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Microbiologist| Leishmaniasis| Toxoplasmosis| AIDS | Prof. Sarman Singh is a self-made person, who hails from a very small village of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. He always thought of doing some welfare work for the country, which benefits not only his community but all the poor and downtrodden. After obtaining MBBS degree from KGMC, Lucknow and MD from PGIMER, Chandigarh, in 1991, he joined the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi as Assistant Professor. The Department he was assigned, had no research and development work and very few basic diagnostic services at that time. However, with his hard work, vision and seer perseverance his specialised division has now developed into a full fledged molecular biology centre of excellence which is very well equipped with most of the modern diagnostic and research tools such Whole Genome Sequencer, 6 laser flow cytometer, Molecular Biology work-station, MB-Bact, MGIT-960, Epicenter, various types of research and fluorescence microscopes, PCR, Real-time PCR, Mini-Mag,, NASBA, gel driers and DNA/RNA extractors, CO2 incubator, various types of centrifuges, biosafety cabinets, ELISA processors, electro-chemiluminescence, VIDAS etc.. The division is catering from very routine to most sophisticated molecular diagnostic services not only to the Institute hospital patients but also to patients of other hospitals in and outside Delhi. The laboratory has received several research grants from Department of Biotechnology, Indian Council of Medical Research, Department of Science and Technology, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, NIH (USA), European Commission, Australia Council, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO etc. Dr. Singh is voracious writer, dedicated researcher, loved teacher by his students, an able administrator and a visionary. This is evident from his high citation index of 6500, i10 index of 141 and h-index of 40. He is an internationally acclaimed medical scientist with outstanding research and academic achievements for his pioneering work in the field of infectious diseases. His work has made high impact on the society both directly and indirectly and saved thousands of lives from diseases and poverty. His contribution to the society has been in two ways: direct and immediate and indirect but long lasting. The immediate impact has been through his inventions and innovations in the field of two major killer infectious diseases- the kala-azar and tuberculosis. Though both diseases affect poor, but kala-azar mainly affects the poorest and down trodden (Singh et al, 2000). Thousands of poor in Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh used to die due to kala-azar because the diagnostic methods were very costly for them to afford. The rapid test developed by his team which is highly cost-effective, the number of deaths due to kala-azar has come down. Though Government of India has taken several steps to tackle this disease, but the rapid test kit developed by him played pivotal role. His new inventions including the early diagnosis of tuberculosis and a mosquito proof cooler are on the way of commercialization which will make a dramatic change in the control of Tuberculosis and mosquito borne diseases. Indirect impact of his work has made a significant effect in youths and students across the country. Thousands of students get highly motivated after reading his biography (www.drsarmansingh.com). These youngsters generate confidence that with hard work, perseverance and honesty and scientists even poor students can also excel and contribute in the national building. The main focus of Prof. Sarman Singh's research has been on developing more sensitive and cost-effective diagnostic methods for infectious diseases, particularly those that are difficult to diagnose and treat. Towards this goal, he has made several ground breaking discoveries in the field of pathophysiology of visceral Leishmaniasis or kala-azar. He was the first to develop and patenting a rapid and highly cost-effective diagnostic test for this disease. A novel recombinant antigen (Ld-KE16) was prepared from an Indian strain of L. donovani (Singh & Sivakumar 2003; Sivakumar et al, 2006) ((PCT/IN2003/000400) and the commercial rights of the test were transferred to the M/s Span Diagnostic Pvt Ltd through the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. The company has made rapid diagnostic test (RDT) kits in various test formats, which were dedicated to the nation by the Honourable Minister of Science & technology, Government of India Shri Kapil Sibal on February 6, 2006 in a glittering ceremony at the Press Club of India. These RDTs have made the invasive and hazardous methods like bone marrow and splenic aspiration dispensable at a very affordable price (Singh 2006). It is a matter of pride that the diagnosis of kala-azar can now be made at a cost of less than Rs. 50 per patient in India using these trailblazing "Made in India" kits. These test kits are exceptionally accurate with 100% specificity and 98% sensitivity. The disease kala-azar mainly affects the poor and down-trodden section of our society (Singh et al, 2000). Till rapid tests were made available, thousands of poor in the states of Bihar, W Bengal and Uttar Pradesh were dying due to this disease because of non-availability of sensitive, cost-effective and point-of-care diagnostic methods. It may be mentioned that with the availability of this revolutionary test, the number of kala-azar deaths has come down significantly - thanks to the Government of India for their active surveillance, and free treatment combined with the RDT kit developed by Dr. Singh that played a pivotal role in the national kala-azar elimination program. This cutting edge technology is also saving of millions of dollars of the Indian Government every year on foreign exchange. This is the first ever-indigenous invention by a medical scientist, which is become an integral part of any national disease elimination programme. This invention received high appreciation and applauds from the WHO (WR-India, as chair of the award selection committee) in the BMJ Research and Innovation excellence award distribution ceremony while announcing the award to Dr. Sarman Singh. Beside the above, this work has been recognised by the prominent science agencies of India, notably the Department of Biotechnology (Product, process and Commercialisation award); Indian Council of Medical Research (Dr. BK Aikat Award); Medical Council of India (Dr. BC Roy Award); Government of Uttar Pradesh (Vigyan Ratna Award); Indian Medical Association (Med-Achiever Award); Delhi Medical Association (Chikitsa Ratna Award); Indian Society of Parasitology (Dr. BP Pandey Oration Award); Indian Association of Tropical Parasitology (Outstanding Researcher in Parasitology); Indus Foundation (Innovation Excellence Award); Society for Immunology and Immunopathology (Life Time achievement Award) and many more. The issue of reservoirs of visceral leishmaniasis in India has remained dogmatic. The dictum has been that only post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis (PKDL) patients serve as reservoirs and there are no animal reservoirs in India, in contrast to the well-known animal reservoirs world-wide. In a