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Invalid Page | Indiegogo Crowdfund innovations in tech and design before they go mainstream and support entrepreneurs that are working to bring their dreams to life.
Tori News Tori.ng Latest and breaking news headlines in Nigeria. Tori is the best nigerian news for gossips, entertainment, politics, sports
Altar your thinking with Offbeat Bride's wedding ideas We're the web's most popular wedding blog for alternative wedding planning advice, unique wedding ideas, wedding dresses, invitation wording, and more!
The Chair Institute We LOVE chairs, and we recognize their importance in modern society. That's why we study them. We invite you to come and learn about them with us!
Longrich Bioscience Int''l | Here is an opportunity for you | Earn weekly without stress Frustrated, you don''t have handwork? Searching for job? Worried about your bills? Here is an opportunity for you It is time to step out of your comfort zone to longrich join the fastest growing team. Types: Starter Package, Gold Package, Platinum VIP Package, Platinum Package.
On Being Pursuing deep thinking and moral imagination, social courage and joy, to renew inner life, outer life, and life together. A nonprofit media and public life initiative.
TeaChef - Tea Recipes for Cooking with Tea TeaChef is a community of people passionate about cooking and tea. More specifically, cooking with tea. We invite you to experiment with this month''s tea selection and submit your recipe and picture. Each month the community votes on the most creative of recipes. The winner gets a $50 gift certificate to Adagio Teas. Please purchase a sample of this month''s tea
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Jess & Russ Three years ago In Brooklyn, two people met and fell in love. Now, on September 2nd 2012, they invite you to help celebrate their wedding. Here’s how it all came together…
Roman Catholic Church in Scottsdale AZ | Saint Maria Goretti Saint Maria Goretti is a Roman Catholic Church in Scottsdale Arizona. Our mission is to learn the faith to pray better, love the faith to serve better, live the faith to give better. We invite you to visit us and experience our welcoming community.
Dreams Come True So Dress Your Love Story. We Invite You To Discover Your Dream Dress. Your Best Day Ever Awaits. Book Your In-Store Appointment at Debbie's Bridal Text Us 213-614-0740 Debbie's Bridal Dreams Come True So Dress Your Love Story. We Invite You To Explore & Discover Your Dream Dress. Feel Beautiful & Confident on the most important Day of Your Life. We at Debbie’s Bridal constantly strive to provide exceptional service. From alterations to helping brides find that perfect wedding dress. We know shopping for a wedding dresses in Los Angeles you have a variety of options and we would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you. Your Best Day Ever Awaits. Book Your Virtual or In-Store Appointment at Debbie's Bridal by Texting the Store at 213-614-0740 or simply email us info@debbiebridal.com We believe there is nothing more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day. True Love. True Happiness. Forever and Always.
The Windward Choral Society - Promoting the joy, love, appreciation and value of multi-cultural music within the Windward O'ahu community and beyond.
LeGrand L. Baker | Complete Works of LeGrand L. Baker Hi Everyone! This is Tonya Baker Miller, LeGrand's daughter. As many of you already know, LeGrand passed away peacefully on Thursday, August 2, 2018. He left such a legacy of love - love for the gospel coupled with love for each one of us! I miss him so much, but have a strong sense that he is thrilled with what he is learning and experiencing now! His funeral will be a week from today, Saturday, August 11th, at 1:00 p.m. (Please email me if you would like more details.) I am currently compiling tributes to my dad and want to invite any of you who are interested to share a story of time spent together, a favorite passage of scripture you read with him, etc. Please email your tributes to me at tonya_b_miller@yahoo.com This website will continue to be maintained but not added to, and my family and I hope that you will still use it!
