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Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Dynamic Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Live Chat Software, Conversion Funnels, Form Analytics, Polls, All-in-One Conversion Optimization Suite | Lucky Orange Lucky Orange will help you answer the question of why 99% of visitors that visit your site never turn into customers. It''s one of those tools that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it.
Shinola Beautiful, enduring, handcrafted goods that are designed to be lived in, worn out and well-loved.
Fill 1 The archives for The Village Voice, the nation''s first alternative weekly newspaper, covering the counter-culture from 1955 to 2018.
Kinn jewelry. Modern heirlooms — then, now, always. Modern heirlooms, made to last a lifetime. Kinn designs solid 14k gold jewelry to embody your many moments lived — then, now, always. Fine jewelry 14k gold without the traditional markup. Signet Ring, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets. Free shipping on $150+. Afterpay accepted.
Torro Offroad - SkyLux RTT: A Premium Hard Shell Roof Top Tent SkyLux, The best roof top tent of 2020! A SkyLux RTT or SkyLux Bantam Purchase Includes: The Annex Room, Awning & Thermal Insulation. It's a Hard Shell Rooftop (4 season) Tent that Sleeps 2-4 people, fits virtually any vehicle. Offers a quick setup time, high density foam mattress, and protection from natures elements.
Twitter Retirement coaching and counseling services to help you create the life you desire amidst the challenges of work, retirement and life transitions.
Common Prophets of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus.. Five Prophets of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus were thesame persons who lived in the Indus Valley. Two streams of people migratedfrom the Indus Valley after its collapse around 1500 BCE. One stream led byMoses during the Exodus travelled from here to West Asia. Another streammigrated eastward to the Ganga Basin. In course of time, both streams lostmemory of their origins in the Indus Valley and re-identified their origins inWest Asia and pan-Indian Subcontinent respectively. Thus today the Semiticand Hindu people think them have heritage. Recognition of this commonancient heritage could provide an anchor for developing friendship and lovebetween the Semitic and Hindu Religions.
The Amsterdam, NY Blog – A community's history is comprised of stories about the people who've lived there… A community's history is comprised of stories about the people who've lived there...
The Autistic Lady Welcome! This is a blog with a focus on the lived experience of women with autism. As a women with autism, my experience will color my blog a bit, but I will try to litter things that aren't solely personal experiences with sources appropriately. "I have what’s called high-functioning autism, which is a terrible name…
Bonnie's Blog of Crime | My Life of Crime, Murder, Missing People and such! Above all else, never forget the victim, that the victim lived, had a life and was loved. The victim and their loved ones deserve justice, as does society. My Life of Crime, Murder, Missing People and such! Above all else, never forget the victim, that the victim lived, had a life and was loved. The victim and their loved ones deserve justice, as does society.
Changing The Narrative About Autism and PDA – Jessica Matthews: Autistic writer, Independent Researcher and Advocate, passionate about how we support the development of Positive Autistic identity in ourselves and our children. My writing is shaped by my lived experiences, by my connection with my son, and by my background working as a Therapist (BSc Hons Psychology degree, Post Graduate Diploma In Integrative Counselling, Post Graduate training in Clinical Psychology). The title of my Facebook page and blog, arises from my concern about how we talk about Autism and PDA and how these narratives impact our sense of 'self' and well being." Jessica Matthews: Autistic writer, Independent Researcher and Advocate, passionate about how we support the development of Positive Autistic identity in ourselves and our children. My writing is shaped by my lived experiences, by my connection with my son, and by my background working as a Therapist (BSc Hons Psychology degree, Post Graduate Diploma In Integrative Counselling, Post Graduate training in Clinical Psychology). The title of my Facebook page and blog, arises from my concern about how we talk about Autism and PDA and how these narratives impact our sense of 'self' and well being."
PrimalHarvest Our holistic philosophy: SUPPLEMENTS BEFORE PHARMACEUTICALS. Taking a holistic approach to wellbeing means treating the body as one integrated system, not a series of parts that should be treated separately.
Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat – The CAT(s) That Lived: Anömalies + Mysteries + Truthsifting = Öh My The CAT(s) That Lived: Anömalies + Mysteries + Truthsifting = Öh My
Corey Egan | Bay Area Designer Jewelry, Engagement, Wedding Rings Bay Area Jeweler Corey Egan creates casually elegant jewelry designed for everyday wear. Shop recycled gold and silver jewelry designed to be worn, loved, and lived for generations.
Digital Marketing Agency | Digital makrketing Services Digital Birdies provides you the best and healthy digital marketing services for your business. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwile.
EyeWitness to History - history through the eyes of those who lived it First hand accounts, illustrated with vintage photos, original radio broadcasts.
Offbeat Home & Life: Where awesome lives We're the sister site of Offbeat Bride, and we're committed to helping you create a comfortable space in this world.
Trans Women of Color Collective – TWOCC exists to create revolutionary change by uplifting the narratives, leadership, and lived experience of trans people of color.
Visiting Vienna – insider tips and info Independent visitor and tourist information for Vienna, Austria, written by an English journalist who has lived there for over 20 years
DXN Asia Official Site DXN consciously lived by its One Dragon, One World One Market and One Mind concepts as guiding principles in all its endeavors.
Oy Yeah, Mikey Bloomfield!! On February 15, 1981 the world lost one of the greatest white blues guitarists of all time. Michael Bernard Bloomfield lived and breathed the blues. Here you will find all things related to the...
Tukang Insinyur, belajar jujur | haven't lived in vain haven't lived in vain
African Excursions - Specializing in Adventures to Botswana and beyond. African Excursions - Specializing in Adventures to Botswana and beyond. We lived there and have done it ourselves. We offer advice and bookings on photographic, birding, cultural, and hunting safaris.
Once Upon A Time | The Roots and Routes of the Goyal Family During our first year in America, we lived in a small apartment just outside Boston. My sister had started first grade here and was still adjusting to life here in October when she came home announcing a new holiday: Halloween. Her classmates had been talking about costumes and candy all week, she excitedly explained to…
#CBUS111: Content Creation – Blogging about Digital Content Creation by Marketing and Communications students of McGill University Continuing Studies. Blogging about Digital Content Creation by Marketing and Communications students of McGill University Continuing Studies.
NCD Alliance: Making NCD prevention and control a priority, everywhere Making NCD prevention and control a priority, everywhere. NCD Alliance unites 2,000 civil society organisations in more than 170 countries, dedicated to improving NCD prevention and control worldwide.
Home - Garabandal "In those days, Mary arose and went in haste to the Mountain." Luke 1:39 - We are before the most beautiful story that has taken place since Jesus and Mary lived amongst us here on earth.
Visa Great LIfe Mentors' mission is to provide individuals with life-changing guidance from some of the greatest teachers who have ever lived. We offer proven courses, many of them free, that can help take you from where you are now to the rich and rewarding life you desire, in the shortest time possible.
Crawling Out of the Classroom | In everything that my students and I do together, we strive to find ways to use reading and writing to make the world outside of our classroom a better place for all of us to be In everything that my students and I do together, we strive to find ways to use reading and writing to make the world outside of our classroom a better place for all of us to be
Coproduction | Expert Link | United Kingdom Expert Link is a peer-led training, policy and research organisation, with a network of people around the country, predominately with lived experience of multiple disadvantages, including homelessness, mental health issues, substance misuse, offending and domestic violence and abuse.
Maggie Anderson, Author of OUR BLACK YEAR, Founder of The Empowerment Experiment Maggie Anderson lived off Black businesses for one year. She is a critically acclaimed author of OUR BLACK YEAR and the new leader of an economic empowerment movement to drive more consumer and corporate support to businesses that represent and reinvest the struggling African American community.
