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Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
DeepL Translate Use the free DeepL Translator to translate your texts with the best machine translation available, powered by DeepL’s world-leading neural network technology. Currently supported languages are English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.
ProSoccer | Free Predictions Generated by Neural Networks Free football predictions web site. ProSoccer.GR gives free tips since 2002.
R-bloggers | R news and tutorials contributed by hundreds of R bloggers We already covered Neural Networks and Logistic Regression in this blog. If you want to gain an even deeper understanding of the fascinating connection between
Scalpex index — Social data analysis for bitcoin market forecasting Scalpex Index is a neural network based trader service assistant for bitcoin sentiment analysis. Also you can check bitcoin indicators: Bitmex open interest, Bitmex walls , Binance walls, Bitfinex walls, Bitmex orderbook, Bitmex hidden orders, Bitmex liquidations, etc.
ترگمان - ترجمه آنلاین و رایگان فارسی به انگلیسی و ترجمه انگلیسی به فارسی ترگمان، سرویس ترجمه متن آنلاین و رایگان چندزبانه. با مترجم هوشمند ترگمان می‌توانید هر متنی را با کیفیتی بهتر از مترجم گوگل ترجمه کنید.
The Khronos Group Inc Deploying and developing royalty-free open standards for 3D graphics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Parallel Computing, Neural Networks, and Vision Processing
ترجمه انگلیسی به فارسی | ترجمه فارسی به انگلیسی - مترجم هوشمند فرازین {{$model.description || ''ترجمه انگلیسی به فارسی و فارسی به انگلیسی توسط مترجم فرازین کاملا رایگان است. ترجمه فایل، صفحات وب و تصاویر نیز با هزینه اندک و به سرعت انجام می شود.''}}
International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations I.J.S.E.I (International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations)
MDF Instruments Official Website MDF Instruments is a US-based branded manufacturer of handcrafted stethoscopes, neural reflex hammers, sphygmomanometers, blood pressure monitors cuffs, digital thermometers, digital blood pressure monitors and medical diagnostic penlights.
Welcome AI - Discover and Learn about AI companies and technologies in your industry. The Artificial Intelligence Market Network. Discover and learn about AI Companies, Technologies and Case Studies in your industry. Helping companies and people move into the next industrial revolution.
AI Shack Tutorials for OpenCV, computer vision, deep learning, image processing, neural networks and artificial intelligence.
Lingvanex Translator Apps for Successful Business and Saturated Lives. A complete set of Translation Tools! Apps can translate Text, Voice, Pictures and Documents. Use neural machine translation to increase your productivity.
Dynamic Neural Retraining System - Relief from Chronic Illness The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ is a drug-free, neuroplasticity based program designed to relieve symptoms related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), M.E., Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Mold Sensitivities, Food and EMF Sensitivities, Pain Syndromes, Anxiety, Adrenal Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Lyme disease, Dysautonomia, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and more...
DeepPavlov: an open source conversational AI framework DeepPavlov is designed for development of production ready chat-bots and complex conversational systems, research in the area of NLP and, particularly, of dialog systems.
Neural Regeneration Research : Free full text articles from Neural Regen Res The journal will cover studies related to health, ethical and social issues in field of Nerve Regeneration Nervous System Physiological Phenomena.
Data Weekends - A crash course with real exposure to code and data Data Weekends™ is a data science workshop where you can quickly get started practicing Python, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
Jonathan D. Grinstein, PhD – SCIENCE WRITER Jonathan D. Grinstein's wonder for the human mind and body led him to an undergraduate education in Neural Science and Philosophy and a doctorate in Biomedical Science where he studied how the brain forms memories and how individual cells make decisions to generate different body parts. He has 10 years of experience in experimental and…
PornStar Search By Face! Find Hottest Pornstars Videos, Top Sex Photo Porn Star identification. The First face-recognizing search engine based on deep neural networks. Find Look-alike, Doppelganger girls, nude babes from porn video, snapchat etc.
Lobe - Deep Learning Made Simple Lobe is an easy-to-use visual tool that lets you build custom deep learning models, quickly train them, and ship them directly in your app without writing any code.
Robo Live - A world-class global leader in Forex Trading Robo Live developed its own unified ecosystem based on quantum technologies and neural networks.
