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Rolex watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Discover the Rolex collection on the Official Rolex Website.
China Suppliers?! Looking for buyers?! The biggest sourcing database: WorldSources.com, WorldOffices.com, ERP system, ERP, MRP, CRM, BOM, iTRADER, China Suppliers Directory, Global Buyers Platform, supplier, buyer, sourcing, trade, trading, manufacturer, product, producer, e-commerce Worldsources, Worldsources.com, WorldOffices.com, iTrader ERP system, China Suppliers Directory, Global Buyers Platform, China Supplier, products, buying, selling, China buyer, China manufacturer, producer, producers, supplier, suppliers, buyer, buyers, importer, exporter, trade, trading, sourcing, import, export, b2b, e-commerce, toy, gift, electronic, garment, fashion, textile
TehraGovar - تهران گوار - نوش - جوجو شرکت صنایع غذایی و آشامیدنی تهران گوار بزرگترین تولید کننده در خاورمیانه
Jewelry by Moon Magic | Quality Gemstone Jewelry | Browse 300+ Designs Genuine Moonstone, Opal, Rose Quartz, Raw Crystal & Diamond Jewelry. Carefully Hand Selected And Ethically Sourced Materials. Shop now & enjoy free US shipping!
Economics | Macroeconomics | country macro data | countryeconomy.com Economics 2016 and economic developments in the world. Economics, finance, economic data, macroeconomics, CPI, GDP, Unemployment, Euribor, mortages, interest, rates, country risk premium, bonds, stocks, minimun wage, rating, debt, currencies, raw materials, déficit, gasoline and oil prices and more macro data in conuntryeconomy.com
Visa Online store featuring high quality leather dress shoes for men. We believe the finest products in this world start with the finest raw materials.
EMF Safety Superstore - EMF Meters and Shielding The Ultimate Source for Electromagnetic Field Pollution Meters and Detectors, EMF Shielding Devices and Protection Information
SkinFood-Nigeria-Organic-Raw-Materials-For-Hair-and-Bodycare Discover pure organic raw materials for skincare, haircare and cosmetic formulations. 100% organic material for personal care and your cosmetic productions.
The Cary Company - Your Committed Partner Since 1895! Since 1895, The Cary Company has been the leading supplier of Raw Materials & Specialty Chemicals, Containers & Packaging, & Industrial Filtration!
Palmer Holland - Specialty Chemical and Fine Ingredient Distributor Established in 1925 as Palmer Supplies Company, today Palmer Holland is a North American specialty chemical and ingredient distributor of raw materials with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio and 40+ account managers stationed across the United States. We are a private, employee-owned company which allows us greater flexibility in the marketplace and a dedicated platform for long-term success. This flexibility allows us to provide our customers and principals with the most effective and efficient solutions. Our partners are rooted in the areas of Agriculture, CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers), Health & Nutrition, Lubricants, and Plastics.
High-performance scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis. | Bruker Bruker Corporation is a manufacturer of scientific instruments for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis. It is headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts and is the publicly traded parent company of Bruker Scientific Instruments (Bruker AXS, Bruker BioSpin, Bruker Daltonics and Bruker Optics) and Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies (BEST) divisions.
Polymer Exchange: makes Buying and Selling of Polymers Simple Polymer Exchange makes buying and selling of polymers simple. It allows user to buy or sell plastics raw materials by putting their requirements on the application.
FarmPally.com Plant And Animal Business % % % % Farmpally.com focuses on Modern plant cultivation techniques for foods and as raw materials for industries, animal rearing and pet's health, like dogs, cats, hen, snake, pigs, rabbits, horses, among others. % % % %
ASR METALLURGY | HOME Foundries both Ferrous and Non – Ferrous demand fast, accurate elemental analysis of metals at numerous points in their workflow, from incoming materials to in-process testing to final quality inspection. Profitability is a major concern. Without sufficiently accurate analysis, planners end up overbuying: purchasing source materials that are more expensive than necessary from a primary producer. By contrast, with the right analytical solution, a foundry can reach its outgoing quality targets precisely — at minimum upstream cost. Traceability is another critical consideration where managers must be able to determine elements in every product, from primary producer to final form. And time always counts. Rapid analysis is vital in today’s fast-moving foundry floor. Testing of metals plays an important role in the field of metal industries and there was a time when Testing where carried out through manual methods which is not enough in today’s competitive market as it demands high accuracy products with high productivity. ASR Metallurgy Will provide reliable and precise testing services for a wide range of product.By using our testing services, our customers can be sure about the reduced risk and greater performance of their raw materials, components and products. Our qualified team will be able to providecompanies with getting the right quality assurance for their product with timely, accurate and reliable services to keep them moving forward with their business goals.
