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An Easier Employee Advocacy Platform | Bambu by Sprout Social Bambu is an employee advocacy platform that gives your employees a simple way to share curated, pre-approved content across their social networks.
Anarchist Zines | Sprout Distro Anarchist zine distro with PDF zines and pamphlets on anarchism, direct action, tactics, etc.
Platings + Pairings | Food-Recipes-Wine-Travel A food blog focused on quick and easy, delicious recipes and wine pairings.
The Money Sprout - Exploring, Building, and Maintaining Multiple Streams of Income Exploring, Building, and Maintaining Multiple Streams of Income
MMM Global - Official Website 17 Jul 2016 - MMM Global is a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a kind of the World Fund of mutual aid. This is the first sprout of something new in the modern soulless and ruthless world of greed and hard cash. The goal here is not the money. The goal is to destroy the world''s unjust financial system. Financial Apocalypse
Life Sprout Bioceuticals Created by specialists with your total health in mind. Our team of experts have over 30 years of experience in natural health. Live a healthier, happier life!
Sprout Wired Breaking News Headlines, Latest News from UK, US and World, News from Politics, Sports, Business, Arts and Entertainment.
The Sprout School - Shaping the Leader for Tomorrow! The Sprout School is supervised by highly educated and trained professionals and offers finest combination of “Modernization of Formal Education” and “Islamic Learning” at one place.
Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne - Best Online & Internet Marketing #1 for Digital Marketing in Melbourne, Sprout Online connect your business with your ideal users to generate the leads and sales you’re looking for!
VideoDls - Free Online Video Downloader [Fastest] Free and fast download online videos from several video containing sites, Video can be downloaded from Vimo and several more sites like Facebook, Twitter, HBO
Home - Sprout Tiny Homes Sprout is the leader in the small-living industry, uncovering new & innovative ways to transform tiny homes into income producing properties, developments...
The Friedman Sprout – Student e-newspaper of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy Student e-newspaper of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
The Sprout Fund · Communities are better places to live, learn, and thrive because of the people and ideas supported by The Sprout Fund. Communities are better places to live, learn, and thrive because of the people and ideas supported by The Sprout Fund.
Sproutology - Prefab Sprout Get all the latest news, interviews and Prefab Sprout multimedia at Sproutology
An Easier Employee Advocacy Platform | Bambu by Sprout Social Bambu is an employee advocacy platform that gives your employees a simple way to share curated, pre-approved content across their social networks.
Tech Zone 24 – Just another WordPress site While browsing the internet I came accross an amazing article from Semrush that I would like to share with you. If you enjoy this article then you can visit the original article using the link to the bottom of this page. You’ve heard people telling you that you need to write in-depth content because that’s what Google wants. And it’s true… the average page that ranks on page 1 of Google contains 1,890 words. But you already know that. The question is, should you be writing 2,000-word articles? 5,000? Or maybe even go crazy and create ultimate guides that are 30,000 words? What’s funny is, I have done it all. I’ve even tested out adding custom images and illustrations to these in-depth articles to see if that helps. And of course, I tested if having one super long page with tens of thousands of words or having multiple pages with 4,000 or 5,000 words is better. So, what do you think? How in-depth should your content be? Well, let’s first look at my first marketing blog, Quick Sprout. Short articles don’t rank well With Quick Sprout, it started off just like any normal blog. I would write 500 to 1,000-word blog posts and Google loved me. Just look at my traffic during January 2011. As you can see, I had a whopping 67,038 unique visitors. That’s not too bad. Even with the content being short, it did fairly well on Google over the years. But over time, more marketing blogs started to pop up, competition increased, and I had no choice but to write more detailed content. I started writing posts that were anywhere from 1,000 to a few thousand words. When I started to do that, I was able to rapidly grow my traffic from 67,038 to 115,759 in one year. That’s a 72.67% increase in traffic in just 1 year. It was one of my best years, and all I had to do was write longer content. So naturally, I kept up with the trend and continually focused on longer content. But as the competition kept increasing, my traffic started to stagnate, even though I was producing in-depth content. Here are my traffic stats for November 2012 on Quick Sprout. I understand that Thanksgiving takes place in November, hence traffic wasn’t as high as it could be. But still, there really wasn’t any growth from January to November of 