مرجع آموزش یادگیری عمیق - Deep learning محلی برای فراگیری یادگیری عمیق - deep learning‌ و آموزش ابزارهای یادگیری عمیق مثل Caffe , Torch, CNTK, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch و شبکه های عصبی و کانولوشن
Bigjpg - AI Super-Resolution Image lossless enlarging / upscaling tool using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Bigjpg - Image Super-Resolution for Anime-style artworks using the Deep Convolutional Neural Networks without quality loss. Photos are also supported.
GoatScores - Football live scores with machine made predictions GoatScores gives you football live scores with machine made predictions generated by algorithms and neural networks mining football big data
patentology A blog providing news and opinion on patents, technology and innovation. International intellectual property issues, from an Australian perspective.
Synced | AI Technology & Industry Review Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla is recruiting AI or chip talents for the company's neural network training supercomputer project "Dojo."
Smakosh | Hello world! I'm Ismail Ghallou aka Smakosh, a self-taught Graphic, UI/UX Designer and full stack developer, interested in the web, neural networks & tech in general.
Lectura de matrículas y contenedores - Neural Labs Software LPR para reconocimiento de matrículas y contenedores. Soluciones de analíticas de tráfico y de control de accesos. Máxima fiabilidad. Presencia en más de 30 países. Infórmese aquí.
Agimat FX Trading System Non Repaint Forex Trading and Binary Options Non Repaint Arrow Indicator for Forex Scalping and Binary Options with 90% accuracy. Best Forex Indicator MT4 and MT5 using neural network.
Techunits - Read, share, write your ideas on bleeding edge technologies We at Techunits RnD team dedicate ourself towards unveiling bleeding edge technologies in the fields of Data Science, Neural Networks, Machine Learning and lots more. Join us now for some exciting discovery, discussion and submissions!
The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book by Andriy Burkov All you need to know about Machine Learning in a hundred pages. Supervised and unsupervised learning, support vector machines, neural networks, ensemble methods, gradient descent, cluster analysis and dimensionality reduction, autoencoders and transfer learning, feature engineering and hyperparameter tuning! Math, intuition, illustrations, all in just a hundred pages!
High Performance Machine Learning Platform | Neural Designer Discover relationships, recognize patterns and make predictions from your data using neural networks.
Applied Data Mining Applied Data Mining. RapidMiner. R. Python. Linear Regression. k-NN, Decision Tree, Naive Bayes, Neural Network, Association Rules Mining
BabyTube ⁣Baby Tube is an app inspiring a kid or an adolescent in different ways. It is an app like YouTube. It is made for ensuring safe internet for kids and adolescents. Anyone can open an account on this app. But they have to maintain some conditions given for the safety of kids and adolescents.
GotAI.NET - Искусственный Интеллект - это просто! подбор материалов на темы непосредственно связанные с искусственным интеллектом: генетические алгоритмы, нейронные сети, экспертные системы, логика предикатов, нечеткая логика и др., практическое применение данных подходов к решению комплексных задач реального масштаба, скачать документ, доступ к ресурсам, форум, решение проблем
AI Magazine Your #1 source for the latest news and discussions in artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, quantum computing, and more. Published daily.
فصل نامه علمی پژوهشی مهندسی پزشکی زیستی فصل نامه مهندسی پزشکی زیستی مقاله های علمی پژوهشی را در تمامی زمینه های مرتبط با موضوع م
Dolor Persistente y Otros Problemas Complejos. Medicina para la Autoorganizacion. Curso Practico Intensivo de Terapia Neural. Foro de Terapia Neural. Modulacion neuromuscular. Odontología Neurofocal. Revitalizacion. Bienestar. Recuperacion del Movimiento. Argentina.
COMPUSOFT: An International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology COMPUSOFT aims to publish quality research papers in all areas of engineering and Computer Science, Communication Network, and Information Security issues, Neural Networks and Biomedical Simulations, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Mobile ad hoc computer science journals and sensor networks, Data Mining, Decision making
Neural Network Software, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Predictive Data Analytics, Data Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Processing, Parallel Computing Neural network software development tool of choice among researchers and application developers is NeuroSolutions. NeuroSolutions'' icon-based graphical user interface provides the most powerful and flexible artificial intelligence development environment available on the market today.
