender age of 19, he lists his occupation on the census as 'Photographer.' Unfortunately, the 1880 and 1890 censuses have not been located for him. By 1900, he is listed as a 'Contractor.' His death certificate lists his occupation as a farmer. William was the grandson of the James Laramore, Sr. noted above. Again, William P. Laramore was the grandson of James Laramore, Sr. As noted, James Sr. died in 1866, which means that most likely he had passed away by the time William began his photography career (unless William began his work at the age of 15; possible but a bit unlikely). My maternal grandmother was born in 1900 and directly descended from this line. Many years ago, Grandma Ray wrote on the back of my copy of this image – in her sweet penciled cursive-- that this photo was of either John Louis Laramore or Peter Laramore. John Louis and Peter Washington Laramore are two sons of James Laramore, Sr. John Louis Laramore was the father of W.P. Laramore. Looking at other photos known to be John Louis (I have several), I most believe it to be John Louis Laramore. Below is an image I own of John Louis Laramore, born circa 1824 and died 20 Nov 1882 in Lee, Georgia. A date for the photograph is not known, but I would guess that John was around 25-30 years of age here? If so, the image may have been taken around 1855. If the image above is of John Louis and taken between 1870-1880, then John Louis would have been somewhere in his 50s when the image was taken. That looks about right (though I am guessing). Following is a copy of an original carte de visite photograph I own of Peter Washington Laramore, brother of John Louis and also a son of James Laramore, Sr. Could this be the person in our original image? Having been born in 1830, it is possible; though if this photo was taken by his nephew, W.P. Laramore, then he is too old here. So who is the Brown of 'Brown & Laramore' Photographers? I don't know and would be thrilled to figure it out. At https://www.langdonroad.com/photographers-b-2, known as 'Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers', one finds a multi-page directory of photographers active in the United States from 1844 to 1950. Numerous persons by the surname of Brown are listed, but none in Georgia. I have searched elsewhere, to no avail. Please contact me if you know who our mystery photog is! For the record, most of my images of the Laramore family were taken by the well-known middle-Georgia photographer from Macon, Georgia, Mr. Thomas Benton Blackshear. He also had a studio in Americus, Georgia. I vaguely remember at some point finding an image in my records that named W.P. Laramore and T.B. Blackshear both on the back, as if they had joined forces at some point. Today, I couldn't find one, so who knows.
sco.tt Scott Yates of Denver. I founded the Certified Content Coalition. Before that I wrote The Future of Water. Previously founded BlogMutt, MyTrafficNews and LgDb, and worked in journalism before that.
They Is My Pronoun | why the kerfuffle | live from June 2012 – June 2020, now archived why the kerfuffle | live from June 2012 - June 2020, now archived
nyaugh "THERE IS NO TIME TO BE BASKING IN THE AFTERGLOW" about me writing (AO3) [xenoblade fics masterlist] doodles my discord servers
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HIGH-TECH LOW-LIFE I'm a sentient android from the future. Call me Sparky or Peach. My pronouns are They/Them. I wrote all of the Free! abridged show 50% Off! and also voiced Haru and Rin. I beat Ed Asner into a coma in...
Martian Sunset I write stuff. Modern Romans (ROMANITAS). Kids on Mars with blue-eyed flying American Fish Robots (MARS EVACUEES) also I wrote a thing called I Hate Strong Female Characters.
TibcowithSiva | If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it!! If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it!!
Amanda Caldari, Copywriter Amanda Caldari is a copywriter who recently wrote this sentence.
Alicia Bay Laurel I currently tour as a singer/songwriter/guitarist/storyteller, with eight critically acclaimed, self-produced music CDs, one all-original psych folk, one Hawaiian (half original, half historic), one jazz/blues(10 original and 2 standards), one Americana/world music (eleven songs and medleys, of which I wrote two), one of solo instrumental guitar medleys (Americana, blues, psych folk, protest songs and Hawaiian…
Freddy Syborn | Writer and Director Freddy Syborn wrote Bad Education, Cockroaches and A Good Bullet. He wrote and directed Isla Traena and Frenching the Bully.
Holesoul''s Sims No love for gerbits, but a lot of love for Sims 2. I formerly played some neighborhoods, mainly Rotham, a custom neighborhood, but in the past I've played two premade uberhoods. I wrote some stories...
