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EquityZen: Invest In or Sell Pre-IPO Stock EquityZen''s mission is to improve the way startup employees are paid by unlocking the value of their equity compensation in a way that benefits all key players: the shareholder, the company, and the investor.
Activist Insight | Shareholder Activism & Corporate Governance Information Providing its diverse range of clients with the most comprehensive information on shareholder activism and corporate governance worldwide since 2012.
Growthink - Banking | Research | Business Plan Consulting Growthink helps privately held companies raise capital for growth and shareholder liquidity. Since 1999, Growthink has helped thousands of businesses raise billions of dollars.
No.1 online financial portal of Nepal with a complete information of Stock market. - || ShareSansar || || ShareSansar || No. 1 online financial portal of Nepal that provides a complete information of share market , Today's Share Price, Floor-sheet, Indices, Dividend, AGM, Book closure, Bonus,IPO, FPO, Right Share, Cash, Updated, Mutual fund, IPO, Company, Banks , Hydro power, Online Portfolio Tracker, Insurance, Finance and whole detail information of investment in context of Nepal.
VCCircle.com: Latest Indian Financial News, Investments, Corporate & Startup Deals, Exits | VCCircle VCCircle.com is India’s leading source of financial news, data and analysis on alternative investments covering deals, exits, M&As, investors, investments, entrepreneurship, management and strategy.
Jakarta & Indonesia Stock Exchange | Indonesia Finance Market IDN Financials is a financial platform for the Indonesia Stock Exchange. We work with Indonesian financial and market companies to provide information on Indonesia Stock Exchange
Hatch | Invest in the US Share Markets Become a shareholder in the world’s most innovative companies, or let professional fund managers put your money to work. Backed by Kiwi Wealth.
Colonial Stock Transfer Company - Transfer Agent Services since 1987 Colonial Stock Transfer is a stock transfer agent providing first class stock transfer services to public and private companies and their shareholders. Contact us at (801) 355-5740 for more information.
The Payment & Lifestyle Super App. By invite-only. Think out of the Bank® | elyps
Home | Torq Resources Inc. Torq Resources is a junior mining exploration company focused on delivering shareholder value through project acquisition and development.
Gibraltar company search. Gibraltar company database, check and reports. Financial statements, annual accounts, shareholder data, information and documents.
Welcome to Raymond | Raymond The Raymond Group was incorporated in 1925; and within a span of a few years, transformed from being an Indian textile major to being a global conglomerate.
Home | Auryn Resources Inc. Auryn Resources is a technically driven, capital efficient exploration company focused on delivering shareholder value through accretive project acquisition
Home - ISS Institutional Shareholder Services is the world’s leading provider of corporate governance and responsible investment solutions.
Mubadala Investment Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE Mubadala is innovating and investing around the world to transform the UAE’s economy and create lasting value for our shareholder, our partners and future generations.
Twitter Anthony Ananich is a technology adviser who maximizes shareholder value, implements technology breakthroughs and establish long-term competitive advantage for businesses by turning them into a technology funnel.
صفحه اصلی - صندوق سرمایه گذاری جسورانه توسعه فناوری آرمانی صندوق جسورانه آرمانی رقیب جدی برای برای تمام استارت‌آپ‌های بازار، تمرکز سرمایه گذاری این صندوق در فرصت های آتی پیش رو برای سرمایه گذاری بر روی استارتاپ هایی است که در مرحله رشد و توسعه قرار دارند. Armani VC Fund, A Major Competitor in the Startup Marketplace, Armani VC Fund manager announced the focus of the fund on investments on developing startups.
SingHaiyi Group Ltd SingHaiyi aims to be a premier, well-rounded property company with proven expertise in property development, investment and management in its operational geographies. The Group is focused on achieving sustainable growth and creating shareholder value through yield-accretive acquisitions, quality property developments, innovative asset enhancement strategies and proactive property management.