2012. In other words, writing in-depth content that was a few thousand words max wasn’t working out. So what next? Well, my traffic had plateaued. I had to figure something else out. Writing longer, more in-depth content had helped me before… so I thought, why not try the 10x formula. I decided to create content 10 times longer, better, and more in-depth than everyone else. I was going to the extreme because I knew it would reduce the chance of others copying me. Plus, I was hoping that you would love it as a reader. So, on January 24, 2013, I released my first in-depth guide. It was called The Advanced Guide to SEO. It was so in-depth that it could have been a book. Literally! Heck, some say it was even better than a book as I paid someone for custom illustration work. Now let’s look at the traffic stats for January 2013 when I published the guide. As you can see my traffic really started to climb again. I went from 112,681 visitors in November to 244,923 visitors in January. Within 2 months I grew my traffic by 117%. That’s crazy!!!! The only difference: I was creating content that was so in-depth that no one else dared to copy to me (at that time). Sure, some tried and a few were able to create some great content, but it wasn’t like hundreds of competing in-depth guides were coming out each year. Not even close! Now, when I published the guide I broke it down into multiple chapters like a book because when I tested out making it one long page, it loaded so slow that the user experience was terrible. Nonetheless, the strategy was effective. So what did I do next? I created 12 in-depth guides I partnered up with other marketers and created over 280,000 words of marketing content. I picked every major subject… from online marketing to landing pages to growth hacking. I did whatever I could to generate the most traffic within the digital marketing space. It took a lot of time and money to create all 12 of these guides, but it was worth it. By January of 2014, my traffic had reached all-time highs. I was generating 378,434 visitors a month. That’s a lot for a personal blog on marketing. Heck, that’s a lot for any blog. In other words, writing 10x content that was super in-depth worked really well. Even when I stopped producing guides, my traffic, continually rose. Here’s my traffic in January 2015: And here’s January 2016 for Quick Sprout: But over time something happened. My traffic didn’t keep growing. And it didn’t stay flat either… it started to drop. In 2017, my traffic dropped for the first time. It went from 518,068 monthly visitors to 451,485. It wasn’t a huge drop, but it was a drop. And in 2018 my traffic dropped even more: I saw a huge drop in 2018. Traffic went down to just 297,251 monthly visitors. And sure, part of that is because I shifted my focus to NeilPatel.com, which has become the main place I blog now. But it’s largely that I learned something new when building up NeilPatel.com. Longer isn’t always better Similar to Quick Sprout, I have in-depth guides on NeilPatel.com. I have guides on online marketing, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, and the list goes on and on. If you happened to click on any of the guides above you’ll notice that they are drastically different than the ones on Quick Sprout. Here are the main differences: No fancy design – I found with the Quick Sprout experience, people love the fancy designs, but over time content gets old and outdated. To update content when there are so many custom illustrations is tough, which means you probably won’t update it as often as you should. This causes traffic to go down over time because people want to read up-to-date and relevant information. Shorter and to the point – I’ve found that you don’t need super in-depth content. The guides on NeilPatel.com rank in similar positions on Google and cap out at around 10,000 words. They are still in-depth, but I found that after 10,000 or so words there are diminishing returns. Now let’s look at the stats. Here’s the traffic to the advanced SEO guide on Quick Sprout over the last 30 days: Over 7,842 unique pageviews. There are tons of chapters and as you can see people are going through all of them. And now let’s look at the NeilPatel.com SEO guide: I spent a lot less time, energy, and money creating the guide on NeilPatel.com, yet it receives 17,442 unique pageviews per month, which is more than the Quick Sprout guide. That’s a 122% difference! But how is that possible? I know what you are thinking. Google wants people to create higher quality content that benefits people. So how is it that the NeilPatel.com one ranks higher. Is it because of backlinks? Well, the guide on Quick Sprout has 850 referring domains: And the NeilPatel.com has 831 referring domains: Plus, they have similar URL ratings and domain ratings according to Ahrefs so that can’t be it. So, what gives? Google is a machine. It doesn’t think with emotions, it uses logic. While we as a user look at the guide on Quick Sprout and think that it looks better and is more in-depth, Google focuses on the facts. See, Google doesn’t determine if one article is better than another by asking people for their opinion. Instead, they look at the data. For