The most comprehensive list of mythology websites last updated on Jul 1 2021.
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World''s largest baby names collection | angelsname Largest Collection of baby names based on Origin,Country and Alphabet .Indian baby names,american baby names,african baby names ,asian baby names ,australian baby names,european baby names,twin girls names , twin boys names,hindu baby names , muslim baby names , mythology names,modern baby names | Angelsname
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Wuxiaworld - Chinese fantasy novels and light novels! Fantasy novels and light novels, some original, some translated from Chinese. Themes of heroism, of valor, of ascending to Immortality, of combat, of magic, of Eastern mythology and legends. Updated with awesome new content daily. Come join us for a relaxing read that will take you to brave new worlds! A paradise for readers!
Ancient Origins | Reconstructing the story of humanity''s past News and articles relating to our ancient origins, archaeology news, anthropology, ancient artifacts, sacred writings, ancient places and more.
Artdaily - The First Art Newspaper on the Net The First Art Newspaper on the Net., art daily,art news,artdaily, daily art, art, art newspaper, Museums, Exhibits, Artists, Milestones, Digital Art, Architecture, Photography, Photographers, Special Photos, Special Reports, Featured Stories, Auctions, Art Fairs, Anecdotes, Art Quiz, Education, Mythology, 360 Images, 3D Images, Last Week,, , , , ,
Novel Updates - Directory of Asian Translated Novels Fantasy novels and light novels, some original, some translated from Chinese. Themes of heroism, of valor, of ascending to Immortality, of combat, of magic, of Eastern mythology and legends. Updated with awesome new content daily. Come join us for a relaxing read that will take you to brave new worlds! A paradise for readers!
Mysterious Universe The latest news from beyond the mainstream.
My title Greeklegendsandmyths is dedicated to reproducing the classic tales of Greek Mythology. Greek mythology has entertained people for millennia, and continues to do so today.
Greek Mythology | GreekMythology.com Greek Mythology offers educational information on all Greek Gods, Greek Goddesses and Myths of Ancient Greece. Study and Learn Greek Mythology with our free online lessons and e-courses.
Athens Tours by Local Experts & Greece Trips | Greek TravelTellers Immerse yourself into the legacy of the Ancients and the local vibes of the Modern with unique tours in Athens and Greece led by local experts.
Play Games Online At Voobly Voobly is a free social gaming network where you can play multiplayer games and interact with your friends online! Popular games on Voobly include Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, Age of Mythology, The Rise of Rome, and many others.
Everything is Electric Electric Universe Theory blog, news and forum including Plasma Cosmology, EU Theory mythology, chronology revisionism and Velikovsky catastrophism
Classical Wisdom Weekly | Ancient Wisdom for Modern Minds Written by Divya Gupta, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom The most sacred structures in Greek Mythology were the enigmatic sanctuaries. Temples were usually
Greek Gods and Goddesses • Facts and Information Facts and information on the many Greek gods and goddesses of ancient mythology. From the Olympian gods and goddesses down to the minor gods and goddesses.
Mythology | Gods, Titans, Angels, Demons, Mythical Creatures and More The word Mythology itself is derived from the Greek word “mythos”, meaning story of people, and “logos” which means speech. The study of these stories of creation, good versus evil, life and death, god and the afterlife is Mythology.
Sofia Zakia Jewelry Meticulously handmade and unique celestial fine jewelry. Weaving the charm and elegance of mythology through the quiet intimacy of jewelry.
The Lunar Planner: Sidereal Astrology & Synodic Astrology An educational resource: Learn about lunar cycles, sidereal astrology, synodic cycles, fixed stars, Earth''s precessional cycle, bio-harmonics and much more.
Bengali Culture : Bengali Entertainment : Bengali Food A purely informative site on Bengali Culture, Bengali entertainment, Bengali recipes and much more. A global portal of Bengalis designed specially for those who miss the oriental flavour and crave to be a part of it. Not only for Bengalis but much is there for others who would like to feel the oriental pulse....
FolkloreHindi - Best Hindu Mythological and Inspirational Stories Our Blog is all about hindu mythological stories. Here we provide best inspiring stories of Hindu mythology.
The Divine Tales The Divine Tales family offers you a warm welcome.The website features a never-ending collection of the stories related to mythology.
Greek News from Greece and Around the World: GreekReporter.com Greek News 24/7 - Greek Reporter is the leading International greek news portal and news agency. News from Greece, USA, Cyprus, Australia, Canada, Hollywood,
The Owl Pages - Information about Owls Everything to do with owls - Detailed descriptions of different species, including photos and sounds. Also includes mythology, art, books, collectables and more.
Zodiac Signs - Your Ultimate Guide to Astrology Signs 12 Astrology Zodiac Signs' information including their dates, meanings, compatibility, symbols, personality traits, elements, mythology, horoscope etc.
Noragami Manga Online -Read Free High Quality Manga Read Noragami / noragami.online Best Manga Online in High Quality
The Nine Planets of The Solar System | Eight Planets Without Pluto An overview of the history, mythology and current scientific knowledge of the planets, moons and other objects in our solar system.
