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YourTango | Opening Hearts, Building Relationships, Spreading Love Powerful, Personal Stories, Expert Advice, Compelling Opinions & Insights On Love, Relationships, Emotional Wellness, And Self-empowerment.
Visa Live Beryl - Custom love jewelry! Spreading love all around the world. Free worldwide shipping.
Ave Maria Press | Catholic Publisher of Catholic Books, Spiritual Books, & Textbooks | Ave Maria Press Ave Maria Press, a ministry of the Congregation of Holy Cross, is a Catholic publishing company that serves the spiritual and formative needs of the Church and its schools, institutions, and ministers; Christian individuals and families; and others seeking spiritual nourishment.In the tradition of Holy Cross, we are committed, as educators in the faith, to helping people know, love, and serve God and to spreading the gospel of Jesus through books and other resources.
youtube icon Shop luxury and emerging African fashion brands online at The Folklore. Designer clothing and accessories from Andrea Iyamah, MaXhosa, Orange Culture, Pichulik.
Home - Church On The Rock Ministries The Church On The Rock Ministry found by Rev.David Karuthiah Selvaraj, works towards spreading of love of God and His words to thousands of people.
Mookychick | Indie Fashion, Feminism & Alternative Lifestyle Inclusive feminism, alternative culture, witchcraft and magical living. Supportive community. Spreading the love since 2005. Join us!
Visa We love to glorify Jesus Christ by bringing exciting and lovely Christian products to the hands of our community. We hope you enjoy our way of spreading faith and style!
Critical Role Side Blog Just spreading love for Vox Machina (and now The Mighty Nein) and the show that has consumed my life. 21. Dani. She/Her. Main blog: platonically--yours
Lazy Dreamers is opening soon We started lazy dreamers with a deep sense of creating value. in the last 3 years, we have come a long way. After 36 months and serving over 50,000 customers and shipping more than 100k parcel, we are taking a step back. Along the way, we have made terrible mistakes, failed on numerous occasions. But we got up every time. But this pandemic couldn''t help us survive. Now we need to sit down, understand our business much better and visualize the next few years of this brand which you lovingly accepted. We promise that we will rise and shine again and this time even brighter as we prepare our self for Lazy Dreamers Part 2. Its not a good bye, its see you later in few months :) Till then take care, and keep spreading the same love which you gave us! All pending orders will be shipped on time.
f(x) Victoria's Vietnam fanpage | spreading our love for Victoria spreading our love for Victoria
ThrushCrusader | Leading the crusade to cure your thrush! Leading the crusade to your thrush cure today! Congratulations! You've made it to the Thrush Crusader – The #1 Internet destination where all of your vaginal Thrush, Candida and Yeast Infection questions are answered! Thrush can be an embarrassing ailment, and the symptoms can come at the least opportune times. An itchy va-jay-jay (yes…that IS a word!) during meetings can leave you squirming in your seat, or that cottage-cheese like discharge can turn your date night from "hot" to "not". Never fear! If you're suffering from thrush (or think you could be), you've come to the right place! Here you'll find everything you need to know about how to ditch that pesky thrush infection, including prevention, treatment options and cures! Thrush Treatment Comparison Table (Keep reading below this table for more great info!) Err.. so what exactly is thrush? In laymans terms, thrush is an irritation of the vagina and the area around the vulva. It is also known as a "Yeast Infection" and "Candida Albicans", Basically, there's a heap of good bacteria and a small number of yeast cells in a healthy vagina. Usually, the good bacteria keeps the yeast in check and under control – but every now and again there's an overgrowth of an opportunistic yeast-like fungi called Candida Albicans, which can lead to an infection in your pink bits. We call this infection "Thrush", or a "Yeast Infection". These infections are pretty common – and almost every woman experiences it at least once in their life. It can be bothersome, but it is rarely serious and treated easily! Read on to find out how! Symptoms of thrush (aka Yeast Infection, Candida Albicans) Ewww… Why is there cottage cheese in my undies?! One of the most common symptoms of vaginal thrush is a discharge that can look similar to cottage cheese. It doesn't have much of an odour like some other vaginal infections, so if you're worried it could be something more serious, remember - "If it don't smell, you're doin' well!". Other symptoms of thrush include Pain when peeing (usually a burning sensation similar to a UTI) Pain when having sex (noooo!). Redness and swelling of the