Fernando Forero I''m a multidisciplinary Colombian Graphic Designer based in Munich - Germany since 2019 and working as a SENIOR UI ARTIST on DIABLO IV at BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT for over 3+ years now. (5 months from Hamburg, Germany + 1 year and 8 months from Irvine, California).  Between 2009 and 2019 I lived for around 6 years in Poland, nearly 2 in Hamburg - Germany and close to 2 in USA. I worked  previously at GOOD GAME STUDIO ( Hamburg - Germany ) as a SENIOR UI ARTIST for an Unannounced AAA game and a variety of mobile games; and at CD PROJEKT RED ( Warsaw - Poland ), as a UI ARTIST in the AAA projects THE WITCHER 3 - WILD HUNT and CYBERPUNK 2077. I''m 41 years old and I have 20+ years experience in different fields as advertising, prints, font design, corporate identity, web design, tv, video games and mobile games for clients and projects in Latin America, United States and Europe. As image lover/creator/explorer I started my professional career back in Colombia working for small advertising agencies even before started to study at the university. I’m graduated with honors and my career has been echoed in areas as corporate identity, typeface design (I have created over 20 of them) and especially illustration.  Parallel to my professional work I’m developing consistently personal works with which I had also won international recognitions and been exhibited at various events and countries; my artworks are as well constantly reviewed in publications of art and design as Imagine FX Magazine, 2D Artists, Proyecto Diseño, DPI Magazine, among others, and is also featured in specialized blogs of design and / or illustration due to the expressive quality of my work. I''m happily married with the visual artist Weronika Kwiatkowska Forero and We have a small baby boy called Lucian. 
LAURIE LIPTON | Official website of the artist Laurie Lipton Laurie Lipton was born in New York and began drawing at the age of four. She was the first person to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing (with honors). She has lived in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, the UK and has recently moved to Los Angeles after 36 years abroad. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the USA.
Kiona: Red Mountain''s First Family Our family pioneered Washington''s Red Mountain grape growing region in 1975, and we''ve called it home ever since.
The Journal of Middle East and North Africa Sciences The Journal of Middle East and North Africa Science is an international journal online, its purpose is to disseminate knowledge all over the world. Any papers that depict natural phenomena or any studies that convey scientific knowledge are welcome in this Journal. Papers submitted could be literature reviews, research studies, Lived experiences and other types of papers that are nature and science related. All the documents will be handled in a professional peer evaluation. After the peer appraisal, the journal will make the best hard work to disseminate all the valued works immediately.
My Save environment from global warming, your Save environment from global warming, Save environment from global warming for all! – Connect with Bite off more than you can chew.
Hearts & Science – Global Marketing Agency We’re a data-driven agency helping some of the world’s biggest brands build individual relationships with consumers at scale.
TheLightLeavesThee Here is my tumblr. where i tumbl. yee.
Home - Culture Is Life LOVE and HOPE Listening with our hearts to the lived experiences of First Nations young people, their friends, families and communities. #loveandhope
Duvei Duvei Magazine: A love for a life well lived illustrated through health, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle. For everyone and anyone.
EENet | Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) is a mental health and addictions knowledge exchange network that connects stakeholders across Ontario. The EENet community includes researchers, clinicians, decision-makers, service providers, system planners, policymakers, persons with lived experience, and families.
Iceland in Pictures The most interesting pictures from Iceland. Photos of Reykjavík, photos of Icelandic People, pictures of Icelandic Nature and Iceland Travel. I'm heavily affiliated with Iceland and proud of it. Lived...
Hunters Point Resort & Marina A net-zero resort community coming to historic Cortez, Florida, outfitted with the most advanced home technology on the market. Welcome to a life well lived.
Daily dose of quotes about life.Words of inspiration ,short quotes to live by and thought of the day. Famous and best quotes and quotations about life and happines by greatest minds that ever lived. Words of inspiration and thought of the day about life.
