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HomeLensVid.com | Home of photography oriented videos LensVid is a site for anybody who loves photography and wants to find out what’s new in the industry, learn new techniques, get a big dose of inspiration from other creative minds or even spend some time enjoying a laugh, all in a simple easy and convenient format and of course in video.There is a never ending stream of video content online.Finding just that which interest you has always been the hard part. If you are a photographer or interested in photography LensVid is the place for you and will help you find everything which goes on in the form of a video on the web.
T e r r y M a g s o n - Analogue Photographer Isle of Wight based Musician-ish / Photographer-ish. I've also written some music - If you're interested? my musical project is Puzzle Muteson and can be found on Spotify or Bandcamp. Ig @terrymagson
30A PHOTOGRAPHERS | ROSEMARY BEACH SEASIDE WATERCOLOR FL FAMILY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Pure 7 Studios - Award winning photography with an innovative style providing 30A beach photographer services & family beach portraits in Rosemary Beach Seaside Watercolor Watersound Alys Beach Santa Rosa Beach Seagrove Beach Inlet Beach Blue Mountain Beach Miramar Beach Destin and other Emerald Coast areas
Cabo wedding photographer | Los Cabos engagement | Josafat de la Toba Professional photographer in Cabo, specialized on weddings and engagement photography, I enjoy working with people interested in capturing a visual story in a unique and artistic way.
danosfireapparatusphotos NOVEMBER 1 2018 WEBSITE UPDATED WITH OVER 75 NEW PHOTOS!!!- New and updated fire apparatus in Schuylkill County and other areas of Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. My name is Dan Markiewicz. I live in Northeast Pennsylvania known as he Coal Region. I have been a volunteer FF/EMT for 35 years,and I am Fire Chief of the Mahanoy City Fire Department, in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, located in the heart of the Coal Region. I started out as a junior firefighter way back in 1983 and have been involved in Emergency Services ever since. It has even led me to my professional career as a 911 Dispatcher with Schuylkill County for the past 18 years. Like most kids my age I liked fire engines, but what really got me interested was sitting with my grandfather every Saturday night in his lazy boy and watching EMERGENCY! on television. I remember him taking me to every Bicentennial Parade in Schuylkill County during the Summer of 1976. Besides being a volunteer FFII/EMT, I am an avid fire apparatus buff. I started taking of rigs in 1983 and tried to get as many as possible, much the same way as someone collects baseball cards. I contribute to many local emergency service publications including the SCHUYLKILL COUNTY VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS QUARTERLY. Some of my have also appeared in FIRE APPARATUS & EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT magazine, and the nationwide FIRE ENGINES trading card sets. By no means am I a professional photographer. My are not for sale and I do this as a hobby. I do it simply for love of fire apparatus and the brotherhood of the fire service. Over 28 years and 5000+ later here I am. Many people have asked me "You have so many and are dedicated to your hobby so why not just go and start your own website?" So here it is. I hope everyone who views it enjoys it. This website is dedicated to all firefighters worldwide...volunteer and paid active and retired...Those who answer the pagers and the house sirens...Those who leave their families to staff their rigs 24/7/365...Those who run the dinners and bingos helping to raise funds in hopes of buying a much needed new piece of fire apparatus...I would especially like to give a big THANK YOU! for all the firefighters over the years who took time out of their busy everyday lives to pose their rigs for and proudly show them off. I could have easily spent hours at each station trading stories and ideas. The Coal Region has the most dedicated & best equipped and trained firefighters not only in PA but in the entire USA! Am I partial??? HELL YEA!!! For now I am going to concentrate on fire apparatus from my home Schuylkill County aka SKOOK. First the frontline apparatus then antiques and classic apparatus from yesteryear. In the future I will add rigs from not only the Coal Region but all over the great state of Pennsylvania! I always look forward to visiting new places. Any firefighters who would like me to visit their fire station to photograph their rigs, has information regarding their company's fire apparatus, or have any comments regarding my website can email me at: dano71@ptd.net. Enjoy! Here are some other Fire-related websites you might enjoy: http://jkriesher.smugmug.com/ http://wbarr.smugmug.com/ http://njfirepictures.smugmug.com/ http://fireengines.smugmug.com/ http://coal-region-fire.smugmug.com/ http://unyquefiretrucks.com/
Exclusive wedding and lifestyle photography South Africa | RdK Photography - RDK Photography “If the photographer is interested in the people in front of his/her lens, and if he/she is compassionate, it’s already a lot. The instrument is not the camera
Paolo Pettigiani Photography Lifestyle, Travel & Infrared Photographer. Based in Turin, Italy. (c) All rights are reserved. If you are interested in publishing or using some of my work, contact me.
Sugar Shop Just a place to share what I do as well as totally useless info about my mostly silly life. Still interested? Great!
Ted Ways Nature Photographer Hello, My name is Ted and Ive been interested in nature and photography for many years. Hello, My name is Ted and Ive been interested in photography for many years. 1 the coppice, coulby newham, middlesbrough, ts8 0rh, United Kingdom
Alexändra Sleäze 24-yr old photographer currently residing in Helsinki, Finland. Interested in alternative, dark fashion, beauty and storytelling photography.
Britt Guns Photography I am an Antwerp based photographer and over the years I have gained a broad experience in organising, shooting and producing campaigns, documentaries and portraits. I have collected many interesting locations, people and actors which allows me to create the perfect setting for you. As a photographer I rarely work alone :) Most projects need team work and therefore I can rely on a superbe team of producers, stylists, make-up artists, post-producers, location hunters, set dressers, decorators, ... in short a big platform of great and talented people. Moreover, I have good connections in all fields of photography and film, which I am happy to share. On this website I have assambled a brief overview of my latest work, however, I have done much more in the past. If you are interested, I am happy to send you a customised portofolio. So feel free to contact me for your shoots and productions. Britt Guns.
rushingimages Lane and Judy Rushing As a photography team, we are constantly learning from each other. While we have slightly different styles, we both love being able to capture the beauty of the world surrounding us in a creative way. We enjoy many styles of photography with emphasis on nature. Judy - Photography has unleashed some of my God-given creative talents in a fun and exciting way. I have a B.F.A. in interior design from Mississippi University for Women and have always enjoyed decorating and creative art projects. Over the past few years, photography has become my main avenue for expressing my artistic talents. Lane – As a radiologist, images are an essential part of my daily life and I have found it natural for photography to become a creative outlet. I have always been interested in the technical side of photography, but I am constantly improving my creativity through Judy’s artistic eye. We would like to thank God for giving us this talent and being able to enjoy photography together. We have been married for 30 years and blessed with three wonderful daughters. Having a common interest that we share and enjoy has been great.
