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Latest OCAU News - Overclockers Australia Australia''s busiest PC Hardware community, serving local and international enthusiasts since 1999.
این دامنه ممکن است برای فروش باشد این دامنه ممکن است برای فروش باشد. هیچ گونه خدمات دیگر از جمله فروش یا خدمات مشابه اسم این آدرس ارائه نمی‌شود. طراحی سایت , سفارش بک لینک
SFAI Founded in 1871, SFAI is the nation’s oldest and only school of higher education dedicated to contemporary art; offering BFA, BA, MFA and MA degrees, Post-Baccalaureate and pre-college programs in art, art history, letters and sciences. We boast an illustrious list of faculty and alumni in all areas of focus. Most importantly, we have consistently held fast to a core philosophy of fostering creativity and critical thinking in an open, experimental, and interdisciplinary environment. At SFAI, we educate artists who will become the creative leaders of their generation.
Todomicro - La tecnologia en tus manos Tienda de productos de electrónica, audio, video, entretenimiento, iluminacion y herramientas para técnicos e ingenieros
XIMEA - XIMEA XIMEA develops Scientific grade or industrial cameras with CCD, CMOS or sCMOS that utilize USB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, PCI Express (PCIe) or Thunderbolt interface in Multiple camera setups or Embedded vision systems, X-RAY or Hyperspectral imaging with USB3 Vision. Cameras are offered as OEM board level or robust housing, including TE Cooled options.
KRYOTHERM and TEC Microsystems Peltier Devices | USA | SiTele Kryotherm distributor and TEC Microsystems distributor. SiTele has 300+ types of large thermoelectric coolers and 5000+ types of micro TECs. Generators, assemblies, and more also available.
hotamp hotamp:hardware, musique
ADVANCED THERMOELECTRIC Home Page - Thermoelectric Modules, Thermoelectric Cold Plates and Thermoelectric Air Conditioners ADVANCED THERMOELECTRIC Home Page - Thermoelectric Modules and Exchangers from Pollock Industries
Blackfrog Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Blackfrog develops last-mile cold chain technologies for transport & accountability of vaccines, serums, COVID-19 specimens and other biologicals that require strict temperature control. Blackfrog is based out of Manipal, India.
McShane, Inc. | Temperature Controller, NTC Thermistor, and Electronics Engineering & Manufacturer Temperature controller, NTC thermistor sensor, PID, TEC and process control products. OEM industrial electronics products and services, design and manufacture.
Thermoelectric | Ceramics | Ferrofluid | Vacuum feedthrough | Peltier | Wagen saw blade | Precision machining | Industrial washing machine | Laundry equipment Ferrotec product offerings include machinable ceramics, ferrofluid, Ferrofluidic seals, vacuum feedthroughs, peltier thermoelectric coolers, fabricated quartz, electron beam evaporation systems and automated guide vehicle AGV, iHarvey power generator.
Quantum Northwest | The largest selection of peltier based cuvette holders on earth! We make Peltier temperature-controlled cuvette holders for nearly any spectrometer used for absorbance, fluorescence, circular dichroism, neutron scattering, FTIR and laser spectroscopies such as transient absorbance. We provide temperature control for fiber optic spectrometers and Raman probes.
Casting Company Casting Company was founded in 1982 by Rolf Scheider and is specialized in commercial campaigns (film & print). Julien Peltier and his brother Matthieu are the two casting directors of the Paris office and in charge of our international casting network. Rolf Scheider is our casting consultant and heads the Berlin office.
Home - Deshu Technology - La Solución Antihumedad La solución anti-humedad. Deshumidificadores portátiles para todo tipo de ambientes. Habitación, Living, Cocina, Baños, Lavaderos, Oficina, Depositos y más.
Ultra High Vacuum Equipment Supplier - Thermionics Laboratory, Inc. | Thermionics Laboratory Incorporated Thermionics Lab is the premier choice of UHV Equipment and Precision Cleaning Services. We've been an industry leader for over 60 years! Submit your RFQ Today.