The most comprehensive list of validated websites last updated on Sep 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Name Your Business | Disruptive Naming Agency | Squadhelp Get 100s of catchy name ideas from experts across the globe in 3-5 days or less. Fully validated with domain checks, trademark support & audience testing.
Acclaim Credly's Acclaim is a global Open Badge platform that closes the gap between skills and opportunities. We work with academic institutions, corporations, and professional associations to translate learning outcomes into digital credentials that are immediately validated, managed, and shared.
Oura Ring: Accurate Health Information Accessible to Everyone Oura Ring: the most accurate sleep and activity tracker is all about you: it measures the physiological signals of your body, understands your lifestyle, and guides you to make your own optimal daily choices. The ring features scientifically validated sleep tracking and personalized guidance.
Conflux: Where Valuable Bits are Exchanged and Validated Conflux is the State-of-the-Art public blockchain system that can achieve high TPS without sacrificing decentralization or safety. The service items include Block Chain Technology Platform | Application scenarios | wallet | Decentralized Finance. By delicately combining its unique and advanced algorithm with a novel structure——Tree Graph (TG), Conflux makes consensus no longer a performance bottleneck, thereupon solves a series of problems in the industrialization of public chains. Where Valuable Bits are Exchanged and Validated!
Free Personality Tests and Career Assessments | Truity Free personality tests and career assessments to help you find your strengths and discover the right direction for you. Take scientifically validated tests based on Myers and Briggs' types, Enneagram, DISC, Holland Code and more and instantly get personalized insights that make a difference in your life.
Account-Based Platform | RollWorks Say hello to the RollWorks account-based platform, the B2B and ABM solution shown to deliver over 5X the ROI of other account-based marketing platforms.
PIPILEADS - Find B2B email of your Target Audience An Indispensable Source for Verified and Validated,Up to date and Live Business Contact Information.
Marbella Design Academy. International Design School in Spain. In English Marbella Design Academy. International Design School in Spain (Europe). All tuition is in English. Offering BA Validated Programmes.
Build Happier, Healthier Workplaces | Kin HRIS Software for Small Business Kin HRIS Software simplifies onboarding, employee reviews and time-off tracking so that you can focus on your most valuable asset - your people.
Established By Dr. Nawal El Degwi in 1996 - MSA University MSA University! The Best Of British Higher Education In Egypt. MSA University has been validated by two of the top universities in the United Kingdom; these are Bedfordshire and Greenwich Universities. Accordingly, our graduates receive dual degrees, a British degree and an Egyptian one accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council for Universities.
Knovel - Engineering Technical Reference Information Knovel integrates validated content, optimized search, and data analysis tools - including our unit converter - enabling engineers to solve problems quickly.
Legends | Official Website We bring the most progressive, fashionable and comfortable elevated apparel for the everyday grind. Each piece of apparel is designed by athletes and rigorously tested with top sports professionals. The result is performance driven and validated designs with modern aesthetics.
The Business Analyst Job Description - A resourceful companion in your business analysis journey. We bring to you the latest, relevant and apt business analysis information which is both comprehensive and structured. The content presented in the website enables systematic and gradual learning and is carefully validated for its accuracy.
Hexoskin Smart Shirts - Cardiac, Respiratory, Sleep & Activity Metrics Hexoskin is the leader in Smart Clothing, software & AI data analytics. The Hexoskin Smart Shirts are clinically validated for continuous ECG, HRV, Respiratory, Activity, Sleep & Stress monitoring. The Hexoskin Smart Garments are used by sports scientists, healthcare, defense, aerospace & research professionals.
Company Information | Real-time Intelligence - DueDil Get a real-time and validated view of any business with intelligence on more than 50 million private companies. Accelerate growth and confidently manage risk.
Leadiro: B2B Database & Business Contact Data That Gets Results Get instant access to millions of live & accurate business contacts with validated emails. Explore our high-quality and continuously updated B2B Database.
