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Medical Oncologist| Hematology and cancer specialist in Hyderabad Dr. Rajesh Bollam is one of the very few medical oncologist deals with stage 4 cancers. He is also a reputed hematologist in Hyderabad, India
Mayfield Brain & Spine, Neurosurgery, Spine surgeons, Brain surgeons, Cincinnati, Ohio Mayfield physicians are known for their skill and innovation in treating complex spine problems, brain tumors, stroke, aneurysms, movement disorders, and other neurological diseases and disorders.
A Pain in the Neck | My experience with Hodgkin's lymphoma (& neuroendocrine tumors)
Parotidectomy Los Angeles | Parotid Surgery Los Angeles Dr. Larian is specialist performing parotidectomy, or parotid surgery, in Los Angeles. He helps people suffering from parotid tumors, parotitis, salivary gland tumors & more.
The Agile Rat - Front Page TheAgileRat.com is a website for sharing our love of the fancy pet rat. At play, as a pet, dressing in coats hats clothes and costumes, showing or winding their way through an agility course these little guys are a joy to own and play with!
Theory: A Fundamentally New Vision Of Organism's Immune Reaction In Pathogenesis Of Malignant Tumors | Theory: A Fundamentally New Vision Of Organism's Immune Reaction In Pathogenesis Of Malignant Tumors
Parathyroid Glands, Hyperparathyroidism, High Calcium and Parathyroid Surgery by Expert Parathyroid Surgeons. World''s Leading Site for Parathyroid Glands and Hyperparathyroidism. Diagnosis and Symptoms of Parathyroid Disease, and Parathyroid Surgery by Expert Doctors.
Miracles Through Pranic Healing - Homepage Pranic healing is a technique that utilizes prana or life energy to heal the body. Pranic Healing can prevent and heal a whole spectrum of physical, emotional and mental illnesses such as Sexual problems, Heart, Internal Organs, Early Case of Cancer, Drinking, Eating Disorders, Lack of Energy, Depression, Nervousness, Hormonal Disorders, Rheumatism, Smoking, Stress.
TCR² Therapeutics TCR² is developing a new generation of T cell therapies for patients suffering from cancer. Our proprietary TRuC™ (TCR Fusion Construct) T cells harness the natural T cell receptor complex to recognize and kill cancer cells using the full power of T cell signaling pathways independent of HLA.
The Esthetic Clinics - Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dermatology Skin Clinics in Mumbai, The Esthetic Clinics is one of the Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dermatology Skin Clinics in Mumbai, India Provide Various Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Cancer (Tumors) & Skin Treatments. Book an Appointment Now!
EndoGyn: Top-Level endoscopic surgery for fibroids, adhesions, hysterectomy, endometriosis, ovarian tumors Gasless laparoscopy and lift-laparoscopy for fibroids, adhesions, hysterectomy, endometriosis, ovarian tumors
Ellicott City Columbia Howard County Implants and Oral Surgery Columbia MD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Michael I Muul DDS PA of Apex Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, provides Wisdom Teeth Extraction, Dental Implants, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Bone Grafting, Oral Pathology, Implants, and more
EpicentRx | Next Generation Immuno-Oncology
Houston Faith Church | Spirit Filled | Pastors Chas & Joni Stevenson - HFC HOME Houston Faith Church is a non-denominational, spirit-filled church in West - NorthWest Houston where your faith will grow. We emphasize solid Bible teaching, sincere devotion to Jesus Christ, and fervent love toward people. It''s time to understand salvation through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, be saved, find God''s healing power, find peace, joy, love, and forgiveness. We provide extensive bible study bible teaching and believers learn who they are in Christ and what it means to be a witness, a soulwinner. We do show signs of being charismatic, as we believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit with tongues. We also are considered ''word of faith'', as we believe the Word of God is the final authority and activates the power of God when it is believed. Miracles, real bible miracles, miracles today, more than just apparitions of Mary or burning bushes, but real miracles of God today.