PredictProtein - Protein Sequence Analysis, Prediction of Structural and Functional Features service for protein structure prediction, protein sequence analysis, protein function prediction, protein sequence alignments, bioinformatics
Neural network software for clustering and classification in Microsoft Excel Neural network software for clustering and classification in Microsoft Excel.The NeuroXL software is easy-to-use and intuitive, does not require any prior knowledge of neural networks, and is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. NeuroXL brings increased precision and accuracy to a wide variety of tasks, including: cluster analysis, stock price prediction, sales forecasting, sports prediction and much more
Succeed with Axol | Your Human Cell Specialists We specialize in human cell culture. Whether you need iPSC-derived cells, disease models, human primary cells or culture media, we''re here for you.
Acupuntura - Colombia Acupuntura para su salud. Descubra como actúa para curar enfermedades y aliviar dolores mediante la inserción de finas agujas. Sistema terapeutico eficaz de la Medicina Tradicional China junto con la moxibustion y la herbolaria.
Geophysics, Inversion, and Programming: Bill Harlan''s Page Information on geophysics, optimization, and programming
Doctor Robert Banner Dr. Banner offers consultations for medical conditions that have been difficult to diagnose and/or treat. His approach is holistic, assessing a broad range of
Data Weekends - A crash course with real exposure to code and data Data Weekends™ is a data science workshop where you can quickly get started practicing Python, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
Visa Neural Balance contains the patented ingredient Anandanol that supports natural calm, focus and better sleep patterns. Autism Approved but great for anyone who needs support, on and off the spectrum. Sponsors of The Spectrum Report. Visit us for Neural Balance Reviews and ingredients.
CRC 940: Volition and Cognitive Control — SFB 940/3 - Volition and Cognitive Control — TU Dresden Which cognitive mechanisms and neural systems underlie the ability to exert volitional control over one’s actions and emotions? How is volitional control modulated by emotions and stress? Why does …
SIMULTECH 2021 - Conference Simulation Tools and Platforms, Simulation Methodologies, Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation, Application Domains
Dr. Philippe Lucidarme, University of Angers Dr. Philippe Lucidarme''s home page. Philippe LUCIDARME was born in Sainte Catherine, France, in 1976. He received his BS and MS in Electronics and Automation from the University of Lille in 1999 and 2000 respectively. He received a PhD in Robotics from the University of Montpellier in 2003. Dr. Lucidarme is currently assistant Professor at Angers Institute of Technology and responsible for the robotics research activities of the Laboratoire dIngnierie des Systmes Automatiss (LISA) in Angers. His research activities and interests are virtual reality and robotics.
ML-Showcase | A curated collection of interesting machine learning projects A curated collection of interesting machine learning projects
Terapia del Dolor - Terapia Neural | Doctor Victor Vizcarra. Tratamiento de Fibromialgia Enfermedades Que puede aliviar o curar la Terapia Neural Fibromialgia: 8 de cada 10 pacientes llegan a la total curación Neurología: Enfermedades
Spina Bifida Family Support is located in North Central Indiana and are here to assist families in providing on-going emotional support, provide practical information and education to families that are raising a child or children with spina bifida.
Alianna J. Maren – Statistical Mechanics, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence
ERDataDoc – My blog about becoming a Healthcare Data Scientist, Healthcare Big Data and Analytics, Healthcare Predictive Analytics, Infographics, and assorted Emergency Medicine/Learning Health System/Complexity Science topics. My blog about becoming a Healthcare Data Scientist, Healthcare Big Data and Analytics, Healthcare Predictive Analytics, Infographics, and assorted Emergency Medicine/Learning Health System/Complexity Science topics.
DANON Sofware DANON Software, Digitize-Pro, Digitize Data, Ungraph, WinNN, LINAC, Neural Networks
More Than Mere Words | Technology, Philosophy and more Technology, Philosophy and more
Next2% - Short Term Market Predictions Next2% is a purely advisory firm which uses artificial intelligence to create real-time short term (the “Next2%”) predictions for liquid financial market underlyings (eg Oil, EURUSD, S&P 500, Sensex etc).