spearheading study Dr. Singh working on the premise that in several areas where there are no PKDL cases (Dey et al, 2007), the outbreaks or sporadic cases of VL do occur (Singh et a, 2011). Furthermore, using novel PCR primers (PCT/IN2004/000395) his team also found that VL and PKDL strains are genetically different and both strains have differences in the anti-leishmanial drug susceptibility pattern (Mishra et al 2011). Therefore, in a radical approach, his team investigated thousands of animals in endemic areas as well as in non-endemic areas and found that goats are very potent animal reservoirs of VL in India (Singh et al 2013). These findings are bound to make drastic deviation in the kala-azar elimination programme of India. The whole genome sequence (WGS) of several isolates of Leishmania donovani from VL patients has been sequenced, but it is a matter of pride that Dr. Sarman Singh became the first in the world to carry out the WGS of the PKDL strain of Leishmania. The sequence alignment data showed significant differences in the genome of PKDL strain as compared to VL strains (Gupta et al, 2015). The WGS also revealed a revolutionary finding that a major portion of a saprophytic bacterial (Parvibaculum lavamentivorans DS-1) genome gets integrated into the genome of PKDL strain. On the basis of this discovery new biological phenomenon has been postulated, thereby this integration could be the triggering factor to manifest the two strains differently (the viscerotropic form becoming dermotropic). This landmark discovery also proved his old hypothesis, that Leishmania donovani undergoes in-vivo hybridization to manifest as PKDL. These findings will go a long way in the eradication of old dogma about PKDL. India has distinction of having maximum cases of HIV, TB and Leishmaniasis. In an in-depth invited review in International Journal of Infectious Diseases Dr. Singh discusses the current scenario of HIV-leishmania co-infection and factors that contributed to help quell this duo, in contrast to the other co-endemic countries (Singh, 2014). However, the Leishmania and TB both are co-endemic in several parts of eastern India. It is also known that approximately 20% VL patients will have concomitant or subsequent Tuberculosis but there is no effective vaccine for these infections. Considering this as a major research challenge, for the first time his team prepared a self-cleaving chimeric DNA vaccine which can be used against both TB and visceral leishmaniasis (Dey et al, 2008). This cutting edge innovation has been patented globally (PCT/IN2009/000093). The department of Biotechnology who funded and licensed this this work, observed this invention as of high commercial value. The reputed journal Vaccine invited him to publish this innovative research to publish in their special issue (Dey & Singh, 2009) and again another reputed journal (Parasites and Vectors) invited him to write a systemic review on Leishmania vaccines (Srivastava et al 2015). Miltefosine is a new drug approved for the treatment of VL in 2004 only but within few years of its introduction, the efficacy has gone down. To understand the mechanism of resistance, in an avant-garde study his team has discovered novel mutations in the genes of Leishmania; which impart resistance to miltefosine. These mutations can now be used as molecular markers to diagnose and predict miltefosine resistance in circulating strains at an initial stage (Srivastava et al, 2016). Tuberculosis is the main killer infectious diseases in India. On the top of that multi-drug resistant (MDR) and extensively drug resistant (XDR) forms have emerged forcing WHO to announce MDR-TB as health emergency. Dr. Singh for the first time reported high incidence of XDR-TB in Indian AIDS patients (Singh et al 2007). Though this publication created lot of discussion in Government, but finally it was accepted as realty and based on these findings Government of India implemented programmatic management of DR-TB (PMTD). Unfortunately early and accurate diagnosis of TB has remained a major challenge for researchers and programme managers. In last 20 years several serological test kits were dumped in the Indian market for the diagnosis of PTB and EPTB. But these kits gave highly inaccurate results, leading to unnecessary treatment to hundreds of thousands of patients, and leaving several thousands TB patients untreated. Dr. Singh played crucial role in getting these serological kits banned for import, manufacture and use in India (The Independent, UK; Times of India; The Hindu; Deccan Herald; Spectrum; etc.) and live discussion on the all India Radio. The Editorial published in the IJMR (Singh & Katoch, 2011) played the key role in this decision taken by the Government of India in May 2012. However, the ban on serology has created a complete gap in the TB diagnostic field. Dr. Singh worked untiringly to find out novel molecular tools and biomarkers for the diagnosis and differentiation of drug susceptible and drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. His laboratory has recently made a revolutionary discovery in this field. After screening hundreds of proteins of MTB, his team identified 5 novel proteins/antigens which are over-expressed only during the in-vivo drug resistance development. The genes were cloned and proteins expressed, purified and used on various categories of patients showing the sensitivity and specificity of these proteins between 98.2% -100% and 89.1 - 98.2%, respectively (Singh et al, 2015, Singh et al, 2016*). Using these novel proteins development of a point-of-care (POC) rapid test is underway. This innovation will be a game changer in the area of TB diagnostics not only for India but globally. The Foundation for Newer Innovative Diagnostics (FIND) has shown interest in this innovation and very soon this innovation will make India proud of innovative research. He has also used his epidemiological skills acquired during his training at University of Michigan (USA) and has done various field studies. He has formed a network of scientists working on Tuberculosis in India. In a spearheading study his team screened 628 isolates of MTB collected from various parts of the country, genotyped these and did drug susceptibility testing to uncover how the socio-geographical factors influence the prevalence of various genotypes of MTB. This was unique and first study of its kind. The Beijing genotype of MTB which is most prevalent in NER-India is having highest vulnerability for drug resistance while EAI genotype (found mainly in South India) having least preponderance for drug resistance (Singh et al, 2015). In this study he for the first time successfully documented the impact of population migration on the prevalence of various mycobacterial genotypes in different. This study was judged as the best study of 2015-16 carried out at the AIIMS and Dr. Singh was awarded First Prize in Research Excellence by the hon'ble Minister of Health and Family welfare, Government of India, Sri JP Nadda. The study has got wide coverage in the print media and Department of Biotechnology (NER-BPMC) has announced a special call for proposals to deal with this menace. Dr. Singh has also done pioneering work in the field of non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) often neglected by clinicians and medical microbiologists as