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Free Online Translator - Preserves your document''s layout (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, text) Free, Online Document Translator which translates office documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, text) into multiple languages, preserving the original layout. Supported file formats: Word: doc, docx; PDF: pdf; Excel: xls, xlsx; Powerpoint; ppt, pptx; Text xml, txt.... This translator supports: English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish
IndiePulse Music Magazine IndiePulse Music Magazine: News, Reviews and Interviews from the top artists in the Independent Music Scene, National and International Coverage, the site translates into 100 different languages.
CivicScience | Intelligent polling & real-time consumer insights We are a consumer intelligence research platform that translates real-time, consumer intentions into market-changing business intelligence.
Core77 / Industrial Design Magazine + Resource Magazine and resource offering calendar of events, firm listings, jobs section, forums, articles and competitions.
Your Partner in Diabetes | CDE Your Partner in Diabetes - team approach health patients healthcare diabetes Centres of Excellence countrywide accredited doctor doctor-based managed programme South Africa premier partner provider networks The Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE) has successfully provided diabetes care excellence to thousands of patients since 1994. "Best Diabetes care principles" are applied, via a team approach, which translates into better health for patients
Justin Cheong – Experience Design, Visualisation, Training Justin translates ideas and strategies into pictures and prototypes. Experience design, research, illustration, facilitation and visualisation training.
Coup De Main Magazine | {is your friend} please read me. or I will eat you up & swallow you whole. Coup De Main translates into a military term that capitalises on surprise. Coup De Main the magazine, takes our name-sake very seriously in the adventuring of Pop Culture - providing access to new music, pop culture news and fashion trends, first.
Kering: French Luxury Group | Kering As a world-class Luxury group, Kering promotes a modern and sustainable luxury at the service of creation that translates into unique and authentic experiences.
KickFire – IP Address-to-Company API, First-Party Intent Data KickFire is the industry leader in IP Address intelligence, providing B2B first-party intent to power your account-based marketing stack.
Visa Olivia Wendel produces artistic textile designs that bring paintings to life, expressing personal narratives using a variety of materials and processes. Through scarves, blankets, and pillows, she translates her hand-painted art into functional yet whimsical textiles.
Unit Converter Units of Measurement Converter/Calculator translates value given in one unit system to other systems of measurement. Our converters do their job automatically when you type.
Cam Follower And Roller Bearings Information The cams are mechanical devices which are used to transmit motion or force to a follower in mechanical systems by direct contact. In in these systems, the driven component is the follower while the driving component is the cam. In the cam follower system; as the cam rotates, the follower either oscillates or translates depending…
City Harvest Church Rising from obscurity to a faith phenomenon today, City Harvest Church (CHC) was birthed to be a blessing to God and to the lost. The church’s 14 worship services, more than 500 cell groups and 5 support fellowships touch a multitude of hearts across varying demographics in Singapore. And its live webcast reaches millions more. A clear mandate for missions translates into teams of full-time and lay missionaries sent out annually.
Get better at security with Pragmatic Web Security Securing an application portfolio requires up-to-date and in-depth security knowledge. The only way to stay ahead is to inject that knowledge into your company. Pragmatic Web Security translates Ph.D.-level security knowledge into actionable advice.
Medmovie.com – Illustrating Life – Medical Animations & Illustrations, AR / VR, and Apps for Device, Pharma, Medical Legal, and Patient Education – Illustrating Life. Medmovie translates complex medical and life science information into accurate, easy-to-understand, strategically focused visual media (including medical animations, interactive multimedia, AR / VR). Our device, pharma, medical legal, and patient education clients leverage our experience and content to create cost-effective innovative tools that help tell their stories.
QTranslate - Home Translator for Windows which translates a text using online translation services. Переводчик для Windows, использующий сервисы онлайн перевода.
デジタル絵本サイトDigital EHON Site デジタル絵本サイトは、世界各国の民話などを絵本にして、それぞれの国の言葉に翻訳し、子供たちに異文化に触れる機会を提供するためのものです。This site turns the folktales of various countries into a picture book and translates them into various languages in order to offer them to the children of the world.
Milly Official Site | Women Designer Clothing, Milly Minis for Girls MILLY epitomizes bold, advanced contemporary fashion with a feminine edge. We transform classic silhouettes by merging American sportswear influences with distinctive Parisian atelier techniques. MILLY MINIS, translates ready to wear styles for young girls.