BURLINGTON BUSINESS LAWYER Christopher R. Neufeld (905) 616-8864 Corporate Lawyer Burlington business lawyer Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation (905) 616-8864 corporate commercial legal attorney Burlington, Ontario, Canada
HighCastle | Capital Raising and Shareholder Management Platform Capital Raising and Shareholder Management Platform
Dedicated to making a difference - Hempel Foundation The Hempel Foundation is the sole shareholder of the Hempel Group and a dedicated philanthropist. We strive to make a difference by empowering children to learn, making coating more efficient and sustainable, sustaining biodiversity and realising great initiatives that bring about positive change
Corporate Reputation Valuation and Communications Consultancy Reputation Dividend measures the value of corporate reputation and identifies the optimal messaging priorities.
Shareholder Value Advisors -- Consultants on performance measurement, incentive compensation and valuation Shareholders value advisors helps companies improve performance measurement, incentive compensation, and valuation
Strategic Advice and Shareholder Services to Corporate Partners Morrow Sodali provides corporate governance, shareholder engagement, capital markets intelligence, m&a, proxy solicitation, shareholder activism, and more.
ThinkSmart Consumer Retail Finance | Point of Sale Financing | Asset Leasing Discover more about Think Smart's innovative point of sale finance products, like Upgrade Anytime & how our asset financing could benefit your business.
Legal Services & Online MOI''s Available Legal services include online MOI''s, shareholder agreements, family trusts, litigation services and corporate governance services available at one source..
Altitude Partners - Regional Equity Investment for Southern Businesses | Altitude Partners LLP Altitude Partners is focused on investing in Southern businesses, led by ambitious and innovative management teams. Altitude invests between £1m-£4m of private equity to support growth, shareholder restructuring and buyouts.
BFLC - Bahrain Family Leisure Company B.S.C | Bahrain Family Leisure Company (BFLC), is a publicly owned shareholder company based within the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are a well-established operator focusing primarily on the management of casual dining restaurants and food & beverage services. Operating both home grown and franchise outlets BFLC manages award winning outlets with a view of progressive expansion.
Cresco Legal | Helping business owners and SME's with commercial law issues Cresco Legal is a niche commercial law firm which provides advisory services exclusively to businesses, ranging from SMEs to large companies with in-house counsel, in the UK and overseas. Use this blog to find out more about Director's Duties Peer-to-peer Lending Shareholder Agreements Restrictive Covenants
Vintage Energy, Australia Vintage Energy has been established to acquire, explore and develop energy assets principally within, but not limited to, Australia, to take advantage of a generally favourable energy pricing outlook.
Zermatt Dusk – Unlocking potential. Sustainable growth allows you to delight customers, develop the full potential of employees, and maximize shareholder returns. Growth, yes... but how?
Business Consulting Services | Strategic Consulting Firm | Mires, Ran, Clark & Associates MRC is a business consulting firm, specializing in fraud investigation, analysis, and prevention; we protect our clients from financial and cyber fraud, to preserve shareholder value
Randy Clark, PC | Las Cruces, New Mexico | Attorney at Law | Call: 575.526.8800 Contact Information for Randy K. Clark, PC. Randy is a lawyer in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Call him at 575.526.8800 (Las Cruces).
City of Johannesburg | Johannesburg Water Johannesburg Water SOC Ltd (JW) is a municipal entity as an independent company, with the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) as its sole shareholder.
Home | Magnolia Oil & Gas Operating LLC Magnolia Oil & Gas is an independent oil producer with assets located in the Eagle Ford Shale and Austin Chalk formations in South Texas. Our objective is to maximize shareholder returns by generating steady production growth, strong pre-tax margins, and significant free cash flow.