contaminants. In AIDS era these NTM have gained much importance but the conventional methods of identification are neither reproducible nor very specific. His team has developed novel sets of multiplex-PCR primers for the diagnosis and differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, M. avium, M. kansasii and other NTM, directly from the clinical samples in a single tube (PCT/IN2004/000396). These PCR primers and the process have been found highly sensitive and specific and are being routinely used at AIIMS and many other laboratory settings throughout the country (Singh et al, 2006, Gopinath et al, 2009, Kumar et al 2014a). The PLoS Neglected Tropical Disease published Dr. Singh's "Personal Opinion: on this subject, which is highly cited. This has made a paradigm shift in the understanding of NTM disease in India. Using the same gene targets, a new technology known as loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay has also been developed by him with a commercial partner (Kumar et al, 2014b). The technology is being evaluated across the country and soon may be taken up by the Government of India. Currently molecular tools have become essential to understand the pathophysiology and drug targets. Dr. Singh has moved with the time. His laboratory is equipped with all modern tools including 6 laser flow cytometer and New Generation Sequencer (NGS), beside all routine diagnostic tools and services. His laboratory caters diagnostic (routine and specialised) tests with precision and accuracy. For his quality services his laboratory is recognised as training centre for whole Asia region for new TB diagnostics by the Stop-TB division of WHO (Geneva) and also by the central TB division of Government of India. Prof. Singh is the sole authority in the field of Toxoplasmosis in India for both medical and veterinary fraternity. His Toxoplasma reference laboratory is the only centre in entire India which is maintaining and distributing the Toxoplasma gondii strains to other researchers for the last 26 years continuously. Because of his spearheading teachings through webinars, print media and on other platforms including the FOGSI, ISP, IATP, IAMM, etc he has been able to convince the majority of Gynaecologists, Obstetricians, Paediatricians and Medical /veterinary microbiologists of India, that bad obstetric history (BOH) is a misnomer and that Toxoplasma causes multiple abortions is only a myth (Singh 2003; Singh & Pandit 2004; Singh et al, 2014). He is now the last word for Gynaecologists and Obstetricians of India regarding the diagnosis and management of congenital/antenatal toxoplasmosis. He has saved several unwarranted terminations of precious pregnancies suspected to have intrauterine toxoplasmosis on the basis of inaccurate test methods. His work has been cited in several reputed reference and text books-notably, the Infectious Diseases of fetus and neonates (Remington & Klein), Practical Obstetric Problem (Ian Donald); Toxoplasmosis : A comprehensive Clinical Guide (David et al), International Encylopedia of Public Health (Academic Press); Practical Guide to high-risk Pregnancy and delivery (Arias); Internal Medicine: an Illustrated Radiological Guide (Tubaikh) to name a few. It is worth mentioning that for his work on Toxoplasmosis he has been honoured by the Indian Academy of Tropical Parasitology as well as by the Indian Society of Parasitology. Beside TORCH infections his original work on mother-to-child transmission of Hepatitis E virus has been cited in almost all text books of paediatrics and Obstetrics, for examples – Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases (Bennett et al); Infectious Diseases of fetus and neonates (Remington & Klein); Practical Obstetric Problem (Ian Donald); Viral Infections of Humans (Kaslow et al) and Avery's Neonatology. He was the first to document first case of HIV-Leishmania co-infection in India (Singh et al 2000a) and also high incidence rates of hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus infections in Kala-azar patients of Bihar who were receiving multiple injections of sodium antimony gluconate (Singh et al, 2000b). He for the first time documented that circumcised patients had lower incidence of Hepatitis C and HIV virus infections in India. These findings were noticed by WHO and its Safe Injection Global Network (SIGN) division organised a special meeting with Government of India (in 2001) and highlighted the need for safe injection practices in India. Dr. Singh was special invitee in this meeting to present his findings. This advisory issued by the WHO to India based on his findings changed the scenario of injection practices in India. As a physician also he has contributed immensely in the Clinical Practice. For the first time from India, he reported mucosal involvement by Leishmania donovani in an AIDS patient and Prof. Singh coined a new clinical condition- post-kala-azar mucosal leishmaniasis (PKML) and published in the Lancet (Singh, 2004). This clinical term is now being used by other authors also (Singh 2014). He has treated rare clinical conditions like genitourinary enterobiasis (Singh et al, 1989), Scalp Phthiriasis (Singh et al, 1990), Hookworm granuloma of Gastric Os (Singh 1999), Toxoplasmosis in an immunocompetent surgeon, and many more. He has successfully carried out clinical trials of herbal immunomodulators in AIDS patients. He is running a pre- and post-test counselling clinic for HIV/AIDS and TORCH infections for the last 20 years and supervises more than 5 lakh investigations each year. Indeed Dr. Singh has several firsts to his credit, whether it pertains to new discoveries, novel innovations, finding new pathogens, clinical conditions or disease manifestations. His keen interest in new discoveries and scientific dissemination started from his early residency days at PGIMER, Chandigarh. Dr. Singh was the first to report fungal contamination (Trichosporon beigelli) of UGI endoscopes instead of routine decontamination procedures (Singh et al 1989). This work has been cited in almost all text books of Gastroenterology. He also reported new species of Trichuris (vulpis) in Onges tribes of Nicobar (Singh et al 1993) and new genotypes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in India. In addition to research, teaching and patient care he is helping various Government organizations like UPSC, DBT, ICMR, ICAR in the academic and administrative processes, and on being on their task forces. Dr. Singh has been member of Peer Team of NAC and Inspector of the MCI. Dr. Singh has also been on the research advisory committees/examiner of more than 25 central and state universities. He is also member of scientific advisory committees of JIMPER, Pondicherry; RMRC, Jodhpur and National JALMA Institute for Tuberculosis. He is grant reviewer for DST, DBT, DHR, ICMR, CSIR, BIRAC/IKP, BCIL of India. His research is also recognised outside India and he is grant reviewer for Medical Research Council, Government of South Africa; Ministry of Science and Technology, Life Sciences Division. Government of Israel and Ministry of Health (General Director for Scientific Research and Health Innovation), Italy. He is also abstract reviewer for World AIDS conference (IAS, Geneva) consecutively for 9th year and also for CROI (USA) and ICASA (South Africa) for last 3 years. He is one of the upper 10% peer reviewers for the publications from topmost publishers like Elsevier (including Lancet), NPG, Bentham, Springer, ASM, JAMA, BMA and others. Overall he is manuscript reviewer for 41 reputed journals while refusing review requests from hundreds of online journals. Out of 15 PhD and 5 MD students supervised by him as Chief Guide, all are pursuing their career successfully – 7 in the USA, 2 in South Korea, 2 in the UK, 1 in Germany and 8 in India. Of the 15 PhDs all have received accolades in the form of best poster or best oral presentations in various national and international conferences and most of them have received travel awards from DST, DBT, ICMR, BMGF or from conference organisers. One student was selected by HIV trust fund (Geneva) to work at NIH for 6 months. ***
