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Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
STREAMEMPIRE | Free Movie Download & Streaming STREAMEMPIRE.CC is a streaming site and downloads unlimited free movies. Collection of thousands of the latest and rare films from various categories.
Aarthi Scans and Labs | Diagnostic Centre India's largest, most affordable diagnostic centre with NABH & NABL accreditation. Our MRI, CT scans and blood tests cost 50% lesser than others. #EthicalPractice
Visa We craft lip-smacking snacking experiences, fr those who r smart enuf 2 understand d nutrition labels of what they snack on. Introducing First Popped Potato Chip in India with 50% Lesser Fat. Just Popped : Not Fried, Not Baked, Not Roasted, Not Air Fried, Not Vacuum Fried. Explore Now!
Eskify - Incredible Lists to Feed Your Curiosity Incredible lists to feed your curiosity. The prime website for people wanting lesser known facts and stories to impress people with.
Free Fire PC | #1 Action Battle-Royale Match | Free to Play Garena Free Fire PC is an amazing and thrilling battle-royale game. Catch the game and try to Play it on your PC now. Be the last man in the field!
Consumer Rights in India - Jago Grahak Jago There are various consumer rights that the consumers should be aware of so that there are lesser chances for problems to arise and even if any issue pops up then they should be sorted out.
TESDA Online Program The TESDA Online Program (TOP) is an open educational resource that aims to make technical education more accessible to Filipino citizens through the use of information and communication technologies. TOP provides an effective and efficient way to deliver technical education and skills development services to a broader audience/wide range of users/all learners at a lesser cost.
African Wildlife Safari | Animals, Birds, Habitats, Seasons. WildlifeSafari.info: Guide to the top wildlife safari destinations in Southern Africa, with info on wildlife, trees, habitats, photography and best travel seasons
Situs pekerjaan dan lowongan di Indonesia - jobs-id.com Temukan ribuan pekerjaan di sini di indonesia. Masuk ke sini resume Anda dan biarkan ribuan perusahaan melihat Anda di sini Daftarkan perusahaan Anda dan kirimkan lowongan pekerjaan mereka secara gratis dan mudah.
WoodGram - Explore the Biographies of Famous Celebrities all Over the World Exclusive Biography and Find the Unforeseen ways you are Associated with Your favorite Celebrities and Konw Some Lesser Known Fact's about him.
QuantumPhoenix.net : Mani's blog on Magic Wicca & Paganism | Mani Navasothy : Author, Teacher, Wiccan High Priest Mani Navasothy : Author, Teacher, Wiccan High Priest
E Birding tours with Focus On Nature Tours Inc: birdwatching adventures for birders of all levels to North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Asia including Alaska, Argentina, Arizona, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Jamaica, Japan, Lesser Antilles, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, South Africa, Spain,Turkey, Venezuela
African Wildlife Safari | Animals, Birds, Habitats, Seasons. WildlifeSafari.info: Guide to the top wildlife safari destinations in Southern Africa, with info on wildlife, trees, habitats, photography and best travel seasons
Bernards SXM Tours Bernard''s SXM Tours is a private tour operation based in Philipsburg, St. Maarten, Lesser Antilles. The tours are targeted to families and single travelers looking to explore the beautiful island of St. Maarten without the exhorbitant cruise ship rate. Tours occur at varying times throughout the day, and private one-on-one tours may be an option for your party.
Crooked Compass | Immersive Small Group Tours Crooked Compass is a boutique tour operator offering small group and customised tours encouraging you to experience the lesser known side of your destination.
Worldwide Asset Management & Distribution Analytics - Cerulli Associates Cerulli Associates, headquartered in Boston, MA, is a research firm that specializes in global asset management and distribution analytics.
Smarter Plans for the Future - Eric Talaska Eric Talaska “Eco Neato”, a 50 year old single nomad, announces his candidacy for the 2024 U.S. presidency. His campaign motto is “Act on Facts”. His political affiliation is the Green Party and can move to and file in any state. Talaska says we must expediently avert the climate crisis and the sixth mass extinction which are unnaturally accelerated by human activities. He would act on advice from scientists and satisfy notable warnings of Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Greta Thunburg, etc. all the while expanding a green economy and enriching lives with clean air and water. “There is no sustainable economy without a sustainable environment. Our economy has shortsightedly and temporarily grown at the expense of our environment and future generations. I will foster a sustainable balance between the planet, people and profits” Talaska says. Other major plans include creating a Department of Peace funded by a small reduction of military spending, abolishing the Electoral College and implementing “ranked choice voting” which will foster voters to vote with their “heart” rather than the “lesser of two evils”. Talaska honorably served in the Army with a Top Secret security clearance. He then did brutal factory work at night while going to college during the day and eventually earned two college degrees. Being a problem solver, he invented a brake, wrote and prosecuted a patent and designed an innovative campervan. He has extensively traveled the United States with a focus on museum exploration which helps him understand varying cultures, science, art, etc. and worked 25 full time jobs which helps him understand varying industries. Talaska says he is responsible and has no notable adverse records. Talaska hopes his action encourages others who are also at the bottom of any hierarchy and those with disabilities to do great things they might have otherwise been discouraged of doing. He recently lost his service dog he trained and learned a lot from and is in search of another. Talaska is available for interview anywhere, anytime. For more info and a unique comparison chart to President Trump, visit www.EcoNeato.org where all images are approved for redistribution.Eric Talaska (Eco Neato) is an environmental advocate working on eco friendly several projects to make the world a more sustainable place for all life on earth, not just for humans. Later is too late! Act now.
