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Tips, Tutorials, SEO, WordPress, Joomla, Web Design – PRoy's Blog PRoy’s Blog a Web Design and Development blog to share tips, tricks, tutorials & other interesting stuff I found daily with SEO, WordPress, Joomla, PHP
tiangolo - Sebastián Ramírez I do AI and stuff... and lots of Open Source. Deep Learning/Machine Learning, full stack distributed systems, SQL/NoSQL, Python, Docker, JS, etc.
Combined Shape Go-To by Zoë Foster Blake. We make powerful, natural, skin care that protects & nourishes your face. That it happens to smell incredible is irrelevant. Go-To. For happy, healthy skin.
Eleven Warriors | Where Ohio State fans gather Where Ohio State Buckeye fans gather. Football news, in-depth analysis, recruiting, videos, lulz and more.
Pieter Levels A few years ago I sold all my stuff to explore the world, created 12 startups in 12 months and since then have been building companies as an indie maker: my most famous being Nomad List and Remote OK
Shop - Unicun: Brilliant Inventions | Geeky Gadgets Unicun features a wide range of unique consumer products with a focus on geeky tech gadgets, oddities, novelty gifts, and weird stuff.
the Data Lounge - Gay Celebrity Gossip, Gay Politics, Gay News and Pointless Bitchery since 1995. DataLounge - Gay Celebrity Gossip, Gay Politics, Gay News and Pointless Bitchery since 1995.
Cobra ODE, E3 ODE, 3K3Y, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita PS4, PS3. PS3. PS3, PS4. S-tell . jailbreak, webman, irisman, CFW, OFW, sen enabler, vpk, pkg, repack, rip, vitamin, henkaku, homebrew, movian, multiman, rebug, , ps4, psn stuff x, ps3 tools
Jennifer Everett – Content and community builder I'm Jenn : ) I'm passionate about spreading kindness and bringing joy into people's lives. Some things that bring me joy: Making coffee with fresh Blue Bottle beans every morning Punny copy and unexpected marketing tactics History podcasts (Stuff you Missed in History Class is my favorite) Long bike rides on country roads Coming across…
You Want A Shot At The Title? Lilly. She/her. Very queer. Read my stuff here. I spend my time in Dean Winchester’s head. The Last of Us Part II stan first and human second. Big Tony Stark fan. SPN writer enthusiast. I love...
Experience Gifts Beyond Ordinary | Truly The world''s most extraordinary experiences, for those who collect memories, not things. Browse our unique collection & find a gift that says: "I get you."
Altar your thinking with Offbeat Bride's wedding ideas We're the web's most popular wedding blog for alternative wedding planning advice, unique wedding ideas, wedding dresses, invitation wording, and more!
Tsouk.gr - Web & Stuff Το απόλυτο ελληνικό Site - Online Tools, Web Tools, Τεχνολογία , Κοινωνικά, Βίντεο, Ενημέρωση, Tutorials, Web Applications και πολλά άλλα, στο Tsouk.gr
More Of Less - Blog and Portfolio of Steve Claridge I love building stuff for the Web and like to keep it simple. I quickly deliver robust software that works, improves your business and makes you money
embracing the inbetween – SLP, ASD & lots of stuff EMBRACING THE INBETWEEN here for education, advocacy, and connection, I am a part of the #actuallyautistic, neurodivergent, chronically ill, & queer communities. Get new content delivered directly to your inbox.
Divi Child Themes | Layouts - Divi Ready Themes Premium Divi Child Themes. Save time and money while jumpstarting your new project with one of our pre-built Divi Child theme templates or Divi layout kits.
Visa Yummybps is a one-stop Beauty & Health store where you'll get a lot of trendy stuff like Hair Care, Skin Care, Dental Flosser, Electric Hair Remover Machine, at lowest price ever!
I Have Tech I Have Tech updates you with latest Technology Stuff's like Gadgets, Smartphones Reviews & Wordpress, Blogger related Solutions.
Medhat Dawoud Hi, I'm Medhat Dawoud. I enjoy teaching frontend stuff to people, I've published a course called redux recipes that helps people get up and running with react and redux and teaching JavaScript on Youtube
Amor's Personal Website Amor's Personal Website, where I blog mostly about personal stuff and other things that interest me like WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. This is my little
Advaith''s Website Hey! This is my personal website. Here you can find cool stuff I work on.