Vincenzo Angileri Vincenzo Angileri works across narrative, design, publishing, art, books, performances, strategy, film, ideas.
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Traditional Catholic Priest | Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Hmmm – well, it seems I stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest with my last post so I figured I might as well set the whole thing ablaze and sit back and watch what happens. For the most part, I received very little "hate" mail for what I wrote (as if that truly mattered anyway). Most recently, I was pondering what to write for this blog and all of a sudden, God gave me another answer to pray – to wit – Ann Barnhardt wrote a piece on me (she wasn't a nasty meanie so chill out) and she offered up a few of her thoughts on what I said, why I said it, and her conclusions. I will use this as an opportunity to go deeper into why I made the last post and to further illuminate the reasons behind it. First, I have to say that I have read Barnhardt for a long time. I even bought her cattle marketing videos which I heartily recommend – seriously, in terms of business acumen they are brilliant. Now, in terms of the church and canon law, we differ, and it is to this that I am going to make a reply. First, she stated in her piece: "Jonathan Byrd, a "Francis is Pope" partisan, recently announced that he has come to the false conclusion that the See of Peter is vacant due to Fauxp "Francis" losing the Office due to heresy, and then this error leads Byrd to fall even farther in declaring the See has been vacant since the death of Pius XII. Errors compound, folks. His base premise is false, of course, but this is a perfect example of sound logical corollaries that are built upon a false premise yielding false conclusions. Of COURSE Antipope Bergoglio is a heretic. He is an arch-heresiarch. He isn't even Catholic. There is a strong, serious, not-exaggerated possibility that he is literally THE False Prophet of the Antichrist. He ticks every single box. So, OF COURSE if one starts from the false base premise that Antipope Bergoglio was ever the Pope (which he wasn't), where that leads as the logical progression quickly unfolds is that "the See is vacant because Francis has lost the Office." So, it is absolutely NO SURPRISE whatsoever that the "Francis is Pope" partisans have been engaging in not just obvious and transparent Alinsky Rule #13 tactics (Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it – hence the name-calling, ban hammering, calumny crusades, etc.), but also classic PROJECTION in hurling the utterly irrational and laughable accusation of false sedevacantism. Deep down they know that holding the false premise that Pope Ratzinger's attempted partial faux-resignation was valid and that Antipope Bergoglio was validly elected Pope on 13 March ARSH 2013 leads and led almost instantly to the realization that Jorge Bergoglio is a heretic and thus the discussion of Bellarmine's, Suarez' and John of St. Thomas' writing on "deposing a heretic Pope" entered the conversation almost instantly. Given this false position, it is the "Francis is Popers" that arrive at the inevitable conclusion of false sedevacatism." ——————– The first thing I would like to address concerning what she wrote is that she misrepresented my previous position then based her argument on that (though I do not believe this was malicious on her part). So what was my previous position? That was simple. I thought that Benedict never validly resigned therefor Bergolio couldn't possibly be the Pope. I thought that for many years and actually wrote a blog post on that and used her as one of the references. You can check out that post here: and if you will note the date – it was from September of 2017. So her first premise is based on the idea that she thinks I thought Bergoglio was Pope and due to this – "all is lost and abandon ship." Well, this premise is false as it clearly shows from the above record. The facts are the complete opposite as shown above. The second thing I would like to mention is that she stated her opinion, but she didn't back it up with anything. It was simply what she thought. In what I wrote, I stated what the Church has taught and gave you the references showing it. My opinion doesn't matter in this and if it did it wouldn't be worth more than your opinion – I'm not protestant ya know…. I would also like to note that the blogger at Novusordowatch provided a very reasoned rebuttal on Ann concerning her position of Benedict of which you can read here: You see, my "arriving at the inevitable conclusions of … Sedevacantism" wasn't based on the antics of this latest papal impostor in the least bit. I knew for a long time that he wasn't. What I didn't fully understand was the teaching on the Church in regards to heresy, canon law, the ordinary magisterium and the infallibility of the Pope. I read a lot, but I didn't read with the gift of knowledge. It is one thing to read a book, and it is something else entirely to apply that knowledge to real situations. As she noted, I don't believe that any of the previous "popes" since 1958 were valid. She quoted a comment I made on NovusOrdoWatch.com to make her point. First, I'm shocked that she reads that blog…….. I'm sure everyone there would welcome her and her insights, so stop by and say Hi and introduce yourself – "don't be a stranger y' all." What is it about "iron sharpens iron." Well, I purposely didn't go into the previous "popes", because at the length it was, there was no place for it nor did I have the time at the moment to write anything further. I still don't have any intention of going over every single reason I believe what I believe. As I will show below, I've spent a lot of time learning what I have learned, and I will point out what I read and where you can read it too. People with cognitive dissonance will go to the greatest links possible not to connect the dots because those dots scare them. Sadly, it doesn't scare them enough. If it did, more would be moved to this position for safety of their soul and those under their care. …………………….. Why are people so scared of being a sedevacantist? Why is it so hard to admit that all of the previous 'popes' believed and promoted heresy? Why is it so hard to believe that what you see around you – this apostasy – is precisely that? What is it going to take to convince people? I had a reader write in and tell me: "Thank you so much for your "Ending Cognitive Dissidence" post! I agree with you completely, and have been on a very similar