The Homepage of the Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies (CAIS)© The First and Most Comprehensive, Informative and Scholarly Website Dedicated to Ancient Iran and Iranian Civilisation.
Celtic Art by Jen Delyth - Art Gallery and Celtic Symbols Celtic Art by Welsh artist Jen Delyth Artist - Celtic Tree of Life . Author of Celtic Mandala Calendar and Celtic Designs Textiles, Fine Art Prints and Celtic Jewelry Gift Line.
Arthla Book | Novel | Author Vivek Kumar Arthla hindi novel by vivek kumar. arthla is a first book of sangram sindhu gatha series based on indian mythology fantasy written by writer vivek kumar.
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Assorted Fruit Snacks Julia Harrison | art, writing, Reylo, ADHD, mythology, nature, occasionally deep sh*t My AO3 / My content on Tumblr / My Etsy store
The Bone Kindred - Home Collection of Norse/Germanic Paganism: Asatru, Odinism, etc.
Daniela Fernandes-Smith Portfolio Official blog for my artwork: illustrations, both traditional and digital; storyboards for feature films, short movies, ads and TV series; animation, etc.
The Flowers & Plants Association The UK’s promotional organisation for flowers & plants. The best site for information & inspiration on flowers and plants. Ideas for occasions throughout the year; practical care tips; research data on the health benefits of plants; individual flower facts – availability, colours, history, origins, mythology and recommendations on where to buy.
M E L L I F U O U S Oh how the stars light your eyes +Anastasia/Libra/Ravenclaw/xvi Tracking #floweraustens
pinterest circle PHIL COUSINEAU is an award-winning writer and filmmaker, teacher and editor, lecturer and travel leader, storyteller, TV and radio host. His fascination with the art, literature, and history of culture has taken him from Michigan to Marrakesh, Iceland to the Amazon, in a worldwide search for what the ancients called the “soul of the world.” With more than 35 books and 15 scriptwriting credits to his name, the “omnipresent influence of myth in modern life” is a thread that runs through all of his work. He is the author of more than 35 books including Stoking the Creative Fires, Once and Future Myths, The Art of Pilgrimage, The Hero's Journey, Wordcatcher, The Painted Word, The Oldest Story in the World, The Book of Roads, and The Accidental Aphorist. The “omnipresent influence of myth in modern life” is a thread that runs through all of his work. Phil lectures frequently on a wide range of topics—from mythology, film, and writing, to beauty, travel, sports, and creativity. An expert on mythology and film, the "hero's journey" structure of screenplays, Phil is the founding mentor of the Book Passage Bookstore's "Path to Publishing" program, and is a popular consultant on writing projects ranging from nonfiction to memoir, novels to film projects. Learn more and or contact him through his website.
Ancient Knowledge | Solving Ancient Mysteries, Coral Castle, The Secret Of The Pyramids, Sacred Sciences, Mythology, Esoteric Wisdom, Religion & The Occult Solving Ancient Mysteries, Coral Castle, The Secret Of The Pyramids, Sacred Sciences, Mythology, Esoteric Wisdom, Religion & The Occult
Articles | Tha Engliscan Gesithas A society for all those interested in the history and culture of Anglo-Saxon England, including the language and literature, archaeology, anthropology, architecture, art, religion, mythology, folklore and material culture.
Ancient Greece Reloaded| ENTER THE WORLD OF MYTHS AND LEGENDS Explore the Ancient world of myths and legends, its history, its philosophy, its sites and temples, its wars and battles, its past and future.
Book Publisher | Ethereal Visions Publishing, LLC Ethereal Visions Publishing creates beautifully illustrated books, playing cards, and prints.
Irish Myths and Legends This website contains the stories of many of Ireland''s well known myths and legends. The stories include: The Children of Lir, The salmon of knowledge, Fionn and the Fianna, Oisín and Tír na Nóg, The Giant''s Causeway, The story of Setanta, The Cattle raid of Cooley, Cuchulainn defends Ulster and The death of Cuchulainn
inspx. Mainly an inspiration blog for all things mythology and magic. Will occasionally also post resources. Suggestions are currently open.
My Sweet Sanity Giselle (28) is a self proclaimed fangirl of questionable sanity. Who ♥ anime, felines, mythology, comics, fanfiction, movies, quotes, manga, books, tv-series & music. I write fanfiction which can be...
Meghan Genge Writer, seeker, storyteller, retreat leader, and magic finder. Author of Unfurl. Currently living and creating a life in the jungle in Costa Rica.
TARA FLY ART - Cat Art for Literary People Literary cat artist, Tara Fly, paints traditional acrylic portraits of cats dressed as characters from classic literature, history, mythology, and fairy-tales.
Worldrede Academy Depth psychology, applied mythology, effective storytelling, and ecopsychology consulting by Worldrede Academy.
American Mythology Comic Books American Mythology is a comic book publisher focused on producing the best licensed and original content in the industry.