Hosting Controller - Cloud Hosting Control Panel - Cloud Automation Solution | ADSync Tool | IaaS Platform | Microsoft CSP Platform | Validated Hosted Exchange 2019/2016 Control Panel | Exchange Automation | Office 365 Automation | Hosted SharePoint | VPS VM Control Panel - Hybrid Cloud Control Panel Hosting Controller is a hybrid cloud and On-Premises automation solution and validated control Panel for cloud service providers, Hosted Exchange hosts, Microsoft CSPs, Office 365 and enterprises. HC automates Windows / Linux servers and offers a full solution suite for automatic provisioning of Exchange, Office 365, Active Directory Sync, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Dynamics CRM, VMware ESXi and Hyper-V VPS Control Panel.
Coupons, Offers, Promo Codes, Coupon Codes - HappySale Latest Discounts, Coupons and Offers available on HappySale. All the Promo Codes are validated daily, get your latest coupon codes today - December 2020
Viz.ai Viz.ai uses artificial intelligence to synchronize stroke care, reducing systemic delays that stand between patients and life-saving treatments. It’s an innovative way of using technology to transform stroke workflow and patient care.
Elite HRV - Top Heart Rate Variability App, Monitors, and Training Free heart rate variability app. Get the best HRV monitor with validated heart rate variability training for recovery, wellbeing, sleep and overall health.
›› AlphaViril™ [OFFICIAL WEBSITE] - Naturally Increase Testosterone, Libido & Muscle Size [Clinically Validated]
Refrigerated Frozen Foods logo Refrigerated & Frozen Foods is the only publication dedicated to serving the $267 billion chilled and frozen foods channel.
Validated Antibody Database, antibodies, siRNA/shRNA, ELISA, cDNA clones, proteins/peptides, and biochemicals
BetterDoctor :: BetterDoctor - The Origin of Accurate Provider Data BetterDoctor is the most trusted source of validated doctor data. Our data and services power health plan directories, consumer review sites, and individual ...
NeuroTracker | #1 Cognitive Training System in the World Welcome to NeuroTracker, the #1 Most Scientifically Validated Cognitive Training System in the world. Built on 20 years of neuroscience research by leading authorities in their fields.
Products rooted in science and inspired by female intuition - Daye Sustainable, clinically validated organic CBD tampons and ProViotics for vaginal health, delivered to your door. Good for your body and the environment.
Remote Desktop and Employee Monitoring Employee Monitoring the websites they visit, files they delete or copy, certain situations demanding data security and the programs they use and remote desktop is RSA public / private asymmetric encryption is validated in military standards.
TrustTracker™ - Every Spin. Every Bet. Validated on Demand TrustTracker™ empowers players by allowing them to validate the results of every spin or bet to solve the problem of trust by adding a transparency layer.
Money & Happiness Quiz | Personality Tests - Beyond The Purchase Take validated tests & quizzes concerning money, spending, happiness, personality, and values.
Sleepstation - sleep improvement & insomnia course Clinically validated and carefully tailored to each individual, Sleepstation helps people sleep better and overcome insomnia without medication. Delivered entirely online.
Mechatronics and IOT | SOLIDWORKS Creating today’s smart connected products requires design tools that allow better collaboration between mechanical, electrical and electronics teams.  Connecting these teams reduces costly errors during production, as designs are validated virtually, before any product goes to production.
Startup Venture Builder - 2020 We create, incubate and accelerate digital projects providing partnership opportunities and support services to entrepreneurs and companies globally. We specialize in building and managing Startups from incubation to growth and expansion. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the digital industry with a positive track record in high-end projects involving industries as media and advertising, affiliation networks, marketplaces, retail and e-commerce, edtech, luxury and hospitality solutions. Through the STARTUP Venture Builder, we share our knowledge with partners, companies and entrepreneurs that are looking for the ideal opportunity to bring their ideas to the world. YOUR CASE VALIDATED by EXPERIENCED SPECIALISTS From ideation brainstorm to a business model recommendation. Covering operations, technology choices, design, modern marketing strategies and entrepreneurial mindset. FROM DIGITAL PRESENCE TO PERFORMANCE and SUSTAINABLE GROWTH. The omnichannel framework a solution for companies looking to increase awareness, sales and results. E-COMMERCE - ONE-STOP-SHOP for your digital sales channel. Benefit from the current digital landscape, understand and work with key choices for your e-commerce strategy. IDEA TO MVP - TAILOR-MADE PROJECT Are you looking for a real partner to build your Startup with you? We support companies and entrepreneurs to turn ideas into a real business. We build startups that we love with people that pay our coffee ;)
Gay Storylines Aww, gay love! Here they are! Uploaded to a lot of places since they usually get deleted. Feel free to ask for requests, or drop a suggestions, feedback. w/e. You can watch all the available...