Rivios Photography | santorini photographer | santorini wedding photographer Self taught photographer in Santorini. Interested in Nature & Architecture. The photographic camera is what i choose to capture what catches my eye, my heart.
NORM YIP I am a visual artist: a painter and professional photographer. I have a diverse array of skills and interests. Please visit my website if you might be interested in my services. https://normyip.com
Aquarelle Imagery: watercolor aesthetic photography | Denver Are you looking for an engagement or family portrait photographer in Denver? Aquarelle Imagery offers artistic and high quality photography in Colorado: outdoor and indoors family portraits, engagement photo sessions, solo headshots, children and maternity photos, event photography and more. Book your top reviewed Denver photographer today.
James Griffith I am a hobbyist and not a professional photographer. I have been involved in photography, on and off, for almost fifty years. Started in film and made the change to digital like most people. I became interested in surf photography about three years ago and shoot at Steamer Lane and Maui.
Amber Fite Photography | Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia Portrait Photographer PPA Certified Professional Photographer who has specialized in maternity, child, and high school senior portrait photography for over 8 years. Serving the Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia areas.
Jim Jordahl Photography Welcome to jordahlpics.com! Feel free to browse through the folders of pictures you are interested in. Jim Jordahl is a teacher, DJ, recording & live sound engineer, and photographer living in Hutchinson, MN. United States
Front Page » Retreat for Documentary Photographers – Family, Projects, and Street | Melbourne, Australia The Documentary Department is a retreat for photographers interested in documentary photographer - street photography, documentary projects, and documentary family photography.
Denver Birth Photographer and Doula Services Denver based professional birth photographer and doula. Passionate about supporting families through childbirth and capturing memories.
Megan Vaughan Photography | Wedding Photographer | Lynchburg VA Megan Vaughan Photography is a wedding & portrait photographer serving Lynchburg, the state of Virginia, and is available for travel. Wedding, engagement & portrait photography for Lynchburg & Virginia. Wedding photographer based in Lynchburg area serving the state of Virginia & beyond.
Restrained Elegance: Fetish Photography and Romantic Barefoot Bondage Magazine Restrained Elegance: romantic elegant barefoot bondage and fetish photography magazine
HomeLensVid.com | Home of photography oriented videos LensVid is a site for anybody who loves photography and wants to find out what’s new in the industry, learn new techniques, get a big dose of inspiration from other creative minds or even spend some time enjoying a laugh, all in a simple easy and convenient format and of course in video.There is a never ending stream of video content online.Finding just that which interest you has always been the hard part. If you are a photographer or interested in photography LensVid is the place for you and will help you find everything which goes on in the form of a video on the web.
Alison Baskerville Alison Baskerville is a documentary photographer, artist and educator who works on projects exploring conflict, the military, and issues of gender, in particular the experiences of women. She is interested in challenging conventional representations and responding to contexts in an individual and authentic way.
Kansas City Newborn and Maternity Photography - Allison Marie Photography | Kansas City Newborn Photography Allison Marie Photography is based in Kansas City and creates stunning and modern newborn, maternity and family photos. Contact Allison for more info!
David Baker, abandoned places and dark tourism photographer David's story of photographically documenting abandoned and historical places has taken him across Europe in search of unknown, hidden or historically significant locations. David often speaks at art associations, historic and photographic societies that are interested in learning more about his adventures. David Baker also leads not for profit training courses in photography, digital art and post processing.
Equine Photographers Network The Equine Photographers Network is an Internet resource for locating an equine photographer in your area. Gallery, directory, resources, forums. Represents equine photographers worldwide and supports them with professional educational resources and workshops. EPNet is the community for all interested in horse photography at any level.
Equine Photographers Network The Equine Photographers Network is an Internet resource for locating an equine photographer in your area. Gallery, directory, resources, forums. Represents equine photographers worldwide and supports them with professional educational resources and workshops. EPNet is the community for all interested in horse photography at any level.
Jennifer Moore Photography Jennifer Moore, Photographer, Artist I am interested in exploring the human condition and emotions and experiences that influence our behavior. Birth, death, sexuality, culture, gender roles and reli
K. Praslowicz - Fine Art and Documentary Photography | Duluth, MN | K. Praslowicz Photographer interested in writing to Duluth historical narrative. Street, documentary, and other banal photography.