USA Chemical Suppliers Looking for chemicals in America? Search our database to find Suppliers of Raw Materials, Finished Products & Services related to the American Chemical Industry.
KAZ International - Leading Bulk (Raw Materials) Manufacturer / Supplier KAZ International is a leading manufacturer/supplier of nutritional ingredients. KAZ also makes dietary supplements and markets its own supplement series.
TakeItGlobal food ingredient and chemical supplier in Malaysia – Take It Global Sdn Bhd TakeItGlobal focus on distribution to food and cosmetics industries, distributing Australian products while also trade chemicals and raw materials.
New Directions Australia Online Store New Directions offers a wide range of aromatherapy oils, essential oils, skincare products, raw materials, cosmetic ingredients, candles, wax products, herbs, cosmeceuticals, organic and Eco products, mineral makeup, packaging solutions, bottles, jars, bags, boxes and many others. We also offer Contract Manufacturing, Filling and Repacking Services, training courses and workshops.
Leading Chemical Distributors in India | Top Chemical Suppliers The leading chemical suppliers in India, Bansal Trading Company are Suppliers, dealers and chemical distributors in Delhi for various industries.
Dhatu Online Dhatuonline is a process driven and market centric B2B E-MARKET PLACE, designed to simplify buying and selling of industrial raw materials and consumables for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in India. It brings customer, suppliers, financier, logistics and quality assurance in one platform to complement each other while trading their business needs. With the real insights into the current market trends, and robust B2B trade features, Dhatuonline brings to its users the power of technology to scale & grow their business.
Led Lights and LED Flood Lights Manufacturer | Durga Lighting Co., New Delhi Durga Lighting Co. - Led Lights, LED Flood Lights & LED Light Bulb Manufacturer from New Delhi, Delhi, India
 Award-winning packaging design, label design, and graphic design in San Diego, California, Lien Design Lien Design is an award-winning graphic design company in San Diego, California. Started by Tom Lien in 1998, Lien Design specializes in branding, package design, logo design & brochure design.
Napco National | Saudi Arabian Plastic, Paper, Corrugated and Consumer Disposables Manufacturers Napco National branches manufacture consumer and AFH disposables, as well as plastic, paper, and corrugated raw materials and packaging in Dammam and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
TakeItGlobal food ingredient and chemical supplier in Malaysia – Take It Global Sdn Bhd TakeItGlobal focus on distribution to food and cosmetics industries, distributing Australian products while also trade chemicals and raw materials.
Aardwolf - Equipment for the stone, glass and construction industries Aardwolf manufactures material handling equipment for the stone, glass and metal industries. Transport racks, vacuum lifters, slab lifting clamps, forklift booms etc.
World's Best Taiwan Manufacturer of Organic Chlorella, Organic Spirulina and Microalgae Supplements | Far East Bio-Tec Co., Ltd. FEBICO is the world leading microalgae manufacturer of Organic Spirulina, Organic Chlorella, Spirulina natural, Chlorella natural, and using its advanced fermentation facilities to produce high quality nattokinase and spore-forming probiotics. FEBICO has more than 4-decades of professional experiences in microalgae production and proudly won the world renowned reputation for its best and cleanest quality Spirulina, Chlorella. FEBICO is committed to provide highest quality microalgae superfoods and health supplements to our global customers along with our best services.. Algapharma Biotech Corp., a subsidiary of FEBICO group(Far East Bio-Tec. Co. Ltd.), is an ISO-22000 and HACCP certified Taiwan manufacturer with more than 4-decades of experiences in producing microalgae based raw materials and finished products, including Chlorella, Spirulina, Chlorella Growth Factor CGF, patented microalgae extract, Nattokinase, probiotics and nutritional supplements. Apart from seeking distributors of FEBICO brand products, we're offering raw materials, finished products, private labeling as well as OEM/ODM services.