example, they can look at the following metrics: Time on site – which content piece has a better time on site? Bounce rate – which content piece has the lowest bounce rate? Back button – does the article solve all of the visitors’ questions and concerns? So much so they visitor doesn’t have to hit the back button and go back to Google to find another web page? And those are just a few things that Google looks at from their 200+ ranking factors. Because of this, I took a different approach to NeilPatel.com, which is why my traffic has continually gone up over time. Instead of using opinion and spending tons of energy creating content that I think is amazing, I decided to let Google guide me. With NeilPatel.com, my articles range from 2,000 to 3,000 words. I’ve tried articles with 5,000+ words, but there is no guarantee that the more in-depth content will generate more traffic or that users will love it. Now to clarify, I’m not trying to be lazy. Instead, I’m trying to create amazing content while being short and to the point. I want to be efficient with both my time and your time while still delivering immense value. Here’s the process I use to ensure I am not writing tons of content that people don’t want to read. Be data driven Because there is no guarantee that an article or blog post will do well, I focus on writing amazing content that is 2,000 to 3,000-words long. I stick within that region because it is short enough where you will read it and long enough that I can go in-depth enough to provide value. Once I release a handful of articles, I then look to see which ones you prefer based on social shares and search traffic. Now that I have a list of articles that are doing somewhat well, I log into Google Search Console and find those URLs. You can find a list of URLs within Google Search Console by clicking on “Search Traffic” and then “Search Analytics”. You’ll see a screen load that looks something like this: From there you’ll want to click on the “pages” button. You should be looking at a screen that looks similar to this: Find the pages that are gaining traction based on total search traffic and social shares and then click on them (you can input URLs into Shared Count to find out social sharing data). Once you click on the URL, you’ll want to select the “Queries” icon to see which search terms people are finding that article from. Now go back to your article and make it more in-depth. And when I say in-depth, I am not talking about word count like I used to focus on at Quick Sprout. Instead, I am talking depth… did the article cover everything that the user was looking for? If you can cover everything in 3,000 words then you are good. If not, you’ll have to make it longer. The way you do this is by seeing which search queries people are using to find your articles (like in the screenshot above). Keep in mind that people aren’t searching Google in a deliberate effort to land on your site… people use Google because they are looking for a solution to their problem. Think of those queries that Google Search Console is showing you as “questions” people have. If your article is in-depth enough to answer all of those questions, then you have done a good job. If not, you’ll have to go more in-depth. In essence, you are adding more words to your article, but you aren’t adding fluff. You’re not keyword stuffing either. You are simply making sure to cover all aspects of the subject within your article. This is how you write in-depth articles and not waste your time (or money) on word count. And that’s how I grew NeilPatel.com without writing too many unnecessary words. Conclusion If you are writing 10,000-word articles you are wasting your time. Heck, even articles over 5,000 words could be wasting your time if you are only going after as many words as possible and adding tons of fluff along the way. You don’t know what people want to read. You’re just taking a guess. The best approach is to write content that is amazing and within the 2,000 word to 3,000-word range. Once you publish the content, give it a few months and then look at search traffic as well as social sharing data to see what people love. Take those articles and invest more resources into making them better and ultimately more in-depth (in terms of quality and information, not word count). The last thing you want to do is write in-depth articles on subjects that very few people care about. Just look at the Advanced Guide to SEO on Quick Sprout… I made an obvious mistake. I made it super in-depth on “advanced SEO”. But when you search Google for the term “SEO” and you scroll to the bottom to see related queries you see this… People are looking for the basics of SEO, not advanced SEO information. In Conclusion If you would certainly such as to check out even more short articles on search engine optimization after that feel cost-free to search our various other articles. We have many more curated write-ups from semrush as well as I wish you delight in reading them. link to original source
sprout's lucky corner – Remarks, guides, complaints, and summaries Welcome to a place where I write about the many things I think about in life. A place where I help, praise, remark, and inform.