LGBTQ Center Durham – Creating community where all LGBTQ+ lived experiences are affirmed, supported, and celebrated.
just jenna rose – be inspired Hello World! My name is Jenna Rose Lowthert. I am a self published author of the books “Life Goes On..?” and "Life Still Goes On, The Blog Book of a Motherless Daughter" I was born and raised in Roxbury, NJ where I lived for most of my life.  I now reside in the Scranton, PA area. I…
Twitter Inspirational blog for your home, parenting, widowhood, wellness, and your DIY project go-to for a home well loved and a life well lived.
tekipaki | Language, Life, and Limbo in Japan and beyond "Tekipaki" is a personal blog maintained by the author, a Westerner who lived and studied in Japan for 7 years. Using experience gained from attaining fluency and literacy in Japanese, the author continues his journey in Japanese and also now studies Canadian French. Here you will find articles on life in Japan and in Canada,…
Home - TMR Builders LIFE as it was meant to be LIVED! Starting in the mid-$200's. Custom Builds Available. Aerial view. Clubhouse w/ full kitchen and swimming pool. Clubhouse | TMR Builders
This is my Symphony – What I read & what I lived ... What I read & what I lived ...
Whiskey Tango Globetrot Whiskey Tango Globetrot is your source for all things travel, the Great Outdoors, craft food, and drinks, helping inspire and inform a well lived life.
Danny Klancher Tribute to Danny Klancher, lost to cancer, but never lived like a victim.
Sweeney Company LLC | The Landscape You Can Live In When only the best will do—when the goal is to enjoy an elegant, craftsman-built landscape that can be lived in—homeowners choose Sweeney Company. We have been enhancing homeowners’ and commercial property owners’ outdoor spaces since 1992 with innovative and award-winning designs that are guaranteed and warrantied. Top quality outdoor living in Halfmoon, NY and nearby.
Alcopop! Records | AIM Awards Small UK Indie Label Of the Year 2013/14 Alcopop! Records is an independent record label run by Jack Clothier and Kevin Douch formed in 2006 when the pair lived together in East Oxford. The label works with the likes of DZ Deathrays, Johnny Foreigner, Fight Like Apes
Rarely A Brighter Side And then there is Marc, 'always look on the bright side of life', with his inscrutable precision to take life apart with the scalpel of his intelligence and yet put it all back together, so that it breathes yet again, with all the realness of a 3-D life as she is lived." - Dónall Dempsey…
Lộc Phát hoiangardenvillas/ Loc Phat Villa Hoi An is run by Mrs. Linh, whose husband’s family has lived on the property for four generations over the last century. It’s named after her sons, Loc (Luck) And Phat (Development). And of course, not to be outshone, when their daughter Crystal was born in 2013, they named the restaurant after her. Linh’s roots stretch back to a small fishing village near Hoi An. Linh says to have established the first professional homestay in Hoi An. The skills she perfected during the years she worked in the hospitality industry prior to establishing Loc Phat, are visible in the excellent day to day operation of the Homestay-Villa. Stay at Loc Phat and you will notice the family’s impact on every aspect of life. Linh’s children, nieces, and nephews play outside, Linh’s father-in-law stands aged and smiling as security, her sister greets you at the reception desk, her cousin serves you a complimentary breakfast, and Linh’s aunt cleans your room. At Loc Phat, we welcome you to our extended family. ”We respect everything we have, because we are very lucky to have it. Loc Phat is more than just a business for our family, it’s a way of life,” says Mrs. Linh. The Homestay-Villa has recently added brand new buildings to its complex, so visitors no longer live within Linh’s home. You have your own beautiful modern private rooms to retire to, all built around a tranquil garden. However, interaction with the family is still a large part of the experience, and any guest who wishes to sit down for a chat or simply observe is greeted with open arms and a smile. Linh is an intrepid and well versed cook. Often exhibiting her skills for the dinners is something Linh enjoys. Cooking classes are offered by Linh to both Loc Phat guests as well as to people outside the Villa. Classes include the famous Hoi An Cao Lau noodles (made from a secret recipe that is known to only one family in Hoi An), green mango salad, fresh spring rolls, and the famous Hoi An pancakes. Linh takes great pleasure in talking with guests. She spends hours interacting with anyone who has a question or is curious about the Hoi An way of life. Linh will organize any manner of outings for her visitors, from excursions to a lantern making shop, a trip to a local market for ingredients used in the cooking class, or mundane things like arranging taxi service to the airport. Loc Phat Villa Hoi An likes to give back to the community. Every year Linh and her husband, Quoc, sponsor the education of two children, one from Linh’s fishing village and one from Hoi An. Since there is no such thing as a free public school system in Vietnam many children, especially the third or fourth born in any family, are in danger of missing out on a formal education. Linh was one of only five children to go to school in her village, giving her deep empathy for the plight of uneducated children in the region. In addition, Loc Phat gives away a bicycle to one lucky child at the end of every year. If you haven’t already gathered, Loc Phat Villa Hoi An, and the family living there and operating it will offer you a family-friendly stay in Hoi An. If you want to experience an authentic slice of Vietnamese life within Hoi An City, book a stay at Loc Phat. You will be welcomed to the family with big smiles and open arms. We thank you for choosing Loc Phat for your stay in Hoi An.