Welcome to Dolce Papel - Custom Invitations, Couture Weddings, Event Perfection WE WILL BE FEATURED ON THE BACHELORETTE WEDDING SPECIAL FOR ASHLEY HEBERT AND JP ROSENBAUM THIS SUNDAY Dolce Papel Invitations & Graphic Design Welcome to Dolce Papel Invitations & Graphic Design DP was started in the fall of 2012 by invitation design expert Teshia Polley. Dolce Papel literally translates to Sweet Paper and that is just what we do - create sweet, gorgeous, couture, vintage and elegant inspired paper products to showcase life''s precious events. We also design luxurious, gla
ApplePay Leland gal translates the ease of life, waterside living and colorful attitude into beautiful hand painted textiles. Leland gal is located in Historic Fishtown, Leland, Michigan.
IISE IISE, which translates to 2nd generation, is a brand dedicated to creating products with a street interpretation of Korean heritage. Using high quality materials and a focus on craftsmanship, we strive to create wardrobe staples with special characteristics that make each piece uniquely IISE.
Small Business & Executive Coaching Services | Small Business Coach Dave Schoenbeck translates complex business methods, processes, and strategies into actionable plans to dramatically improve financial results.
Welcome Qigong for moving meditation, health, wellness and longevity. Leonie Beck is an expert intuitive Energy Mentor and Stress Management Consultant. You CAN heal your life naturally!
Chickens in Literature Because "Buk, buk, buk" translates as "Book, book, book." This chicken and lit thing is Lisa Jane Persky's chicken and lit thing. She invites and credits all contributions. Contact info:...
Digital Marketing Company UAE | Marketing Agency UAE | Web Design UAE | Silverline Clicks Keeping your audience in the prime focus of your business translates to solid brand value and therefore accelerates your growth. At Silverline, we know how crucial it is for brands to stay atop in today’s digital space
Timeshifter® | The Jet Lag App® Timeshifter translates sleep and circadian neuroscience into applications that enable people to improve their safety, health, and performance. Our first product is a jet lag app.
Original Abstract Resin & Mixed Media Artist, Tammy Medsker, Denver CO – Tammy Medsker Studio Tammy Medsker, An Abstract & Mixed Media Resin Artist whom paints from her home studio in Denver Colorado Creates Original One Of A Kind Paintings Of Abstract Seascapes & Oceans, Coral Reefs, Trees, Geodes & Galaxies. She is inspired by the beauty she sees all around her and translates them into her works of art.
The Creative Entrepreneurs L.A.B. | Launch. Amplify. Breakthrough. The Creative Entrepreneurs L.A.B. translates left-brain business for right-brain creatives! Are you ready to love what you do for a living?
Andrei Suleik Known for his raw photography style, Andrei Suleik is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Manila whose candid personality clearly translates to his works.
了解しました English-日本 サヤ | 24 | chaotic neutral モバゲとドラマCDの愛好家。 translates stuff randomly 乙女ゲームは大好き! current obsession is anything.. pls read my Carrd below before following! see my Trello for currently played...
Welcome to Looah looah, where community posts, translates, and discusses current affairs, breaking news, twitter and blog from all around the world.
The Torah: A Mechanical Translation A new and unique translation of the Torah that faithfully translates each Hebrew word, prefix and suffix consistently and provides new insights into the Biblical text.
Malaysia Islands - PulauPulau.com We offer you the most popular island tour packages and hotels, all of which are available through online reservations. In Malay, [Pulau] translates to [Island]
Rhinegeist Brewery Our name, Rhinegeist, translates to "Ghost of the Rhine" and refers to our place in the historic Over-the-Rhine Brewery District in Cincinnati.
atelier rui – rui translates… rui translates...
