The most comprehensive list of leveraged websites last updated on Aug 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
FTX FTX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange, built by traders, for traders. Buy and sell BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB futures and index futures with up to 101x leverage.
BitSeven | Trade Bitcoin : Bitcoin and Altcoins Trading up to 100x Leverage Trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage. Fast execution, low fees.
Apax - Apax Partners Private Equity Investment Group Fund Management Buyout Private equity investment group, Apax Partners, invest in leveraged and management buy-outs, and growth capital. Investors in technology, telecommunications, retail, consumer, healthcare, financial, business services.
Leveraged Wealth Management -Financial Planning for Business Owners Leveraged Wealth Manegment is laser focused on helping successful business owners maximize their profitability by minimizing their tax burden.
SYNLEV: Launching Soon... DeFi synthetic leveraged tokens built on Ethereum and Chainlink. Launching soon...
Crypto Margin Trading with Fulcrum | bZx Try non-custodial crypto margin trading at DeFi platform Fulcrum. Enter into short/leveraged positions up to 5x without open fees. ETH and wBTC are available.
kucoin-logo Charts for Bitcoin long and short positions on Bitinex. Gauge sentiment and analyze the BTC market to see if leveraged bears or bulls are due for a margin squeeze.
Todd and Leah Rae - Online Business Training Blog Social media marketing experts who teach how to get more traffic, leads, and sales in YOUR business through leveraged, automated marketing systems.
youtube Manage your translation workflow more efficiently with Memsource. Join the other global companies who have leveraged Memsource’s automation features, connectors, REST API, and artificial intelligence to reduce time and costs spent on translation. Try before you buy with a free 30 day trial.
Lazz Pharma Ltd. | Lazz Pharma has successfully leveraged its leadership position in pharmacy business in Bangladesh and it's convenient store locations to capture a significant share of the market in front store merchandise, including over-the-counter medications, health and beauty aids, cosmetics and fragrances, seasonal products and everyday household essentials.
LEVERJ, The Decentralized Leveraged Exchange - SECURE. FAST. DECENTRALIZED. Trade ETH and ERC20 tokens straight without an account, securely and anonymously. LEVERJ is the fastest cryptocurrency decentralized exchange (DEX). Never pay for a cancelled order.
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Private Equity Firms, Investment Banks, Private Company Database, M&A. PrivateEquityInfo provides a comprehensive M&A research database. Quickly find the right investor for your company or client.
Astra Capital Management At Astra, we pursue unique opportunities in which our team’s wealth of experience in the Communications and Technology industries and deep knowledge of the leveraged finance and corporate M&A markets can facilitate business transformations.
De Soto Sport - FACE MASKS and Triathlon Apparel & Wetsuits During the Covid-19 Crisis, we are solely making face masks. De Soto Sport is the leading manufacturer of triathlon apparel & wetsuits. 30 years of triathlon experience leveraged into every swim, cycle & run product made.
Formjacking Prevention & Client-side Protection Source Defense provides an entirely new solution, leveraging a fully automated, machine-learning-assisted set of policies that ensure 3rd party JavaScript integrations operating on your website maximize user experience and eliminate the threat of such integrations being leveraged for malicious website activity.
investment-property The home equity you’ve earned can be leveraged to build wealth for your family. We will help you figure out the best strategy to meet your goals!
IT Outsourcing & Freelancing | Agile Software Development | Pentalog Pentalog provides IT outsourcing & freelancing solutions designed to drive business growth. Clients like The Economist and Showtime have leveraged the benefits of working with Pentalog. 100% Agile projects, 1,000 full-time IT specialists, 5,000+ freelancers.
The Riverside Company - Private Equity | Recapitalization | LBO - Leveraged Buyout | Middle Market | Cleveland | New York | www.riversidecompany.com The Riverside Company is the world’s premier source of private equity for companies at the smaller end of the middle market. A global investment firm focused on being one of the leading private capital options for investors, business owners and employees at the smaller end of the middle market. Recapitalization and LBO (Leveraged Buyout) are Riverside’s specialty.
Visa Swell Posture™ is something more than just a brand. We are humans with passion and empathy and we are dedicated to creating products that will help you improve your lifestyle. Without you; our client, we have no importance which is why we have leveraged our expertise, passion and several other resources to produce the
24/7 Asian Handicap Betting in Sports | Leveraged Sports Betting | VOdds VOdds simplifies the Asian handicap betting in sports (currently Football). It gives access to the highest odds and limits to leverage your sports betting.