Of Lesser Madness ChildOfEos: Of Lesser Madness These posts are the ramblings of an adult (40ish) Bacchant. NSFW--this blog's content is not safe for work and not intended to be viewed by persons under the legal age of...
Visa Our funny mugs, coasters, cards, tea towels & prints solve the perennial Man-Gift problem! From Lesser Spotted Britain's funny UK village road signs to the surreal genius of Jim'll Paint It's illustrations via the cult comedy of Channel 4's Friday Night Dinner, there's something for all ages of the men in your life!
Asper Phasmes des Antilles et de France ASPER : Association pour la systematique des Phasmes et l''Etude de leur Repartition. Phasmatodea des Petites-Antilles-Guyane et de France Métropolitaine
Sergei Avksentevich Kolyada | PAINTING THE HEART OF MOSCOW: A SUSTAINED VISION The artworks of Russian artist Sergei Avksentevich Kolyada are intimately tied to his love for his home town of Moscow where he was a faithful resident for the ninety years of his life. A highly accomplished portraitist, still life and landscape artist; it is his series on "Old Moscow" that has received the greatest acclaim by critics, including renowned Russian art commentator Valentina Arzarkovich and art critic Vladimir Kostin. With time, this collection will become essential as a unique and very complete witness of a faithful picture of Old Moscow already disappeared or on the verge of disappearing. Sergei was born in Moscow in 1907. Admitted as an apprentice to famous artist Nicolai Krymov's studio at the age of 18, it was a crucial meeting for Kolyada with a master of impression and light which would have an important influence on his future artistic career. His apprenticeship was followed by four years of study at the prestigious Superior Institute of Arts and Techniques (Vhutemas – Vhutein) under Shterenberg and Guerassimov, after which he joined the OST (Society of Easel Painters) for two years prior to its disbandment by the authorities. The beginning of Kolyada's career coincided with the establishment of Soviet Socialist Realism as the only authorized style of art. Prominent artists and writers joined political authorities in declaring that art and literature must depict the "reality of Revolutionary Russia." Although he was admitted into the Union of Artists and participated in many group exhibitions, he did not gain the prestige of colleagues who fulfilled the Party's plans for realistic Art. He kept his personal and artistic integrity, perhaps at the expense of lost opportunities for advancement. In 1945, a great number of his early paintings (including a number of avant-garde works) were destroyed in a fire at his parents' home. As with numerous artists of that time, Kolyada worked not only for the state in an official capacity; but also created a large body of impressive private works, including portraits, still lives and landscapes. Co-founder of the Society of Painters of the Moscow region and of the Union of Painters of Russia, after the Second World War, he participated in a few artistic missions in the "Pouchinsky-Gory" region (which inspired Pouchkine) and in the kolkhozes of the Moscow's region during the 1950's. In the 1960s, he started painting the landscapes of "his" old Moscow; a long and patient work which he willingly and passionately continued for over 30 years. Focusing on the lesser known streets and laneways, and old condemned suburbs; the subject of each work was painstakingly researched. The artist retrieved old archival records and compiled a dossier for each work detailing the "life" of the house or building he was portraying – who its residents had been, the architect, significant design features, its unique "story." His love for the landscapes of his youth would see him complete a unique collection that with time, is becoming increasingly important as a record of the Moscow that "was" – now replaced in many instances by new housing estates and mass developments, the old buildings lost forever. In his last years, one of the (then) oldest member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Kolyada travelled, painted and exhibited outside the URSS; in Australia first, then in France in Etretat, Angers, Dinard and Paris. He died in Moscow in 1996 at the age of 89. Besides a great number of group exhibitions, Kolyada's long career is marked by important solo exhibitions in the prestigious Tretiakov Gallery, the Krimsky-Val Gallery and the Glinka Museum, as well as the famous White House (Douma) for the 850th Anniversary of Moscow foundation. Some of his works have also been included in 5 different exhibitions at the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis in the United States. Three important Moscow Museums hold a dozen of Kolyada's works acquired when the artist was still alive: The State Tretiakov Gallery, The Moscow Historical Museum and the Lounatcharsky Museum. All his life, Sergei Kolyada never sought fame. Modest, he always maintained recognition would come at an appropriate time. The legacy of Kolyada and his unique record of "Old Moscow" are today increasingly gaining the prominence they deserve.
The Alchemy Project — LiveJournal Welcome to the Aerie of the lesser gods...
mountainhandbook: Home Your home for Colorado''s lesser climbed summits. Trip reports, route information, and extensive information found in the forums.