Brain Surgeons in Dallas | Dallas Brain, Spine & Skull Base Surgery Our neurosurgeons serve the Greater Dallas area with state-of-the-art brain, spine and skull surgical treatments to correct complex brain tumors.
About Carcinoid Syndrome | AboutCarcinoid.com Find carcinoid syndrome information, education, and support. Learn about living with carcinoid syndrome and the causes of neuroendocrine tumors.
Dallas Minimally Invasive Spine * Brain & Spine Center of Texas * Walter X. Loyola, M.D. Plano, Flower Mound, TX Dallas Minimally Invasive Spine specializes in the comprehensive treatment of disorders and diseases of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, including musculoskeletal problems, disc problems and degenerative conditions, spinal deformities, fractures and tumors.
Neurosurgery | Spine Care| Brain and Spine Trauma | Roanoke, VA Dr. Harron of Harron Surgery is trained to help patients with degenerative spine disorders, brain and spine tumors, and brain and spine trauma.
Living With NETs: For People With Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs) See how Living with NETs offers information and support for people with neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) from diagnosis to treatment and management.
Apogenix ǀ Immuno-oncology therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and other malignant diseases Apogenix develops innovative protein therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and other malignant diseases. Our lead drug candidate APG101 has demonstrated a statistically significant efficacy in a controlled phase II trial in recurrent glioblastoma.
Chandler LAB - Home This is the new website for the Chandler Lab at Michigan State University. Our research focus is female reproductive tract cancers, specifically SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling-deficient tumors.
Staunton VA Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon | Dr. William Bigelow | 24401 Staunton, VA Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. William C. Bigelow, is dedicated to oral surgery such as Wisdom Teeth Extraction, Dental Implants, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Bone Grafting, Oral Pathology, Emergency Dentistry & more.
ENT Doctor in Huntington, NY (Suffolk County, Long Island) - Ear, Nose, Throat, Sinus, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Sinusitis, Balloon Sinuplasty, Allergy Dr. Rosenthal is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of care as an ENT doctor and Sleep specialist. He is dual board certified and offers individualized treatments focusing on minimally invasive treatments for chronic sinusitis, thyroid disease, parathyroid disorders, and sleep apnea.
NTS Orthopedics | Dr Christian Isaac | Orthopedic Surgeon Frisco, TX Dr Christian Isaac is an orthopedic surgeon at NTS Orthopedics in Frisco, Texas. He offers treatment for sarcoma and bone tumors and also performs total knee, shoulder and hip replacement surgery
Neurological Surgery, P.C | Top Neurosurgeon, Brain & Spine Doctors NSPC is one of the New York top neurosurgical groups offering the best treatments for brain & spine conditions including tumors, back pain, aneurysms & more
Parotidectomy Los Angeles | Parotid Surgery Los Angeles Dr. Larian is specialist performing parotidectomy, or parotid surgery, in Los Angeles. He helps people suffering from parotid tumors, parotitis, salivary gland tumors & more.
Dr.Aadil Shaukat Chagla,Neurosurgeon.Professor and Chief,Unit 2,Department of Neurosurgery,K E M Hospital, Parel, Mumbai
:: Dr. G R Vijay Kumar :: Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon - India, Kolkata, Neurosurgeon in Kolkata, Neurological Problem, Neurological Disorders, Diagnosis, Treatment, in, of, for, Doctor, Surgeon, Best, Top, Specialist, Surgery Dr. G R Vijay Kumar, a Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon at Fortis Kolkata, Undertakes All types of Neuro Disorders like Brain Tumors, Neuroendocrine Disorders, Peripheral Nerve Disorders, Pituitary Tumors and General Neurosurgery, now practising in Kolkata, India.
oncologist in chennai,oncology specialist in chennai,cancer specialist in chennai Cancer harms the body when damaged cells divide uncontrollably to form lumps or masses of tissue called tumors (except in the case of leukemia where cancer prohibits normal blood function by abnormal cell division in the blood stream). Tumors can grow and interfere with the digestive, nervous...