SJAJennifer Research Chemicals – Cheap Quality Research Chemicals directly from our Lab in China Hi, This is Jennifer from Hebei ShengJi'Ao Biotechnology Trading Co., Ltd, looking for log-term business relationships. Our company has been specializing in Research Chemicals, raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates producing for many years. We deliver worldwide. Our main markets are the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK. SJAJennifer SCAM WARNING OUR SPECIAL OFFER Hebei Shengji'ao Biotechnology Trading…
Strauss Group Welcome to the global Strauss Group website. Our mission: Improve people's lives worldwide with Strauss F&B products,creating wonders out of basic raw materials
Upton Belts, Designer Quality Leather Belts Handmade in the USA We use the same raw materials as luxury retailers to create belts and accessories sold at accessible, honest prices. Designed in NYC, handcrafted in Texas.
Alkaloid AD Skopje Alkaloid AD Skopje is a company which is operating in the field of manufacturing drugs, cosmetic and chemical products and processing botanical raw materials.
Sahar Food Industries The food company Sahar was founded in the form of private property in 1991 on an area of 6,000 square meters, a production facility and a storage facility with an area of 1500 square meters in the city of Hamadan, the industrial town of Bulali, for the production of food products based on agricultural raw materials (non-canned food) and began its activities in 1993, having obtained permission to produce 15 types of products. This company is registered under the number 1985 as a private joint-stock company.
LinkedIn PT. Medion Farma Jaya, Established in 1976 in Indonesia, Medion is an animal health company focusing on livestock. The company produces a wide range of high-quality pharmaceuticals and equipment for farming practice. Its product range is supported with laboratory services catered for livestock farmers.Medion manufactures poultry vaccines – Medivac since 1993 then later launched a series of herbal products under the brand of Mediherba in 2013. Stringent quality controls are done at all levels, from raw materials to finished products using sophisticated equipment and the latest technology.Medion thrives to continually innovate to meet customers’ need and improve their capability focusing on alternatives to reduce antibiotics use including modern farming equipments. Having distributed its products to more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Medion is actively expanding its presence to more countries in the coming years.
Professional Metal Supplier & Manufacturer in China - Shanghai Metal Corporation Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC) is one of the largest china''s manufacturer and supplier. From the acquisition of raw materials, packaging and exportation, SMC ensures only the best quality of products by assigning professional experts at every stage of production and continuous support.
pharmaceutical raw materials both for vet and human pharmaceutical raw materials both for vet and human, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, herbal extracts, feed and food additives, cosmetic and healthcare raw materials
OKCHEM - Global B2B Platform for Chemical Raw Materials OKCHEM provides huge selection of quality chemical products and manufacturers from China, as well as Global Sourcing, Factory Audit, Production Inspection, Monitor Deliveries, China Travel Assistance, Industry News on okchem.com.
MVP Marketing wholesale neem products, raw neem, certified neem, organic neem, private label, professional use only, sold by healthcare professionals, raw aloe vera, wildcrafted neem oil Providing certified-organic neem and aloe vera products and raw materials to manufacturers, healthcare professionals and retailers, as well as private-labeled lotions and capsules.