A multi-business corporate offering healthcare and allied services | Max India Max India is the holding company for Max Healthcare, Max Bupa Health Insurance and Antara Senior Living. It is part of the multi-business conglomerate, Max
Home | Home | Merafe Resources We are listed on the JSE Limited in the General Mining sector under the share code MRF. Currently, the main focus of our business is on the 20.5% participation of our wholly owned subsidiary, Merafe Ferrochrome and Mining Proprietary Limited, in the earnings before tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of the Glencore-Merafe Chrome Venture (the Venture), in which Glencore has a 79.5% participation. - Home, developed by Overend Outsource
Mubadala Investment Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE Mubadala is innovating and investing around the world to transform the UAE’s economy and create lasting value for our shareholder, our partners and future generations.
Ockel Computers | Reinventing the PC Ockel Computers is a Dutch computer technology company passionate about true innovation. Find out more about our pocket-sized Mini PC''s with Windows 10.
Proxy Preview Proxy Preview provides the most comprehensive data on more than 400 shareholder resolutions — INCLUDING CORPORATE POLITICAL SPENDING, CLIMATE CHANGE, ENERGY, HUMAN RIGHTS, DIVERSITY, SUSTAINABILITY, AND MUCH MORE.
ReFlow | Level the Playing Field At ReFlow we offer mutual funds innovative approaches to handling shareholder flow—the affordable liquidity that you need—when you need it. Our solutions, Redemption Service and NAVswap, are designed to reduce friction and performance issues due to disruptive shareholder flow.
Robbins LLP - Shareholder Rights Attorneys | Investment Monitoring Robbins LLP | Stockholder Rights Attorneys | Securities Litigation & Shareholder Rights Law Free Investment Monitoring Service
icon_social_youtube Understand your rights as a shareholder, the proxy voting process and why it is important to you.
Home - Telemasters Holdings We have been listed on the JSE Alt-x since 2007. Our share code is "TLM".Entities within the group are complementary towards each other with a key focus on enhancing digital transformation, smart working and the new Gig economy. Our vision is to create and accelerate shareholder value through responsible growth, acquisitions and investments.
The Conservative Income Investor | Aside from the usual recommendations to own companies with dominant market positions, strong balance sheets, and high earnings growth, what is something that investors should keep in mind over the next 20+ years of investing that maybe didn't matter as much in the past? My view is that investors should be taking to heart the 1970s recommendations of Peter Drucker who predicted that one of the endings of perpetual technological development is that friction will cease to exist between the original source of a product and the consumer. This means that you should be wary about investing in companies that act as middlemen. Take something like Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS). It's a $5.3 billion company that is divided into 114 million pieces that trade at $47 per share each. It earns a profit of $350 million, or $3.07 per share. The valuation of 15x earnings is pretty low for a company that has ten-year top-line growth of 11.5%, ten-year earnings per share growth of 16.5%, and a valuation of 19-23x earnings during that time. Since the $3 per share IPO in October 2002, the stock has grown a $10,000 investment into $151,000 in just fourteen years. That is especially impressive when you consider that the current valuation of the stock is competitive with the recession-level P/E ratio level and is otherwise the cheapest opportunity to buy Dick's Sporting Goods since the IPO. Yet, when I study Dick's Sporting Goods, there is a limitation on the type of way it should be considered. It's not something like General Electric, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, or Brown Forman where you can buy the shares, and then set it and collect the dividends for the rest of your life knowing with a high probability that something will be there decades from now. There will come an expiration date for the company because the original source goods--the Nike and Under Armour products that get customers through the door--are now beginning to contact customers directly without the need for a vendor middleman like Dick's Sporting Goods to act as an intermediary to connect Nike shoes and golf clubs to the consumer. At first, I noticed that Nike and Under Armour were beginning to sell their own products directly to consumers online. That was something that would compete with Dick's Sporting Goods, but not necessarily in a mutually exclusive way--it is conceivable to think of a world where Nike and Under Armour's online sales grow while Dick's Sporting Goods also earns a tidy growing profit selling those goods to customers as well. That's because shoes, jackets, shirts, pants, and so on are the type of good you like to see firsthand and get a feel for--it's distinguishable from buying a book on Amazon because there is a certain in-person customization that enough customers will require. But what has bothered me, from the perspective of someone studying the business model at Dick's Sporting Goods, is that Nike and Under Armour have successfully opened their open stores that sell their products directly to consumers. If there is a pair of Nike shoes that you want, why not just go to Nike instead of an intermediary that will have to raise the price enough to own their own keep as well? The coherence of the intermediary's business model takes on a substantial impairment when