ICUD | Homepage A number of Consultation and Consensus Meetings have been organized on prostate and bladder diseases since 1981 on the basis of a voluntary collaboration from international and national urological associations. These Consultations, supported by World Health Organization WHO and the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) in a non-official way, created the need for a global, official organization to foster and increase the potential to inform its worldwide network of international and national urological associations and the populations that they serve. The International Consultation on Urological Diseases (ICUD) was established as a scientific, international, non-profit association under Belgium law on June 28, 1994. The main reason for its foundation was the need to create an NGO working in association with the WHO and UICC.
Denver Spine Surgeons - Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic The Denver based spine surgeons of Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic provide treatment of all spine conditions including congenital deformities, degenerative diseases, spinal tumors, and spine trauma.
Electromagnetic Frequencies | This blog is about electromagnetic frequencies, uses, dangers, and how to stay healthy. This blog is about electromagnetic frequencies, uses, dangers, and how to stay healthy.
A Kids' Brain Tumor Cure Foundation | PLGA Foundation | You Can Help A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation (aka PLGA) helps to battle the most common forms of brain tumors in children by raising funds for medical research.
Artopia 444: Art Music Photos News Culture Video No matter what your political, religious, intellectual or social affiliation, being RFID chipped against your will ought to inspire you to action. Did you know that one of the provisions (well hidden) of the Obama Health Care plan was the MANDATORY assignment of a national health care ID card which was RFID chipped, which means…
Home - Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research The Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research (ISSN 1414-431X) is published only in electronic version and is an open-access, anonymous peer-reviewed journal published monthly by the Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica (ABDC). New articles are published online weekly as continuous publication.
Home: neuropsychology| assessment | education {san francisco} ; Cogmed; traumatic brain injury; ADHD; Autism; learning disabilities, Lisa Sporri, PhD, pediatric neuropsychology, psychodiagnostic evaluations autism, traumatic brain injury, genetic disorder, ADHD, learning disorder for children ages 2-21 in and around San Francisco, CA.
Central Park Hematology & Oncology | Treating tumors and blood disorders | Quality Cancer Care in New York Central Park Hematology & Oncology is one of the most respected oncology & hematology practices in New York City treating a range of cancer types and blood disorders.
Golden Triangle Neurocare, LLP At Golden Triangle Neurocare, LLP, Dr. Ian Angel, Dr. Mark Kubala, and Dr. Marco Silva, neurosurgeons, comprise what is now the largest neurosurgical spine group in the Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, Texas Golden Triangle area. Our clinic is able to offer patients the finest care for all surgical spinal disorders and cranial issues. We also perform surgical intervention for back or brain trauma, herniated discs, tumors, osteoporotic fractures, and spondylolisthesis.
Piedmont South Imaging Piedmont South Imaging is an exceptional group of radiologists with imaging locations in Newnan and Fayetteville, Georgia
A Pain in the Neck | My experience with Hodgkin's lymphoma (& neuroendocrine tumors)