vagina and around the vulva, causing an itch (which is almost never appropriate to scratch in public!). A general soreness in your Wonder Down Under. You might only be experiencing a few of these symptoms, and depending on your body, the symptoms of thrush can be either mild or severe. Either way, help is on the way! Read on for how to treat thrush and yeast infections! But I'm a good person… Why did I get thrush!? So you helped an old lady cross the road and gave up your seat for a pregnant lady. Unfortunately thrush doesn't care about how nice you are! All men thrush cares about is how healthy you and you vagina is, and if you give it an inch and it will take a mile! Causes of thrush or yeast infections can happen for a number of reasons, including: When your period is fast approaching (usually a week before you're due). During this time, your pH levels fluctuate, disrupting the perfect balance of bacteria and yeast. Remember how thrush is a yeast infection caused by Candida Albicans? Well leading up to your period, Candida Albicans is like a kid in a candy store of perfect fungus breeding conditions! When using antibiotics or steroids – these make the immune system slightly weaker, leaving you more susceptible to an overgrowth of a Candida Albicans infection. If you suffer from Diabetes, MS or have a weakened immune system If you're pregnant (you'd think your body would give you a break, right? Wrong! Thrush just looooves to pop up while you're preggers!) If your body has a tendency to suffer from similar vulval skin conditions. If you're overly stressed and not sleeping – Just as this affects your overall health, bouts of stress and strain on the body can increase the likelihood and frequency of thrush. So chill out, girl, you're going to give yourself a thrush attack! If you've been eating too many Krispy Kreme donuts. Ok, maybe Krispy Kreme isn't the culprit here – but your poor food eating habits could be! Diets with extreme amounts of sugary foods can affect your overall health and directly impact the health of your vagina. So put that donut back and pick up that carrot stick! All in all, thrush and Yeast Infections can happen to anyone at any time. In fact, over 75% of women experience thrush at least once in their life, and 50% of those women have it 2 or more times! So get back down off that ledge, and read on for how to fix it, sister! Less talk and more cures! How do I flush the thrush? Since thrush and yeast infections are ultimately a fungal infection of your hooch, you'll need some antifungal medicines to help cure thrush and yeast infections. These medicines come as creams, tablets, or ointments and suppositories that are inserted into your vagina. Most of these can be bought over the counter at a drug store, grocery store, or even online. Check out our comparison table of some of the most effective medication to make an educated decision as to what will work best for you! There are also some natural thrush and yeast infection remedies that will deliver you the quick and invasive-free cure you're after. Check out our top 10 natural remedies here! When NOT to self prescribe thrush and yeast infection medicine. Remember, thrush and yeast infections can be treated easily and efficiently, but if you are pregnant, have never been diagnosed with a yeast infection, or keep getting thrush and yeast infections, it's advisable to see your doctor before you treat yourself. If you're unfamiliar with the symptoms of thrush, you could mistakenly be trying to treat an STI with anti-fungal medication. Always see your doctor if unsure, and if using over-the-counter medication, remember to follow the instructions TO THE TEE! If I have thrush or a yeast infection, can my partner catch it from me? First things first, thrush and yeast infections are not categorised as sexually transmitted infections (STI's). That's a whole other kettle of fish. However, it is can be spread to sexual partners. Sharing is caring, right? Hmm.. Maybe not in this case! About 12-15% of men can get an itchy rash on their Johnson if they have unprotected sex with a woman who has thrush. This is especially so for men who haven't been circumcised. Because thrush and yeast infections are fungal skin infections, lesbians can also be at risk of spreading their yeast infections to their partner. If your partner has any symptoms, they should also be tested and treated to prevent reinfecting you, even if you have already treated your infection. I know there's safetly in numbers, but I don't think your partner will see it that way! Ok.. Now that I know how to treat thrush, how can I prevent it in future? Apart from the main causes of thrush and yeast infections mentioned above, you can proactively reduce your risk of getting thrush by: Ignore all the pro-douche advice you've received. Douching is b.a.d for your va-jay-jay. Studies show that this natural "remedy" can actually have adverse outcomes that actually