| Follow us on Our Journey To Smile ! Join us to say #Enough! | Follow us on Our Journey To Smile ! Join us to say #Enough! Love Letter 1: Having Communal Fun in the Afghan Mountains so as to Stay Strong Love Letter 2: Bringing the Sun Home to Prevent Mom's Death Love Letter 3: Embracing Our Equal Place and Work on Mother Earth Love Letter 4: Humans can Help One Another, Now, and for a While More Love Letter 5: Afghan Street Kids Survive Amidst a Selfish Economy Love Letter 6: Are Unemployed Afghans Interested in Work? Love Letter 7: Nonviolent Versus Violent Peace in Afghanistan and the World Love Letter 8: In Afghanistan, Nursing Our Anger to Health Love Letter 9: From Afghanistan, the Outrageous Abolition of War Love Letter 10: Revolutionary Relationships Inaam (left), Habib (right) and I (photographer) sharing a good laugh at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Kabul I decided to write this ninth love letter specially to Inaam, the 21st century generations of the world and the people of Okinawa because of three personal reasons. I miss having the wonderful energies of 15-year-old Inaam at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre. Inaam has to polish boots in the streets of Kabul to supplement his family's income and to survive today's terrible economic system. I also wish that the vision and work of abolishing war had been "attractive" enough to keep Inaam in the Abolish War Team beyond three weeks. Inaam, born at the turn of the 21st century, deserves to live in world without war. I write to the courageous and kind Okinawans because though Japanese soldiers killed my grandfather in World War II, the people of Okinawa and Japan are healing my father through their nonviolent resistance. By Dr Hakim 20th March 2019 Dear Inaam, the 21st century generations of the world and the people of Okinawa, You're only fifteen, and I'm almost fifty. I wish I didn't hear you say to me, "Hakim, I think that war will never be abolished." Have we greedy adults made it so very difficult for you to picture a humanity without war? I know that deep down inside, you want war to disappear forever. I can see this wish on your face in the photo I took in 2015, for the Afghan Peace Volunteer's #Enough! War campaign. Inaam in 2015 (second from left) saying no to war In 1945, the UN Charter had committed "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind". I'm sorry that the UN and our human family have continued to inflict on you "untold sorrow". But I believe in you and your generation! 16-year-old Swedish student Greta Thurnberg is your peer, and she demonstrated the same wisdom you have when she said, "Today we use 100 million barrels of oil every day. There are no politics to change that. There are no rules to keep that oil in the ground, so we can't save the world by playing by the rules because the rules have to change. Everything needs to change and it has to start today." I wish Greta had said this about the obsolete and ineffective method of war too, but she didn't. There is no politician currently in office who has proposed laws to ban war. I had hoped that Bernie Sanders in the US and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK would, but they haven't. With your reason and compassion, you see through all the current peace negotiators of the Afghan conflict: beneath their emperor's clothes, you see that they are naked war executioners. When the world imagines that these peace negotiators/war executioners will negotiate for genuine peace, the world is fantasizing that the US military-christened Hellfire missiles, costing about US$58,000 each, or the extremists' opposing suicide bombing vests, costing much less, can usher heaven into Afghanistan. Even if you could cast an under-age vote in this July's scheduled Afghan Presidential elections, none of the 18 candidates will abolish war. Yes, to gain votes, they will all parrot the rhetoric that they wish to end the Afghan war, but none of them will abolish the method of war. It was only years after his political career, in 2017, that former President of USSR Mikhail Gorbachev wrote, "In modern world, wars must be outlawed, because none of the global problems we are facing can be resolved by war — not poverty, nor the environment, migration, population growth, or shortages of resources." Gorbachev understands the real political risk of humankind annihilating herself through nuclear warfare. Inaam, as a war child, you understand by experience that there are also no politics today to abolish war. Together with the Gretas and youth of the world, build the necessary new politics. You've seen how the Afghan Peace Volunteers are organized without a Director, so if the new politics needs to be one without a President, a CEO or a Prime Minister, go for it! And, don't worry about all the various mis-used and bombastic political terms. Go for nonviolent liberty, equality and fraternity. As the late French diplomat Stephane Hessel wrote about nonviolent resistance when he was 93, "Indignez vous. Time for Outrage!" Also, to practice magnanimity through life, you and I must exercise timeless patience while working our butts off. I mean, it was way back in the 1930s that British engineer Guy Stewart Callendar calculated that a doubling of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere could warm the Earth by 2 degrees Celsius. It has taken 90 years to reach today's level of climate activism, and despite this, we still have people like Trump who denies climate change. Or like with the abolition of slavery. The Qin Dynasty of China abolished slavery in 221 BC and Pope Paul III forbade slavery of the indigenous peoples of the Americas in 1537. Niger made slavery a crime only in 2003! So, the human family's struggle against slavery took more than 2000 years, and even today, modern slavery still exists, like with the child brick-layers of Afghanistan. History's gradual but seismic changes happened when different individuals and societies took decisive actions at different times and ages. We can each be those channels of change: get the scientific results of war out there, use your shrill and growing voice, demand for laws to ban war, divest from the military industrial complex, don't join the military corporations, persuade your soldier-brother to be a conscientious objector, prohibit all weapons, make military generals very unpopular just as the CUNY undergraduates did, refuse to cooperate for war like some Google and Microsoft staff did, replace every war method with a thousand nonviolent methods, turn soldiers into pacifist mediators… All these are revolutionary acts of love; you're already familiar with the Dari phrase, "Dar kaar khair pesh dasti kardan", which means "For charitable work, set your hands to work quickly!" Am I asking too much of the 15-year-old you? You see, I want so much for you to have a meaningful and gorgeous life, and to have enough friends, even with those considered "enemies". My father had considered my Japanese friend Eitaro Oka an "enemy", because Japanese soldiers who had occupied Singapore in 1942 killed his father. It was World War II. But, when Eitaro visited me in Singapore years ago, my father and mother hosted him. The first thing Eitaro said to my father was, "I want to ask you for forgiveness, for the killing of your father." My father inspired me with his reply, "You were not the one who killed my father. Please enjoy the meal, a special Singaporean dish called Hainanese Chicken Rice prepared by my wife." Eitaro (centre) with my parents in Singapore When I joined a group of Japanese peace activists in Okinawa three years ago, an elderly Japanese monk stood before officials in the local office of Japan's Ministry of Defense, and asked me for forgiveness! He pleaded against the presence of US military bases in Okinawa. This kind monk had covered his bald head with the Borderfree Blue Scarf of the Afghan Peace Volunteers! The kind monk (left, standing) and Yuichi ( centre, standing ) with other Japanese activists in an office of Okinawa's Ministry of Defense. Many young Japanese like Yuchi, Sara and Kamoshita are resisting the re-militarization of