The most comprehensive list of transformation local websites last updated on Mar 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
townnews.com | TownNews provides state-of-the-art content management (CMS), digital publishing, advertising, engagement, and video management (VMS) solutions for local media organizations. Innovative solutions that empower local media organizations like yours to grow revenue, expand audience and engagement, and enhance your essential role in your community.
Accela Government Software For nearly 20 years, Accela has been an industry leader in designing and delivering government software to improve efficiency, increase citizen engagement and enable the development of thriving communities. Today, citizens are savvy to how services should be delivered, and expect a consistently convenient, openly transparent view into their local government.
NDL - Robotic Process Automation & Mobile Working Software NDL provide Robotic Process Automation and mobile working software toolkits, enabling trusts and councils to integrate back-office applications and use them out in the field.
International Journal of Management and Applied Research A peer-reviewed journal focusing on developments in business and management in an international context
Niklas Heidloff Hi, my name is Niklas Heidloff. I work for IBM as a Developer Advocate for Bluemix. The blog contains information about IBM Bluemix, Docker, Cloud Foundry, cloud native applications, cognitive services, Internet of Things and other cloud related technologies.
HR in ASIA - Human Resource Media HR in Asia is a human resource online media publication. We cover Human resources News, trends, interviews, and events articles across Asia. We covering the latest developments in the domains of employer branding, recruitment, retention, employee relations, people development, HR technology, and outsourcing. HR in Asia seeks to connect psychological insights with the best practices and experiences of HR professionals, business owners, and C-level executives in the corporate sector. In addition, we provide the latest developments and trends in the regional HR space for employees and job-seekers that seek to understand. With our brand, we seek to facilitate and create the convergence of an informed professional community of HR professionals throughout the region. We commit to provide and contribute to the latest in industry knowledge and practices via content from influencers, coaches and industry thought leaders from around the world, while maintaining a local context.
escalla | Healthcare, Local Government, Digital & Apprenticeships Training escalla supports organisations to learn new skills, adopt change, facilitate digital transformation and deliver results in our changing world.
Welcome - Knowledge Hub UK’s largest digital platform for public service collaboration. Where practitioners connect, exchange knowledge, ideas, insight and experience to improve public services through online communities
Welcome to The Digital Healthcare Show part of Health+Care The Digital Healthcare Show (part of Health+Care) welcomes CIOs, CCIOs, senior IT leaders and clinicians from the NHS, Local Government, CCGs and Primary Care together to harness the huge opportunity to improve services and patient experience through digital transformation.
JSFA:Theater Architects | Theater Consultants | John Sergio Fisher & Assoc. JSFA specializes in the design of theatres, visual arts, performing arts and entertainment facilities. We has designed over 275 performing arts venues for drama, musicals, dance, opera, orchestra, band, choral concerts and recitals throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America.
Seplat Petroleum - Independent Nigerian oil and gas producer Seplat Petroleum is an independent indigenous Nigerian upstream exploration and production company which operates a portfolio of assets in the Niger Delta region and a leading supplier of processed gas to the domestic market.
Digital and Social Media Marketing Training and Consultancy The Digiterati is a collective of kickass digital & social media marketing pros working with local businesses & specialist agencies to build their expertise
Home TietoEVRY creates a digital advantage for businesses and society. We are a leading digital services and software company with local presence and global capabilities. Our Nordic values and heritage steer our success.
Northern Illinois Annual Conference Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by equipping our local churches for ministry and by providing a connection for ministry beyond the local church; all for the glory of God. Our vision is
Ecology of Leadership - Home Cultivating new paradigm leadership sourced from the heart, nature, and community
Home page - Tanglewood Tutoring & Transformation We provide info on local churches, local businesses, community events, and non-profit organizations around Amityville, Birdsboro, Douglassville, and more.
A Unique Global Franchise Opportunity - Valenta BPO Franchise As a Valenta BPO Franchise Partner you have the opportunity to work with local businesses, offering a range of services including outsourcing, process consulting and digital transformation.
World Relief Southern California World Relief in Southern California works to empower the local Church to walk 
alongside refugees and immigrants towards immigrant integration and mutual transformation in Southern California
West Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church | We are United Methodists who live, worship, and serve God in most of West Virginia and Garrett County, Maryland. Our vision is to be a Christ-led, spiritual breath of fresh air that changes the world. Our mission is to discover, develop, and deploy passionate spiritual leaders who make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
West London Link : A Tunnel to replace Hammersmith Flyover West London Link is a study by local designers into the exciting potential for the transformation of West London unleashed by replacing the A4 between Chiswick and Earl''s Court (including the Flyover) with a tunnel.
Founders Future, the venture studio crafted by Marc Menasé Founded by Marc Menasé, Founders Future is a venture studio that invests in start-up and creates projects.
/slash/ | Your best digital transformation partner to grow your business One-stop professional software development service from Hong Kong. Totally customizable web systems and mobile applications with local developers and consultants. End-to-end design, development and implementation to help you build whatever you want with professional advice. On-time delivery and technical consultancy to guide you through the process. Let us know your thoughts!
Jai Jagat - On the move for justice and peace We are #OnTheMove to Nonviolent Transformation One Planet All People! Do you know any nonviolent local action taking place?
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Project Partners - Brisbane Based Business Technology And Consulting Firm Project Partners is a Brisbane-based business technology and consulting firm dedicated to helping our clients successfully implement project-led transformation and change. Our outstanding local team are backed by ASX listed People Infrastructure Ltd. Project Partners'' consultants offer leadership and pragmatism in executing business and digital strategy.
Secure Nigeria 365 | Pioneering New Perspectives..... Securenigeria365 is an online news journal conceptualized to disseminate concise and well balanced information principally about Nigeria in a bid to project the country in a positive light but ostensibly to augment the transformation efforts of the country while projecting the several opportunities and possibilities abound in the country.
TERRA ORGANIC SPA Terra Organic Spa is a Massage Therapy and Skin Care based Boutique Spa and Gift Shop, offering professional services and products to support positive transformation in people’s lives. We are customer focused and strive to enhance your health and assist you in meeting your personal goals.
AmCham BiH | AmCham BiH A powerful and efficient leading voice of the business community in BiH AmCham BiH aims to support and advance the interests of U.S., international and local businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a respectable business association we advocate for creation of a favourable business enviornment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With our members we work on identifying the obstacles to fair and correct business activities, and, in the same time, strive to identify possibilities to overcome them.