journey. I've been reading all the usual mainstream Traditional blogs, newspapers, etc. for a while now. (The Remnant, Steve Skojec, Ann Barndhardt etc.) But I, too, have recently come to the some conclusion that you have. I started listening to the "Tradcast" podcast from Novus Ordo Watch about 2 years ago, and was absolutely blown away by the sedevacantist argument, which I never had heard. I knew that sedevacantists were evil, heretics; but that was all I knew. I didn't know WHY they were evil heretics. I just knew they were! Now that I've heard their argument, I can't for the life of me figure out why their position is so feared and hated. People will accept any ridiculous idea thrown out there — including the one that we can and should resist a true pope! I've come to see that we as "recognize and resisters" have done so much to destroy the respect for the papal office." You see – in the real world – not the blog world – people are waking up. They realize they have been fed a load of bull for years and they are slowly realizing this. And it is to them that I devote the rest of this article. I Was Scared Yup, I was scared. Aren't sede's the mean people you see in the comment sections? Aren't they all crazy, loony, flat earthers, ….people that don't even own a television and living in caves waiting for the nuclear holocaust (and or the three days of darkness). I heard one person say that sedevacantism is "intellectual Porn" and that only Intellectuals with super submissive wives would ever become a sede. I was also told "look at all of the hate they fill the comment sections with" and many other accusations against them. Now, I would be the first to say that the comment sections are pretty rough. A lot of sede's have been beaten up and down backward and forwards and then roasted, and frankly, they can tend to be harsh and caustic. It's easy to stop this though – remove the comments from the blogs. I don't allow them on this blog because I think they are, for the most part, pointless. Say what you need to say and let it be. But – my livelihood ain't wrapped up in keeping people on my website either, so I am in a different position than many others. Also, some good can come from the comment sections, but it takes lots of time to make sure they stay on topic and helpful and doesn't degenerate into a free for all. Due to this – I decided its best not even to have them. Now, most of what has been written about sede's could be written about the different traditional groups. I was in them – in just about all of them at one point. I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and lived through it. So making an argument against charity doesn't hold water as every single one of those groups has issues as well. This brings us to the point of "intellectual porn" that was thrown at me. Really, I guess there are some people that just love reading canon law but I ain't one of them. I would rather drink a scotch and smoke a cigar and enjoy my family, but I do know many that love this stuff. The problem with this argument is simply this: refute what they say using the teachings of all previous popes, the doctors of the Church, the magisterium, and canon law. You see, the package Truth is delivered in might not be what you want to see or hear, but if it is the truth, then you have an OBLIGATION to seek it out. After I wrote that initial article (the one where I agreed with Ann) I decided, after some time, that It wasn't "INTELLECTUALLY" honest of me to talk bad about sede's or to discount sede's or to have any opinion on them at all until I first knew what they believed and why they believed it. I was like most R&R bloggers and people in general that will accept most things – never ever ever look into sedevacantism. It was the four-letter word of the traditionals within the new Church. Now, being an entrepreneur and having a long history of bucking the trend, I decided that If I was going to argue against something, I needed to know what they say. I decided to start reading and praying. This – of course – had an effect on me. I took nearly a month off from work to just read. I read just about every book I could find, every blogger that had articles written and every youtube video that was worthwhile and pretty much devoured whatever I could find on this. For those that are interested. I have listed the ones that I found helped me the most below: The Destruction Of the Christian Tradition This book is a fantastic work outlining what has gone on in the last 60 years and the conclusions that must follow from it. You can get it online here Work Of Human Hands This is a critique of Paul VI's mass and is a must-read. Check it out here. Different Websites NovusOrdowatch.com I seriously have read nearly everything on this website, and the author of this blog always makes sure that he backs everything up with the teaching of the Church and not opinion. Steven Speray also has loads of articles on his site that are all documented from church teaching. Here are 4 excellent videos explaining the sedevacantist position: Now, back to the story… After reading all of this for a month and watching a lot of conferences on youtube – I was pretty convinced that the position of sedevacantism was correct. However, it wasn't time for me to accept it fully. Intellectually I agreed with the position. I took the arguments that I read from the teaching of the Church and spoke with trusted friends and asked their opinions. I said, if this is wrong, show me from the same sources (church teaching before Vatican II) where it is wrong. NOT one person could do that. One person referred to the 1917 code of Canon law as a novelty of Pious X. One person said he couldn't refute it but "feels" it is wrong. You get the idea. I have yet to read or talk to one single person that actually read all of the arguments for sedevacantism and actually be able to disprove it using the above criteria. In fact, I find that those that argue against it tend to fall into error themselves most notably saying that a heretic can be the head of the Catholic Chuch (which is heresy itself). So what did I do? Well, at first, I was confused. I didn't have anyone in the sede camp to talk to. All I had was books, videos, and prayer. I reached out to a sede priest and didn't get anywhere at first. It was strange, I could see the truth of it, but I was in a barren wasteland at the moment. Soon, we would be having another child, and I had so many thoughts going through my head. Who will baptize him? Who will provide us with the sacraments? What is going on? Are all priests not validly ordained? Where is the Church? You get the idea – I had a ton of questions and didn't have a lot of answers at the moment. This spell lasted for six months. It wasn't time yet for me. I ended up going back to my diocesan Latin mass parish. I did this against my better judgment. I wanted mass and something stable for my family. I was so tired of trying to understand things and not getting anywhere. I was so fed up with blogs as well as they typically sow discord. When I went back, I refused to read blogs. I refused to read the news. I refused to do anything other than just "go to mass" and keep my head down and get home. I said I couldn't understand it, so I was going to do my best, go to a mass, and say my prayers. This sounds good in theory, but in practice, it