Primetals Technologies | Metallurgical Plant Solutions We are a world leader in metallurgical plant solutions and a full-line supplier across the entire value chain, from raw materials to the finished product.
b2bPolymers.com » Güvenilir İş Ortağınız | Your Sales Agent In Turkey - Plastik Hammaddesi, PE, Polyethylene, PP, Polypropylene, PS, Polystyrene, ABS, Acrilonitryl Butadiene Styrene, EVA, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, PC, Polycarbonate, PU, Polyurethane, PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride, PET, Polyethylene Terephthalate, PA, Polyamide, GPPS, HIPS, Turkish, Turkiye, Polymers, Plastics, Resins, Plastic Raw Materials, Polyolefins, Commodity Prices, Plastik, Hammadde, Ham Madde, Plastik Ham Maddesi, Plastik Hammadde, Plastik Ham Madde, Polimer, Petkim Fiyatları, Petkim Fiyat Listesi, Güncel, Granül, Petkim, Fiyatları, Fiyatı, Listesi, Prices, Chart, Graph, Polietilen, Polipropilen, Alçak Yoğunluklu, Yüksek Yoğunluklu, AYPE, YYPE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, Monomer Fiyatları, Free, Feedstock, Olefins, Monomers, Monomer Prices, Naphtha, Nafta, Ethylene, Etilen, Propylene, Propilen, Styrene, Stiren, Styrene Monomer, SM, VCM, Vinyl Chloride Monomer, Price, Ham Petrol Fiyatı, Ham Petrol Fiyatları, Crude Oil Prices, Random, Randım, Kopolimer, Copolymer, Homopolimer, Homopolymer, Linear, Lineer, Metallocene, Metalosen, Hışır, Hışırlık, Moblen, Moplen, Elteks, Eltex, Kristal, Kıristal, Antişok, Antişot
Join.chat Date Seeds are composed of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fat, ash, and protein. In addition, the antioxidant content in date seed oil (DSO) was found to be similar to olive oil, which can be a good source of antioxidant in order to fulfill the consumer’s requirements.
Swagelok.com the source for tube fittings, valves, and other fluid system components | Swagelok A $1.8 billion, privately-held company, Swagelok Company designs, manufactures, and delivers an expanding range of the highest quality fluid system products and solutions. Our end-to-end quality system—from sourcing, raw materials and tooling to continuous improvement and predictive maintenance—helps ensure the consistent quality that customers expect.
Tansen Cement - Manufacturing the Top Quality Cement in Nepal Tansen Cement is made with the highest quality raw materials and cutting edge technology ensuring that only the best quality product reaches the consumer.
British Marine - The Membership Organisation for the UK leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry British Marine is the membership organisation for the leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry. We lead and promote our industry and work with our members to achieve sustainable growth in a competitive global environment, through the provision of world-class goods and services. We support over 1600 members with a range of services and expertise which help their business.
AGSCARB - talc, dolomite, baryte, mica, gypsum plaster, protective tapes AGSCARB is a supplier and distributor of raw materials in the Russia. Mineral fillers to paint and plastics manufacturers. Paint and plastics
Hexapus Raw materials for fragrance
Napco National | Saudi Arabian Plastic, Paper, Corrugated and Consumer Disposables Manufacturers Napco National branches manufacture consumer and AFH disposables, as well as plastic, paper, and corrugated raw materials and packaging in Dammam and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
METALchange.com - Main Menu METALchange.com is a business-to-business trading community hub for raw material commodity exchanges in Precious Metal and other similar kinds of materials.
Headset OEM|Earphone Factory|Headphone Supplier —China LINX CO,.LTD Shenzhen Linx is one of leading manufacturer of all kinds of headphones and earphones. We devote to design, manufacture of High quality headphones and earphones.With our qualified and experienced staff and complete set of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, we are capable of developing new items according to the demands of the international market. Our production processes are from raw materials purchasing, production, testing to marketing ,Which are operated under international standards.
MOTHERHOUSE マザーハウス │ MOTHERHOUSE Hong Kong Official Website We want to demonstrate to the world the unlimited, yet undiscovered, potential of developing countries through Japanese “mono-zukuri”. Our product philosophy starts with discovering raw materials on-site and transform them into unique, surprising, and heartwarming products that are designed to be your lifelong partner.
Spring support service provider | ishaniindustries , Gujarat ISHANI INDUSTRIES is a manufacturer & supplier of spring hanger pipe supports. ISHANI INDUSTRIES is a self oriented and have a vast experience in the field of spring hanger pipe supports. The organization has its own foundation in each engineering sections like design & drawing; fabrication & production control at shop floor; quality department; inspection & testing; and storing of materials ( raw materials to finished items). ISHANI INDUSTRIES has a group of (Qualified & Experiences more than two decad) engineers & skilled hands who can guide and develop the organization much more in further. The works has a provision to expand further as require. The office & works are situated at 42, G.I.D.C Por, Por Ramangamdi, Vadodara, Gujarat- 391 243). this is very near to Vadodara rail station & air port.