Shibumi Firenze Shi-bu-mi (渋味) noun 1 (philosophy) Japanese concept of aesthetics, translates as ‘understated beauty’, ‘simple elegance’ 2 classic menswear label, kn…
The Conservative Income Investor | Aside from the usual recommendations to own companies with dominant market positions, strong balance sheets, and high earnings growth, what is something that investors should keep in mind over the next 20+ years of investing that maybe didn't matter as much in the past? My view is that investors should be taking to heart the 1970s recommendations of Peter Drucker who predicted that one of the endings of perpetual technological development is that friction will cease to exist between the original source of a product and the consumer. This means that you should be wary about investing in companies that act as middlemen. Take something like Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS). It's a $5.3 billion company that is divided into 114 million pieces that trade at $47 per share each. It earns a profit of $350 million, or $3.07 per share. The valuation of 15x earnings is pretty low for a company that has ten-year top-line growth of 11.5%, ten-year earnings per share growth of 16.5%, and a valuation of 19-23x earnings during that time. Since the $3 per share IPO in October 2002, the stock has grown a $10,000 investment into $151,000 in just fourteen years. That is especially impressive when you consider that the current valuation of the stock is competitive with the recession-level P/E ratio level and is otherwise the cheapest opportunity to buy Dick's Sporting Goods since the IPO. Yet, when I study Dick's Sporting Goods, there is a limitation on the type of way it should be considered. It's not something like General Electric, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, or Brown Forman where you can buy the shares, and then set it and collect the dividends for the rest of your life knowing with a high probability that something will be there decades from now. There will come an expiration date for the company because the original source goods--the Nike and Under Armour products that get customers through the door--are now beginning to contact customers directly without the need for a vendor middleman like Dick's Sporting Goods to act as an intermediary to connect Nike shoes and golf clubs to the consumer. At first, I noticed that Nike and Under Armour were beginning to sell their own products directly to consumers online. That was something that would compete with Dick's Sporting Goods, but not necessarily in a mutually exclusive way--it is conceivable to think of a world where Nike and Under Armour's online sales grow while Dick's Sporting Goods also earns a tidy growing profit selling those goods to customers as well. That's because shoes, jackets, shirts, pants, and so on are the type of good you like to see firsthand and get a feel for--it's distinguishable from buying a book on Amazon because there is a certain in-person customization that enough customers will require. But what has bothered me, from the perspective of someone studying the business model at Dick's Sporting Goods, is that Nike and Under Armour have successfully opened their open stores that sell their products directly to consumers. If there is a pair of Nike shoes that you want, why not just go to Nike instead of an intermediary that will have to raise the price enough to own their own keep as well? The coherence of the intermediary's business model takes on a substantial impairment when the end products that a customer desires can be purchased through the end company itself. There are three reasons why a business earns a profit over the long term. You may buy something because it is cheap, you may buy something because it is convenient, and you may buy something because you want the specific product itself. An example of the first category is airlines--unless you belong to a frequent flyer program, you will choose which airline to travel based on price. If Delta tickets cost $139, and Southwest tickets cost $129, you're going to choose Southwest unless there is some other externality weighing on your decision--e.g. maybe you had a bad experience flying Southwest before, maybe the Delta routes are more timely, etc. Absent an intervening externality, price wins out. Convenience is the second moat, and this is the weakest of them all. You might frequent a grocery store because it's by your house--you wouldn't actively choose it based on price, and you don't seek out the grocery store for it's own sake, but it's only a five minute drive away so you go there anyway. And the third type of business is the strongest--when you want the specific product itself. You don't just want shoes--you want Nike shoes. You don't just want soda--you want something sold through Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper. You don't just want acetaminophen--you want Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol. Using our Dick's Sporting Goods example, you can see that the profits are built on convenience. People don't want Nike shoes because they bought them at Dick's Sporting Goods; they buy them at Dick's Sporting Goods because that is the most convenient way to get Nike shoes with the immediate knowledge that they fit. This is the type of business model that is the most vulnerable to disruption. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy Dick's Sporting Goods--the current price around $47 per share does offer some protection, but it's the kind of company that you may not want to hold beyond five years. A quick 40% pop, or the spotting of a branded company with a similar valuation to Dick's, is enough justification to get out of the company because firms built on convenience exclusively are not inherently meant to be lifetime holdings. This observation usually leads to a follow-up like: So what do you do if you own Wal-Mart stock? There are three things that Wal-Mart has going for it that might distinguish from an investment in a firm like Dick's Sporting Goods. It sells products that don't face competition from the branded source; it has the additional benefit of cost advantages in addition to convenience advantages; and the firm is 50% owned by the Walton family which reduces the inherent conflict of self-interests that exists in a corporation where there is a disunity between management and shareholders. Although Wal-Mart faces convenient and price competition from Amazon, and in some instances, Aldi and Kroger, it still offers enough of a price advantage on a decent number of offerings that it may be the preferred choice of customers not only because it is close by but also because you want to see the oranges and bananas before you buy them and there's probably not a better price if you look elsewhere either. The Wal-Mart business model isn't just built on convenience; it's built on the mixture of cost and convenience. Also, anytime you buy stock in a company, you also face the disadvantage of not fully knowing what's going on inside the company. When you buy a few hundred or a few thousand shares of a billion-dollar corporation, you can't quite measure the management team's survivalist instinct and know the specifics of how that instinct (if it exists) translates into a sound strategy that will serve shareholders well. With the Walton family collectively owning over $100 billion of the company's $214 billion in market value, you can strongly presume that the survivalist instinct exists at the management level (because the Walton family's control of the board permits them to choose officers) so the only unknown is whether the survivalist instinct translates into a strategy that permits shareholders to prosper. It's one set of unknowns instead of a double set of unknowns. The most straightforward way to solve this problem--recognizing that Wal-Mart has a strong cost and convenience advantage but unsure whether it is built to withstand the decades--is to take your Wal-Mart dividends if Wal-Mart is a meaningful position you hold and then invest them in companies that more clearly have generational-holding characteristics. If the Wal-Mart business model is only meant to grow earnings for 23 more years, well, you get at least 92 dividend payments to mitigate that final outcome. But if you're trying to figure out what should be your investing north star for the next two decades, and have concerns about the rate of disruption brought about by technological change, then you should focus on companies where people seek it out to specifically acquire the products that they sell. Strong brands should be your first priority, and can easily fill two thirds of a portfolio. Then, you focus on the low-cost producers in an industry that have some type of cost advantage--companies with the GEICO, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp, Exxon business model. That can take up anywhere from 10% to 30% of your selections. And lastly, you should aim to keep less than 10% of your wealth that is earmarked for long-term business ownership towards those companies that are exclusively about convenience. Those are the businesses most susceptible to shareholder wipeout, and therefore, should be a disfavored investment category.