Home ⋆ Hitting Training For Baseball Swing Discover hitting training for baseball swing and hitting softball drills. Learn how to apply baseball swing training principles validated by Science to baseball hitting and softball. Amazon bestselling author. Baseball equipment reviews: hitting nets, hitting tees, youth batting gloves, & wooden baseball bats.
www.trademark-clearinghouse.com The Trademark Clearinghouse is the central repository for validated trademarks for the purpose of protecting brands in ICANN's new gTLD program.
Healthcare Email List | Healthcare Professional Email Lists | E-Healthcare Lists Fill your sales funnels with verified and validated Healthcare Email List from E-HealthCare Mailing Lists. Reach your target audience thru multi-channel marketing.
legal Molly | Straight to the point We believe Legal Molly is the greatest cactus food, some people think its the greatest legal high. Information is not validated and is based on information gathered from various sources - Legal Molly looks at a few of the foods we feel is a great cactus food,  theobromine, the active constituent in chocolate. Theobromine increases…
Visa Morphogen Nutrition specializes in developing no BS, scientifically validated, effectively dosed, and affordable sports nutrition supplements.
Protein biomarker discovery, development and implementation | Olink Thoroughly validated, rapid, high-throughput multiplexed assays for protein biomarker discovery - high specificity & minimal sample volume requirements
HPO Center - The High Performance Organization (HPO) Framework is a conceptual, scientifically validated (Evidence Based Management) structure that managers can use for deciding what to focus on in order to improve organizational performance and make it sustainable. HPO Center expert in High Performance Organization, High Performance Partnership, High Performance Management, High Performance Employees
Bootroom New Media Ltd. Accessible website design accessibility to Bobby Section AAA and 508 approval web site design DDA WAI validated based in Rotheram South Yorkshire.
Turn patient insights into actionIrody CareTuner is a next generation telemedicine solution that enables providers to engage patients to improve outcomes, increases efficiency with integrated decision support tools, and tilizes field tested and clinically validated technology.
Chilled & Frozen Packaging - Temperature Controlled Packaging | Buy Online Chilled, Frozen & Ambient Packaging for temperature sensitive goods. From +8°C to -18°C. Fully validated and tested systems. Designed and Manufactured in the UK. Buy Online Now.
Flash Conversion of eLearning to HTML5 and Experienced LMS Migration Flash, elearning, GxP, SCORM, SAP Success Factors, distance learning, Saba, storyline, articulate, learning management systems, validated LMS, training
TFBS Bioscience, Inc. Testing Facility for Biological Safety (TFBS) is the first contract research organization focusing on testing of biological safety and quality services in Taiwan. Founded in 2008, TFBS was established as a business unit in the Development Center of Biotechnology (DCB). Over the years, TFBS has collaborated with biopharmaceutical companies locally and internationally to provide cost effective and scientifically validated testing for the biotech industry. With advanced equipment and state of the art facility, TFBS is quickly recognized for its capability by the academia and industry. In pursuit of quality, TFBS is in full compliance with GLP standards. Our commitment at TFBS is to ensure that our clients receive the cost effective and most reliable test results.
Digital Carpenter – Digital Carpenter develops profit generating, customer validated, world-first web applications for our clients.
Only consider Clinically Validated devices listed by Medaval. Only consider Clinically Validated devices listed by Medaval. Blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters are not regulated.Your health is all.
The largest repository of validated, free and subject-focused e-publications and online seminars in analytical science covering latest techniques, equipment, original research, editorials, and industry news and trends.
Protein biomarker discovery, development and implementation | Olink Thoroughly validated, rapid, high-throughput multiplexed assays for protein biomarker discovery - high specificity & minimal sample volume requirements
PC-Crash - Collision & Trajectory Accident Reconstruction Software PC-Crash™ is a collision & trajectory simulation tool that enables the accurate analysis of many of motor vehicle collisions incidents.