Japan. Their current Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is regrettably addicted to military prowess, and wants to amend the Japanese constitution to enable the re-establishment of a Japanese army. Shinzo is a human being who is sold-out to money and power, and not very sound, as he has even nominated US President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize! Yuchi (rear) and Sara (front) block a US military convoy in Okinawa Kamoshita protests in a boat ( inserted photo ) and stands in front of US military base's gate in Okinawa. Sara, Yuichi and Kamoshita ( first, second and third from right) with other activists Kamoshita and Sara had wanted to visit us in Kabul this winter, but Kamoshita emailed me, "I am sorry to late reply. I can't travel to Afghanistan this time. I couldn't persuade my family…They worry me to go." Not only are Japanese activists working to abolish war. Many ordinary Japanese are resisting the heavy killer machinery too. In fact, in a February 2019 Okinawa referendum, 72% of Okinawan voters opposed the construction of a new US military base to replace an existing one. Most Okinawans don't want US military bases on their peaceful and beautiful island. You'll also be encouraged to know that Masoma, Habib and new members of the Afghan Peace Volunteers had sent Kamoshita, Sara and Okinawans a video message of solidarity. Ordinary Japanese link hands in protest, at the gate of a US military base in Okinawa New Afghan Peace Volunteers link hands in solidarity with Okinawans, saying, "No to US military bases in Okinawa and Afghanistan!" So, dear Inaam, remember how you told me that the current education system is not teaching you anything useful? You're right. I'm sure that you can educate yourself better than the schools, especially in the knowledge, values and skills needed to build a better world. We have on many occasions talked about true education: thinking and feeling deeply, freeing ourselves from the control of money, questioning all power, changing the culture of war within us. In relational learning, we connect all the dots and love like everyone and everything in the world is related. Our lives are brief, but as long as I have opportunity, I'll walk with you. Inaam saying "#Bas! #Enough!" in 2015 Inaam ( right ) with Habib, studying for his school exam in November 2018 The courageous and kind people of Okinawa Baa mihr ( With love ) ! Hakim
stephwesolowski I am an Arlington, VA photographer; I shoot a variety of subjects, but tend to gravitate towards people and cityscapes. If you are interested in having an event documented, need professional head shots, booking a wedding, or looking to expand your modeling portfolio, contact me here. I also do retouching and post-production. Feel free to browse through my work under the galleries tab. You can order prints directly from this site. Below are links to my Flickr and Facebook pages. Thanks for checking out my site!
Ria Solanke Photography » Lagos Nigeria Newborn Baby-Kids-Maternity-Family Photography | Ria Solanke is a specialist newborn baby, child and family photographer based in Lagos, NIgeria. She is notable for her carefree seeking moments and dynamic use of light in her stills. Happy moments is what she's interested in capturing and found that the purest form of happiness exists in the eyes of children. She finds children particularly interesting and is always on the look-out for moments that are as organic as possible. Her style is simple yet, charismatic. She believes that every child has something unique to bring to an image, she sees it and brings it to life with her camera. Ria Solanke is a Child Portrait Photographer based in Nigeria. She is known for her dynamic use of light in her stills and an artistic look to her motion projects.
Basel Family Photographer | Amanda Joy Photography Amanda Joy is a lifestyle Family and Newborn Photographer who loves working with expats who are interested in preserving their time here in Basel Switzerland.
International photographers guide - English - Photographersworldguide Looking for a photographer? Are you a photographer and are you interested in making your work known? So, this is your website!
HOME - Taraneh Khodai i found myself interested in architecture and that’s when I attended university of architecture in iran. After graduating I pursed my love for the arts and continued my education in photography. now I love art and art and art.
francessmithlandscapes | Landscape images by Frances M Smith Welcome to the blog and on line learning log of Frances Smith. A keen amateur photographer who has been interested in photography for some years,  I signed up to study for a B A (Hons) in Photography with the OCA just over two years ago. I have recently created this blog to catalogue my Level 2  Landscape course project…
Jacek Kołodziejski | Still life merging with people Jacek Kołodziejski is an artist photographer represented by SHOOTME. He''s very much interested in other forms of an art: video, installation and truly inspired by placing photography as a centre of some wider creative context.
Silvana Trevale Photographer based in London, interested in a wide range of work around the theme of culture, identity, and social groups. Additionally , producing fashion and commercial work.
Sierralara "When I'm ready to make a photograph, I think I quite obviously see in my mind’s eye something that is not literally there, in the true meaning of the word. I'm interested in expressing something built up from within, rather than extracted from without." Ansel Adams Hello and welcome to the Sierralara Photography website. I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I have enjoyed making them. I have an immense love for the outdoors and enjoy discovering new photographic opportunities in places that interest me. My name is Cliff LaPlant and I am an award winning landscape/nature photographer based in Alpine California. I spend a great deal of my time traveling to remote locations, searching for those rare opportunities to capture photographs that are not commonly seen. All of my photographs have been captured using Nikon cameras and lenses and most were created using a tripod, to ensure high image quality. I am currently shooting with the INCREDIBLE Nikon D800 high resolution camera system and my favorite lens is the Nikkor 16-35mm wide angle zoom. Feel free to contact me reference my photography and have a great day! Print Guarantee: Sierralara photographs are available for purchase and are professionally printed on Kodak ENDURA paper accompanied with a full guarantee. Sierralara uses Bay Photo, a professional lab located in Santa Cruz, California, who has been catering to top pros since 1976 and caters almost exclusively to professional photographers. If you are interested in purchasing a photograph(s), simply click on the desired photograph(s) and hit the "Buy" tab (or the shopping cart icon) in the upper text. An options screen will then appear asking your preference of size and desired finish. There are a number of print options to choose from including high quality paper (gloss, matte, lustre, etc), Giclée Watercolor, ThinWraps, Canvas, and Metal prints. There is also a short video describing each of the above preferences after a photograph selection has been made. The lab experts do an astouding job, ensuring superb color and consistency from print to print. All prints are carefully flat-packed and shipped to you. A variety of Sierralara photography merchandise is also available for purchase which includes postcards, mugs, puzzles, coasters, playing cards, etc. as well as personal and commercial use downloads. Please feel free to add comments or e-mail me (laplant@cox.net) reference any of my photographs or the locations they were created. Sierralara is always being updated and new photographs, as well as descriptions, are continuously being added. For additional photographs, brief trip descriptions, as well as some of my most recent adventures, please visit my Flickr website at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sierralara/. Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved.
