The most comprehensive list of shorthair cat websites last updated on Jul 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
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Patini Besle Kedi Maması ve Köpek Maması ile ilgili her şey Köpek Aksesuarları Kedi Aksesuarları Patini Besle Kedi ve Köpek ile ilgili her şey Köpek Maması Kedi Maması Köpek Aksesuarları Kedi Aksesuarları
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Waterslager Pet Shop نخبة الطيور و الحيوانا​ت الاليفة ومستلزماتها في مكان تثق به. Best Pet shop in Amman Jordan
LOOF - Actualités Les actualités au sein du Livre Officiel des Origines Félines (livre des origines pour tous les chats de race nés en France)
Pudge the Cat Pudge is an internet celebrity cat known for her flat face and white mustache. Yes, she is a girl with a mustache more fabulous than yours.
Be A British Cat - Club de race British Shorthair et British Longhair Club de race exclusivement dédié à la race British Shorthair et British Longhair. Ce club a été créé par des amoureux de la race.
Welcome to Brigattos Cattery, located in Illinois, USA and specializing in breeding blue and lilac british shorthaired kittens Brigattos cattery is a small home based cattery located in Chicago, Illinois that specializes in breeding healthy blue and lilac british shorthaired cats and kittens for sale
Chatteries Bengallys and Amourichat Chatterie Bengallys- Reproduction et vente de chats Bengal/ Chat léopard. Chatterie Amourichat - Oriental , Oriental shorthair, siamese, Siamois, Éleveurs, Breeders, Quebec, Canada, Chat, Oreilles , ears , Tica, CCA, CCC, CFA, Chats Canada Cats
PURR OBSCURE CATTERY | Kittens for sale | Paris | Toronto | Would you like to adopt a kitten ? We would like to help you find the perfect companion. Purr Obscure sells kittens and we have the most unique cattery in the world. We breed in Paris and Toronto : the Sphynx and the Miniature Exotic Sphynx (Elf, Bambino, Dwelf), the Persian, the Exotic Shorthair and the Foldex.
British Shorthair in Texas | British Heritage US British Heritage is a Dallas Texas based breeder of British Shorthairs. Each and every one of our cats and kittens are loved deeply by us. They provide so much happiness to our family, and we would like to share it with you!
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