The most comprehensive list of millennial websites last updated on Jun 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
A Parenting Guide for Millennial Mama | Popmama.com Popmama.com adalah media online yang menyajikan konten worth-sharing yang trending dan relevan untuk millennial mama di Indonesia.
Elite Daily Elite Daily is the ultimate digital destination for millennial women who are discovering the world, and themselves in the process. Elite Daily delivers authentic and relatable content spanning entertainment, dating, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and news.
The College Investor | Millennial Personal Finance and Investing The College Investor helps millennials get out of student loan debt to start investing, building passive income, and wealth for the future.
The Post Millennial - News, Politics, Culture, and Lifestyle Political, business, and investigative journalism news coverage in Canada. Local, provincial, and federal news and current events analysis across Canada.
Romper Romper is the leading digital destination for millennial moms. Through a diverse set of voices, Romper speaks to a new generation of mothers, helping them navigate the adventure of parenthood in a fun, relatable, and honest way. At Romper, our writers and editors know that motherhood expands your identity, rather than eclipsing it.
MindSumo | Crowdsourcing for Innovation and Insights from Millennials MindSumo is the leading crowdsourcing platform for insight and innovation from Millennials and Gen Z consumers. We harness the power of the crowd to generate ideas and solve problems for companies.
Morning Lazziness - Relationship & Wellness Guide Morning Lazziness is a young millennial guide. Dedicated to providing wellness-health tips, & share leadership tactics.
BrightHumanity | Leading New Age Content Portal BrightHumanity is a Leading New Age Content Portal that creates captivating content for millennial. This fascinating content you can share anywhere...
The Millennial Mirror – in the trends
the Data Lounge - Gay Celebrity Gossip, Gay Politics, Gay News and Pointless Bitchery since 1995. DataLounge - Gay Celebrity Gossip, Gay Politics, Gay News and Pointless Bitchery since 1995.
Are You Inept When It Comes To The World of Digital Marketing? I Can Help. Are you inept when it comes to digital marketing and social media? I provide a boomer's B2B experience with a millennial's understanding of social media.
Amber Rae Amber Rae, named "A Millennial Motivator" by Fortune, guides you to harness the wisdom of your emotions and transform the way you move through the world.
Millennial Magazine Millennial Magazine is an aspirational lifestyle platform for the global "adult" millennial.
Kiwi The Beauty Millennial Influncer & Blogger | Lifestyle + Travel + Entertainment + Beauty
India City Blog - Digital Daily for Indian Millennials ICB talks about millennial centric trends in travel, fashion, beauty, art & culture, food and books.
FabWoman - FabWoman | News, Style, Living Content For The Nigerian Woman FabWoman is dedicated to inspiring Nigerian millennial women to live better and more beautiful lives with the freshest lifestyle, fashion and health content.
Urban Woman Magazine - For The Millennial African Woman Urban Woman Magazine is a women's lifestyle magazine which aims to tell stories about the Millennial African Woman. We are showcasing the African woman, her beauty, her lifestyle
Home | GovLoop Join more than 300,000 of your federal, state and local government peers in innovating and problem-solving with free resources and trainings.
Startup Marketing Agency - HypeLife Brands | Reach Millennials Today Established in 2001, HypeLife Brands is a progressive brand development + marketing agency specializing in helping B2C/D2C lifestyle startups and challenger brands engage Millennials through powerful, consistent precision marketing.
Millennial Revolution - Stop Working. Start Living. Stop Working. Start Living.
Millennial New World - latest news, breaking stories & Topics Everything you are looking for in one place, all the latest breaking news on millennials world is here. Get into the hype and be an influencer yourself
Myko San | Medicinal Mushroom Extracts Based on Millennial Tradition, Best Available Science and 25-Year Practical Experience. Dr Myko San – Professional Medicinal Mushroom Supplements Myko San is the leading producer of medicinal mushroom supplements for health since 1990. We offer the best medicinal mushroom extract blends, which include shiitake, reishi, maitake, and many others. (Lentinus edodes, Ganoderma lucidum, Grifola | Myko San
Octagon | Sports & Entertainment Agency | Talent Representation, Sponsorship Consulting Octagon is the world's largest sports & entertainment agency with over 30 years in sports marketing, sponsorship and athlete & talent representation. With expertise in rights managements, measurement, digital, insights, millennial marketing, and experiential marketing.
DIFIQ The most up to date trends and fashions. Forever Millennial
Visa Urban Society is the street wear fashion shop for the urban millennial. We have a wide selection of hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, joggers, shoes & more. Your #1 stop for street wear, street fashion and the Japanese style street fashion.
Page 1 A digital handbook for the modern man, Style Girlfriend helps millennial guys improve their style and show up in their lives with more confidence.
TOP Marketing Agencies — TOP Agency TOP Agency serves Fortune class and startup clients across industry verticals. From B2B to millennial consumers, all of our agencies work cooperatively as a single unified team.