Chicago Floral | Trablume Floral Studio Trablume Chicago is a floral sense that translates an emotion and culminates in perfection. We ensure your satisfaction with the highest quality "blumes".Offering quality and fresh delivery, Chicago fruit baskets deliver to city and suburban locations.
Travelling the C''s - Bespoke Travel - Home No matter your budget, destination, or special requirements, we have the skills and service to get you on your way, your way. We care about delivering amazing travel experiences. Flight Centre Associates offers the widest range of airfares as well as exclusive Flight Centre product that can't be found anywhere else. Cruises, tours, insurance, hotels, car rentals, flights... we do it all. With our global buying power and network of industry partners we can fulfill all of your travel needs and our passion for travel translates to a customer service experience that will exceed your expectations.
Danielle Richards Photography Danielle Richards is an award-winning photojournalist serving from Connecticut to Cape May. Danielle has an expertise for visual storytelling. Danielle''s easygoing demeanor translates into great relationships with her couples, an enjoyable planning process, and gorgeous natural images that exude all the love and joy of your special day.
Rick Belden Photography Rick Belden is an award winning Professional Photographer with over 20 years of experience. His portfolio is extremely diverse, choosing not to work in just one genre. Rick's philosophy is to be will rounded so he can create unique art of the highest quality. This translates into amazing images and extremely happy clients. In addition, he teaches group and one on one Photography Lessons and Work Shops. Contact for more information and booking: rickbeldenphotography@gmail.com or call (704)999-3266. See new photos on Facebook by liking..."RickBeldenPhotography"
Demiurge LLC A true collaborative partner, Demiurge translates artists’ visions and brings them to life. Cost-effective design solutions paired with site-specific fabrication and installation plans create one-of-a-kind works. Our commitment to the artistic quality and integrity is unparalleled. Sculpture Fabrication, Public Art, Art Fabrication, Art Fabricator, Sculpture Fabricator, Public Art Fabricator
Marmomachines.com Stone Machinery and tools KARIMISSA OFFERS USED/RECONDITIONED AND/OR NEW MACHINES OF KNOWN ONLY ITALIAN BRANDS that maintain efficiency and a high economic value over time. OFFERING MORE THAN JUST A CONVENIENCE, SOURCING, QUALITY KARIMISSA INCLUDES: GANGSAW AND BLOCK CUTTING MACHINES, POLISHING MACHINES, FINISHING MACHINES, SURFACE TREATMENT MACHINES, FLAMMING MACHINES, WATER JET CUTTING, WATER TREATMENT MACHINES, BUSH HAMMERING MACHINES, QAURRY MACHINES AND CRANES . The Second hand machines are purchased in the local market . Once detected, the machines are brought in the workshop and completely overhauled and refurbished with the latest technologies, guaranteeing the best conditions of efficiency. According to the requirements, are then adjusted for a personalized service that meets the customer also in payments. WITH FAMOUS FIRMS KARIMISSA HAS A PARTNERSHIP FOR TRADE-IN, WHICH TRANSLATES TO AN EXCELLENT COLLABORATION IN RECONDITIONING , ASSISTENCE AND PRODUCTION PERSONALIZED, INSTALLED, ASSISTED: KARIMISSA’S USED MACHINES, DISTINGUISHED FOR QUALITY AND RELIABILITY. Karimissa offers the following services : Sale and consultance for New Machines Sale and Consultance for second hand machines Dismantling and Installation of used machinery Reconditioning and spare parts Software Updates
Accumoto Accumoto is compelled by a relentless pursuit of perfection on the race track with the Porsche 911. Multiple wins and championships translates to a knowledge base that allows us to create the ultimate hand-built, air-cooled road 911 for a select clientele.