Ernests Embutnieks - Personal Blog I have no niche. I write about stuff. Read or piss off.
rsts11 – Robert Novak on system administration | Resource sharing, time sharing, (20)11 and beyond. A retired sysadmin's blog. Resource sharing, time sharing, (20)11 and beyond. A retired sysadmin's blog.
Destiel was Endgame... She/Her | 19 | disaster bi | I repost stuff cause I like it
The WP Guru – Complex Stuff. Made Simple.
Preetam Nath | Welcome to my corner on the Internet Personal website and blog of Preetam Nath. I write about building SaaS businesses and living a good life. Thanks for visiting and say hi on Twitter if you like my stuff!
briancmoses.com For many years now, I’ve been building, blogging, and giving away DIY network-attached storage (NAS) builds. I was started down this path when …
Konstantin Kovshenin - WordPress, Automattic and Open Source I'm Konstantin, a WordPress developer from Moscow, Russia. I create WordPress themes, plugins, and a bunch of other cool stuff with the finest WordPress folks at Automattic.
Home | Thomas Deneuville I’m an interaction designer at Cornell, I make stuff with words, notes, silicon, and code. Take a look at my porfolio, read a blog post, and let's connect!
Verve Magazine | India's premier luxury lifestyle women's magazine India's first and only home-grown women's luxury lifestyle monthly.
Alex Pierce – Designer. Art Director. Geek. I''m a designer that likes to make stuff on the internet.
Corrie Haffly – This is my blog. I can be wordy. But I take really cute photos of kittens… er… babies, so it’s all good. This is my blog. I can be wordy. But I take really cute photos of kittens... er... babies, so it's all good.
Heiswayi Nrird Hi, I'm Heiswayi Nrird. I'm a software engineer and I ship software at Keysight Technologies, Penang, MY. I do blog occasionally. I'm a minimalist and I believe in 'less is more'. Sometimes, I do some random stuff and write about it here. /\\/
sims, spice and everything nice Check my FAQ before sending asks\\wcifs, please! Hello, stranger! My name is Elena and I'm 24 y.o. I create MM CC for the Sims 4, mostly CAS stuff. Occasionally I post my gameplay, edits and off-topic...
JVZOO - WSO PRODUCT REVIEW | Software - Ebook - Plugin - Theme - PLR - Training Review Activity Book Generator By Amber Jalink - Discover the Faster, Easier Way To Create Coloring & Activity Books and Printables In Seconds That You Can Sell To Raving Fans! Activity Book Generator By Amber Jalink lets you create unlimited adult and kids coloring and activity books, in under a minute! The activity book generator does exactly what it says: It creates Coloring and Activity books AND PRINTABLES with the click of a button. These can be published on Amazon KDP, or Etsy and anywhere else. The system is broken down into two parts: the Coloring book generator, and the Activity book generator, which also includes coloring mixed in. The coloring book generator includes both adult coloring images (created by me personally!), as well as Kids coloring images (which was created by my in-house graphics specialist). A walk through is available upon request, but the point of this is to help people REMOVE the barriers to publishing by having to come up with everything themselves, position it in the pages, and so on. It's SO simple, with about 3 clicks of the mouse, they have you could say, a "push button" approach to product and printable creation. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours have been spent over the past SIX+ months creating these graphics in addition to the programming. Initially I intended to have this out back at the end of May, however, I decided to make sure everything was RIGHT, and to give as many options as possible. With Activity Book Generator you have PLR rights in that you can use these to sell as you wish, however, you can not include plr rights to others. (There is an add on Developer option that allows that). Learn More:Activity Book Generator By Amber Jalink Review - Discover the Faster, Easier Way To Create Coloring & Activity Books and Printables In Seconds That You Can Sell To Raving Fans! Activity Book Generator By Amber Jalink Review Activity Book Generator By Amber Jalink Review Activity Book Generator By Amber Jalink Review Activity Book Generator By Amber Jalink Review Activity Book Generator By Amber Jalink Review Activity Book Generator By Amber Jalink Review What Do We GInside Activity Book Generator: There are over 1,000 adult coloring images (over 700 new created JUST for this project), plus another 800+ kids coloring (preschool and up), AND over 3,500 activity pages included. The activities include your typical hangman, tic tac toe pages, but also find the match, mazes, activity placemats, what doesn't belong, how many words can you find, and more that we CUSTOM CREATED for this. WHY Choose the Activity Book Generator: Create printables and books in less than a minute every time, allowing you to create 30-60 books or multi-page printables in an