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American Red Cross | Help Those Affected by Disasters Every 8 minutes the American Red Cross responds to an emergency. Support the Red Cross. Join us today by making a donation.
World leading higher education information and services - Global Higher Education Jobs, University jobs, Lecturer & tenure jobs. Global Higher Education Jobs, University jobs, Lecturer & tenure jobs.
Wisden | The independent voice of cricket Wisden is your online home of live cricket scores, fixtures, stats, news, features and competitions. The independent voice of cricket since 1864.
Cairo Amman Bank | Together we grow Since its establishment as a Jordanian public company in 1960, CAB has been keen on employing its strong capital and its five-decade, well-founded experience to play a distinguished leading role in promoting the national economy through providing a distinct and inclusive range of services and successful banking solutions that fulfill the various needs of its customers. CAB’s pioneer services added a new dimension to the society’s projects by financing the development projects as well as small, medium and micro projects that shore up the Jordanian economy. Additionally, CAB responds to its customers’ instant needs by providing personal loans based on the transfer of the borrower’s salary to CAB. It further provides investment services, credit cards, and bank transfers, using its outstanding integrated network of branches in Jordan and Palestine. CAB provides its customers with a wide range of assorted, innovated banking services that suit all customer categories and meet all their banking, financial and investment requirements. Also, CAB offers a bunch of electronic banking services by means of its website, www.cab.jo, which enables the customers to undertake banking transactions from wherever they may be. These distinct services reflect CAB’s new corporate identity which exemplifies modernity and values of openness and camaraderie in the interest of all customers and to achieve maximum benefits free of traditional restrictions. In line with this, CAB made every effort to cover the entire Kingdom by establishing a presence at the Jordan post centers.
Latest Cricket News, Results, Stats, Schedule, Predicitons, Fantasy Tips, ICC Rankings • ProBatsman Get latest cricket news (Domestic & International), match results, schedule, team stats, predictions, videos, ICC cricket rankings, fixtures, fantasy tips, top stories and complete cricket match analysis at ProBatsman.Com
Cyrano.ai | The Digital Agent that Combines Artificial Intelligence with Emotional Intelligence to Revolutionize Conversational Commerce What if your computer understood what you meant, instead of misunderstanding what you said? Cyrano.ai’s groundbreaking AI is the first conversational interaction platform that recognizes and responds to the nuances in a conversation.
MUSICFORMOODS MusicforMoods is a tool to restore balance and handle stress better. The specially composed music guides your breathing and helps you obtain optimal heart rate variability. You can track how your heart responds while the camera measures your pulse . Developed by music artists and researchers.
GeneBlueprint | GeneBlueprint - Discover your personal fitness & nutrition One size does not fit all. We all benefit from an active lifestyle and a well-balanced diet. However, everyone responds differently to fitness and nutrition.
Lawrence Freeman Africa and the World A unique blog dedicated to replacing current IMF/World Bank colonialism with a policy of growth via the most advanced transformative infrastructure projects.
Scent Marketing - Aroma Impressions Aroma Impressions is a leader in Scent Marketing. We provide high quality scent machines for business and HVAC scent systems.
Borbála Soós Borbála Soós (1984, Budapest) is a UK-based curator and an active advocate, participant and organiser of artistic and ecological research. Borbála’s practice responds to, disrupts and enriches environmental thinking and related social and political urgencies. She holds an MA in Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art, London (2012). And MA in Art History & Film Studies from Eötvos Loránd University, Budapest (2009). Between 2012 and 2019 she was director/curator of Tenderpixel, a contemporary art gallery in central London. She curated projects in collaboration with the OFF-Biennale, Budapest; Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest; ICA, London; Camden Arts Centre, London; tranzit, Bratislava; Rupert, Vilnius; and Nogueras Blanchard, Madrid among others. She has been visiting lecturer at Goldsmiths College, the Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins. She is leading a Peer Forum in collaboration with Artquest at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, and is a Research Associate at CCA Derry~Londonderry.
Black and white books for babies 0-6 months You will be amazed at how baby responds to black and white books and images from the day they are born. The Mesmerised range of black and white baby products, by Australian designer Katey Love, has been specifically designed to stimulate and engage babies 0 - 6 months.
Call Me Tom, I’m So Petty | responds to Horgaytio or Roses, 26 | she/her | bi/pan/queer | Multi-fandom with a lot of Shakespeare and pretty flowers/dresses |
CarbChoice | Fitgenes | Personalised Health CarbChoice is the one test that could set you up for life. Find out how your body responds to carbs using our DNA test. Learn more.
Pajiba: An Independent Entertainment Website. Pajiba is an Independent source for pop-culture and entertainment news and reviews, with a healthy side of liberal politics.
Pender County Government | Pender County Government Click Here for Hurricane Florence Recovery Information Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)  FAQs About the Latest Executive Order  Pender County Responds to GenX
Reading Buddy Software – advanced speech recognition technology Reading Buddy Software™ is advanced speech recognition technology that listens, responds, and teaches as your child reads.
The Wire - Adventures in Sound and Music The world''s greatest print and online music magazine. Independent since 1982. News, features, audio, video, shop and subscribe.