Dog Training Tips | Best Dog Training Tips Online Hey you, new pooch parent-yeah, you with the cute puppy who can't stop pulling! Want some tricks to keep Trixie on task? Or perhaps you're already an old pro but want to make your outdoor excursions more fun for both you and your dog. Follow our insider tips and your pooch will be eager to get going as soon as you pick up the leash! It's the Leash You Can Do What's the best type of leash? "Use whatever you feel most comfortable holding," recommends the ASPCA Animal Behavior Center's Kristen Collins, CPDT. Flexi-leads are best reserved for walks in the park, when it's safe for a dog to explore a bit further away from her pet parent. They are NOT a good idea if you're walking in an area with high foot traffic or off-leash dogs, as the long line may get wrapped around your dog, a person's leg or another dog. Many people think chain leashes look nice, but they are much heavier than nylon or leather, and they can be very hard on the hands. Even so, they sometimes work well for dogs who like to tug or bite the leash. "Metal doesn't feel nearly as nice in a dog's mouth," explains Collins. Leather leashes are a good option because they are easiest on the hands. Nylon leashes can cut into hands or give a pet parent "leash burn" if a dog pulls a lot or unexpectedly lunges forward. But they come in many stylish colors and designs, and they hold up well after repeated exposure to rain and snow. Pull Over, Rover! Constant pulling on the leash makes walks stressful for both of you. "It's a common problem that can happen for a number of reasons," says Collins. If your dog darts after local wildlife, it may help to walk him when critters are less likely to be out and about; avoid dawn and dusk. You can also check out our article Dogs Who Are Reactive on Leash. If the problem is simply pulling on leash due to natural canine enthusiasm for all the exciting signs and sounds you encounter on walks, you'll find help in our article Teaching Your Dog Not to Pull on Leash. Try using a head halter to walk a dog who's excitable on leash. "They provide power steering for dog parents!" says Collins. "The Gentle Leader® by Premier® Pet Products is my personal favorite." Stay Off the Grass (and Out of the Flower Beds!) Our experts at the ASPCA Poison Control Center want you to keep your walks toxin-free: During the warmer months, it's important to keep your pet safe from toxic lawn and garden products. Insecticides and certain types of mulch can cause problems for our furry friends-during neighborhood strolls, please be sure to keep your pooch off the lawns of others. Even though popular spring bulb plants like tulips and daffodils add much to our landscape, they can cause significant stomach problems for our furry friends. If your pooch likes to stop and smell-or nibble-the flowers, please keep him on a short leash during your walks. So Nice to Meet You! It's great that your friendly pooch loves meeting people during walks-but not so great that she jumps up on them. "The basic idea is to teach your dog how to sit on cue and then require her to sit to interact with people," says Collins. "No sitting, no greeting. But if she sits, she gets to enjoy the reward of greeting her friends." It doesn't hurt to reward the dog with a treat-or ask the person whom she's greeting to offer a treat. See our article on Teaching Your Dog Not to Jump Up on People for more guidelines. Three Things To Bring If you're planning an extended walk, be sure to bring water for your dog-especially if it's warm outside. Don't forget the goodies! Walks are great training opportunities. Bring Fido's fave treats along, and practice tricks and obedience while you're out in the world. "This will solidify your dog's skills and convince him that going on walks is fantastic fun!" says Collins. Don't get caught without extra poop bags, particularly if you're going on a long walk. (P.S. This is a great way to recycle all those plastic grocery bags!) Watch for Creepy Crawlies Depending on the time of the year and the area of the country you live in, sneaky critters like snakes, spiders, scorpions and bees can be a serious concern for pet and parent alike. If you're walking in a densely wooded area, take extra care to keep an eye out for hidden dangers. So Nice to Meet You! Taking a walk to a dog park or other fenced-in area that's safe for canines to romp freely? Make sure your dog is prepared for off-leash play. "Your dog must know how to come when called," says Collins, "so the most important thing to do is teach a really reliable recall." Find out how to accomplish this in our article Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called. Take It Up a Notch Here are some suggestions for making walks more fun for your dog: Mix it up! Try taking your dog to new places. He'll love experiencing the new sights, smells and sounds at a novel location. Choose fabulous destinations. If possible, walk to fun places, like friends' houses or the dog park. Walk with buddies. If your dog likes other dogs, consider group walks. You can either borrow a friend's dog to accompany you, or invite family and friends who have dogs to meet you somewhere. What's Bugging You? Walking in humid, mosquito-friendly areas? Spray yourself, not your pooch! Even though it's tempting to share insect repellent with your pooch, it can be a grave mistake. Insect repellent should never be applied to dogs, who can suffer neurological problems from the toxic ingredient, DEET. Instead, ask your veterinarian for a suitable, pet-specific alternative.
