The most comprehensive list of vulnerable sections websites last updated on May 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
UNNATI | Organization for Development Education,Social Inclusion and Empowerment,Civic Leadership Governance and Social Accountability,Social Determinants of Disaster Risk Reduction UNNATI - Organisation for Development Education is a voluntary non profit organization. It is our aim to promote social inclusion and democratic governance so that the vulnerable sections of society are empowered to effectively and decisively participate in mainstream development and decision making processes.
Gender Mainstreaming Research Association Gender Mainstreaming Research Association (GMRA) is a not-for-profit platform which aspires in all efforts to manifest entrepreneurship and alternative means of livelihoods through research, innovation, technology, process modules and skill development with the focus on marginalized and vulnerable sections of society and environment. Solving issues affecting large section of the society has always been a challenge for us. New challenges keep arising due to changing patterns, ecology, lifestyle and thought process in society. Innovators have been doing their best to solve these challenges, but yet there is a constant need for an effective problem solving mechanism and innovator which can make world a safer, healthier, vibrant place. With our motto of "adding age to the planet", we work in areas which can enhance productivity in sustainable manner and constantly bring out models which can adapted by innovators across the globe to make world a healthier, happier and sustainable place. women entrepreneur, Growth, Gap, Gender, Development, Finance, Communication, Skills ,Technology, Machines, Data, Research, Policy, Environment, Institutions, Sustainable, Ecosystem, Enterprise, Entrepreneurs, Poverty, Well being, Health, Quality, Education, Water, Society, Workers, Community, Motivation, Mission, Vision, Green, Carbon, Ecology, Innovation, Infrastructure, Future, Climate, World, Global, Economy, Participation, Entrepreneurship