Whiteblock | Blockchain Testing & Development Platform Blockchain testing made easy. Simulate a fully-functional test network in minutes that behaves and responds identically to a live production network.
Teen whores in xxx sex videos gets frisky The sex scenes, taking place on the pages of xxx sex videos website are like the kind of music that you souls responds too.
Acacia Creek Acacia Creek reflects and responds to the changing needs of today’s seniors. We care for the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – by offering a comprehensive array of recreational programs and supportive health care services. Our value-based pricing preserves the assets of residents and supports the health of our community. We partner with high-quality providers to ensure residents have access to the full range of care they deserve.
goalWA.net – Washington State Soccer News, Photos, Videos, Links Washington State Soccer News, Photos, Videos, Links
Groundworks Office Landscape Architects Groundworks Office is a landscape architecture and urban design firm that works for public and institutional clients, our mission is to design landscapes that reflect the complexity of our culture and responds to our current environmental conditions.
Square Furniture | First Office Furniture Manufacturer in Egypt We watch how the modern office is evolving, and we make furniture that responds,to be the first Office Furniture in Egypt
LEAD programs | LEAD National Support Bureau | United States The LEAD National Support Bureau responds to the national demand for strategic guidance and technical support to local jursidictions developing LEAD programs.
My School Picture Photography | Home At My School Picture, we are experts at managing pictures and picture orders from schools and academic organizations. From Kindergarten to high school, school pictures are an important part of the year. Our staff promptly responds to school staff and parents who reach out to us. Contact us today.
The FCA Insider | McGuireWoods LLP The FCA Insider provides insights and updates on False Claims Act litigation impacting a variety of industries.
Footbeat - Wearable technology that increases circulation while reducing pain and discomfort - Footbeat Footbeat is the only active wearable technology that improves health and athletic performance by increasing circulation through precise, cyclic pressure applied to the arch of the foot.
LEVEL INCORPORATED LEVEL is a collective of architects and designers. Our collaborative team responds to client and context with intuitive, dynamic solutions that elevate the human experience.
Quasy-2019 Quasy 2019 is a workshop on the quantitative syntax that will take place on August 26 in Paris. The workshop welcomes all kinds of quantitative approaches to syntax although it takes advantage of the momentum of statistical research on dependency syntax. Quasy 2019 responds to the growing need for linguistic meetings dedicated to quantitative...
Sans façon Sans façon is an art practice that responds to the relationship between people and place. Working internationally, their approach renews awareness and tempts interaction with their surroundings, and is realized through networks of communities, organizations and individuals.
ABOUT – Clarity Centre QLD Clarity Centre QLD, Sonia uses Quantum Kinesiology (QK), simple & effective treatments that unblock, declutter, expand & address the unconscious & subconscious mind. Methods that relax & reset the central nervous system. Techniques that create rapid change due to releasing the root cause rather than focussing on the symptom. The soul responds to the QK work & releases old emotions, belief systems, paradigms, spin, interference. This naturally raises the frequency & many reach a clear, balanced & healthy version of themselves in a very timely manner. QK brings a sense of calm, empowerment & well being that lasts, in fact, it gets stronger as time goes by... Sonia Wright |  Founder of CLARITY Centre QLD. Quantum Kinesiology & Hypnotherapy Intuitive, Psychotherapist, NLP & EFT Practitioner since 2004. Member of AHA (Australian Hypnotherapy Association). Biofield Sound Therapy, DNA Upgrade & Enhancement Work, Energy & Light Frequency Work, Pellowah, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique), Attachments &  Interference Removal, Ketheric & Matrix Energy Work, Home/Business/Personal Clearings,  Gateway Activator, Reiki Master, & Intuitive Reader since 1995...
Day Tours, Live Jazz Events and Gospel Celebrations | Welcome to Harlem Join one of our unique day tours or live jazz events and immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural diversity of Harlem through music, dance, theater, shopping, and dining. We also offer gospel events where you can enjoy some of the best live gospel music with world-class musicians and choirs. We are a full-service tour company that responds to the pulse of Harlem and all of its unique enclaves! Book Now!
Marcela Godoy Portfolio I''m a Chilean architect and recently MPS gratuate in the Interactive Telecommunication Program at New York University. I''ve been interested in combine what I already know, and keep learning all kind of disciplines and technologies that can be applied to create new ways to think and design architecture. My goal is to use technology as a tool to generate a physical interaction that responds to the behavior of users who use the space.