K-Tape Shop Home The Original K-Tape is a top-of-the-range quality product. The German-developed K-Tape combines the best raw materials with the best manufacturing process available.
Trammo | Trading & Distribution | United States Trammo is a leading international merchandising and trading company that markets, trades, distributes and transports key raw materials used in industrial processes and fertilizer production globally.
Aerospace Metals Supplier & Manufacturer - AAA Air Support Raw materials manufacturer & supplier to the Aerospace Industry. Products & Services: extrusions, formed sections, roll form & stringers. 24/7 AOG Service!
AKDE Performance Chemicals AKDE KİMYA’yı şemsiyesi altında bulunduran AKDEMİR GRUP, 1980’lerin sonunda hırdavat sektöründe, 1990’ların ortasında inşaat ve makine sektörüne, 2000’lerin başında kimya sektöründe faaliyetlerine başlamıştır.
Supplier of specialty ingredients - CK Ingredients North American supplier of specialty ingredients and innovative raw materials to the food, beverage and health products manufacturers and industry.
Towards circular textiles | ReBlend ReBlend is a social enterprise with a mission to raise awareness about the ecological impact of the textile industry and to inspire the use of looped & renewable raw materials.
Battery Holder, Battery Snap, Stamping Parts|ACE SOUND ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Ace Sound Enterprise Co., LTD. was established in 1976. For 40 years, we have used the best quality raw materials to give our clients the durable products they require. We source our brass, platics and other RoHS Directive-Compliant materials from only th
EnergyBalance - super natural food supplements and cosmetics To ensure the optimum absorption and effectiveness of our products, EnergyBalance™ uses only natual raw materials that have the highest bioavailability.
Chemical Manufacturing | The Hanson Group LLC | GA, United States The Hanson Group are experts in thermoset technology, epoxies, and formulated systems. We source hard to find raw materials, formulate specialty urethane systems, and work on commercial joint development efforts for specific end-users.
Inovyn | Chemicals for life A premier chemical company, INOVYN is at the heart of Europe’s chemical industry. Our products find use in almost every aspect of modern society, keeping people housed, healthy and connected.
::: The GAIA EXPERT Research & Consulting Group FRANCE-CANADA Official Web Site ::: Independent Consultants, International Corporate Financial Adviser to the Mining Industry, Investment & Business'' Intellectual Strategies Consultant, Quantitative Risk Analysis Assessment Management
Maltear, Maltería Argentina MALTEAR es una empresa joven, creada en 2008 con totalidad de capitales nacionales. Contamos con más de 15 años de experiencia en cervecería y maltería y en manejo y producción de cebada cervecera por ser productores de este cultivo
Visa A no-nonsense, elegant, comfortable, practical masculine wardrobe consisting of timeless basics exclusively and 100% made in Italy using local raw materials.
Mark ALÓS is an architecture practice led by Lydia Xynogala interested in the various scientific methodologies of testing, analyzing, collecting specimens, and creating taxonomies and how these can translate into architectural thinking at a diversity of scales. Our work appropriates and modifies raw materials, surface testing, laboratory experiments, sampling as well as the distinct representation methods that emerge from botany, geology and chemistry.
IBS Paper Performance Group | The IBS Paper Performance Group has strategic locations throughout the world - where ever paper is being produced. As the worldwide partner for paper machine optimization we offer our customers: top-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art facilities for premier quality a unique range of products and system solutions globally leading and patented technologies a
Real Ispat | Home Real Ispat is a fully integrated steel company. We procure one of the world’s best-quality raw materials to create strong finished products.
turnover Stalam is a leading supplier of radio frequency (RF) equipment for the drying and thermal processing of raw materials, intermediate and finished industrial products. Enter the site!