hour.Choose between Coloring or Activities (Activities also may include some coloring)Completely random so you will rarely (if ever) see the same image twice. The odds of having an exact same book are in the millions because there are so many images in the system.Easily edit the PDF with a free editor if you wish to adjust or add wordsRoyalty free! Publish as many as you want, and keep all the profits Activity Book Generator Related Product: Front End: Activity Book GeneratorOTO 1: will have TWO options on the page, creating RECURRING income for you:The Deluxe Upgrade - This allows the user to unlock EVEN MORE coloring and activity books and printables, with ongoing constant updates and enhancements weekly.The PRO Upgrade - This allows the user to unlock even more new printables such as journals, calendars, and other low content books, with ongoing constant updates and enhancements weekly, many exclusive to this level.OTO 2: Agency/Teacher's/Developer's license.The Agency license allows to create for others like local businesses that THEY can sell (i.e., a Chiropractor might want one created for their patients' kids, or adult coloring for stress relief), restaurants may wish to use the activity placemats… and Teacher's will want to be able to distribute these to their students, as well as those who may wish to sell as full PLR. Testimony "I love how fast and easy books can be generated and the influx of ideas…""I love how fast and easy books can be generated and the influx of ideas that accompany looking through finished PDF books. Personally I'm going to use coloring pictures to create some coloring calendars for adults and kids. That's just one of many uses. Thanks Amber - awesome product with new stuff being updated and added frequently." - Helen Doherty, CalendarCandy.com "EVERY mom and every low content creator should run to secure their access…""I couldn't imagine a more useful software than this one. I mean, EVERY mom and every low content creator should run to secure their access. Really easy to use, quick to generate PDFs on demand and not much work involved on my part. In fact, I first grabbed it for my son: No more searching the internet for hours to find suitable coloring and activity pages for my him! No more worries when I hear: "Mom, I'm bored" at a time I'm just not available lol. Plus, there are also pages for busy moms who want to take their mind off…." - Stephanie Gilbert, StephieTheHappyMom.com "This thing totally rocks…""Simply brilliant. The Activity Book Generator from Amber Jalink is an awesome piece of kit that creates, coloring books, activity books, & printables. It's a well-oiled machine. If you can't figure out how to make money with this, you need to find another profession. This thing totally rocks. Big George approved." - George Nieves, Digital Renegade Activity Book Generator helps you create books and printables in seconds… to at the most, under a minute! In fact, there are thousands of images, and thousands of activities to be created for you … in under a minute! What Are You Waiting for? Get Activity Book Generator Now!
MattKC – stuff that i do
Freelance Web Developer - Kevin Choppin A full-stack freelance web developer working with; PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JS. I have over 14 years of experience in building apps of all shapes and sizes, using all kinds of frameworks and tools. Such as; Laravel, Vue.js, WebPack, jQuery and SCSS.
Just Another Willow Creek – A Sims 4 Casual Legacy Playthrough & Story Blog Just Another Willow Creek is a Sims 4 playthrough & story blog. On this blog, I intend to post my Simlit stories and other things regarding The Sims on here. Posts here are generally longer and much more “cleaner” than the stuff I say on my twitter account (which covers my daily ramblings about school or other games.) Blog posts…
Benjamin Begin - Freelancer Web & Photography - Madeira Island | HOME Benjamin BEGIN is my real name! Strong from my experience in digital marketing and photography I build this website to share my best work to the public
Sideways JDM The home of JDM, stance and drift. Lover of cars on the import scene. Go sideways! (also post some other stuff, girls, cars, anything i like) Disclaimer: All images here are collected from various...
Frugal Entrepreneur I''m a small business owner, consultant and the Frugal Entrepreneur. My site offers tips, tools, free stuff & resources for frugal small & home-based business owners.
Real Blue: Covering the Oceans – Real Blue is the source for anything ocean; curating news, lifestyle stories, photos, videos, and original articles on everything under and on the seas. Real Blue is the source for anything ocean; curating news, lifestyle stories, photos, videos, and original articles on everything under and on the seas.
The Best Live Shows On Webcam By Viralxporn.com Italian1Dream. hot girl Welcome hot stuff.I got just what your body needs baby. This is Italian1Dream and I''m 26 years old, bisexual, and female.I want...