Chicago Psychologists | Chicago Therapists | Therapy & Counseling Licensed Chicago Psychologists & Therapists in the heart of downtown Chicago, in the Loop on Michigan Avenue - by validated parking, the 'L' and the Metra.
SHU HA RI DO KUNG FU MIXED MARTIAL ARTS - Just published, the official Flex Fist Boxing book!Hit hard, hit fast with explosive principles of speed by taught by Sifu Gary. Learn the philosophy of the "Closing Fist", "Spinning Fist", "Hinge Fist", "Hanging Fist", and "Pulling Fist". These Shu Ha Ri Do principles will increase your hand speed tremendously!!!   Shu Ha Ri Do in Conjunction with Bas I Kyokushin is proud to present the Constant Combat Magazine  featuring articles from and about martial arts masters from around theworld!!!   Sifu Gary, has 30 years in the Martial Arts. with a foundation of Kyokoshinkai ,Kick boxing,Wing Chun Kung Fu, San Shou, Muay Thai, JKD-Bruce Lee''s fighting method,the Phillipino arts, and Brazilian Jui Jitsu.  18 years ago Sifu Gary author of 3 books, created an original 7 phase martial arts system called Shu Ha Ri Do. This system has been validated by demonstration, and competition.  Boxing, Kickboxing, grappling, Kung fu, and so much more for adult. This is the legacy of the Shu Ha Ri Do a cutting edge martial arts system featuring an original "speedy" non conventional boxing philosphy called "FLEX FIST BOXING" and so much more. A system that promotes being a warrior not just physically, but mentally and spirituallly.  We walk the path of honor, morality, leading by example, physical training and wisdom before combat Osu! Contact Sifu Subcribe to theShu Ha Ri Do Youtube Channel         
World''s Fastest Talent Assessment | Image-Based and Validated World’s fastest personality assessment. Scientifically-backed and user-focused. Designed to quickly and accurately collect personality data.
USC Village – Stores, Restaurants & Lifestyle Amenities USC Village offers unique shops, restaurants, and lifestyle amenities with convenient validated parking. There's something for everyone at USC Village.
Veradigm® | Data-driven Healthcare Solutions & Insights Based on validated and trusted data sources, technologies, and methodologies, our broad spectrum of healthcare solutions meet critical needs at every level o...
Home Page - TEAMS TEAMS project - funded by the European Union Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, aiming to develop validated and cost-effective training package.
AppSelekt | SaaS that delivers Optimal Success to Customers, Employees and Partners - AppSelekt only works with Best in Category SaaS platforms and apps based on validated, crowd-sourced data - not magic (quadrants) AppSelekt is a SaaS & Media consultancy. It produces the popular 14 Minutes of SaaS podcast, 122 episodes interviewing on-location 48 of the most important SaaS scaleup founders in the world, 31 of them CEOs. It's CEO Stephen Cummins keynotes and MCs the greatest tech events on earth inc. SaaStock, the Web Summit...
TPC FZE. Dubai, UAE. : Home TPC FZE is a multifaceted engineering division of Bhatia Brothers group. For the past 50 years BB Group is a leading Supplier of engineering products & solutions, with a focus on projects. TPC FZE has made significant contributions to various industrial segments like the Construction sector, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, etc which have witnessed a fast growth in the region. With a high level of customer orientation TPC FZE is having the ISO 9001: 2000 certification for maintaining a high standard of quality for the products & services offered. TPC FZE represents internationally renowned Manufacturers / Principals to strive to meet the customer expectation. This is validated by our long and continued association with all our customers.
Cataliize - The World''s Venture Catalyst We cataliize ideas, roles, minds, people and ventures. We are the world''s venture catalyst. Come to us with your brilliant validated idea and we’ll back you.
A Digital Mental Health Platform for Efficient Delivery of Supervised Digital Therapies. OPTT is a digital mental health platform that empowers providers to offer clinically validates digital therapy. With OPTT's IT infrastructure, training, and clinically validated customized digital therapy materials and smart tools, the provider teams can provide digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in one-fourth of traditional CBT time and costs.