increase your risk of vaginal infections in future! Check out the study here if you don't believe us! Avoid scented soaps and hygiene products. Try to use soap substitutes instead, and clean the area no more than once per day. Change your sanitary pads and tampons regularly during your period. It's a no brainer, right? Well you'd be surprised. Avoid synthetic fibre underwear and tight underwear. This makes your hoo-haa warm and moist – perfect conditions for the Candida fungus to grow! Wear cotton underwear pantyhose with a cotton crotch. This will keep your bits nice and dry and less likely to succumb to a Candida fungus overgrowth. Change out of wet clothes, swimwear and exercise gear as soon as possible. Aside from it preventing thrush, you'll stop getting weird looks from people about your sweaty, wet smell. I think I have thrush... But it's not "down there". Is there such a thing as Oral Thrush? Ahhh, so you think you have Oral Thrush? Yes, it's a thing, and yes, it's easily treatable. Oral thrush is also the by-product of an overload of Candida fungus in your mouth. For more info on how to treat vaginal thrush's not so intimate cousin, Oral Thrush, click here! Help! I'm not sure if it's thrush and don't want to go to the doctor! I know how you feel! The last think ANY gal wants is to spread eagle on their doc's chair while they have a little peek at your Lady V. Typically, if you haven't ever had thrush before and are unsure what is ailing your vajizzle, it's probably best for you to visit your doc to get it diagnosed. After all, some of the symptoms for thrush are similar to some sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Don't be shy though – doctors have seen it all before and will be easily able to diagnose your condition through a quick pelvic exam. You should really consider getting a professional diagnosis from a doctor if: You're under 16 or over 60 years old. Have a bun in the oven. Have symptoms that differ from a previous bout of thrush. For example, if you've had thrush before, but are experiencing new and uncomfortable ulcers or blisters near your vagina, or have a smelly discharge etc, then a trip to the doc's is.. well. just what the doctor ordered. Have abnormal vaginal bleeding. Have abdominal (lower tummy) pains. Have had bad reactions to previous anti thrush or yeast infection medication or treatments. Have had reoccurring thrush more than twice in 6 months. You or your partner has had an STI (it might be a reoccurrance of the STI rather than a case of thrush). Ok.. Enough's enough! What are all these weird names you're giving my vagina? You'll soon realise on your quest to cure your thrush that there are as many treatments as there are nicknames for your special friend at the bottom end. How many of these words have you used to describe your Vag? axe wound – badly wrapped kebab – bald man in a boat – bang hole – bat cave – bean –bearded clam – bearded oyster – beav – beaver – beefcurtain – beef curtain – beef flap –birth cannon – blue waffle – box – bread – buju – camel's foot – camel toe – candy – chach –cha cha – cherry – chocha – cho-cho – chonch – choot – clit – clown hole – clunge – cock –cock pocket – cock socket – coo – cooch – coochie – cookie – coosie – cooter – cuder – cunny –cunt – cunt hole – cunt punt – cutty – cut up – 'c' word – fanny – fish taco – flange – front bottom –fuck hole – fur burger – fur pie – gap – gash – growler – hair burger – hair pie – hairy axe wound –ham flap – ham wallet – hatchet wound – hooded lady – hoo-hoo – hot pocket – ill na-na –incision – jute – kitty – kooch – kooter – kuder – lip – love cave – love taco – lunchmeat –mangina – man in the boat – man in the boat, the – meat curtains – meat flap – meatwallet –meat wallet – minge – moose knuckle – muff – muffin – na-na – nappy dugout – neden – ninja foot – nookie – open wound –pink – pink canoe – pink sausage wallet – pink taco – pink velvet sausage wallet – piss flaps – pookie – poon – poonaner –poonani – poontang – poon tang pie – pootang – poo tang – pooter – pootie tang – prison purse – promised land, the – punani –punanni – puss – pussy – putang – pu-tang – quif – quiff – quim – quivering mound of love pudding – roast beef –roast beef curtains – slit – smush mitten – snatch – snizz – soggy box – sprained vagina – tampon tunnel – tang – trim –tunnel of love – twat – twitchet – V – vadge – vag – vagine – vagoo – vajayjay – va-jay-jay – vajizzle – vertical smile –whisker biscuit – whispering eye – wizard sleeve – woo – woogit – wugget – wuss Still want to know more about Vaginal Thrush? Watch this short video below!
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Just a pinch of fanfic salt Ask and submission-based blog for venting and talking about ao3, fanfic reading and writing culture. [Askbox currently closed]Tags. Spreading positivity, love and understanding for writers and readers...
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