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Smartass & Sass - a subscription for sassholes. If you love to laugh, have a sarcastic sense of humor, and have the mouth of a sailor, this is the subscription for you. Subscribe to a regular delivery of sarcasm or visit our shop for more immediate laughs. Get a great gift for your besties and gal pals.
Somewhere Over St. Louis Husband. Father. Baker. Griller. Fanfic writer. Smartass. Mostly harmless. Oh, and not George Lucas. Ff.net page is here. Archive of my older stuff is here.. Ao3 dashboard is here.
The Salt Is Real Do you ever just want to write the saltiest, most smartass breakdown you can? You sick and tired of all the shonen tropes? Has Mashima bent you over and railed you in the ass with the "power of...
Peder Peder Thomas Pedersen, Actor, recording artist and filmcomposer Peder Thomas Pedersen. Latest solorelease is "Come With Me". Actor agent is Sten Hassing, Teamplayers. Furcula, The Prunes, Gramsespektrum, Xtra Naan.
Babygirl 25 | grade A tease/button pusher/smartass | masochist | part time kitten - full time babygirl | Edgar Allen Hoe ™️|