Founder's Guide | For Startups and Entrepreneurs Proceed to Succeed! Start up the Business of your Dreams. Discover practical tips and inspiration to guide you on your startup journey.
Instinct and Reason – Advanced Market research A global and local Australian market research and social research consultancy providing market research insights, solving marketing and social problems for clients. Using data driven analytics like modeling, choice modeling, price optimisation modeling, pricing market research, market segmentations, and advanced modeling. Creating market insights. Using qualitative market research methodologies like ethnography, focus groups, in depth interviews, semiotics and online forums and online discussion boards. Solving policy problems for Australian government organisations, or helping them optimise their marketing campaigns. Market research for Agricultural sectors, Financial and Insurance markets, Consumer goods, Public services and government, and research on over 55 years, baby boomers, and millennial market research.
ButterPolish - Business, Lifestyle, Marketing, Reviews, Social & Technology ButterPolish is the ultimate digital destination for millennial women who are discovering the world, and themselves in the process. ButterPolish delivers authentic and relatable content spanning Business, Lifestyle, Marketing, Reviews, Social & Technology and Latest Tricks
FINANCE guru SPEAKS Website to provide Millennial approach towards Mutual Funds, Investments, Personal Finance, Banking, Shares, Tax Savings and Retirement Planning.
Travel for Impact An expedition to bring solar energy to the remote villages of the world, creating a life-changing experience and a long-lasting impact on the traveler and the community.
Travel, Culture and Lifestyle for the Millennial Muslim HalalZilla is the global platform for over a billion Millennial Muslims to connect, voice and interact on the topics of lifestyle and travel.
PrimaBuzz - Not Your Average Millennial Blog PrimaBuzz is passionate about exploring authentic millennial experiences In Miri, definitely Sarawak, one day Borneo, and in near future, all of Southeast Asia. With the slogan Come Curious, Leave Enlightened, we seek to develop global awareness for things that have not been discovered in the local r egion. Our tagline is It's not just any Buzz , It’s PrimaBuzz! Put it simply, we cover any Buzz that will entertain you and of course, keep you informed with the latest news and trends on the move.
The Millennial - To The Millennial, For The Millennial, By The Millennial To The Millennial, For The Millennial, By The Millennial
The Peacock Magazine by Falguni Shane Peacock The Peacock Magazine is a luxury magazine that decodes fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture trends that the millennial generation identifies with.
Weekends Count Magazine - Education, Financial Independence, and Family Travel A millennial family helping others achieve financial independence to retire early, discover evening homeschool, and afford family travel.
Athleisure Mag | Strong | Sexy | Spoiled | Athleisure Mag is for passionate, affluential and millennial members with a keen taste for active life/style - from fashion to fitness, sports, wellness, culture, music, travel and entertainment as it pertains to athleisure culture. Original editorial features, trend segments, tips, and reviews guide modern, balanced lifestyle for our strong, sexy and spoiled readers.
OMGVoice - The Voice of the African Millennial OMGVoice has breaking news, entertainment, videos, celeb news, food videos, recipes, photos and fun content to share with your friends and family.
DAILYPOST.ID | Media Cyber Millennial DAILYPOST.ID | Media Cyber Millennial, Gorontalo, Boalemo, Limboto, Gorut, Pohuwato, Bone Bolango, Kota Gorontalo, Kabupaten Gorontalo
Opinikoe | Edukasi & Informasi opinikoe.id berkomitmen menyajikan konten berkualitas dan memperkaya Informasi Generasi Millennial. Ulasan kami seputar Traveling, History, Tutorial.
Millennial Money Man | Make Money, Save Money, Pay Off Debt Millennial Money Man teaches Millennials how to make more money with side hustles, save more money, and pay off debt.
The Mountain And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.
Weekends Count Magazine - Education, Financial Independence, and Family Travel A millennial family helping others achieve financial independence to retire early, discover evening homeschool, and afford family travel.
The Lotus Pure | Travel, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Founded by Auneetuh Aloys, The Lotus Pure is a platform created with the millennial woman in mind. Our mission is to inspire you to live a life you truly love using storytelling, exploration, and conversation.
Millennials 0279 At Purpose Generation, we are passionate about integrating purpose to creatively connect brands with the millennial generation of consumers and employees.
Simply Sabrina | Atlanta Blogger | Top Atlanta Lifestyle & Beauty Blog Simply Sabrina is an award-winning lifestyle blog based in Atlanta, Georgia. Simply Sabrina reaches over 200k readers and is geared towards millennial women of color. Over the last decade, Sabrina has built an audience of women to know, like, and trust her lifestyle advice.
The Art of Interviews – Interview tips and tricks by Shirin Patwa Thanks for visiting my blog. I have now relocated the content to www.shirinpatwa.com. Please visit my website for updated content. Why Should You Ask Questions In An Interview How to Get Hired in a Media Agency How to Engage the Millennial Talent Millennial Interview 101 Why your resume might be ending in the application black…
drop Hi! We’re a multi-award winning creative and production agency based in New Zealand. Our creativity gets brands noticed, our strategy gets results. We’ve built a world-class reputation on fresh ideas grounded in modern consumer culture.