Michael Castellon | I'm a Public-Interest Technologist, Pilot, Traveler, Illinoisan and Austinite. I'm a Public-Interest Technologist, Pilot, Traveler, Illinoisan and Austinite.
Miguel Gutierrez Miguel Gutierrez is a choreographer, composer, performer, singer, writer, educator and advocate who has lived in New York for over twenty years. He is fascinated by the time-based nature of performance and how it creates an ideal frame for phenomenological questions around presence, meaning-making and the complexity of interiority.
Your SEO optimized title Explore the most famous Castles and Palaces of Europe. Find out who lived there, which are open to the public and where you can spend the night.
Home | Sol Hill STATEMENT I was born in Albuquerque, NM in 1971, to artist parents who founded the first contemporary art gallery in Santa Fe. My early memories were of being with my parents in their studios and of being in their gallery in Santa Fe. As a child the mysterious objects and paintings that pervaded the gallery intrigued me. Contemporary art works were prevalent both in the gallery and at home. Looking at those artworks felt like observing some secret alchemical language that I wanted to speak. Growing up, I lived all across the United States, and in Jamaica and Germany. I majored in International Affairs and German at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR and at Maximilian Ludwig Universität in Munich, Germany. I also studied printmaking in college and then became deeply involved with photography while in Germany. I later returned to Santa Fe and founded Zen Stone Furnishings with my wife, a former paper artist from Brazil. Together we designed and manufactured hand crafted home furnishings from stone, twigs, copper and handmade paper. After an intense medical crisis, I was moved to dedicate myself to fine art as a means to reconcile my spiritual need with daily purpose. I went on to study photography at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, where I received an MFA in 2010. I travel regularly and often to Brazil to visit my wife’s family. Travel has powerfully affected my vision as an artist in that I learned firsthand how many world views are simultaneously valid. My artistic practice is divided between working with contemporary digital imaging technology to create what I call Metagraphs, a mixed media hybrid blending digital photographic technology and artifacts with the aesthetic valuation of painting, and by using art as a form of activism through creating hard hitting social justice art installations with strong presence.
the report card 210 | Welcome To My ePortfolio Welcome to my ePortfolio! My name is Margaret and I am a BEd secondary student majoring in French, and minoring in Spanish. I have lived in Cambridge UK, but I spent most of my childhood in Calgary. Growing up close to the mountains has given me a great sense of wonder and respect for nature…
Stoic Compass – On travelling & philosophy "If a man does not know to what port he is sailing, no wind is favorable"  -Seneca THE GOAL OF LIFE, according to most Hellenistic philosophies was to achieve Eudaimonia, meaning a good spirit, a flourishing life, or well-being. Zeno, the founder of the Stoa, defined it as a good flow of life, a life lived in according with…
Amelia | 25 | Kiwi in England Greetings! I'm Amelia and this is my blog. I used to live in Auckland but then I lived in Christchurch and now I live in Essex. So that's fun. About Me | My Face | My...