Dekarda Dekarda would love to help you create a beautiful and unique Customized Hardcover or softcover wedding invitation to your special day celebration and an exclusive moment preparation for you and your guests.
Perth Cathedral St Ninian’s | Scottish Episcopal Church | Perth Scotland | Christian | St. Ninian''s Cathedral, Perth As part of the Scottish Episcopal Church, Perth Cathedral St Ninian’s serves as the focal point of the diocese of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane. We strive to inspire our congregation, the local community and the wider world in the knowledge and love of God. We aim to engage all generations in the richness of the Christian faith and the Passion of Christ through prayer, worship and music. We invite and welcome everyone to enjoy the beauty of the building and experience a journey of spiritual learning through the worship of God.
Passion in the Kitchen An Okanagan blog with great recipes, mostly vegetarian, made with love. I love to play with my food and I invite you to do the same.
Church of the Nativity, an Episcopal Church in Raleigh, NC Welcome to Church of the Nativity, an Episcopal church in the trees of North Raleigh. We invite all people to glorify God through worship, prayer, fellowship, education, and loving service, and to experience God’s love and peace through Jesus Christ.
Logo परमेश्वरकाप्रेम.कॉम - एक पारस्परिक व्यवहार की यात्रा| We invite you to discover the love of God and a summary of the Bible message through this interactive journey of 5 steps!
YouTube We invite you to join us this Sunday! When you visit Journey Church, you can expect a group of people who will love you and welcome you for who you are. You will see all different types of people, from all different walks of life, looking to move forward in their journey with Christ.
Becky Munsterer Sabky | Things I love. Things I write. Things I love to write. Things I love. Things I write. Things I love to write.
The Hive By Honeycomb - Massage, Facials, Waxing, Lashes, Corvallis Or A relaxing and uplifting environment providing massage therapy, facials, body waxing, and lash extension services at The Hive By Honeycomb in Downtown Corvallis.
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Home - Christ Episcopal Church | Celebrating God's love through worship, ministry and hospitality. We are a parish of members living on or near the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix in the northwest corner of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.
Devana Salon - Denver’s best salon for naturally curly hair Devana Salon is Denver’s best salon for naturally curly hair - We specialize exclusively in curly and wavy hair and invite you to Love Your Natural Curls
Welcome to Purpose World Church in Snellville, GA! Welcome to Purpose World Church in Snellville, GA! We invite all to come and experience the love, peace, and joy that comes from a life journey with Jesus!
Home page | Auto Repair Shop | Bockman's Auto Care Bockman’s Auto Care has been the area’s top auto repair shop since 1964. We were founded with values that we’ve carried with us from our beginning to today. We invite you to discover why we’re so unique, how we support our community, and even learn about our staff and technical team.
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church - Welcome to Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church. We invite all to join us every Sunday at 8:15 or 11:00 Services. Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Westerville, Ohio is a member congregation of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC). Our mission is to reach out with the love of Jesus to grow disciples and serve our community.
Park Church, a United Methodist Congregation - HOME Park United Methodist Church is a faith-based community in Brainerd that seeks to invite others into a relationship with Jesus so they can encounter the love of Christ and respond by blessing others.
Parkview Christian Life Center, Inc. | Home Thank you for visiting the website of Parkview Christian Life Center of Haines City, Florida. This powerful ministry is lead and directed by our pastor, Henry L. Babers, Sr. God has and is continually blessing this ministry in so many ways. We are excited and continue to look forward to seeing the many wonderful things come to pass that God has already revealed to us. We invite you to become a part of a fast growing, anointed word based ministry. Remember if you are ever in our area, please stop by and fellowship with us.