Keystroke Encryption | United States | Advanced Cyber Security Advanced Cyber Security Keystoke Encryption technology blocks zero-day keylogging spyware, the single biggest threat that is leveraged in the first stages of most breaches. Keyloggers steal everything you type and may go on undetected for months and sometimes years.
Home - Advanced Livescan Technology Inc. Advanced Livescan Technologies Inc. has leveraged its extensive industry experience and engineering expertise to provide a unique forensic solution. Our processes have dramatically lowered the price of electronic fingerprinting while increasing the value of ownership.
Holding Capital Group, Inc. Founded in 1975, Holding Capital Group is a private equity group consisting of businessmen, professionals and corporations who invest and work together. Today the Group has some sixty members with backgrounds in industry, financial institutions and professional firms.
KDP Investment Advisors, Inc., specialists in fixed income research Since 1975, KDP Investment Advisors, Inc. has been an independent provider of high yield credit research and analysis for top financial institutions.
Home - Susan Epstein & Associates, Consulting Services Susan Epstein is a social entrepreneur, board member, civil rights attorney, early AI researcher, and educator with more than 20 years experience developing and implementing impactful strategies and programs in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. She has successfully built and managed diverse teams, engaged stakeholders, leveraged technologies, led proactive policy formation, and managed financial systems. Susan excels in partnering with executive teams and managers to ensure that programs and practices are thoughtfully aligned with strategic goals.
The Lights In the Tunnel - Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future THE LIGHTS IN THE TUNNEL employs a powerful thought experiment to explore the economy of the future. An imaginary tunnel of lights is used to visualize the economic implications of the new technologies which are likely to appear in the coming years and decades. The book directly challenges nearly all conventional views of the future and illuminates the danger that lies ahead if we do not plan for the future impact of rapidly advancing technology. It also offers unique insights into how technology will intertwine with globalization to shape the twenty first century and explores ways in which the economic realities of the future might be leveraged to drive prosperity and to address global challenges such as poverty and climate change.
Accesspoint Group Holdings - Accesspoint Group Holdings • Legal IT Totally dedicated to Legal IT, we are passionate in how technology can be applied and leveraged on the ground for practicing Law firms.
Volatility Futures & Options a blog about volatility-linked derivatives, options, volatility futures, variance swaps, inverse and leveraged ETFs
Prism Properties We Buy Houses in any area, conditon or price range. We can pay all cash and close quickly.
Marketing | Pasadena | SwartAd SwartAd is a strategic branding agency that helps businesses and institutions achieve their marketing goals with targeted and unique creative.
Kingdom Ventures -A Different Type of Venture Capital Firm Kingdom Ventures is focused on experienced management, value creation, market penetration, sustainable margins, barriers to entry, competitive advantage, cost containment, revenue growth and profitable exits the same as other vc''s, but we also believe in a leveraged bottom line.
MVP Development A leading bespoke software development company based in London, UK. Since 2005, clients worldwide have leveraged the expertise of our software developers to create cutting-edge software solutions.
Science Fiction for the Crypto Age — KarlSchroeder.com I''ve leveraged what I learned as a futurist to write Stealing Worlds, a near-future "pre-apocalyptic" adventure novel. It''ll be published on June 18, 2019, but you can pre-order it already.
Visa Social Media Marketing is a new breed of digital advertising that can be leveraged to drive sales to your website, build your brand and create loyal customers. ISG drives traffic from Social Media, but also provides other products and services including Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Ecommerce Solutions.
24/7 Asian Handicap Betting in Sports | Leveraged Sports Betting | VOdds VOdds simplifies the Asian handicap betting in sports (currently Football). It gives access to the highest odds and limits to leverage your sports betting.
Strategic Marketing for Business Growth » Consulting, Courses, Mentoring Strategic marketing business growth programmes and leveraged consulting harnesses digital technologies to improve positioning, reach & revenue
Subordinated Debt Lenders | Mezzanine Financing | Peninsula Capital Partners | Detroit, MI Peninsula Capital Partners is a provider of subordinated debt and minority or majority equity capital for a wide array of middle-market leveraged transactions.
CairnMartin - Partnering with Trust, Confidentiality and Agility since 2011 We help companies in various stages of growth to raise financial capital and acquire the right talent, workforce at all levels, across industries and functions.