Home - PathFX Powered by the International Bone Metastasis Registry, PATHFx is a validated clinical decision support tool designed to help personalize treatment.
the nook neighborhood bistro A neighborhood boozy bistro featuring new American cuisine. Ingredient focused menu; packed with local meats, dairy and produce.
Biostrap Europe Biostrap is a clinically validated health wearable that provides in-depth insights into sleep, recovery, performance, by collecting raw data analyzed by artificial intelligence.
Visa Our bio-fermented and bio-active products are scientifically validated to help boost your gut health and plump and tone your skin with every delicious sip.
Mac RAM Direct - Discount Premium Certified Original Equipment Apple iMac Mini MacBook Mac Pro PowerMac RAM Memory Sales Factory Authorized Fully Certified Premium Apple Validated Mac Pro , iMac , MacBook Pro , Mac Mini RAM Memory Kits from 2GB to 128GB
Rockside | The transaction relayer engineered for growth. All your Ethereum transactions validated on time at the best price.
Home - ToxRat Solutions GmbH ToxRat: statistical evaluation of biotests in ecotoxicology. Validated statistical software considering guidelines (OECD, DIN-EN-ISO) and GLP; Seminars, Support. Your guide to biostatistics.
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) | Kuhn Behavioral Consulting Services | Hawaii Kuhn Behavioral Consulting Services mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive, empirically validated and effective Applied Behavioral Analysis Services (ABA) to all clients in a manner which is child centered, family focused, and integrated into all aspects of the family’s daily life.
Spartan Development Group - Training - Validated Through Force - Based on Reality The courses provided by Spartan Development Group are designed to expertly provide training - validated through force - based on reality.
BeachApe. A collection of findings, snippets and thoughts. My name is Lloyd, a software engineer. In another life, I was a biomedical engineer.
Love Savvy Club - 5 Secrets to build emotional connection Feel connected, heard, validated. Love Savvy Club is a resource for couples to build emotional connection, founded by Lucinda & Dr. Alfred.
GivingLarge | Australian Companies Giving to the Community Want to know more about Corporate Giving in Australia? GivingLarge research uses validated methodology to uncover Australia's most generous companies.
Adaptive eClinical Bus - Clinical Data Integration Adaptive Clinical Systems® is an eClinical Technology Solutions provider and Problem-Solver providing EDC to CTMS interoperability
ENDONEXT™  | bioMérieux industrial microbiology Endonext: sustainable & precise endotoxin testing methods - bioMérieux At the frontier of endotoxin testing with recombinant technology. One of our main missions is to innovate in the field of endotoxin detection, with a strong focus on patient safety. Our ENDONEXT™ Endotoxin Detection Assays based on recombinant Horseshoe Crab Factor C (rFC) give you the performance needed for fast and efficient in-process control, product release and solutions for even the most challenging matrices throughout your manufacturing process.
Sweetener Products Co. Sweetener Products is a specialty food and beverage ingredient supplier providing non-gmo and natural ingredients to food, beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturers. Additionally, Sweetener Products performs ingredient sourcing, blending, and packaging. Each food grade manufacturer we represent is carefully qualified and validated through our supplier approved process.
Home | Sytheon ltd. high-performance active ingredients Every active ingredient in Sytheon is inspired by nature and Built for Performance. They're all scientifically & clinically validated to improve health/skin
Cour Pharmaceuticals - Immune Mediated Disease Research Program First Clinically validated platform for therapies designed to reprogram the immune system to achieve antigen-specific tolerance for immune-mediated disease.
Select, Assess & Train - offering TTI assessments and related tools, OutMatch pre-employment testing and assessments, dual scale 360 degree feedback surveys MRA surveys - Select Assess & Train Select, Assess & Train - offering TTI assessments and related tools, OutMatch pre-employment testing and assessments, and dual scale 360 degree feedback surveys MRA surveys - Select Assess & Train
BioSuperfood Bio-Algae Concentrates Unleash your body's natural power of healing! Validated by decades of scientific research and daily use, BioSuperfood is the most advanced superfood available today!
Visa Bija Essence integrates three scientifically validated, time-honored practices into one ritual of nurturing and beautifying self-care that is a daily way of saying thank you to your body.