NecHocNecIllud I'm androgyne, trans, poly, and androphilic. Ze/zir/zim. Nec hoc nec illud is Latin slang for bisexual, but I use it because it translates loosely as "Neither one thing nor the other." I think this is...
Gizoogle - Google Gangster translator Gizoogle.co.in gizoogle is a fun and magnificent translator. Gizoogle (google gangster) it translates every webpage or keywords in all languages its beta version
Copywriting and Translation Services Language learning enthusiast and polyglot Errol de Jesus has over 10 years experience in language-learning and loves writing about languages. She also translates.
IMM | Translates Isabel Martos le ofrece servicios de traducción especializada para los idiomas inglés y alemán. Sin intermediarios, directamente con la traductora profesional y de confianza. IMM Translates
midimusic, Computer Processed Music eplayOrgan - records, plays and translates Estey, Miditzer, Wurlitzer, Hauptwerk midi and e-roll files. Playable libreary of all Scott Joplin''s piano music.
nenä natural remedies | natural remedies nenä translates the magical world of essential oils into simple, effective lifestyle remedies. 100% pure, natural and made for you.
SUMR SOMEWHR | Official Website | Shop Our Collection‎ SUMR SOMEWHR is an elevated bohemian chic beach and resort wear line for the girl in search of the perfect cover up for her next getaway or festival season. SUMR SOMEWHR translates effortlessly into a beach to party look. Take 15% off your first order. Free shipping on all US order over $100.
Translating Web novels for your pleasure | YamiTL Full translated chapters of Illimitable Until Death and more. Follow Fang Li on his adventures with the powerful Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.
iPad guide, tutorials, tips and app reviews | Smart iPad Guide iPad training, iPad tutorials and App reviews. Easy to follow step by step guide that translates somewhat complicated issues into simple clear instructions.
Maine Dekha Hai - A Journey and it's experiences By Shruti Bhargava Maine Dekha Hai which translates to I Have Seen. Blog by Shruti Bhargava. || You can share your creations too, anything which makes our readers happy :) ||
Andrei Suleik Known for his raw photography style, Andrei Suleik is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Manila whose candid personality clearly translates to his works.
Marketing Doesn''t Have to Be Scary! I work closely with my clients to make sure their website and online presence accurately translates who they are as a business and matches their goals.
Haptic Architects | Welcome Haptic Architects | Haptic, referring to the sense of touch, is a guiding force for our design work; we strive to determine the haptical qualities for each project and how they benefit the users of our buildings. This translates in materiality, spatial relationships, light and the building’s relationship with the site. Haptic Architects is a London and Oslo based practice established in 2009 by Nikki Butenschøn, Scott Grady, Timo Haedrich and Tomas Stokke.
Victory International | Victory International jobs and placement Victory is the pioneer of combined with our role as trusted consultants for Indian professionals translates into our core capability - Building Careers, Building Organisations.
Get Your International Driving Permit / License Anywhere in the World! International Driving Permit translates your local license so you can easily rent cars and drive legally around the world. International Drivers License.
Data Entry Outsourcing Data entry outsourcing companies have more excellent time management, which essentially means they can meet all deadlines, which is primarily led by market competitiveness but translates into faster results for you.
Wuxia Hero A blog dedicated to my love for chinese historical dramas :) Yes, yes I'm aware my blog name literally translates to hero hero. // also @babyzmvp and @takethetrashaway on tumblr
A New Concept in Carpet Tile – SHAW Contract + Form Us With Love Inside Shapes translates a static interior into a considered environment. From offices to schools, retail to hospitality interiors, architects and designers are seeking ways to engage and enliven the human experience in contract spaces.
Purple Promise Shop – purple promise shop We believe how you LOOK translates into how you FEEL and vice versa. Taking care of yourself means paying attention to the extra little details, the PPS at the end of a perfect letter. To us that includes all things sparkly and shiny on your ears, neck, and wrist so you show up in style. It feels good to be bright!
Main page - Anna Voloshyna Anna Voloshyna is a chef, blogger, and culinary instructor who translates Eastern European cuisine's vibes into creations that are equally palatable for all cultures, ages, and backgrounds.