the end products that a customer desires can be purchased through the end company itself. There are three reasons why a business earns a profit over the long term. You may buy something because it is cheap, you may buy something because it is convenient, and you may buy something because you want the specific product itself. An example of the first category is airlines--unless you belong to a frequent flyer program, you will choose which airline to travel based on price. If Delta tickets cost $139, and Southwest tickets cost $129, you're going to choose Southwest unless there is some other externality weighing on your decision--e.g. maybe you had a bad experience flying Southwest before, maybe the Delta routes are more timely, etc. Absent an intervening externality, price wins out. Convenience is the second moat, and this is the weakest of them all. You might frequent a grocery store because it's by your house--you wouldn't actively choose it based on price, and you don't seek out the grocery store for it's own sake, but it's only a five minute drive away so you go there anyway. And the third type of business is the strongest--when you want the specific product itself. You don't just want shoes--you want Nike shoes. You don't just want soda--you want something sold through Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper. You don't just want acetaminophen--you want Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol. Using our Dick's Sporting Goods example, you can see that the profits are built on convenience. People don't want Nike shoes because they bought them at Dick's Sporting Goods; they buy them at Dick's Sporting Goods because that is the most convenient way to get Nike shoes with the immediate knowledge that they fit. This is the type of business model that is the most vulnerable to disruption. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy Dick's Sporting Goods--the current price around $47 per share does offer some protection, but it's the kind of company that you may not want to hold beyond five years. A quick 40% pop, or the spotting of a branded company with a similar valuation to Dick's, is enough justification to get out of the company because firms built on convenience exclusively are not inherently meant to be lifetime holdings. This observation usually leads to a follow-up like: So what do you do if you own Wal-Mart stock? There are three things that Wal-Mart has going for it that might distinguish from an investment in a firm like Dick's Sporting Goods. It sells products that don't face competition from the branded source; it has the additional benefit of cost advantages in addition to convenience advantages; and the firm is 50% owned by the Walton family which reduces the inherent conflict of self-interests that exists in a corporation where there is a disunity between management and shareholders. Although Wal-Mart faces convenient and price competition from Amazon, and in some instances, Aldi and Kroger, it still offers enough of a price advantage on a decent number of offerings that it may be the preferred choice of customers not only because it is close by but also because you want to see the oranges and bananas before you buy them and there's probably not a better price if you look elsewhere either. The Wal-Mart business model isn't just built on convenience; it's built on the mixture of cost and convenience. Also, anytime you buy stock in a company, you also face the disadvantage of not fully knowing what's going on inside the company. When you buy a few hundred or a few thousand shares of a billion-dollar corporation, you can't quite measure the management team's survivalist instinct and know the specifics of how that instinct (if it exists) translates into a sound strategy that will serve shareholders well. With the Walton family collectively owning over $100 billion of the company's $214 billion in market value, you can strongly presume that the survivalist instinct exists at the management level (because the Walton family's control of the board permits them to choose officers) so the only unknown is whether the survivalist instinct translates into a strategy that permits shareholders to prosper. It's one set of unknowns instead of a double set of unknowns. The most straightforward way to solve this problem--recognizing that Wal-Mart has a strong cost and convenience advantage but unsure whether it is built to withstand the decades--is to take your Wal-Mart dividends if Wal-Mart is a meaningful position you hold and then invest them in companies that more clearly have generational-holding characteristics. If the Wal-Mart business model is only meant to grow earnings for 23 more years, well, you get at least 92 dividend payments to mitigate that final outcome. But if you're trying to figure out what should be your investing north star for the next two decades, and have concerns about the rate of disruption brought about by technological change, then you should focus on companies where people seek it out to specifically acquire the products that they sell. Strong brands should be your first priority, and can easily fill two thirds of a portfolio. Then, you focus on the low-cost producers in an industry that have some type of cost advantage--companies with the GEICO, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp, Exxon business model. That can take up anywhere from 10% to 30% of your selections. And lastly, you should aim to keep less than 10% of your wealth that is earmarked for long-term business ownership towards those companies that are exclusively about convenience. Those are the businesses most susceptible to shareholder wipeout, and therefore, should be a disfavored investment category.