Twitter Hi everyone! In case you don't follow my Instagram or Facebook, our little one came into the world on Friday, August 3, 2018! Georgia Grace Hoffer wanted to come three weeks early! She is now two weeks old and our entire lives. No, I didn't go into labor. I was actually working on a blog that Thursday morning (to be posted on Friday) and this is exactly what I wrote... " Hi friends! I've made it to full term. Holy moly. 37 weeks today!". After I wrote that line my stomach churned. I was watching the Bachelorette and I felt like something was off. Why hadn't I felt her move yet? I normally felt her move like CRAZY. In fact, two nights before I couldn't sleep because she was moving so much. I had my small cup of coffee like always and normally that gets her going. I ate a little something and still nothing. I went upstairs and laid on the bed, tossing and turning to each side in full panic. I'm not sure panic exactly describes what I felt. The dogs were hiding because I was in hysterics. I did all the tricks I do at work. Something ice cold, something sugary, switching positions, even shaking my belly around for a response. I felt the smallest little nudge, relief went through me, but I still wasn't convinced. I called Tony to come home, something I've never done in the years we've been together. I called my mom next and hearing her voice helped immensely. They both probably drove 100 miles per hour to get to me. That day I was actually scheduled for a growth sonogram at my doctors office and my regular 36 week check up. It wasn't until 3pm and by this time it was only 10am. We couldn't wait. I was on the couch when Tony got home and I actually was feeling more movement. Remember, I do this for a living and see quite a bit of decreased fetal movement. Babies have sleep cycles and need sleep just like we do! I looked at my mom and Tony thinking should I just wait it out? Am I being paranoid again? When you don't feel your baby move minutes seem like HOURS, like an eternity! Tony said no grab your stuff, we are going to the hospital. I agreed and knew it would be better to go to my work and be put on the monitor. I was feeling her move some now, and seeing the fetal strip was going to put my mind at ease until our appointment later. On the ride there I called my doctor (who is a saint, might I add) and she said absolutely not, come to the office now, we will do a biophysical profile along with your growth sonogram and then we will do your appointment right after. I got there in tears, feeling all the nerves and as soon as they saw the heart beat relief FLOODED through Tony and I. My midwife (another saint!) was at the bedside clenching my hand, while the wonderful sonographer showed Tony and I that her heart beat was strong. That feeling that washed through both of us is something I will never forget for the rest of my life. Over the past few weeks as my due date was approaching, I had severe fears of something terrible happening. The more pregnant I got, the more anxiety I had over it. People often think as a labor and delivery PA, that my job is all rainbows and unicorns. While some of it is, sometimes they are the hardest moments of my life. Unfortunately, those hard moments are the ones I remember most. Giving people terrible news, being the first person that responds to the emergency that happens in triage, and informing them of loss. The absolute worse part of my job is telling someone they are about to lose their baby, or they already have. I pray for those I've treated, and I prayed every single night that Georgia would be born full term, with a strong heart beat and healthy. As the sonogram continued I looked at the screen and remember tilting my head looking at the black space around her. The black space is amniotic fluid, and I thought to myself "that doesn't look like much, but I'm possibly over thinking this because I'm a wreck". A few minutes later my midwife said is her fluid low? Bingo. It was low. Part of the biophysical profile is measurement of amniotic fluid. They also look at baby girls breathing, her movement, and her muscle tone. Well Georgia only wanted to breathe, because she didn't move at all and failed on tone as well. I wasn't imagining it, I knew something was off. She scored a whopping 2 out of 8- automatic fail. And I'm so glad we listened to our gut and came to the hospital. I started crying and looked at my midwife, then at Tony because I knew what all of this meant. I said out loud "Am I having a baby?". She said yes, you are having a baby. Induction at 36 weeks and 6 days was not in the plan, but babies make their own rules. I actually delivered her at 37 weeks at 6:36 am. I plan on telling the rest of my "birth story" later on, but wanted to start at the beginning. It was a long story to get to the point, but any moms out there I beg you to trust your gut. You know when your body feels off, you know when you feel a change! I do not let my mind go to the "what if" place, because I have a beautiful baby girl at home right now. I thank God for a loving husband who rushed to be at my side, and parents/family/friends (on both sides) who prayed for a safe arrival of baby girl. I thank God for placing me in an amazing OB practice, with wonderful physicians, a midwife and staff who all cared about our well being. And I'm so thankful for my amazing coworkers who made such a difference in my care as Georgia came into this world. It's now 9:14am and my baby is fast asleep upstairs with her Daddy. These next few weeks I'll try to update when I can, but my focus will be on our family. Thank you to everyone who wished us well and congratulated us on becoming parents to the most perfect gift we could ever receive. We love you all! XOXO, Minnie
Index - Preston Lane Preston Lane creates highly considered Architecture which responds to the human, environmental and social context. We are interested in how the built form, through space and materiality affects people, and explore this idea across varying scales and building typologies.
Home - GreenToGo - Take-out without the trash.
FakeGate | The Heartland Institute The Heartland Institute Responds
Yawp Earthy-Crunchy Artist, Animator, and Author. Call me Ort. :> They/Them // Art Tag: Moblart // Writing Tag: Mobwrites // Ask Tag: Ort Responds // Commissions: Open // Writing Requests: Closed
Dobermutt Elizabeth. 29 // Art account for TheDobermutt // Absolute nerd. I'm just an artist doing what I love. (Please do not repost) Commissions are currently open. eharrisondesign@gmail.com
California Waves™ | The Original Color Charging Swim Shorts California Waves™ swimwear responds to temperature changes for switch color. Discover the official Swim Shorts today and get free fast shipping.
Finding health at the meeting of the mind, body, and spirit I started on a journey to achieve health and fitness and to help others achieve their goals. I have always been fascinated by how the body responds to diet