Millennials Flats,Rooms,House on Rent with No Brokerage. YourOwnROOM | Online Managed Rental Solutions across Bengaluru & Pune Millennial No Brokerage homes for rent. YourOwnRoom brings to you fully furnished attractive homes/apartments with all amenities in convenient locations all over the cities in India. Brokerage free living spaces for singles with maintenance issues handled in a professional manner.Online hassle free managed rentals by YourOwnRoom.
Gail Sheehy Millennial women are thriving while millennial men are floundering. Gail Sheehy finds that American society has not caught up with the dramatic decline in marriage, the new normal of single motherhood, or the identity crisis of young men.
Bob Fisch | Millennial Baby Boomer | Business Mentor Former Rue21 CEO Bob Fisch shares his 30+ years of experience to create a new generation of understanding between Baby Boomers and Millennials.
25before25 | London | The Radical Sabbatical Home of the 25before25 project - blog about trying 25 careers before turning 25. Careers education and portfolio career advocate.
More raven than boy. Ronan Orion. 28. he/him. Unusual for a millennial.
Advertising & Marketing Agency in San Antonio, TX | Chamoy Creative San Antonio millennial advertising and marketing agency Chamoy Creative, with Social Media, Digital Marketing, Creative, and Hispanic Marketing Services.
Life in its Natural State A blog about millennial life in Arkansas--the woes & uplifting moments of full-time non-profit work, homeownership, & adventure.
ابن حارس الحديقه He/him, old-ass millennial, harami Shi'i Muslim revert, cognitive dissonantly-fueled Anarchist-ish fool; leo sun, taurus moon, libra ascendant if it matters to you; and so on, and so forth. Own text...
SHE | Millennial Life-Coaching Company" キャリアだけに留まらない、人生100年時代における自分らしい生き方をサポートし、ワーク&ライフスタイルをアップデートする。
Taylor Lou Coaching Lifestyle design coaching and business consultant for multi-passionate millennial women. I help women to create the life, personal brand, and business of their dreams!
Payton Black, millennial lifestyle blogger, model and founder of You Are My Sista women''s empowerment organization
Easy, Healthy-ish Recipes | My Millennial Kitchen Chef & Registered Dietitian Nutritionist creating easy, healthy-ish recipes with flare & flavor! I make easy recipes & helpful kitchen & ingredient guides.
Home - CounterMentors - Solving the Millennial Problem. Do you have a Millennial Problem? Kelly and Robby Riggs have the solution. Book Kelly and Robby to speak at your event today.
Máximo Riera TresM Studio | London - Dedicated to cultivate art.
House of Shameless A full service creative agency specializing in influencer first digital production. We bridge the gap between brands and influencers.
Hello Brittnee | Columbus, OH Motherhood + Lifestyle Blog Hello Brittnee is a motherhood + lifestyle blog in Columbus, OH. Hello Brittnee caters to the millennial women that is juggling it all and living her best life! I love sharing my mom stories, work stories, and life stories with my audience. There is someone out there that gets it.
Conversational, Friendly, Youthful Male Voice Over Talent | Michael Langsner Youthful, Believable, Real, Natural, Conversational, Millennial Male Voice Over Talent | Michael Langsner
The Millennial Christian Woman Thanks for stopping by! Rachel Reich considers herself a Millennial Christian Woman (MCW) and is radically in love with King Jesus. She is the founder and author of The Millennial Christian Woman blog and YouTube channel and is joyfully creating a community of believers who desire the “One thing” (Psalm 27:4) above all else.  Allow her…
Sam Hates Everything – And if not everything, most things. And if not everything, most things.
Shakespeare Confidential – A millennial searches for meaning with the Bard 400 years after his death A millennial searches for meaning with the Bard 400 years after his death
Almost Diplomatic Musings of a millennial journalist turned diplomat''s (undiplomatic) wife
born in the know - millennial fashion + lifestyle blog millennial fashion + lifestyle blog
Millennial Sexual Health | All The Frequently Unanswered Questions I am getting certified in sexual and relationship health to help you manifest better relationships, better sex, and a better you!
Travel Blogger. ESL Teacher. China Expat. Optimistic Millennial Adventurer! Travel Blogger. ESL Teacher. China Expat. Optimistic Millennial Adventurer. Welcome to Don's ESL Adventure!
MILLENNIAL JUNGLE MARKETING - Amazon Seller Central Consulting Let us help you Amazon store grow. Our specialized services aim to bring your products Amazon success.
Millennial Falls Wedding and Reception Center Beautiful Reception Center in Draper, Utah. Gorgeous gardens, waterfalls and indoor setting. Perfect for weddings, receptions, luncheons and special events