LOVERN ASSOCIATES LAW LOVERN ASSOCIATES LAW (LAL) - admin@lovernassociateslaw.com) IS AMERICA’S PUBLIC INTEREST LAW FIRM. [NOTE: Prescott Lovern, Sr. (Lovern) now owns both R&L Associates Law and Lovern Associates Law]. LAL is a national firm that litigates nationwide from multiple offices. We work with other plaintiff law firms when needed. We do not pursue frivolous lawsuits or put out Press Releases based on fiction. We can back-up everything we do and say. Our Press Releases are supported by hard evidence and precedent law. [Note: If you need a lawyer, do not contact us, as we only do public interest litigation. If you are a Plaintiff law firm and need help [“Have Legal Pad, Will Travel”], or just looking for a great case to litigate, feel free to contact us. (941)-201-1038]. FOR LEGAL NEWS SEE BELOW and ENJOY READING OUR LEGAL NEWS. We make big and small companies change their policies all the time. We do this to protect you, the Public. Consumers and Investors get defrauded, or have their legal rights violated regularly, you just don't know it. As for all you Perpetrators, don't think we won't sue. We pay attention to the statute of limitations; plus, we legally sell lawsuits. It's just a matter of time before we get to you if you made a decision to ignore us. We stay extremely busy. Also, if you violated criminal statutes, we will not hesitate to file criminal charges, as LAL has just set-up a NEW CRIMINAL DIVISION to go after BANKs stealing money from their credit card customers. State theft statutes are being violated in every state. Directors of public stock banks will be held accountable. DISCIPLINARY COMPLAINTS against unethical lawyers. Prescott Lovern, Sr. President - Lovern Associates Law, loves holding unethical lawyers accountable. Lovern is constantly being maligned by corrupt defense lawyers because they can’t dispute the facts of a case. They always bring up how the federal government attempted to put him out of business because Lovern is pulling back the curtain on the Feds corruption. [Ex: How the IRS is stealing money from taxpayers on every credit card transaction when taxpayers use their credit card to pay federal taxes]. The Obama crowd sent the great JAMES COMEY, back when he was a U.S. Attorney, to get rid of Lovern. They tried to intimidate Lovern into a plea deal. Lovern told them to “shove it,” and took his day in court because he was innocent, AND HE WON, [a two man team, Lovern and one defense lawyer] avoiding a 137 years in prison on pure bogus charges. Lovern expects COMEY to be indicted this fall for leaking classified information and possibly Treason. Lovern is going to sue Obama and his whole criminal gang in connection to credit cards / IRS [See below]. RECAP 2019: LAL is now strategically positioned to engage in LEGAL WAR [2020] with Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express (collectively “MOs”) and their member issuing banks over the ILLEGAL Interchange Fee (IF) and Assessment Fee (AF) (collectively “Fees”). No court has ruled the Fees are legal. Two federal Judges have admitted the Fees CONSPIRACY is real. Lovern can take down any MasterCard, Visa, Discover or AMEX credit card issuing bank because LAL is the original source of information for every state under the FCA that includes the Fees Conspiracy. The U.S. DOJ cannot take over any of our cases when filed due to their conflicts. States will get immunity, state employees will not, nor will cities, counties or their employees]. The BANKS, whose credit cards are stealing money from the cardholder, cannot use ARBITRATION as a defense because the Bank[s] do not have a contract with the federal government. Lovern is in control of all these cases [10 year statute of limitations]. STAY TUNED to our LEGAL NEWS for the next big reveal involving massive TAX FRAUD!