Tumororthopaedie Der Schwerpunkt Tumororthopädie an der Klinik für Orthopädie der Universität München bietet beste Voraussetzung zur Behandlung von Patienten mit Tumoren des Bewegungsapparates um gerade diese Patienten mit ihren spezialiserten, oft komplexen und aufwendigen diagnostischen und therapeutischen Problemen umfassend versorgen zu können. An der Universität München steht ein erfahrenes Team von Tumororthopäden, Chirurgen, Radiologen, Onkologen, Strahlentherapeuten und Pathologen zur Verfügung, welches modernste operative und onkologische Verfahren zur Versorgung dieser Patienten anbieten kann. Knochen- und Weichteiltumore sind eher seltene Erkrankungen des Bewegungssystems. Insbesondere die bösartigen Formen stellen einen vergleichsweise geringen Anteil an allen Krebserkrankungen. Knochen- oder Weichteiltumoren können aufgrund ihres Wachstums mit fortschreitender Knochenzerstörung nicht nur zu Schmerzen und zum Bruch des Knochens sondern auch zum Tode führen. Jegliche unklare Schwellung oder Schmerzen der Extremitäten und Wirbelsäule sollten auch an einen Tumor denken lassen. Findet sich eine scheinbar bösartige Läsion des Skelettsystems, handelt es sich in weitaus den meisten Fällen um eine Tochterabsiedlung (Metastase) eines anderen nicht im Knochen liegenden Tumors. Durch die hochentwickelten onkologischen Therapieansätze nimmt die Überlebenszeit der Tumorpatienten in den letzten Jahren kontinuierlich zu. Eine Folge dieser Entwicklung ist daher auch eine gestiegene Anzahl an Patienten mit Tochtergeschwülsten im Skelettbereich. Die Therapie der Knochenmetastasen hat sich in den letzten Jahren gewandelt. Wurde früher die Streuung eines Karzinoms in das Skelett als inkurables Endstadium der Erkrankung gesehen, muß man dies heute sehr viel differenzierter betrachten. Unter Umständen kann durch eine vollständige Entfernung der Metastasen auch eine langfristige Tumorfreiheit oder Heilung erreicht werden. Die weitaus meisten Tumore oder tumorähnlichen Läsionen des Bewegungssystems sind jedoch gutartig, viele von ihnen bedürfen keiner besonderen Therapie oder Überwachung. Eine große Anzahl nicht tumoröser, tumorähnlicher Läsionen wie Zysten oder die Fibröse Dysplasie müssen in der diagnostischen Überlegung mit berücksichtigt werden. Letztlich kann bereits ein Großteil dieser Befunde durch sorgfältige Beurteilung der bildgebenden Untersuchungen sicher diagnostiziert, der durch die Diagnose eines “Tumors” im Skelettsystem verunsicherte Patient beruhigt werden. Aufgrund der relativen Seltenheit der Läsionen bedarf es allerdings der großen Erfahrung eines in Klassifikation und Therapie spezialisierten Expertenteams. Gerade die gravierenden Folgen einer Fehlinterpretation mit der Gefahr einer falschen oder ungünstigen Behandlung lassen Diagnostik und Therapie von Knochen- und Weichteiltumoren an großen Zentren angeraten erscheinen. Die Behandlung aller bösartigen Erkrankungen des Bewegungssystems setzt dabei die interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit zwischen Orthopäden, Radiologen, Pathologen, Onkologen und Strahlentherapeuten zwingend voraus. Durch regelmäßige Besprechungen der komplexen Fälle in einer gemeinsamen Tumorkonferenz aller beteiligten Kliniken und Institute wird so nicht nur die im Einzelfall optimale Therapieentscheidung, sondern auch die rasche logistische Bereitstellung von Behandlungsplätzen ermöglicht. Tumore des Bewegungssystems stellen insgesamt eines der schwierigsten Erkrankungsbilder sowohl in diagnostischer als auch in therapeutischer Hinsicht dar. Durch moderne diagnostische Verfahren, wie die hochauflösende Magnetresonanztomographie, neuere Implantate, wie die mehrachsigen modularen Tumorprothesen, Weiterentwicklungen der operativen Technik insbesondere im Bereich der gefäßgestielten Knochentransplantation und der minimalinvasiven CT-gesteuerten Tumorablationen läßt sich in der Regel nicht nur eine weite Entfernung des Tumors erreichen, sondern, anders als in früheren Jahren, der Erhalt und die Funktionsfähigkeit der Extremität sichern. Die Amputation, die noch bis in die 70er Jahre hinein das häufigste Therapieverfahren bei bösartigen Knochentumoren war, ist heute nur noch in Einzelfällen notwendig. Der Erhalt der Extremität in ihrer Funktion ist deshalb neben der Heilung eines der wichtigsten Ziele der Behandlung. Generell sollte der Patient bereits frühzeitig mit einer spezialisierten Klinik in Kontakt treten. Insbesondere operative Maßnahmen, wie auch schon die Biopsie des Tumors, bedürfen der sorgsamen Planung und sollten dort durchgeführt werden, wo letztlich auch die endgültige Therapie erfolgen kann. Es hat sich bewährt, bereits schon zur Therapieplanung alle ärztlichen Disziplinen einzubinden.