Lauren M Nichols Biologist and Photographer I study how ants are affected by climate change and urbanization, maintain field experiments, collaborate with scientists and non-scientists alike on exciting citizen science projects, wrangle large datasets, ponder ways to visualize data effectively, and photograph small fascinating creatures.  I am particularly interested in science education, promoting scientifically informed citizens, and more generally, infusing…
Portrait, Wedding & Newborn Photography | Maitland, Newcastle & Hunter Valley Leighsa Cox Photographer is a Wedding Photography Specialist in Maitland, Newcastle & Hunter. Also offering Portrait and Newborn Photography
Home - Sirat Sheikh Hi, I'm Sirat Sheikh your personal photographer! Check out my portfolio on my site. If you are interested in my services, feel free to get in touch!
Home - Life Like Zoe Hello! I am a 24-year-old Photographer, Blogger, YouTuber, and recent college grad living in Cookeville Tennessee. I write about Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, and Wedding Planning. If you are interested in learning to live your Life Like Zoe you have come to the right place!
DanielDeMatoPhotography Hi. Thanks for visiting my Web site. I became interested in Sports Photography while cheering for my daughter at her Volleyball games. As you may be able to see from my picture, I take cheering for my daughter very seriously. It was killing me to know that I was missing out on so many memories because no one was taking pictures. I had a good friend (who is an awesome photographer) who would come to a few games a year and shoot pictures for me. Once my daughter started playing in College I wanted to preserve every minute she spent on the court. I started taking pictures myself and sharing them with her teammates. I quickly realized how much I loved catching these once in a lifetime moments and sharing them. Now I take the photography as serious as the cheering! I regularly cover sports professionally for Newsday, The Suffolk Times, The Riverhead News Review and The Shelter Island Reporter. Its awesome to be able to share my work with a much larger audience. Anyway.....Thanks for checking out my pictures maybe you will see one you like. Enjoy. If you have any questions or a special request please send me an e-mail. If you are interested in purchasing multiple downloads, I will package a group of photo's featuring your favorite athlete into a custom gallery. A multiple download purchase allows me to offer you a discount over the single photo download price. Send me an e-mail for more details. I will do everything I can to make you happy. Thank you for your support. CONTACT ME AT---DanDeMatoPhotos@optonline.net
matteo sandrini Matteo lives in Brescia (ITALY) MA in Visual Anthropology | University of Manchester Bachelor at the Faculty of Design and Art | University of Bozen  Works as a freelance in Visual Communication.  Interested in Sensory Media, through the deployment of the ethnographic method.   EXHIBITIONS | SELECTED WORKS    • 2015 | participation at the expedition in Africa. 7milamiglialontano Around the world. www.7milamiglialontano.com • 2013 - 2015 | participation at the research platform EXPOSED: www.exposedproject.net, Expo-Milan; • October 2014 | participation at the event BresciaMobilità with the photographic project ''SottoSopra'', Brescia;  • May 4 - September 14  2013 | ''Home my place in the world, Contemporary Photographic Exhibition'', London (UK); • April 2013 | Alternative Manchester Photography ''Ancoats'' Selected for the photographic book, Manchester (UK); • November 2012 | Visual Anthropology, Exhibition 2012 ''Bs-East, a study of environMentality'', Manchester (UK); • March 2011 | Limitazioni Temporanee Exhibition ‘Iconolario, viaggio in Italia con Google’  Spazio Bovisa, Milano;  • February 2011| Academia Apulia Art Award 2010, London, (UK) ‘Genius Loci, the spirit of Place and cultural Diversity’, First place at the photographic contest; • January 2011 | ''FOCSIV, Volontari nel mondo'', Selected for the national photographic calendar, Rome; • October 2009 | ''Telecom Jpeggy''  Selected for the photographic contest;  • May 2008 | ''Pagine Bianche d’Autore 2008/2009'' Mentioned for the photographic contest, Trentino Alto Adige region in collaboration with Daniele Ansidei/Andrea Cazzaniga; • October 2007 | Menzione speciale, Concorso Fondazione Libero Bizzarri Italian Design Finalist at the final video contest ''Rennpappe'' in collaboration with Nicola Gotti; • October 2006 | ''Photokina Köln'' Bauhaus Universität Weimar Selected for the photographic exhibition with the Project course: ''Imaging is more'', Köln (Germany); • April 2004 | ''Dea, Madre…Donna'', Faenza (RA), Italy Finalist at the visual art contest.
Tamara Rosic - Digital Marketing & Inbound Specialist Marketing specialist & digital consultant, experienced in tech & start-up companies. Life enthusiast, cat lady, music and art lover, traveler, photographer, digital nomad interested in new media and technologies.
Ilvy Njiokiktjien If you are interested in my pictures, or if you are looking for a photographer, please feel free to contact me.
Omar photographicO BEFORE PRECEDING YOU MUST READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS BELOW. YOU MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO ACCESS THIS SITE! My name is Omar, I'm a local Los Angeles area photographer specializing in Fine Art erotism,...
robsamblesphotography Hi, I''m Rob, a photographer based in Surrey! Thanks for looking at my website.. Hi I''m Rob, I would imagine you''re here to look at photos, but in case you''re interested, here''s a little bit about me. Based in Send, Surrey., United Kingdom
HOME - Andy Holdsworth Headshot Photographer & Vocal Reel Specialist Andy Holdsworth is a Surrey Headshot Photographer and Vocal Reel Specialist providing affordable photography and singing reel packages in Surrey/London.
TimKnoppPhotographer Contact info: Tim Knopp Cell -513-207-PICS (7427) email : wvirishfan@yahoo.com You can also find me on Facebook I have a full time job and photography is 2nd, but I am available to hire for your special occasion. Please contact me for available dates. I have studio lighting, backdrops, professional cameras, and the desire to have lots of fun taking photos for your family to enjoy for years. I am not your average photographer, in that this is not my main job. That is how I can offer the very competitive rates for the work that I can do for you. I believe that I have quality pictures at economical prices to fit any budget. Will travel within 275 beltway and a little further depending on job. Please contact me if you are interested in using me to capture your special event. I will photograph whatever special occasion you have from family reunions to corporate events. Weddings, Senior pictures, team photos and sporting events are no problem. Quality Photos at Economical Prices. Engagement/Family/Senior Photos Weddings Sports/Parties/Graduations Company Events Thanks for looking and look forward to hearing from you.