Business Valuations | Murphy Valuation Services Murphy Valuation Services is a leading valuation service firm specializing in valuation appraisals for the buying and selling of businesses and franchises.
Börsensoftware SHAREholder - Einfach und erfolgreich anlegen Börsensoftware und Trading-Software für Ihre Kaptialanlage mit Fundamentalanalyse und Chartanalyse, neben einem Handelsstrategie-Studio und Kursprognose-Modul.
France Médias Monde France Médias Monde, the group in charge of French international broadcasting, comprises the news channels France 24 (in French, English, Arabic and Spanish), the international radio station RFI (in French and 16 other languages) and the Arabic-language radio station Monte Carlo Doualiya. France Médias Monde broadcasts to the world in 18 languages. Its journalists and correspondents offer viewers, listeners and Internet users comprehensive coverage of world events, with a focus on cultural diversity and contrasting viewpoints via news bulletins, reports, magazines and debates. 66 nationalities are represented among the group’s employees. Every week, RFI, France 24 and Monte Carlo Doualiya attract 207.3 million contacts including 143.5 million viewers and listeners and 63.8 million users on digital environments (2019 average). Those outlets have a combined 76 million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (January 2020) and rose to 1.5 billion views and streams in 2019. France Médias Monde is the parent company of CFI, the French media cooperation agency and also a shareholder of the French-language general interest TV channel TV5MONDE.
Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meetings (since 1994) This podcast is sponsored by Enceladus Capital, an investment management firm whose investment philosophy is inspired by the original 1950’s Buffett partnerships (Fair fee structure with 0% mgmt fee; 25% performance allocation over a 6% pa compounding hurdle). Please visit https://enceladuscapital.com/ for more details.
New York City Law Firm | Real Estate, Civil Rights, Class Actions, and Commercial Litigation Newman Ferrara LLP is a multifaceted NYC-based law firm. Our attorneys zealously represent clients’ interests in matters involving real estate, class actions, shareholder and civil rights, commercial litigation, and more. Call the firm today.
PDXCPA - Portland Small Businesses Tax Blog | Tax, accounting, and technology advice for small business owners. Tax, accounting, and technology advice for small business owners.
Home - Corral de Tierra Country Club Corral de Tierra Country Club is a private, member owned championship golf club with tennis, swimming, fine dining and social activities.
Investor Impact ホーム - Investor Impact Investor Impact, Inc. was established in Tokyo, Japan to respond to the growing need of Japanese corporate issuers and global investors for substantive engagement. Investor Impact, Inc. is committed to sustainably enhancing corporate value by developing investor relations (IR) and other communications programs that beneficially impact investors and other stakeholders worldwide.
Sunshine Coast Community Forest | Building Value For Our Community We are one of more than 60 community managed forests in British Columbia. The SCCF works closely with the community and our Shareholder, the District of Sechelt
Coweta Cities & County Employees Federal Credit Union Like all credit unions, Coweta Cities & County Employees Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. When you join the credit union, you become a shareholder – or an owner – of a very unique financial institution. Earnings above the required reserves are returned to you, in the form of lower interest rates on loans and competitive dividends on savings.
Wiley Executive Summary | Wiley Executive Summary | National Professional Liability Attorneys Wiley's Executive Summary Blog provides news & commentary on professional liability, general liability, “bad faith,” and appellate matters.
