The most comprehensive list of rallying websites last updated on Aug 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Motorsport.com: F1 News, MotoGP, NASCAR, Rallying and more View the latest auto racing results, news and driver standings. We cover Formula 1, MotoGP, NASCAR, Indycar and all other driving categories.
SVG_Icons_Back_To_Top A CaringBridge website is a personal health journal, rallying friends and family during any type of health journey. Start a free CaringBridge website today.
Buy & Sell Shares Online with Davy Select Trading Platform Online Investment Platform. Designed for investors who are comfortable making their own decisions.
Gilena International Motor Books. Books of cars, books of moto, books of hobbies Gilena Bookshop, books of cars, motorcycles and hobbies, manuals, books of vintage cars and motorcycles, Formula 1 books, rallying, driving, automobile and automotive, engines.
Cutting Edge Helicopters - Helicopter flights, training and charter services - Helicopter services Northern Ireland & Ireland Cutting Edge Helicopters - Helicopters to suit any role: charter service, flight training, pleasure flights and special occasions
FIA APRC - Asia-Pacific Rally Championship The FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) is one of the premier regional championships in World Rallying, covering almost 40% of the worlds population.
MICHELIN Motorsport Immerse yourself in the world of motorsport: MotoGP, World Rally Championship (WRC), Le Mans 24 Hours, World Endurance Championship (FIA WEC), FIA Formula E .Follow the lastest news with MICHELIN MOTORSPORT!
Motto Generator Create your own motto, battle cry, war cry, rallying cry or call to arms using the motto generator
Motorsport Forums Motorsport Discussion forum for Rallying, F1 and more!
Motto Generator Create your own motto, battle cry, war cry, rallying cry or call to arms using the motto generator
rally.ie - Stories Irish Rallying Website
Rally Group B Shrine | Welcome to the Group B Encyclopedia - The Golden Era of Rallying Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Group B: The Most Complete Source of Information for Rally Cars, Specs, Homologation, History, Drivers, Stats, Videos, etc...
Good People for Good Horses - The Right Horse The Right Horse Initiative is rallying and unifying the support of horse industry professionals and equine welfare advocates to promote horse adoption as...
JD Motorsport Tyres Wales Race Rally Competition Tyres JD Motorsport Tyres Wales is the No.1 Supplier in Road Rallying Tyres, Tarmac Rally Tyres, Gravel Rally Tyres and Track Racing Tyres.
Evo Rally Parts | Specialists in Competition Car Parts for the Mitsubiahi Evolution Series | Mitsubishi Evo Rally Parts At Evo Rally Parts we are specialists in building and supplying Evo rally parts for competition. We also stock Drenth Gearboxes.
www.JM-video.be - This is Rallying ! This is Rallying !
Wander - Explore Albania through our Tours Build lifetime memories on the mountain, sea or ancient cities, either as an adventure with rafting, rallying, biking, hiking, climbing and diving, or as a quiet walk, with our custom and unique tours
Plan A – Rallying Your Rising
|www.wordspix.co.uk| Anthony Howard''s home page Versatile award-winning writer and photographer Anthony Howard offers a full range of editorial services: news, features, interviews, opinion, analysis, editing. Writing Index: 100 examples. Photo Index: 80+ galleries. Speaking Index. Business Writing Index. Experience embraces newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, scripts, presentations, web, current affairs, business, travel, motoring, motor sport...
Hello My Love {Blog} | A Mommyhood-Inspired Health and Lifestyle Blog "If you say A, then you must believe B" . I see a lot of this. You say one thing, and someone fills in the blanks about the rest. I know it's human behavior but it's also not fair to believe that certain beliefs are mutually exclusive. I can have questions about the current state of events and also have complete compassion and love for everyone effected (which is all of us). I can believe that the virus is real and is dangerous while also believing that this is about much more than a virus. I can believe that staying home is helpful, and also think the government does not actually care about keeping us healthy. I can be endlessly grateful for our first responders, doctors and nurses, and also be critical of everything that is lacking in our health care system. I can feel heartbreak for those that have lost their lives related to the virus and equally feel heartbreak for the lives being lost due to stress-related suicide, domestic and child abuse. I can agree that Covid19 is an event that warrants major attention and also wonder why we haven't "stopped the world" over other emergencies - child sex trafficking being at the top of my list. I can love this pause, this chance to reflect, and give Mother Earth a much needed break, and also be worried about the ramifications that isolation has on our personal and community ("herd") immunity. I can admit I don't have the answers, while telling you that Bill Gates doesn't either - run fast from his answers. I can be inspired by how the community is coming together, be moved by how we are rallying to support one another, and still wonder what the long term consequences of seeing our outer world and our fellow human beings as direct threats to our lives will have. I can be pissed off, and at the same time have complete faith. I can see the disfunction and not get caught up in fearing it. I can be concerned and still hold space for the world I want to see and create. I like to believe that we all just want the best for everyone. Let's not look for reasons to disagree. When we see our common ground, it's much easier to move forward together. Tell me- what beliefs do you hold that arent mutually exclusive?
Home | The Three Castles Classic Trial - Classic Rallying at its best in a landscape of medieval castles, mountains and myth.
Energy Business Trends Quarterly | News & Information on Oil, Propane and Gas The Predicted Heating Oil Prices For 2015 We all know that every fall and winter that heating oil prices typically go up. It usually goes up because of the law of supply and demand. More people during these colder months need to heat their home, so the demand is high, and the supply dwindle. This price fluctuation can harm people who work paycheck to paycheck. For investors, it gives them an opportunity to make trades on the futures market with a little bit of extra certainty and with the fundamental that back up those trades. In this article, we will look at a few different sources to determine where the price of home heating oil is expected to be in 2015. We hope that this article gives you the information that you need. According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) they have a projection as of this date that the price of all energy resources will be: WTI crude oil prices will be around 49.62, that Brent crude oil prices will be around 54.40, that Gasoline will be around 2.41, that Diesel fuel will be around 2.73, that Heating Oil will be around 2.73, Natural gas around 10.28 and electricity around 12.74. This is a short-term prediction and for our purpose we are mostly concerned with Heating Oil, which will be around 2.73. According to past data, this price for the last two years was at 2013 3.78 for 2013 and 3.72 for 2014. As you can see, at this point in time the short-term prediction is much lower than the last previous years. Our guess is that warmer climates across the globe has something to do with this decline in price. This is still an early prediction, and things are liable to change. There are some analysts who predict prices for 2016 to be significantly higher, and some suggest that businesses and homeowners in cooler climates might consider pre-buying their home oil so that they can lock in a lower rate. If a lot of businesses and homeowners do this, we might see a bit of rallying in the price. Here is a video discussing oil prices from last year: As you can see, we have used multiple sources to check analyst expect the price of home heating oil to be this fall and winter. As we knew before even doing this research that price would be up because of the laws of supply and demand. We know that more people have heating needs during these cooler months than any other time of the year. Other factors that come into play are changes and trends in climate. For example, if climate data shows that we will experience a warmer fall and winter, heating oil speculators are likely to short heating oil, and the price will go down. Hopefully, this gives you the information you need on the predicted level at which home heating oil will be this fall. Some of you might consider pre-buying your heating oil and the speculators among us should stay on the watch for this trend because this might spark a bull market in the Heating Oil futures.
The Liberty Movement Center - The Liberty movement describes the political movement that sprung to life with the Ron Paul Presidential campaigns in 2008 and grew in 2012. The campaign became the rallying point for many Americans who still strongly believed in the original ideals of the founding fathers, and people who have been unhappy with the directions the country […]