Arachne The central question the Arachne webzine takes up is the relationship of mythology to the internet. The zine’s thematics of gender, labor, and technology focus this project on explorations of the landscape upon which ideas of self, society, public, community, and craft, are constructed online today, using the myth of the spider as a starting point.
Cultural Centre of India Cultural Centre of India offer dance classes, workshops and performances on India''s dance styles and culture. We bring our cultural narrative to life in our thriving community. Our mission is to train the next generation of artists in the highest level of the Indian classical dance tradition. To present Indian classical dance performances in innovative ways and at unexpected places. To engage diverse audiences in Indian classical arts including dance, music, culture, mythology and history.
there is no shelter from the storm
Ernesto Baron - The Magical Land of the Celts Ernesto Baron Official Site. Ernesto Baron is known internationally as a writer, researcher and lecturer.
Home - Folklore, History & the Study of Myth Author Gary R. Varner s folklore and mythology site. Exploring topics from the Green Man, Gargoyles and Grotesques, Native American mythology, sacred sites, early religion and traditions.
GEEKY MYTHOLOGY – Books, Movies & Pop Culture Books, Movies & Pop Culture
TrendPickle - Tips, Stories on Finance, Health, Mythology, Movies & More Trendpickle.com brings you articles, stories and videos on entertainment, lifestyle, movies, finance & health, mythology from all over the Globe.
STANLEY KRIPPNER, PH.D. - Stanley Krippner Personal Mythology and Parapsychology Stanley Krippner is a professor of personal mythology and parapsychology.
جنگهای صلیبی 2 سایت جنگ های صلیبی،سایت قلعه،وبلاگ رسمی جنگ های صلیبی،قلعه جنگهای صلیبی 2،قلعه 123,ghale123
Quarantine This is a lot of everything tbh. Author of a Modern Greek Mythology post. Currently Star Wars trash (specifically for Anakin)
جنگهای صلیبی 2 سایت جنگ های صلیبی،سایت قلعه،وبلاگ رسمی جنگ های صلیبی،قلعه جنگهای صلیبی 2،قلعه 123,ghale123
Art by Anca I draw, paint, and make comics. Pen and ink is my favorite medium. Buy me a coffee
Chinese Mythology Podcast Chinese Mythology Podcast is the first and only English podcast focusing on Chinese mythology where you get to join Yang's husband Eric as she tells him of myths and legends she grew up with. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do! Listen to the podcast and subscribe on Itunes Podcast, Soundcloud,  Stitcher…
Magpie Indie ||  Loki, God of Mischief, roleplay and meta blog || SIDEBLOG || Heavy on media crit and social discourse || Characterization based on MCU, Marvel comics, and Norse pagan mythology || Please...
The Northern Antiquarian Forum - Portal Portal : Archaeology & Myth of Ancient British Sites: Stone Circles, Holy Wells, Maypoles, tombs, shamanism, cosmologies, etc
Gordian Solutions, Inc. corporate home page Gordian Solutions, Inc. (Kingdom of Gordian) web site offers resources for companies and individuals seeking information technology and software architecture consulting, puzzles, diversions, products and white papers.
"...You''d best never forget this worthless pride of mine." Marvel | DC | htgawm | Les mis | Greek Mythology | Anime/Manga | the Foxhole Court | Shadowhunters
Jessica Esther Hoflick - Montreal Based Painter The paintings explore existential themes, departing from a realm of fantastical landscape towards a lighthearted reinterpretation of world mythology and symbolism.
Greek Mythology: Eight Brief Tales of Lovers
Anne Zouroudi - author and creator of Hermes Diaktoros Crime books set in Greece where mystery meets mythology and magical realism - fans of Donna Leon and Victoria Hislop will love the Greek Hercule Poirot.
She''s a Killer Queen Though she be but little she is fierce ~ William Shakespeare Erin // 21+ // student, writer, artist// obsessed with mythology, fairy tales, history, harry potter, marvel, old hollywood, star wars,...
Shatterdome Starfighter + Sport Anime Hell + a little bit of everything else (music, anime, comics, fashion & zombies all thrown together!) Current obsessions: Sport Anime Hell (Haikyuu!! / Ace of Diamond /...
Mirror of the Marvelous Visions, myth and dreams. Folklore and healing wisdom. Country life and wild nature.  #mythology  #imagination  #celtic  #shamanic  #pagan  #magical  Sideblogs:  #folkmagiclore  #ancientshamans ...
Soulful Wondering Of A Witch I am not a priestess, nor am I a wild woman. I am not an expert in correspondences, mythology, or any such thing. I am just a woman who has experienced the call of the Goddess. And I would like to...
www.thegenesiscode.com Describes the Garden of Eden story as a manual for self-evolution; our path of spirituality & clarity.
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Home - Hello from the Magic Tavern
mesosyn.com Educational introduction to mental exercise, science, religion, mythology, art and beauty, philosophy, history and humour by using essential, interesting and entertaining information supplemented with high quality free photos and images which are in the public domain or licensed under a Creative Commons License or GNU Free Documentation License. We also provide links to popular videos, best musics and magic shows.