AmerInst Professional Services : Home accountant professional liability, protexure, shareholder, equity, persistence, performance, dividend, liquidity, investor, AmerInst, accountant, professional
Arlington Law Group | Small Business Law, Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning and Probate, Employment Law, Blockchain, Computer & Internet Law, Tax Planning Ryan A. Brown, Eric M. Lemmer, James F. Anderson and Bridget A. Alzheimer, Lawyers / Attorneys and Counselors at Law in Arlington, Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. practicing Small Business Law, Start-Up and Venture Business Law, Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning, Employment Law, Blockchain, Computer and Internet Law
About Dr K R Chandratre - Practising Company Secretary in Pune Practicing Company Secretary; Legal Advisor, Corporate Laws Compliance Audit, Legal Drafting, Shareholder Dispute Resolution, Dr K R Chandratre in Pune
Welcome to O''Brien Law Offices O''Brien Law Offices. Michael O''Brien is a laywer located in Wheaton, IL., practicing banking attorney, business law attorney, and foreclosure attorney. He also practices corporate litigation law and business transaction law as well as being able to help start a business and buy or sell a a business.
Consolidated Pastoral Company Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC) is an Australian based Agrifood business. It owns and operates a portfolio of 20 cattle stations with more than 370,000 head of cattle across 5.8m hectares (greater than size of Switzerland) of land in Australia. The company also holds a 50% interest in a joint venture which owns and operates two feedlots in Indonesia. CPC direct sales channels primarily involve selling cattle and beef to Asian consumer markets, domestic feedlots or processors, and exporting live cattle. Terra Firma are the majority shareholder.
Forum on Executive Compensation | Cambridge Forums For the past six years, the Forum has annually brought together 48 corporate executive compensation leaders, lawyers and consultants representing the largest corporations and renowned firms from across America, to exchange ideas, share experiences, and validate strategies on the evolving shareholder, business and regulatory pressures on executive pay.​
Mantese Honigman P.C. | Home Mantese Honigman, PC has established a national reputation as a leader in complex commercial and business matters, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients, and defending other clients against baseless suits.
Insights - DAI Magister Financing and M&A advisory for international technology companies. A specialist merchant bank focusing on helping companies across Europe, the US and Africa prepare for larger financings and exits.
United Employees Credit Union - United Employees Credit Union United Employees Credit Union is a full service banking institution located in Toronto & Mississauga. When you join you become a part owner and shareholder.
Texas Fiduciary Litigator | Fiduciary Litigation Attorneys | Winstead Law Firm Texas Fiduciary Litigator is written by the Winstead PC trial and appellate lawyers and offers insights in the fiduciary area.
Webster Hudson & Coombe - WHC LAW Personal Injury Lawyers WHC Law Vancouver, Solicitors, Litigators. Civil Litigation, Bankruptcy, Wills & estates, Business Law, Secured Transaction, Real Estate, Personal Injury Lawyer
White Knight Holdings - Management Advisory, Capital Raising, Optimizing Shareholder Value The management advisory you need to witness significant turnaround and capital raising in your small and medium size companies across the U.S.
White Knight Holdings – We specialize in turnarounds, restructuring and optimizing shareholder value. We specialize in turnarounds, restructuring and optimizing shareholder value.
Home | Powerful Combination Fortum intends to become a major shareholder in Uniper. A powerful combination to drive European energy transition.
Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) The Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited(BOST) was incorporated on December 1993 as a private limited liability company under the Companies Act,1963 (Act 179) with the Government of Ghana as the sole shareholder.
HighCastle | Capital Raising and Shareholder Management Platform Capital Raising and Shareholder Management Platform
: : MKR Group, Inc. : : MKR Group, Inc. Investor Relations: With a focus on individual client needs, MKR provides customized, full-service programs, seamlessly bridging the gap between existing and prospective investors and Company management
Osherow, PLLC Lawyers and Advisors - Law Firm Florida Bar Board Certified Business Litigation Law Firm in commercial, shareholder, employment, real estate, construction, probate litigation, mediation/ADR.
Blueshare BLUESHARE SECURITY TOKENS (BST) are the tokenized equity capital participation shares of INTERPROM Mining AG - a Swiss-based consolidated company which is the first business ever in the world to offer its traditional equity capital participation shares on the Ethereum blockchain, offering capital appreciation and dividends, mobility, security, and liquidity to all stakeholders.