Vae Champagne Media Vae Champagne Media is a platform that is focused on bringing general information to the public. We write about topics that are important, highlighting innovative solutions to our daily lives problems. If you are interested in getting unlimited access to comprehensive content, then this is the right place.
Saul Robbins Photography Saul Robbins is interested in the ways people interact with their surroundings, and the psychological dynamics of intimacy. His photographs are motivated by observations of human behavior and personal experience, especially those related to loss and unity. He is best known for the series Initial Intake, which examines the empty chairs of Manhattan-based psychotherapy professionals from their clients'' perspective, referencing viewers perceptions, associations, and responses to this particular environment and the work that takes place there. He lives in New York City, where he received his MFA from Hunter College.
Lisa Barnard | Lisa Barnard is a Photographic Artist, interested in aesthetics, politics and the military. She studied and teaches at Brighton University, Uk
deike.de Lars Deike Paintings, Lars Deike Photograpy, erotische Gemälde, Fotos, Studio Berlin
a degree of sanity – Nerd. Photographer. Coffee enthusiast. Endlessly interested in medicine. Nerd. Photographer. Coffee enthusiast. Endlessly interested in medicine.
PADPhotography Welcome to PADPhotography, my name is Peter Danzo, I am a 27 year veteran of the Hackensack NJ Fire Dept where I hold the rank of Deputy Chief as the 2nd platoon tour commander, I am a past member of the Ridgefield Pk NJ Vol. Fire Dept, Hose Co.1 and an inactive/exempt member of the Belmar NJ Vol. Fire Dept, H&L Co.1 where I was Chief of Dept in 2005. I have been involved with photography since I was 14 years old starting with a little 110, upgrading and honing my skills with 35mm and now shooting digital with the Canon EOS 50D and a Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 II DC OS HSM Lens. My subject matter not only covers fires and emergencies but also severe weather as well as nature and landscapes. Contributing photographer for FireNews New Jersey I have had photographs published in Firehouse Magazine, Fire Engineering Magazine, FireRescue Magazine, Digital Photography Magazine, First Responder News, The Record, The Asbury Park Press and in several books. Member of: International Fire Photographers Assn. http://ifpaweb.ning.com/profile/PeterADanzo New Jersey Metro Fire Photographers Association http://www.njfirephotos.com/index.html Breaking News Network, NJN100. http://www.breakingnewsnetwork.com/ Hackensack Fire Officers Association, IAFF Local 3172. http://www.iaff.org/ ** I have thousands of slides from the 80's thru 2002 when I switched to digital, I am in the process of scanning these slides job by job. I hope you enjoy, if you have any info you can give me on a particular job, please do not hesitate to contact me as I have lost some of my notes!! ** **Be sure to visit and like my PADPhotography FaceBook page** BE ADVISED: © All photographs are copyright protected and All Rights Reserved - No usage of ANY image or content on this website is allowed in any form without the written or verbal consent of Peter A Danzo. I am proud to announce that I have published a new book, FIRE 30 Years of Fire Photography You can find it for sale at the following link: http://blur.by/1u1irSK DISCLAIMER: Fire and emergency photos are taken with the intent of providing documentation, public relations and/or for training purposes, any department in need of single photos or a complete set or if anyone is interested in photos for investigative or personal use, please E-mail me at: PADPhotography
Sreeranj Sreedhar Sreeranj is a street and documentary photographer from India but currently residing in Dubai working as an Administration & Human Resources Manager for a multinational company. Sreeranj started serious photography in the year 2011 and got interested in documentary and street photography, to capture the unusual in the usual moments of the daily life, culture and festivals around the world. He draws inspiration from many international and local photographers and has attended several workshops by master photographers to fine tune his skills and knowledge in this art. His works have been exhibited at local and international venues and published in National Geographic, Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine USA, Wanderlust Travel Magazine UK to name a few. He has also received many local and international awards in this short span of time.
Photography by Adam | Sudbury Ontario Photographer Photography by Adam specializes in Newborn/Maternity photography, Wedding photography, Baby/Children photography and Corporate/Event photography. Please select the category above that you are interested in.
Cynthia Lee Photography Cynthia Lee is a young, aspiring photographer who currently resides in New York City. This website contains her work from the last five years. If interested in booking an appointment or if you have any questions, leave a message for her or e-mail her at cynthiadtlee@gmail.com Look at more of her photos at cynthiadtlee.tumblr.com or her Instagram account peopleofhereandthere.
Alter Image Photography Alter Image Photography serving Metropolitan Portland Oregon and Southwest Washington.. 0 0 0 Bruce Lee is an award-winning photographer who has been interested in photography his entire life. P.O. Box 3424, Tualatin, OR 97062, United States
dashiellphotography David Dashiell, Photographer I am a professional photographer offering a full range of services in Western New England/Eastern New York from my base in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. I am particularly interested in working for small and medium-sized museums, and for architects and interior designers. My services include architectural, portrait, product, and event photography. I am a 2010 graduate of the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Fall, MA, which I attended after a 25-year career in the museum field. I have a Master of Architectural History degree from the University of Virginia, and have worked for several Philadelphia institutions, including the Powel House, an 18th-century historic house museum, where I served as Site Manager, and The Wagner Free Institute of Science, a 19th-century natural history museum, where I was Assistant Director. I have lived in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts since 2001, and have served as Director of the Bidwell House Museum in Monterey, and Publications Director and Staff Photographer for The Mount, Edith Wharton’s 1902 estate and gardens in Lenox. My photographs have appeared in numerous books and publications, including: Books - Teresita Fernandez: As Above So Below, (Exhibit catalog, MASS MoCA, 2014), French Chic: The Art of Decorating Houses by Florence de Dampierre (Rizzoli, 2008), Inspirational Gardens by Pamela Westland (AA Publishing, 2008), Novel Destinations by Shannon McKenna Schmidt and Jodi Rendon (Random House, 2008) Magazines, Newspapers and Other Publications - AARP Magazine, Architectural Digest (German Edition), Beautiful Homes, Berkshire Business Quarterly, The Berkshire Eagle, Berkshire Living, Berkshires Magazine, Berkshires Week (2 covers), Bloomberg.com, Dance Magazine, Departures (American Express card member magazine), Departures (Russian edition), Horticulture, The Independent (London), Museum, National Trust for Historic Preservation 2007 Calendar, New England Home, Old House Interiors, Passport (Litchfield County Times magazine), Traditional Home, Veranda, Women’s Times. Contact: davedash3@yahoo.com (413) 443-1194
Vincenzo Angileri Vincenzo Angileri works across narrative, design, publishing, art, books, performances, strategy, film, ideas.