was horrible. You see, I knew too much already. Pandora's box was already opened. There was no going back. This – reverting – was an act of disobedience. It was a lack of faith. It was a putting my hand to the plow and then looking back. That was one of the longest years of my life. I traveled all around the country, visiting different masses in each city we stopped in. I kept my "keep your nose clean and don't cause trouble" mindset – went to mass – then went back to my day to day life. Mass was simply an obligation at that point. It was something that I did because I was supposed, but my heart wasn't in it as I knew there was something terribly wrong. Of course, this mindset does something to the soul…it kills it. You see, Jesus wants our hearts. He is Jealous. He wants all of us, not just our Sunday mornings. He wants every thought, every word, every action. He wants to fill us with Himself and conform us to His image. The problem was, I couldn't do that. Why? How Can I give myself to something I don't believe in? Within the NO church, I knew there was something terribly wrong. I knew that Jesus couldn't be united to that. I knew that Jesus desires something different. But less I sound like I was super spiritual, the reverse was more true. This was a time of falling away. No, not in externals, but internals. The prayers we prayed were merely that. The family rosary was just another part of the day much liking eating dinner and sleeping. The heart was missing… This was spiritual aridity such as I have only ever experienced once prior in my life, and that was what I always referred to my desert experience. In short – it totally sucked. This lasted for a long time. How can you continue to do something you didn't even believe in. At some point, the chicken comes home to roost, and it was time for me. It was time that I either made a decision or stop the charade. At this point, The Heart of Christ extended His mercy one more time. I decided I needed to start picking up some more spiritual readings and also checked out a few blogs. This, of course, got me to think again. It got me to come face to face with the errors I willfully held. God, through His Mercy and the intercession of St. Philomena, allowed the scales to fall from my eyes. I realized something through this process. The head can know something. It can define it, it can teach it, it can wax eloquent all day long on it, but if the Heart doesn't know it – it is pointless. It is a clanging cymbal… You see – God reached down and gave me the faith I needed to accept what was true. He gave me a heart – He gave me a little bit of His Heart. I emailed another Catholic (sedevacantist) priest to talk to him – I found something I didn't expect. I found Love. Did I find this nasty mean spirited crazy sede ? Nope – it was the exact opposite. I found the Faith that was once delivered. I found that I no longer had to try to explain away all of the chaos. I found priests that had one thing on their mind – the salvation of souls. I found heroic Charity, perseverance under constant fire, I found souls that endured sufferings the like we could never understand. I also found laughter – I found joy – I found peace. I found what I was promised from the beginning – I found the pearl of Christ price: the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church… Arguing with a protestant…. Have you ever had a discussion with a protestant about the Faith? You can bring up how the Church was founded. You can bring up the saints, the doctors, the counsels, and you can even bring up "where did you get the bible from" and yet they still can't seem to put the dots together. You have to wonder why they can't see it. Why can't they look at what is so completely and totally obvious and backed up by two thousand years of church history, Popes, magisterium, canon law and they still can't see it. It defies logic and drives you crazy. Of course, I'm not really talking about protestants – I'm talking about those that are trying to say the sedevacantist position is false. It doesn't really matter what I write here today. I can point to every link known to man showing every single quote from this saint or that one or this Pope or that one or this canon law, etc. and if the heart aint in it, it ain't going to stick. That is one of the reasons I refuse to reinvent the wheel. The truth is out there. It is staring at you in the face. Its everywhere and evident to a little child – but that is the problem – we don't want to be the little child that simply trusts His Loving Father. We want every question answered before we give assent. We want every problem solved. We want a perfectly straight and paved road with lots of rest stops. We don't want to take the "road less traveled" that is full of sacrifices, full of crosses that lead to our death and we can't see the road ahead and don't want to have "that type of faith." That faith is too heroic. That faith is for the Saints. I just don't want to go to hell….. In choosing just to try to get along and ignore the facts – I chose hell. God wants every bit of us. There isn't one fiber of our being that God doesn't own and He doesn't want. We have to have faith. We can follow Christ or fall away – there is no middle ground. For the arguments explaining why sedevacantism is true, I'm going to leave to much better men than me. They are there in the books and the websites I referenced above and if someone truly wants to know the truth – go ahead, read those blogs, buy those books, watch those videos and ask our Blessed Mother (the destroyer of heresy) to intercede for you so that you can know the truth. I just wanted to share some of my journey because I think it can help someone. Maybe only one person will read this and God will speak to them, and if so, it was worth it. The purpose of this blog was never to make money. It was never to sit here and waste breath on the latest crap going on at the Vatican. The purpose was and still is the salvation of souls, and this is the reason I wrote the above. May God be honored and praised in all His saints.
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Release of Liability Template | Release of Liability Forms Download for Free Why You Need a Liability Waiver? Briefly speaking, liability waiver is an agreement that the participants of a certain event, game or festival sign and this way the organizer secures himself from any liability in case of injuries or other damages. Liability waiver forms or liability waiver templates are available for participants, so that they can file it before the event kicks off. As we know that injuries are deeply associated with sports and games and lawsuits are a part of such sports injuries. The organizer, owner or the operator of the event tries to reduce the risks and take care in two ways; they do their level best to reduce the risks and they must go to every legal extent for protecting themselves from fiscal losses. A general liability waiver helps all the organizers and operators. The major risk of financial loss to the operators may come from the participants injured in the events and games. There are two conditions of injuries, either from the participant or due to the negligence of the organizer. In case the injuries occur due to ignorance and negligence of the organizer, he will be held responsible for liability. That's why