The Amsterdam, NY Blog – A community's history is comprised of stories about the people who've lived there… A community's history is comprised of stories about the people who've lived there...
From the clouds Mood change according to the music ringing inside of you. We are what we lived.
Coffee With A Beatboxer – 1 year, 52 coffees and conscious conversations. 1 year, 52 coffees and conscious conversations.
Home | Cast A Spell This is an annual indie polish box for celebrating the day Harry Potter lived hosted by Night Owl Lacquer. It is themed on the spells used in the...
Marinship Studios Marinship Studios is located near the water’s edge in the historic town of Sausalito. We aim to reinvigorate the site known as Gate 5 where the likes of Maya Angelou, Gordon Onslow Ford, Allen Ginsberg, Jean Varda and Ruth Asawa, and others worked and lived.
Lorraine (Kovenz) Bushek Oil Painting Studio - Home Portland artist Lorraine Kovenz Kovencz Bushek presents her most recent award winning oil paintings, including grumpy bunnies, still lifes, and commissioned art. Board Member of Oregon Society of Artists.
The Somnium Project | Exploring Johannes Kepler's 'Somnium' – the first science fiction story My name is Duracotus. My country is Iceland, called Thule by the ancients. The recent death of my mother Fiolxhilde has freed me to write this, as I have long wished. But while my mother lived she would not let me write. Indeed, she said, there were many evil people who hated any arts their…
Gozo Fun - Sup in Gozo A life lived between beaches and sea in totally respect of the Nature. We believe elements of surfing have the potential to ground human beings in a uniquely meaningful way.
HANAN YAHYA – theeblaze I am human. I am many things and do many things. That's not for me to tell you verbatim but for you to get a taste of through this blog. I’ve lived lifetimes in the short span of 26 years. My identity is a fusion of Yemeni, American, and Detroiter. I am full of stories to share;…
South Huntersville, NC Apartments | Brookson Resident Flats Brookson Resident Flats offers a variety of amenities and is located in South Huntersville, NC in Mecklenburg County. Visit our website for more information.
Meredith Appleyard | Author Remembering all the houses and flats I've ever lived in, I realised that even in London, I could look out my bedroom window and see trees. The best places I've
ReCoCo Providing a peer led, peer delivered mental health education and support service where people can learn from each other’s insights, skills and lived experience.
The House We Lived In - Pixela Pictura Films - Documentary Film A filmmaker attempts to recover his father’s lost memories after a traumatic brain injury but when his memories fail to return the family
karen O''Shaughnessy Karen O’Shaughnessy lives in Los Cabos, Mexico and has lived and travelled in Latin America since the late 1960’s; thus having a special window into the cultures. She was given a Brownie camera at the age of 10 and in 1972 bought her first SLR camera. The books of Minor White and Ansel Adams plus the images of Edward Weston and Henri Cartier- Bresson were some of her inspirations. She was fortunate to have studied with Ansel Adams and Ruth Bernard in the 1980’s and has continued to take workshops to hone her craft. Her work has evolved from black and white images printed in her darkroom to transparencies and then on to digital. Now, she is processing raw images in several digital software programs and is making mixed media prints using digital images and also oil paint on canvas. Her images have been in numerous Equestrian and Travel publications in Mexico, the United States, and England and she has shown her work in Art Expo New York and Art Expo Las Vegas as well as several galleries in Mexico and the United States. In April of 2011, one of her images was among the selected entries in a juried contemporary photographic competition held by the Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, Vermont.
Oyster Harbors Specialist - Real Estate, Luxury Homes Herb Pheeney is THE Oyster Harbors Specialist RE: Osterville real estate. Having lived on-island and sold 30+ properties within, his expertise is unparalleled.
What If We Lived Only Once? #Fashion#Love#Life#Sun munich-based forever young ---istagram--- @nelevk