Sprout 2020 . Farm-to-People Festival Organised by Suntec Singapore, Sprout is Singapore’s biggest festival bringing growers, producers and the community together. More than just a farmers’ market in the city, the inaugural farm-to-people festival celebrates sustainable agriculture, urban farming and good honest food.
Welcome To Daniel's Sprout Writing Blog Daniel's Sprout Blog is all about learning practical tips to raise & earn money from your blog, writing eye-catching blog post and contents.
Seed + Sprout | Premium Produce | COCOS ISLANDS – Seed and Sprout
St. Louis Sprout & About An online magazine and calendar, St. Louis Sprout & About connects your family with events and activities in the metro area.
100% Free Best Online SEO Tools - Top SEO Tool Top SEO Tool is a bundled collection of best SEO tools website. We offer all for free of charge, Such as XML Sitemap Generator, Plagiarism Checker, Article Rewriter & more.
MMM Cooperation - Official Website 17 Jul 2016 - MMM Cooperation is a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a kind of the World Fund of mutual aid. This is the first sprout of something new in the modern soulless and ruthless world of greed and hard cash. The goal here is not the money. The goal is to destroy the world''s unjust financial system. Financial Apocalypse
Nootroponaut — On Nootropics, Antifragility, Thriving, and Arete On Nootropics, Antifragility, Thriving, and Arete
Say See Ya to Plastic | Seed & Sprout Byron Bay eco brand designed to make the plastic-free swap simple. Our range includes stainless steel lunchboxes, un-baking paper, self-care products, reusable bags, and more! Un-plastic the planet.
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plus At The Sprout House, we have the largest collection of organic sprouting seeds, seed mixes and kits available. Shop our entire collection & begin growing today!
Sprout Monk - A Food Blog with Tips, Guides, and Recipes Sprout Monk is a food blog where you will find insightful food guides, tips and tricks, and recipes.
Sproutpeople - The Grooviest Sprouting Seeds on Our Planet! Welcome to Sproutpeople''s Sprout Wonderland. Our site contains hundreds of pages of detailed sprout information and hundreds of sprouting seeds and supplies for sale. Sprouts, sprouts, sprouts, sprouts, sprouts.
Sprout organic children''s boutique has clothes, toys and gear that have been hand selected to be free from harmful materials. Style, craft and comfort matter too!
St. Louis Sprout & About An online magazine and calendar, St. Louis Sprout & About connects your family with events and activities in the metro area.
Homepage - Marigold Coffee Marigold is a Portland-based, woman-owned, community focused company. We feature distinctive, meticulously roasted coffees from quality-committed farmers around the world. COVID UPDATE: Marigold is still roasting! Our cafe is now closed, but you can still order online or find us in Portland-are grocery stores (Green Zebra; New Seasons; Whole Foods; Market of Choice; World Food; Cherry Sprout. WE LOVE YOU! BE SAFE! BE WELL! Marigold is a Portland-based, woman-owned, community focused company. We feature distinctive, meticulously roasted coffees from quality-committed farmers around the world. COVID-19 UPDATE: Marigold is still roasting! Our cafe is currently closed, but you can still order online or find us in Portland-are grocery stores. WE LOVE YOU! BE SAFE! BE WELL!
Contact Blob Web design and development for nonprofits, foundations, educational organizations, arts and publishing groups, and purpose-driven business ventures.
Sprout Law® A law firm for women. We help women entrepreneurs trademark their brands.
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Primeware - Digital Solutions Company We are a Digital Solutions Firm, serving local and multinational companies from various industries. we design and develop mobile apps, web apps, digital payments, chatbots, influencer marketing, and all digital-related solutions to help your business grow. We are also the leading chatbot development and data analytics Firm in East Africa.
Sprout Design Studio Sprout Design Studio is a boutique consulting and design firm offering services in strategic marketing + business consulting, website design + social media, graphic design + brand identity, professional and technical writing.
Coming soon - Sprout Creative Co.