Classic Tone Guitars – Unique Hand Crafted Custom Guitars What does a Custom Guitar mean to you? Now that is a question to sink your teeth into and plenty has been expressed about this topic prior to me asking. Well, I am not sure about you, but for me Custom Guitars come from a love of Music.. a love of Guitars and a love of being able to envision an instrument where none was before...then going about the process of planning, crafting and testing until you get it just right! It is by no means an easy task and requires many other disciplines to master. One must have an understanding of Wood / Glue / Metal / Plastic / Electronics / Acoustic / Balance / Style / History and Music Technology... We Guitarists are certainly a strange breed and I must admit that I think it takes a guitarist (or in this case.. a bunch of Guitarists) to pull this off. Personally, I played and lived guitars for more than 30 years before I put my thoughts down on paper. Being formally trained in Architecture, it has been a true labor of love the entire time. I will be the first too tell you that none of this was done in a vacuum.. I have a team of very talented guys without whom I would be really stuck. All of us put our collective talents together to produce some of the most Magical Guitars I have ever had the pleasure to play. So come on in and enjoy as we invite you into the Passion that is Classic TONE Guitars! Thank You, Joe > Custom Guitars More Info > The Custom Shop More Info > On-line Store More Info > On The Way More Info
Pneuma Church | Local Christian Church In Ladner, South Delta, BC Pneuma Church in Ladner, BC, is a church in Delta that loves God and loves people. We invite you to visit and experience the real love and power of Jesus.
College Heights United Methodist Church | College Heights United Methodist Church is an active, community-minded church in the heart of the Lake Morton neighborhood in Lakeland, Florida. We have open hearts, open minds, and open doors. All are welcome, so come and worship! We would love to get to know you and introduce you to our community of believers who long to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we are here to help you take the next step. We offer worship, Sunday school, opportunities for learning and service, and times of fellowship. Got questions? We invite questions and conversation within a community of diverse opinions. We''ll help you find your answers, and journey with you in the unknowing.
Hammer's Hideaway Campground – Come and get away from it all Welcome to Hammer's Hideaway Campground We live in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee, and we want to show off our love for our property.  We invite you to come and see all that this area has to offer.  Our address is: 13431 New Highway 68, Tellico Plains, TN  37385.  
Welcome | Hardy Memorial United Methodist Church Hardy Memorial United Methodist Church is an open and friendly place to find and grow your faith - we invite you to try us out.
Lazuli Sailing Hi, we are Gi & Lien. We love to invite you and your family or friends to our wonderful sailing trips in the Eastern Caribbean Islands. Our trips are a perfect combination of adventure, relaxation, connecting & having fun :-)! We also offer professional Online Live Coaching sessions & teaching of Awareness.
Charlene Sands | Bold, passionate, heart-melting heroes... A Note from Charlene Welcome to my home away from home! I'm happy to announce the release of my newest romances from Tule Publishing. If you love Hallmark and Lifetime movies you will enjoy One-of-a-Kind Bride and Merry Christmas, Cowboy! These sweet stories are the first in my Last Stand, Texas romances! In January, keep a look out for my Texas Cattleman's Club story from Harlequin Desire, One Night in Texas, on the spicier side. And my Texas Tremaines romances are hitting the shelves in March and August 2021 as well. If you'd like to be included in exclusive giveaways and new, free and discounted book updates, please use the SIGN UP to join my Newsletter. Brand new Giveaways are happening right now. Don't miss it! A big thank you for visiting and reading my stories... I love that you do! Coming on January 1st! An upstairs-downstairs affair always has consequences…from USA TODAY bestselling author Charlene Sands! She was an employee's daughter. He was the heir. Now the tables have turned… Gracie Diaz is no longer a young girl watching the Wingate family from afar. She's a woman of means after a lucky lottery win. And she's pregnant with Sebastian Wingate's child, thanks to a red-hot night after a Texas Cattleman's Club ball. But his family has nearly lost everything. Is he seducing her just to use her newfound wealth? Available Now - Home to Texas Series! Home to Texas Book 2 He flips houses. She flips hearts… Independent contractor Garrett Brown hopes to survive Christmas in Last Stand, Texas, without too much fuss. Not interested in the rancher lifestyle, he plans to flip the house he inherited on Cottonwood Ranch and move onto his next project. Little Cody, the nephew he's raising, needs stability, and he's got a home waiting for them in California. The last thing Garrett needs is to become attached to anyone—or any place—or to get involved with silly Christmas festivities. Kindergarten teacher Nicole Russell adores Christmas and is counting on the holiday to get her through her recent at-the-altar break up. Tired of pitying looks from the townsfolk, she decides to chair the Honeysuckle Holiday Fundraiser. When she reaches out to the new owner of Cottonwood Ranch, the perfect venue site, she expects cooperation, not stonewalling. Undeterred, Nicole makes her case with persuasive arguments that the too-handsome stranger in town cannot dodge and they strike a bargain. Nicole and Garrett are at odds, but their holiday pact and the power of Christmas may change both of their lives forever. It's a promise she intends to keep at all costs Taylor Preston never breaks a promise, especially to her dying mother about following her dreams to become a successful bridal gown designer. But when Taylor unexpectedly loses her high-profile job in New York, she returns early to Last Stand, Texas where she spent many childhood summers, to help with her cousin's wedding. On Taylor's first day back, the boy she left behind twelve years ago comes to her rescue and her sleeping heart inconveniently reawakens. All during their youth, Ryan "Coop" Cooper played Taylor's "promise game," and they never once broke a promise to each other, but that was years ago, and Coop, now an established contractor, isn't the same person. Building a wedding gift she-shed brings Coop closer to Taylor. They recall their promises – silly and solemn – and realize the spark could easily once again flame. But Taylor's life is in the city and Coop, a single father, won't risk his heart or his daughter's again… Home to Texas Book 1 Boone Brothers of Texas series! They went from completely off-limits to husband and wife...overnight! Waking up next to a very virile-and very naked- Luke Boone is shocking enough. But for Katie Rodgers to learn that her sister's ex-fiancé is now her husband? Unforgivable. Katie needs an annulment of her secret marriage to Texas's wealthiest power broker--now! But when their sizzling chemistry survives the trip back to Texas, are the newlyweds really ready to untie the knot? Should she pretend to be the woman he loves? Working with new client and ex-lover Risk Boone is bound to be…enticing. So April Adams dons a fake engagement ring to ward off temptation. But when they're stranded together at a remote lodge, there's no running from their attraction—especially after Risk hits his head and wakes up thinking April's his fiancée! Will she tell him the truth…or go along for the ride? Will bitter enemies make better bedfellows for the Boone Brothers? She's about to find out. Only the worthiest of causes could woo Drea MacDonald back to Boone Springs to work with the Mason Boone. The sexy Texan had stolen her schoolgirl heart, and his family had stolen her legacy. But soon resisting the temptation to invite Mason into her bed becomes impossible. How long before he climbs back into her soul, too? Charlene Sands Privacy Policy
Black 6 Coffee Trading Co. Our passion for coffee is only surpassed by our desire to use our medical skills help those in need. By sharing our love for coffee with you, we invite you to take the journey with us to the remote villages, the river crossings, and the uncertain trails where people do not have access to good healthcare.
glitter tongue | queer and trans love poems. Glitter Tongue is an online collection of love poems by thirty queer and trans poets, launching Valentines Day 2012. It grew out of a collective writing effort among Margaret Rhee, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Tamiko Beyer, Oliver Bendorf, Meg Day, and Ching-In Chen, and then expanded to community. This is the result. We invite you to…
Woodside Church - Inviting Our Neighbours to Real Life with Jesus | Elmira, Ontario Woodside Church is a non-denominational church in Elmira, Ontario, Canada. We love Jesus and want to invite our neighbours to Real Life with Jesus everyday.
First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh | Home All Are Welcome Here - We Love Meeting New People! Wherever You Are, We Invite You To Come And Be Transformed Into The Person God Created You To Be. * Join U...