the operators give players a liability waiver form that they are required to sign and declare the operators free from such lawsuits. Recommendations for Using Liability Waiver It has become clear from the above discussion that a general liability waiver is the best tool to protect an operator from financial losses. It might be hard to understand for the operators when it comes to fitness, games, sports and other events but here are a few recommendations on how to use a liability waiver form for personal protection against the lawsuits. First point to be remembered is that all the operators must have a liability waiver form to get signed from all the participants. It will reduce risks indeed. This is worth mentioning that many countries don't find liability waiver forms applicable or enforceable in their jurisdictions, but still, the operator should have a liability waiver template for the participants. This might prove the best defense mechanism in severe conditions. Every organizer creates their own liability waiver form and their scenarios vary from person to person and situations as well. So all the operators must have their own specifically written liability waiver forms. They should copy or get duplicates. It's always advisable not to borrow from any friend or colleague either. The signed contracts/liability waiver templates must be protected in a safe place where no one can access. The time of storing depends on local laws and agreement period as well. The sound understanding and deep knowledge of liability waiver forms, their usage, conditions and other necessary details are inevitable for an organizer. Every operator must keep updating his information on liability waiver cases in light of current laws and examples. The Importance of Liability Waivers for Different Circumstances People should learn why liability waivers are important. Accidents do occur. There will be lots of money to spend in order to deal with those messes. What's the meaning of liability weaver? It's a legal document signed by participants of a particular activity. By signing the document, they acknowledge any possible risks involved in such event. With this, the company can get liability release from those risks. There are many examples of circumstances from where a liability weaver is often needed. Construction Liability Waivers A construction project is a risky thing. Constructors can't ensure that everything runs safely and smooth. Accidents can happen anytime. There are many risks of accidents happening without precautions. These lead to lots of liability issues, for sure. The question is who takes the blame. By getting a construction liability waiver, constructors can avoid the responsibilities for any accidents. The owner of the building understands the risk by signing the document. Just because the constructors have the document doesn't mean they will perform the task carelessly. Zumba Training It's true that Zumba is quite helpful to burn lots of calories in a significant way. Still, the training isn't always fun to join. Some people get injured and overexerted from it. Zumba instructors can get a liability release if they have gained the signatures from the members regarding a liability waiver. One of the most troublesome matters of Zumba training is the pain. Some members suffer knee pain. Intricate movements will lead to lots of pressure on the muscles. Even though this type of training is fun, the risk is quite high. A Party with a Trampoline Throwing a garden party by installing a trampoline is a fun thing to do. There will be many friends with their kids coming to the house. However, trampoline jumping is quite risky. Children can get injured easily by using this thing. Some will suffer from serious neck and head injuries. Should the host take the blame? The visitors should sign trampoline liability waivers to acknowledge the risk of using that thing. This way, they will use the trampoline in a safe manner. Red Cross Volunteers Social organizations such as Red Cross or other volunteers are quite helpful for the society. Unfortunately, there's any guarantee of the safety. The fact is some people get side effects by getting a blood transfusion. There are some allergic reactions that may occur including itching and hives. In some cases, there are people who get the fever after such transfusion. Chest pain and nausea are the examples of serious reactions. The organizers can get liability release if they have given liability weavers to participants. Pet Owners Having a pet isn't always satisfying. A dog is for the example. This animal acts badly sometimes. He even hurts people. As the owner of the pet, a liability release is needed. This is also important for those who conduct dog training classes. The members must sign the liability waivers as they need to know the risk of being in the same area as the dogs. In fact, these animals act unpredictably. They can go out of control, often times. Extreme Sports There are various types of extreme sports like paintball and gliding. The risk is high in these kinds of sports. The effect of the sport is always threatening. People often have the wrong assumption towards paintball. They think that it's quite safe. As long as they wear the safety gear, they can't be hurt. This is a wrong perception. There will be always injuries such as strains and bruises. Major injuries are rare to happen, though. The owners of the paintball field can get liability release if they let the players sign the document. Gym Exercises There are risks of exercising at the gym. For example is equipment malfunction. Many people use gym's equipment daily. This causes wear and tear on the tool. The malfunction can lead to injuries as well. Falling also becomes a risk of exercising at the gym. Moving, running, and jumping around at the gym will increase the risk of falling and tripping. There's also another risk such as strains. Overdoing and using bad technique cause injuries, for sure. Due to these risks, the gym owners should get liability release if they don't want to take responsibilities of those things. Playing Golf Liability waivers are also helpful in this circumstance. That means people must sign a liability waiver first before playing golf. There are various accidents would happen such as getting hit by a ball. In severe cases, people can get struck by lightning. Some people lose their teeth accidently while playing golf. Many accidents can happen without warnings. The owner of the golf field can get the liability release by providing the golfers with a liability waiver to sign. This is the best way to prevent terrible expenses. Liability Waivers for Travelling Abroad As a travel agent, there are many things to prepare. A liability waiver is for the example. It's one of the most important documents to arrange. That means the travel agency should suggest the travellers to sign it. This will protect both the parties from accidental events. Things happen, in fact. People can't prevent something unpredictable. There's no standard of safety level when it comes to travelling. Getting liability waivers are important aside from a travel insurance. Casual Sports Most people think that they can't get hurt by playing casual sports such as volleyball. They are wrong. Many accidents can happen including blisters, court burns, fingernail injuries, shin splints, jammed