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Salvador Herrera ~ Psychedelic Visual Artist Salvador Herrera is a Mexican Visual Artist whose work revolves around psychedelia, creating portals to share with audiences the individual experience of hallucinations. In the search to unfold an interior universe through art, Salvador mainly experiments with cinematography, animation, paint, sculpture and illustration. Through his work he has come to understand that the brain is merely an antenna whose channels of perception are extremely limited. They are unable to comprehend all the information that is abundant in our physical reality. Due to these limits the investigation of the field of imagination and mysticism, of magical perception and oneiric landscapes is an infinite spiral. Salva’s inspiration comes from the natural world whose complicated physicality no-one has been able to fully explain and describe. Neither has anyone been able to find the origin of life or of the universe, the same universe in which different possible life forms are endless.His work is a visual representation of the human mind as an ecosystem of ancient symbols that control both the conscious and the subconscious. Salvador’s work opens the threshold to a phantasmatic dimension of howling creatures, where thoughts and instinct are living entities. His work has appeared in publications, exhibitions and festivals in cities such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Madrid, London, Bristol, Berlin, Cape Town, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and across Mexico. Some of his most significant exhibitions that took place in 2019 were:“Los Cánticos de las Criaturas” (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Querétaro)“Color 2020” (CICA Museum, South Korea)“La Sustancia Salvaje” (Pazall Galería, Querétaro)“Unfold 2019, Shanghai Art Book Fair” (Gold Rain publishing house)“Material Art Fair” (Mexico City, Gold Rain publishing house)“LA Art Book Fair” (The Geffen Contemporary @ MOCA, Los Angeles, Gold Rain publishing house)“Printed Matter, NY Art Book Fair” (MoMA PS1, NYC, Gold Rain publishing house)“Trámite, Buró de Coleccionistas” (Querétaro)“El fantasma de la intuición” (Galería Diego Rose, Querétaro)“Superfine! Art Fair” (Specto ArtSpace, Washington DC)Salva trained as an animator, setting up the first ever experimental animation studio in Mexico called Diezymedia. After several years of running this business he realised he wanted to set out on his own and move into fine art.He now focuses on translating his deep imagination and hallucinations into tangible visual mediums to open portals for audiences to see into the other worlds and dimensions he travels through.