LUTATHERA® (lutetium Lu 177 dotatate) Your guide to gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs) and treatment with LUTATHERA® (lutetium Lu 177 dotatate). This website has been developed to help you learn more about GEP-NETs and treatment with LUTATHERA. Check back often, as the information in this website will be updated as it becomes available. If you have specific questions about GEP-NETs, treatment with LUTATHERA, or are experiencing side effects, talk with your healthcare team.
Ayurvedic medicine for depression, stress & anxiety | Ayurvedic treatment on HIV | Ayurvedic treatment on diabetes | Ayurvedic medicine for cancer treatment | Arthritis treatment Medihope Ayurvedic is best ayurvedic, herbal, natural medicine, treatment Provider company in pune, India. We provide best Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for depression, HIV, Diabetes, cancer and Arthritis.
New Health Supplement Reviews | Natural Pure Forskolin Extract The Many Benefits of Forskolin Extract Forskolin has been all over the news right now, mostly because it was featured on a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show. However, forskolin supplements have actually been around for many years and there's a lot more to forskolin than just weight loss. In fact, there are several other benefits of forskolin, including the following: Natural Forskolin Extract Benefits Asthma Treatment Forskolin has been the subject of several studies related to asthma and research has shown that forskolin can act similarly to existing asthma medications. In one study, patients taking forskolin saw a significantly reduced amount of asthma attacks compared to those taking sodium cromogylcate (a common medication). Many asthma treatments are designed to increase cAMP levels by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down cAMP. Researchers claim that forskolin counteracts this by increasing cAMP levels to treat and prevent several allergic reactions, most notably asthma. In the current research we have available, forskolin is a possibly effective asthma treatment when inhaled. Lower Blood Pressure The blood thinning effects of forskolin are already well known but most people do not realize that this also helps improve blood pressure. It is believed that forskolin also increases the contractility of the heart as well, which may lower the risk for congestive heart failure. Muscle Relaxer Another widely known benefit of forskolin is that it acts as a natural muscle relaxer. Several studies have found that forskolin can effectively relax smooth muscle tissue and counteract muscle spasms. Cancer Prevention Some studies suggest that forskolin has anti-cancer properties, although no human studies have been conducted. In the most recent study, researchers found that forskolin was able to significantly reduce cancer metastasis and that tumors actually shrunk in some mice. Although certainly not proven, researchers hope to learn more about forskolin's potential anti-cancerous properties with more animal studies. Until then, we can only say that forskolin MAY be possibly effective to prevent the spread of cancer. Natural Forskolin Weight Loss Most people take forskolin for the supposed weight loss benefits, although clinical data is limited. In one male study, researchers did observe a positive change in body composition in men taking forskolin compared to a placebo. However, they gave no definitive statistics or quantitative information about the results. In another larger study, researchers found no significant changes in body composition, although they did note a noticeable increase in free testosterone levels. The most prevalent study actually was conducted in mice a few years ago. Researchers gave rats a high dose of forskolin and put the rats on a high-fat diet. Despite consuming a large amount of fat, researchers noted that rats taking forskolin did not experience any weight gain. Researchers felt that forskolin could negate the effects of a high fat diet signaling that forskolin could negative diet-induced obesity. Although this clinical data is hardly convincing, more people each and every day claim to have lost weight with forskolin. Forskolin influences cyclic AMP levels, or cAMP levels, which supposedly signals a variety of hormones, including the thyroid hormone. This in turn revs up the body's metabolism and signals the liver to start burning fat all day long, thus leading to weight loss. Final Thoughts On Forskolin Extract Although forskolin appears to be far from the miracle product many people claim it to be, it is certainly worth trying if you're looking to lose a few extra pounds. The other benefits of forskolin are an added bonus and there's enough testimonials from users to instill some confidence that forskolin may be legitimate. If you want to lose extra pounds, give forskolin a shot. Who knows – maybe it'll be exactly what you need to lose weight.