We Are Mad About I.T. – Information Technology, Health & Fitness, Bitcoins , My journey Information Technology, Health & Fitness, Bitcoins , My journey
Pain in the Neck | notes from a neck pain clinic Here's a short public facing piece I wrote published today over at 'The Conversation'. I hope you find it a useful clinical resource to open conversations you have with neck pain sufferers (and perhaps colleagues as well!) about 'bad posture'. The original article is here: If you suffer from neck pain, you're not alone. Spinal pain is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide and its occurrence has increased dramatically over the past 25 years. While most episodes of neck pain are likely to get better within a few months, half to three-quarters of people who have neck pain will experience repeated episodes of pain. It's often said there are "good and bad postures" and that specific postures can contribute to spinal pain but this belief is not supported by scientific evidence. Indeed, research shows that poor sleep, reduced physical activity and increased stress appear to be more important factors. So despite attempts by health professionals to correct your posture and the use of "ergonomic" chairs, desks, keyboards and other gadgets chances are so-called "lifestyle factors" – such as getting enough sleep, making sure you exercise and keeping stress to a minimum – seem to be more salient in relieving and preventing the pain in your neck. The posture myth Although beliefs about posture run deep, science is telling a very different story – and there is a strong challenge to the long-assumed role of posture as a cause of neck pain. A recent high-quality study, of more than 1,000 teenagers, for example, showed no statistically significant relationship between spinal posture and neck pain – despite there being easily identifiable postural subgroups in the study, such as those who sat slumped or those who sat upright. So yes, people do sit in positions that vary from person to person, but it appears to have nothing to do with pain. In fact, it appears from this particular study that the adolescent's "posture" has more to do with their mood. Research has also shown that changing the way you sit while working – by altering your workstation – so-called "ergonomic interventions", have little to no impact on whether a person develops neck pain. Also, there is little high-quality evidence that ergonomic interventions can lead to a speedier recovery for someone with neck pain. ShutterstockMDGRPHCS In various studies, researchers have followed groups of people who don't have neck pain along with those who only experience occasional neck pain for periods. Some people in these groups developed troublesome neck pain and the researchers looked closely at them. Those with neck pain were found to be getting less quality and quantity of sleep and were working in jobs with high strain. They were also less physically active and had depressed mood. Their bodies are essentially experiencing greater stress and they notice more "muscle tension" in their neck. Importantly, this is all before the pain has even developed. Researchers have found that, even among children as young as nine years old, symptoms such as tiredness and sleep difficulties – along with headaches, abdominal pain and lower mood – were risk factors for both the occurrence and persistence of weekly neck pain when the children were monitored for four years. Sleep, exercise and relaxation The flip side of this is that having a stronger neck, enjoying exercise – even simply walking a greater number of steps each day – have all been shown to protect against getting neck pain. This, along with making sure we don't become sleep deprived, less physically active and stressed will hopefully manage and prevent neck pain more successfully. So feel free to sit how you want to at your desk. If you find yourself sitting for long periods in one position make an effort to switch it up – as one of the key things to avoid getting pain in your neck is to change positions frequently through the day. And if you do have neck pain, get a few early nights, consider doing something relaxing – and why not go for a walk at lunchtime. Importantly, you also need to stop worrying about how you sit or walk, because science seems to show that there may be no such thing as a "bad" posture after all. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.
Self Storage, Mini Storage, RV Storage, Boat Storage, Storage SELF STORAGE, MINI STORAGE, RV STORAGE, BOAT STORAGE, STORAGE, size estimator
Author Charles Hanna | Higher Book | Inspirational Recovery Book Charles Hanna wrote the inspirational recovery book Higher. He shares his struggles with addiction and offers an inspirational roadmap for others.
Mike Rowe mikerowe.com, Michael Gregory Rowe is an American television host and narrator, actor and former opera singer best known for his work on the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, After the Catch, Somebody''s Gotta Do It - Mike Rowe introduces us to people who perform unique jobs in his CNN Original Series, Somebody''s Gotta Do It
Mueller, She Wrote & The Daily Beans - A Podcast Unraveling the Trump-Russia Investigation New episodes EVERY WEEK, so you can count on us to keep you informed on the latest developments in this investigation & historically stupid administration.
Quick Incorporation | Form an LLC or Corporation Online Protect your assets by forming an LLC or corporation online quickly, easily and affordably with MyLLC. From the authors of ''Limited Liability Companies for Dummies.'' We will work with you hand-in-hand. Call (888)88-MYLLC.
Please Help Me Helping | Helping others, not out of duty Helping others, not out of duty
Rob N ★ Things that Rob N ★ wrote.
Rough Trade #GFY – Wrote Hard and Put Up Wet.
HOME | RVLOVE.  Fulltime RVers & Authors of the bestselling book "Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road Now in our 6th year of living, working & traveling full-time in our RV. We share tons of info, experience and reviews on campgrounds, gear, our travels and more – to help you hit the road too. We even wrote the bestselling book "Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road" to get you on your way!
it''s like candyland 🍬 tony stark, stony, superfamily - look for the tag 'i wrote a thing' to see how I waste my time