Gui Fedrizzi Hello guys,I'm Gui Fedrizzi , a brazilian model, and here you can find all my work stuff Agencies: Wilhelmina (New York,Miami) ; Elite (Paris, Copenhagen) ; 2morrow (Milan) ; View (Barcelona) ;...
Facebook Ads Automation - EXOD.ai EXOD is a machine learning, Facebook Ads Automation platform that creates all your campaigns and optimizes them automatically, so you can focus on doing the important stuff in your business, whatever the size of your enterprise may be. The first real Facebook Ads Automation platform.
Achu's TechBlog – My Tech Stuff I am from  kerala, India, with a passion for robotics.Interested in contacting me? Please contact me if you know of an opportunity where I might be of use!    
Freebies - I Crave Freebies Get 100% Legit Freebies, FREE Stuff, FREE Samples of Brand Name Products, FREE Magazines and More in the Mail! Updated Daily, All Day Long!
All posts | Bugged Hi I'm M. Bagher Abiat, I'm doing stuff now.
John Atten | Programming, Tech, and Stuff I Like to Write About . . .
NotSoShant Diary I''m Prashant Kumar. This website is collection of my blogs and tools and other stuff that revolves around Web Security, Red Teaming, Exploit Development, etc.
Ivan Zuzak Hi! I''m Ivan Zuzak, a Web engineer. This is my blog, and list of project and papers.
Less Than After - Christian Rock Band South Texas Christian Rock band Less Than After exists to see people come to know Jesus. Our heart is lead people to a place where they honestly and sincerely praise the Creator of heaven and earth.
I don''t wanna cycle or recycle revenge Z (Zee) | GMT +7 | Fanartist | Multifandom | SFW | Anime | Manga | Game | J-Dorama | K-Pop | Coldplay | Architecture | Landscape Architecture | Marvel stuff now on Side Blog
Scottiehack | Making it up as I go along, mostly globe-trotting travel stuff, some nice cars #middleagedmaninlycra Making it up as I go along, mostly globe-trotting travel stuff, some nice cars #middleagedmaninlycra
MILF Cam Girl Tells All I'm a redhead cam girl in my early thirties, and I've got some serious stuff to get off my chest. I want to share some advice about camming, beat up on religion, and make the case that libertarianism...
BigsiteCity: A London Travel Blog with a touch of the international! Rebecca here, welcome to my site. I write mainly about London, but I also chat a lot about international travel and overseas stuff when i get the chance. Thanks for stopping by.
Web Goodies 411...Goodies for Life from the Web I define a web goodie as a site, blog, offer or instruction that inspires others and or enhances their life in the areas of finances, health, spirit and humor in a family-friendly way. You will find a huge range of topics including: amazing kids, bargain, blogging, clutter, crafts, creative advertising, graphic design, money, health, freebies, funny videos, heroes, inspiration, menus, milestones, pranks, make money online, john chow, uberaffiliate, affiliate marketing, monetizing your blog and much more.' name='description
Techstify a technology blog covering Computers,Games,Phones,Android,Xbox 360,Gadgets and More Technology blog about the latest and upcoming gadgets, games, phones, and gizmos.
myspace layouts myspace layouts, myspace comments, myspace graphics, sexy, new, adult, best, girly, cute, fun, funny, goth, pretty, pink, attitude, dark, quotes, inspiring, inspirational, myspace, decorate
The Selfish Seamstress | Because I only want to sew stuff if it's for me.
In an everlasting state of confusion Val or 'Sparkle' - they/them - Germany -  ART COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN - personal blog with stuff I like and art. nsft posts tagged "sparkle after dark"
yotamperel I make animations, do musics and draw things on stuff. check it at yotamperel.com thank you
Art & Fic This is a place where I mainly post fiction and fandom related stuff! inkedawaymain is the blog I will ship asks from but... I won't be posting anything there. I will also follow and like things from...
Cats, bats and clutter A place for me to... well, mostly reblog stuff and not actually come up with anything. Including an original blog description. There probably will be cats. (They/she; I swear there was half a gender...
you are an absolute champion. call me sleepy 25, Melbourne Australia, she/her, bi. you'll see a lot of good omens, dnd, critical role, star trek, taz, fanart, science, space, aussie stuff, and queer joy. I draw/write/reblog nsfw occasionally but...