Sturgeon Bay Community Church | Home Updated Covid 19 Message From The Church Elderswe Would Love For You Worship With Us At Community Church!We Invite You To Join Us For In Person Worship On Su...
Autumn Brianne – Freeing The Wild Women As you enter this space, I invite you to feel. I am here to hold you in your Highest- I want to see you in your Power.I want you to feel free enough to be wild... Your version of wild. To feel confident enough to create and live your dreams.To feel worthy of embracing and…
Sharing our love of great Low 'n Slow Smokehouse Barbecue Food Suffolk Barns is where we grow and develop our knowledge and understanding of Smoked Barbecue. We also invite guests to stay in our 5* accommodation lovingly crafted from a derelict Cart Lodge to the gorgeous luxury home-from-home that it is today.
Cove Church: Huntsville, AL - Discover Hope. Develop Faith. Demonstrate Love. Cove Church has grown into a multi-site church with two locations in Huntsville and Owens Cross Roads. We invite you to join us for worship.
Church of The Good Shepherd in Maitland, Florida We are a community shaped by the love of God in Christ Jesus. We invite you to come and experience the love of God in Christ for yourself.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church | Home Our Lady of Perpetual Help is Germantown, Tennessee's Roman Catholic Church, founded in 1952, and dedicated to Mary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We invite you to experience Christ's love as part of our parish family.
A Westchester Church – Welcome to Redemption Community Church Welcome to Redemption Community Church, a non-denominational church in central Westchester. We invite you to join us as we love God, grow together, and serve others.
Decatur First United Methodist Here at Decatur First UMC everyone is always welcomed to worship with us no matter what. We''d love to invite you to check out one of our worship services.
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth (SCL) - KS Impelled by the love of Christ, we, the Sisters Of Charity Of Leavenworth (SCL), KS offer every loving service in our power to meet the critical needs of God's people. We invite you to learn more about our Community, join us on our journey & be part of our continuing story of uniting justice and charity to serve God's people.
Trinity Lutheran Church, Islip, NY Trinity Lutheran Church invites you to participate in the many worship, fellowship, and study opportunities we provide. We also invite you to become a member of our church family. Here you will find a friendly and caring family of Lutheran Christians who warmly welcome you into their midst, to share with God\\'s grace through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Hollis Rendleman Interiors A Seattle based Interior Design studio, offering direct services & online workshops focused on matching environment & emotional well-being.
LeGrand L. Baker | Complete Works of LeGrand L. Baker Hi Everyone! This is Tonya Baker Miller, LeGrand's daughter. As many of you already know, LeGrand passed away peacefully on Thursday, August 2, 2018. He left such a legacy of love - love for the gospel coupled with love for each one of us! I miss him so much, but have a strong sense that he is thrilled with what he is learning and experiencing now! His funeral will be a week from today, Saturday, August 11th, at 1:00 p.m. (Please email me if you would like more details.) I am currently compiling tributes to my dad and want to invite any of you who are interested to share a story of time spent together, a favorite passage of scripture you read with him, etc. Please email your tributes to me at tonya_b_miller@yahoo.com This website will continue to be maintained but not added to, and my family and I hope that you will still use it!
Gisborne Peak |Winery |Winery near me |Macedon Ranges Wines Welcome to Gisborne Peak Winery in the Macedon Ranges. Sharing a love for wine and wine education, Barb and Bob Nixon invite you to enjoy Macedon Ranges wines at the Gisborne Peak Winery. We are open 7 days a week. Visit our cellar door, taste our delicious food and wine and stay in our winery cottages.
Wright Pawn & Jewelry⎪Upscale Houston Pawnshop We invite you to visit our 8,000 square foot store and find a treasure to love, sell directly to us, or get a quick, confidential cash loan. We carry over 50 luxury brands of luxury designer watches, jewelry and handbags.
Home Bethany is a family of believers who love the Lord Jesus Christ and wants to see Him glorified in every aspect of our lives.If you are looking for a Church where you feel accepted and taught in the Word of God, then we invite you to come and visit us.