SOCRI - Natural Raw Materials and Professional Cosmetics Products Natural Active Ingredients, Natural Raw Materials and Natural Professional Products for the Cosmetics Industry.
Beaver Brand I Outdoor - Made in Italy Cooksets & Accessories Italian manufacturer and importer of accessories for camping and caravanning, specialized in cooksets and accessories. From raw materials to packed product.
Home Glassworks Services - supplier to the hot glass industry and studios and polishing materials for cold working and lapidary.
Swedens most visited industrial site - industritorget.com Industritorget.com is a marketplace for the industri on the internet. Here you can find the company or product you are looking for. We provide comprehensive directories over manufacturing companies, machining services and sales of products like trucks, forklifts, machines, raw materials and industrial supplies.
Titanium Metals UK Ltd | UK Stockist Of Titanium Raw Materials Titanium Metals UK is a specialist stockist of titanium raw materials. We supply Titanium Sheet, bars jig section and wire to the UK and Europe. Find out more here.
BASF台灣區總代理、化粧品原料供應商|百貿股份有限公司 p-more 百貿股份有限公司為BASF台灣區總代理。本業為「專業化粧品原料供應商」並躍升台灣最大化粧品原料供應商之一。 從設計配方、成本規劃至行銷端資料提供,所有客戶的需求,我們全力以赴,針對於個人護理品的的最新趨勢,提供全球第一線的訊息。
Chinese Herbal Medicine,Chinese Herb Raw Materials and Slices Factory Chinese Herbal Medicine,Chinese Herb Raw Materials and Slices Factory
Official Website of Kerala State Farming Corporation The State Farming Corporation of Kerala Limited was incorporated in the year 1972 under the Indian Companies Act 1956, to plant sugarcane in the forest land leased out from Government, for ensuring timely supplies of raw materials to public sector sugar mills in Kerala. The corporation is a public sector undertaking under the Department of Agriculture, Government of Kerala.
Dry Composites - DANOBAT Composites An initiative by DANOBAT Composites to share the latest advancements dry composites material for automation in high-tech industries such as aerospace,
ООО "СУМЫФИТОФАРМАЦИЯ" «Sumyfitofarmacia» Ltd[:] — лидер по производству растительного сырья для фармацевтической и пищевой промышленности в Восточной Европе[:en]is a leader in producing of raw materials for pharmaceutical and food-processing industries in Eastern Europe.
Alpha-GPC,Phosphatidylserine,PQQ,Garlic extract manufacturer-Purelife Bio Purelife Bioscience is the most reliable manufacturer and supplier for Alpha-GPC, Phosphatidylserine, PQQ, Garlic extract, Nootropics and other nutrition supplements raw materials
Fleurchem Located at the former Hercules/PFW Middletown NY site, Fleurchem manufactures the highest quality natural and synthetic raw materials for flavors, fragrances, aroma therapy and the culinary arts.
The Chemicals The largest ,leading indenting house in Bangladesh. Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials.Veterinary, Food Additives, Agrochemicals Fertilizers
FACE - The Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe The Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe - FACE
Eximware Commodity Management and eMarketplace Cloud | CTRM Eximware a leading provider of cloud-based commodity management and e-commerce marketplace sourcing solutions for commodities, raw materials and services.
Foreign Trade of DPR Korea Foreign Trade of the DPR Korea is a website providing economic opportunities for thousands of enterprises on Internet.Through the website, you can get information on trade policy & law, investment, economic development zone, commodity, etc. of DPRK.It is operated by the Committee for the Promotion of International Trade of the DPRK.
Botanical Extracts and Powders | USA | East West Botanicals East West Botanicals provides raw material sourcing of high-quality organic and conventional botanical powders and extracts to meet your specifications.
Bulgaria Export Agent | Private Label Products Bulgaria- ProInvest Commerce Are you looking for Export Agency in Bulgaria? ProInvest Commerce offers Health and Personal Care Products, Food Products and Supplements, Raw Materials in Bulgaria.
Battery & New Energy Experts | Industry Leader - Power Technology | US Texas, R&D, production experts, new energy materials, advanced batteries. Two major business focuses - battery raw materials, new energy storage.