fingers, strained muscles, and joint sprains. In severe cases, they can get permanent paralysis and broken homes. Collisions occur during the game, in fact. Players can't ensure how safe this activity is. The cost will be expensive if they don't sign a liability waiver. In summary, a liability waiver can be used by everyone regardless of the circumstances. The purpose is to get a liability release for possible incidents. It will be bad if people must take all the blame and pay for the compensations. In fact, the accidents occur caused by many factors. It's wrong if they take the responsibilities by themselves. A liability waiver can be a significant document to get out of the troubles. How Much Is Liability Insurance? Life is full of risks and uncertainties, is it not? The unforeseeable future is part of the underlying premise that fuels insurance systems all over the world. There are many different kinds of insurance products that range from life and medical to those liability insurances. Today is for tackling liability insurance in particular. Liability Insurance Liability insurance is the kind of risk financing that shields the purchaser or the insured from the liabilities posed by lawsuits. It stipulates that the insured is protected or covered for claims within the realms of the insurance policy. Liability insurance is specifically designed to protect against third party claims for damages or loss whether due to contractual or intentional liability. The insurance liability coverage varies depending on the nature of the liability insurance. Take for example a civil liability insurance which is commonly found in England and other European countries for professionals, clubs and even sports teams. While the civil liability insurance policy is in force, damages resulting from the conduct of the insured and claims against the insured will be paid for by the policy. Civil liability insurance also includes public liability, professional indemnity (error and omission) and product liability. It is important to note that the price of liability insurance varies depending on the purpose and the extent of the insurance policy. Liability Disclaimer A general liability disclaimer is usually what any attorney would suggest to anyone who owns a business or practice that often deals with third parties. Liability disclaimers are otherwise called release of liability form, waiver of liability, disclaimer agreements and are commonly found in user agreements. A liability disclaimer usually contains the following information: Party A (provider of activity/service/product, organization, etc.) Party B (participant, user, individual responsible) Signature lines Dates (signing and effectivity) Contact information of both parties Type of product, activity or service provided by Party A Conditions, stipulations and limit to liability Relevant laws governing the agreement Notations from the lawyers (as necessary) At some point in our lives, we have probably been made to sign at least one liability disclaimer, whether at the amusement park, the gym or even online before installing an app. Here are some examples: [Party A] does not provide liability insurance for the protection of individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, spectators, or others who may participate in the [activity]. It is understood that your participation in said [activity] does hereby release [Party A] from any and all actions, claims and demands for damage, loss or injury sustained by participating in the [activity]. I, [name of party B], of sound mind and body do hereby declare that I am participating in the [event] out of my own volition. The risks involved in this participation are within my knowledge and as such, I understand that [Party A] is not liable for any loss, damage, or injury that this event may cause. The undersigned agrees and does hereby release from all liability and hold harmless [Business] and any of its employees representing or related to the [Business]. This liability release is for any and all liability for personal injuries, including death and property losses or damage in connection with any activity or accommodation of the above mentioned business. The undersigned does hereby further agree to abide by all the rules and regulations that are presented by [Business]. Informed Consent Form A general release of liability form is to always come with a consent form or lien waiver that covers the details of a certain product, service, or activity. Informed consent form is more crucial for children under the legal age, participating in different events such as sports competitions, travel and even educational trips. A letter of consent to travel is usually required for minors who are travelling by themselves or without a parent or guardian to state that they have permission and the companions, travel agency and/or mode of transportation will not be liable for the minor. Type of Waiver Forms There are various types of waiver forms to suit different events. Here are a few of them: Sports Waiver Form – for participants (athletes, referees, scorers, ball kids, etc.) of any kind of sporting event. This commonly focuses on the risks of injuries or harm. Injury Waiver Form – often associated with sporting venues and sporting events, but can also be used in amusement parks, construction sites and other potentially hazardous work environments. Medical Waiver Form – usually signed before an operation is performed and commonly comes after a thorough check of medical history and performance of tests. This form will often state that the information given are true and correct and that the patient has been informed of the procedure and the risks involved but wishes to push through with the medical procedure. Hold Harmless Agreement – as the name implies, this type of waiver form simple holds one party as harmless and not meaning to hurt the other party, as such is not liable for any future claims. Model Release Form Release forms are also commonly part of liability insurance under the premise that information is vital and can be used for and against a certain person. Here are three kinds of model release forms: Media Release Form – an individual gives another person, company or media outlet the permission to use the images, videos, audio files, etc. that he or she owns. Alternatively, this kind of form is also used to grant the use of media containing images of a minor. Mutual Release Form- this kind of document lessens the hassle of needing to go to court should a professional or any legal go sour because it allows parties to cut ties amicably under specific premises. A prenuptial agreement is considered to be part of the big umbrella of mutual release documents. Insurance Release Form – includes waivers for product liability, event liability and business liabilities. In a nutshell, a general liability waiver is risk management tool that organizers or sports, games or other festive events produce for their financial protections against the lawsuits launched by participants of the event. These should be wisely used and deep understanding of details for an organizer is very important too. This is just an overview of the many concepts associated with liability insurance. For further details and costing, it is best to contact a lawyer and an insurance provider.
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