The most comprehensive list of wangari websites last updated on Oct 1 2020.
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Literacy, Learning, and Life | Student Reflections on Literacy, Education, and Multicultural Voices Student Reflections on Literacy, Education, and Multicultural Voices
Tottenham Trees - Tottenham Trees Tottenham Trees was formed as a branch of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People. The Charter, which will be launched in 2017, is a call to stop taking trees for granted, recognise and celebrate their huge contribution to our lives, and take responsibi
Redgert Comms – A relentless and independent PR agency. Redgert Comms. A relentless and independent PR agency, making your brand impossible to resist. We operate in Stockholm and New York.
Kids Organics--Natural, Organic, Healthy Foods, Products and Supplements for Children and their Families Kids Organics: Natural and Organic Foods for kids, Natural and Organic Products and Supplements for Family, Healthy and Organic Cooking and Natural Living
Wangari Gardens – A garden park designed, created, and sustained by the community for the non-profit benefit of the community. Wangari Gardens is a 2.7-acre garden park in Washington, DC bursting with creative potential. With a mission inspired by a passion for community engagement and Professor Wangari Maathai’s legacy, we are building a park to benefit everyone. Our community garden has a 50-fruit tree forest garden, public vegetable garden, herb garden, medicinal garden, berry garden, strawberry patch, outdoor classroom, and…
Language Learning from Reading – Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Spain, EFL) – Reading Originals (B2, C1) Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Spain, EFL) - Reading Originals (B2, C1)
Global School Library for Elementary/Primary Students | A resource for teachers, school librarians and parents to find books to teach about the world and activities to reinforce the lessons. As our classrooms change and our students become more globally diverse, so must our school libraries.  We need to embrace knowledge about the world and the wonders of diversity.  Teachers, parents and librarians must update their libraries to reflect our changing populations. There are many wonderful books available to teach our students and improve their (and…