Yahya Dhissi | Self-taught photographer, interested in exploring the interaction between the people and environment, the private space and public space.
Atlanta Family & Newborn Photographer | Marcie Reif Photography Marcie Reif Photography is an Atlanta Family Photographer located in greater Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in artistic children’s, family, baby, maternity, and newborn photography. Marcie Reif focuses on serving Buckhead, Alpharetta, Roswell, Decatur, Morningside, and the greater Atlanta area.
The Photograph of Brian Louis Lipshy Hello, my name is Brian and I am a photographer. My love of photography started with a Canon AE-1Program when I was only 13 and continues to this day. The images available in the public areas have been right click disabled. You need to use the password and link sent to you in order to download images from the private galleries. If you are interested in environmental portraits, head shots or sports portraits, you my contact me at brian@captainb.com Brian
Photo Library Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tasmania, Darwin, Canberra – Owen Wilson Owen Wilson is a well-known photographer travelling Australia wide seeking a perfect photograph. If you need an affordable freelance photographer in Australia, or wildlife, tourism, aerial etc. Contact Owen Wilson Now at 02 6585 8303 / 0409 987 123. Also if you are interested to buy some sublime photographs to merge your interior decoration. You can email Owen at info@owenwilson.net.au/owphotography@bigpond.com
Homewood & Flossmoor, IL Photographers | Thomas Photographic We specialize in Family, Senior, Headshot Portrait, Photo Restorations & Photo Booth Photography in Homewood, Flossmoor & the south suburbs of Chicago, IL.
Emma - Emma Vepsä Documentary photographer, writer, storyteller and hitchhiker interested in conflicts and crises but dreaming about world peace.
Landscape Photography by Matt Carroll - Placeworld.com This website is photographer Matt Carroll''s way of presenting some special places in the world to anyone interested. The geographic focus is California.
Jim''s Page Relating to the natural history of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and its communities
Dondi Beltram Images I am a local photographer in the Richmond, VA area. I love to preserve moments in time to create memories for a life time. Contact me if your interested in any of the following services. Portraits, Headshots, Senior Portraits, Pets, Maternity, Events or any other I may not have mentioned to see if I can accommodate.
Todd Hibbs Photography Hello, My name is Todd Hibbs. I've had a fascination with photography every since I started shooting in the mid-80s, and thoroughly enjoy learning from every image captured. I believe the most reward comes from clearly 'capturing' the moment! If you're interested in a photo session, or you're in need of a freelance photographer, please contact me at toddhibbs@gmail.com
v-valentin Victor Mangona is a local Detroit photographer. He regularly shoots for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Detroit Medical Orchestra, and CBS Detroit. Credits also include 944 Detroit magazine and Open Connections Media. His primary interests include weddings, fashion, music photography, event photography, and children. A trained violinist, he is associate concertmaster of the Detroit Medical Orchestra and resident physician at Oakland University William Beaumont, specializing in radiation oncology. Please friend me (Victor Mangona) on facebook to follow my work. If you're interested in a shoot, just drop me a line (info below). Victor S. Mangona vmangona@gmail.com 248/990.3853 925 LaPrairie #217 Ferndale, MI 48220
Maryland Newborn & Family Photographer | Monica Alman Photography LLC Maryland Newborn & Family Photographer Monica Alman Photography is an on-location natural light photographer in the Gaithersburg, MD area
Thomas Seear-Budd Fine art photographer working in film. Interested in disappearing landscapes, climate change, architecture and fine art.
jodice Welcome to my website! I grew up in a family of artists and photographers. I started doing my own photography shooting film while living in the art colony of Provincetown MA on Cape Cod. I was encouraged to show my work in a friends gallery there and enjoyed great success selling prints, photo cards and posters portraying Cape Cod. The Cape is a photographers paradise! I moved to the Mojave Desert several years ago and aclimated myself to this new environment by learning to see the beauty of the desert through my camera. I am now surrounded by an ocean of sand and Joshua trees instead of the Atlantic Ocean and Lighthouses :-) I switched to shooting digitally in 2004 and enjoy the freedom it has given me to not have to lug loads of heavy equipment around. I now just go shooting with my point and shoot Minolta A1, A2 or Canon 60D and a tripod. I find the freedom of being able to shoot hundreds of images without having to change film wonderful! I just recently switched to the Canon 60 d and am looking forward to creating even more detailed images! I have spent several years learning and experimenting with Photo Shop and enjoy being able to create images I only dreamed of before. Shooting digital and learning editing has opened up the world of how I see things! I use several different filters such as NIK, Topaz, ReDynaMix and Virtual Photographer to enhance some of my images. Sometimes I use them very lightly, sometimes I create an picture combining many different images. It's like painting a picture with my computer and camera:-) I have a fascination with old things, hence my love of ghost towns, old cars, and antiques. I also have been having fun shooting macro images and it has shown me a whole world I never imagined was there in the center of a flower ! My work is internationally known and has been shown in several galleries. I also have had my photographs published in the Provincetown Pocketbook for 5 years, Cape Cod Magazine, the Cape Cod Guide, and the cover of the Antelope Valley Lifestyles magazine. I have sold my images to the Southern Rock band .38 Special with my images of Danny Chauncey and Bobby Capps featured on their MySpace.com sites. The majority of my early images in these galleries were shot with the Minolta point and shoots. Most of the Cape Cod images were shot using a Nikon FG film camera. I am active at www.betterphoto.com, and www.flickr.com photography sites. I have had many photos place as winners and finalists and won 2 Photo of The Week in the Konica Minolta contest. My photographs are available either as matted hand signed prints, or photo cards. A few images shot on film during my years on Cape Cod may not be available due to some negatives being lost during the move to California. To place an order simply : Email Jill at: jill@jodicephotography.com All orders can either be paid for with a check, money order, or through PayPal with your credit card. Just make a note of the name of the image and email me . Matted and handsigned 8 x 12 $40.00 with 11x14 mat 12 x 18 $60.00 with 16 x 20 mat Photocards $24.00 DZ. Minimum Order: 3 of Each Photo Photos can also be printed on canvas and either mounted on foamcore or stretched on a frame. Prices depend on the size of print. Most images can be printed up to 16 x 20, but some have been created using Photoshop, by combining several images and can only be printed up to 8 x 12. It is possible to recreate them in a larger file to print larger, but the resulting image will not be exactly the same as I have learned alot more about editing since the original was created. All orders shipped Priority Mail, or UPS. Prices for shipping depend on size and weight of order. Any order shipped in the state of CA. will also include Sales Tax I retain full copyright of all images and they may not be reproduced without my permission unless by previous arrangement. Some images are also available in digital files, priced according to use. Prices start at $25.00 for one time online usage. I also can scan my older film shots and have them printed for an additional cost. Some images can be converted to Black and white for an additional cost. If you are interested in buying the copyright to an image, you will have exclusive full use of the image for anything you want to use it for. Contact me for details.