Tech, Design, Style, Stuff. | "Expertly" Curated By Ian Howard Adelstein. "Expertly" Curated By Ian Howard Adelstein.
Green Sprout Site Description Here
Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice from Tonic Attack Best quality fresh Wheatgrass or Broccoli Sprout Juice. Handy one-sachet-a-day 7 packs. No growing, juicing or chilling required. Fits through your letterbox
Little Green Sprout's Organics
The Preparedness Store & Bosch Kitchen Center 24 years experience-Family owned Bosch Kitchen Center & emergency preparedness store selling Bosch kitchen machines, grain grinders,water filters and emergency preparedness survival items
Dandelion Books - Chinese Reading Program Home Subscription for Children in Singapore Dandelion is a subscription-based program ideal for families with children 5 to 9 yrs old in Singapore. The program makes it convenient for you, parents, to hold rich reading sessions regularly with your child at home. This quality time spent reading an
Everyday Sprout - Little by Little Everyday Everyday Sprout is the best resource to help you achieve daily life goals, little by little each day. Learn how to do just about everything.
Fun Sprout - Stuff Which You Love On The Internet We feature quality quotes, status, wallpapers along with other viral stuff which people love searching on the internet.
Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe | Solid Food | Strong Drink | Frankfort, KY Building Community One Gathering at a Time The cafe is a family-owned listening room, coffeehouse, and cafe, nestled in the historic downtown of Frankfort, Kentucky. Our vision is simple: Create an environment where artists and audiences are immersed in the energy of the experience, where people share ideas for the greater good, and connections sprout into organized missions of sustainable community. It is with this vision in mind that we welcome artists onto our stage several times per week. It is our hope that these sparks of creativity and beauty grow outside of our doors, and ignite action in our community. In addition to providing a multi-use forum for music, art, friends, and organizations, we source our produce as locally as possible, and support environmental sustainability by serving organic beverages and foods.
seed sprout spoon | catering & events farm-to-table & organic event & carryout catering |vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free & earth-friendly | owner-operated in St. Louis, MO
Come play with us ... at Kids Department | Kinderkleding & accessoires Kids Department neemt je mee naar de bijzondere wereld van kinderkleding, accessoires & lifestyle. Zoals Bobo Choses, Mingo, Mini Rodini & CarlijnQ.
Boutique wedding & event hire furniture Boutique Event and Furniture Hire specialists, servicing Geelong, Melbourne, Mornington and Bellarine Peninsula''s as well as regional Victoria. Pepper Sprout Hire has a reputation as providing only the highest quality custom built, locally and European sourced furniture to our discerning customers. For a truly special Wedding or Corporate Event choose Pepper Sprout Hire Company.
Veg Porn :: Sex-Positive Indie Porn Made By Vegans and Vegetarians Sex-Positive Indie Porn Made By Vegans and Vegetarians
Sprout Wealth – Sprout Wealth
Cherry Sprout Produce We are a locally owned and inspired neighborhood market. We are here because we believe in the community of North Portland. We are grateful and wish to acknowledge the people who have supported this market over the years. Our commitment is to continue to serve your needs. We are also appreciative of the new faces that we see in the store on a daily basis. To you we say, WELCOME! Our goal is to provide our customers with as much affordable, locally grown and locally produced food as possible. By shopping at our store you are supporting the local economy, the welfare of small family farms, progressive thought, individuality, the open exchange of ideas, and a uniquely beautiful community.
Vintage Goods - Gifts - Clear Vinyl Bags - Floral Items Vintage Goods collection sustainably upcycled and thoughtfully procured both locally and globally. Like our clear vinyl pressed plant bags with floral / flowers embedded in the lining. We also specialize in gifts for plant lovers like vintage jewelry, hair accessories and unique designs inspired by plants.
Best Property Dealer in Nagaur Rajasthan,Residential Land/Plot in Bikaner Best Property Dealer in Rajasthan - Sprout Construction is one of the acknowledged Property Dealer in Nagaur Rajasthan, Offers sale and purchase of different properties, especially Residential Land/Plot in Bikaner, construction services, architectural services, property renovation etc. at affordable price.