Domonkos Tamás Németh Németh is a young photographer from Hungary. His work combines documentary style images with surreal ones, creating tension and inviting the user to exercise their mind and imagination. He''s interested in themes like death, religion, and conflicting realities we create.
Vincent Lee Fotografie vincent lee fotografie, photographer from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. I''m open for fashion, portrait, lingerie, boudoir, cosplay and business shoots. I work on TFP bases, but also available for assignments. Interested in working with me just contact me and we can see if we can work something out. Vincent lee fotografie, fotograaf uit Eindhoven. Sta open voor verschillende thema''s van portret, fashion, lingerie, boudoir, cosplay en zelfs bedrijfsfotografie. Ik werk vaak op basis van TFP, maar ben ook beschikbaar voor opdrachten. Interesse in een samenwerking? neem contact op met mij via email of facebook. portretfotografie, portretfotograaf, fashionfotografie, fashionfotograaf, evenementfotografie, evenement fotograaf, cosplayfotografie, cosplayfotograaf, boudoirfotografie, boudoirfotograaf, lingeriefotografie, lingeriefotograaf
The Next Best Men Wedding Photographers Fine Floridian Wedding Photography! Trust your best man with the rings. Trust us with the cameras. Don''t settle for just one photographer. Hire a team! Based in Sarasota but available worldwide.
Fashion, Portraiture & Events | Photography | Surrey London & Brighton I am a passionate photographer who loves to travel. I am primarily interested in fashion & portraiture photography. I am hoping to broaden my expertise to weddings, lifestyle and events. I love what I do and the creative process, from the original ideas, right through to the final edits. 
Ola Alsheikh Ola Alsheikh is a Sudanese photographer once an electrical engineer.Her passion for photography led her to a change of profession in 2010 when she bought her first digital camera. Ola enjoys all types of photography but her work focuses mostly on documentary and and macro photography . Ola is interested in documenting people`s journey in life and her own as well E-mail adress ola.photos928@gmail.com Experience Member of the African photojournalism Data Base . Official photographer of DAL FOOD COMPANY for Sudan`s Traditional Food Festival November ,2017. Official photographer of DAL FOOD COMPANY for Sudan`s Tea Festival April,2017. Participated in group exhibition entitled "Modern Times" , september 2016. Participated in a workshop under auspices of British Council, entitled Art and Development HOLA , October 2016. Introducing children to photography at Steps International School in Omdurman , February 2015. Participated in a photography master class entitled “Modern Times” conducted by the German photographer Mr. Andre Lutzen and South African photographer Ms.Michelle Loukidis on September ,2015. Attended a portfolio review conducted by the photographer Akinbody Akinbiyi and photographer Andre Lutzen ,2014. Participated in photography master class entitled “ Where the Niles meet” conducted by the photographer Mr. Akinbody Akinbiyi,September 2013 Khartoum. Participated in group Exhibition under auspices of British Council, July2012 Participated in Group Exhibition entitled 'Visual Art', Khartoum, May 2012 Participated in Exhibition on Mouth Cancer December 2011. Official Photographer of Open Entertainment Day for MTN Employees March 2012. Official Photographer of Workshop on 'Teaching Peace Building in Sudanese Universities' organized by the Institute for the Development of Civil Society (IDCS), Regency Hotel,Khartoum June 2011. Participated in Photography Exhibition for Children with Cancer, organized by WE Group, April 2010.
AMANDA BUBB PHOTOGRAPHY – Serving Western PA Welcome! My name is Amanda Bubb and I am a photographer located in Beaver County, PA. I shoot on location for weddings, families, children, seniors and other events within Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, and Allegheny counties. For the latest updates and deals check out my Facebook page. If you have any questions or interested in booking…
Zenfolio | Harvey Kopel Photography Harvey Kopel has been interested in Photography since he joined the Camera Club in High School and became the Photographer for the school. Harvey Kopel has been interested in Photography since he joined the Camera Club in High School and became the Photographer for the school. 350 Central Park West, 7A, New York, NY 10025, United States
TORONTO PHOTOGRAPHER I am fortunate enough to grow as an artist for the rest of my life. All of the wonderful people I meet and photograph make this possible, and I''m grateful. Light is inspiring! Light in nature, light in people. Everything people. I''m interested in doi
Boudoir Photography of Massachusetts | Boudoir by J&S Photography Boudoir by J&S Photography is a Massachusetts boudoir photography experience. For anyone interested in expressing their empowered, fun and sexy side, learn more!
Tony Andrews Photography San Diego lifestyle events photographer. Family documentaries (A Day in The Life Sessions); Stock Photography; family portraits; Editorial & Photojournalism are some of my passions. Authentic, storytelling imagery is my focus.