Digital Cosmonaut | Berlin Urban Exploring, Abandoned and Lost Places Exploring lost and abandoned places in Berlin and Brandenburg. Exploring Berlin and Germany's lesser known history one building and monument at a time.
trash ya life 2006 myspace cool. this is an old school scene queen blog with the occasional second wave scene girl tossed in. i mostly post the well known scene queens, but i throw in a few lesser known people too....
HG Tudor - Knowing The Narcissist - The World's No.1 Resource About Narcissism - Know everything about narcissists from the world's no.1 source. A narcissist himself. Know everything about narcissists from the world's no.1 source. A narcissist himself.
Ninja Fortress A Ninja Gaiden fansite with game information, images, wallpapers, guides, forums, and more
Parathyroid Glands, Hyperparathyroidism, High Calcium and Parathyroid Surgery by Expert Parathyroid Surgeons. World''s Leading Site for Parathyroid Glands and Hyperparathyroidism. Diagnosis and Symptoms of Parathyroid Disease, and Parathyroid Surgery by Expert Doctors.
SharkSider.com - Learn All About Sharks & Shark Conservation Here! Welcome to SharkSider.com! While sharks are portrayed in Hollywood as man eating predators, we show the real facts about sharks. We are the Shark Siders!
Tanglefree Waterfowl - Field-proven decoys, gear and accessories. – Tanglefree Shop Tanglefree is an American family owned and operated waterfowl company offering hundreds of functional field-proven decoys, gear and accessories.
Thamee Discover one of the world’s best yet lesser known cuisines at Washington, DC''s only full service Burmese restaurant and bar.
Travelsewhere - An Australian traveller, photographer and writer shares tales from elsewhere and lesser seen destinations from around the world. An Australian traveller, photographer and writer shares tales from elsewhere and lesser seen destinations from around the world.
WhatThaFact.com Stay updated with some great, amazing and very interesting facts about various topics!
Bow and Baan Technology Solutions Private Limited An ISO certified firm providing technology solutions onshore and offshore. We help our clients reap the benefits in way of Differentiation, Determining best practices, Lesser time-to-market, Shortened sales cycle, Increased productivity, Strengthened customer relationship, Brand consistency, all clubbed with reduced costing and utmost predictability.Request a demo
West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers Lesser Lesser Landy & Smith assist clients in Stuart & Boca Raton with all types of accident & injury cases.
Travel Walji's We shed light on the lesser known, the well travelled & the distant places that lead people to realize to travel to Pakistan, is to truly live.
Books and Beyond Reading Club HK Books & Beyond Reading Club is a volunteer-based community service initiative focused on providing free English Reading Enrichment Programs to children with lesser means.
Florida Travel Sleuth If you travel to Florida you will find plenty of info about the major attractions. We give you the scoop on some lesser known places and insider tips!
1Step1Footprint - Showing You Around Beautiful Malaysia Follow my 1Step1Footprint and relive some of my best travel journeys around Malaysia's hidden gems from your desktop. I love islands and have been to popular islands like Pulau Rawa and Pulau Tioman as well as lesser known islands such as Pulau Sembilan, Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang.
Bloody Murder - A True Crime Podcast Nominated for 4 Australian Podcast Awards, including 2019 Best Independent True Crime. Barney Black and Tara Sariban discuss the dark details of lesser know true crime stories from Australia and around the world. As avid listeners of true crime podcasts they aim to add to the conversation by talking about murders that haven''t been done to death on other shows. Their humour comes from some rather unusual places but never at the expense of the victims or their families.
Shake Delusion Shake the 5 Dusts ranges from Rap to Seashanty. It hinhabits an uncanny space betwixt rap, rock, and the psychedelic. It''ll release what the fuck ever it pleases and will shake it''s middle finger at anything if only to do it. Points preferred to be made. The Racketmaster Memelord Supreme behind STFD is Shake Delusion; A hyperperceptive philosopher magician. A comicbook lesser would be Marduk.
Nickel Alloys, Non Ferrous Metals, Oil and Gas Material Supplier Search your required size in our wide stock of Nickel alloys and get the fastest delivery at 10% lesser price. Supplier of Oil and Gas Material since 2002. NABL approved Products with MTC.
fender offcuts Dedicated to all those lesser known Fender guitars and basses. Working guitars, vintage or customised guitars, even the occasional strat or tele if it's particularly interesting I don't do...
Spruce Point Park for summer camping, boating & fishing Spruce Point Park Campground to make your camping, boating & fishing adventures a great success at Alberta''s best fishing areas on Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta.
Rubbish | Love Where You Live Love Where You Live
Hotel Roma Prague | Official hotel website The 4-star Hotel Roma Prague is conveniently located in the charming part of Prague, called Lesser Town near the famous Petřín lookout tower and the observatory.
London''s Lost Rivers - Book and Walking Tours by Paul Talling - London''s Lost Rivers - Homepage The website of Paul Talling''s London''s Lost Rivers Book. Here you can discover London''s lost rivers, canals and docks plus many lesser known rivers within the M25. The website also lists guided walks by the the author.
Bird Photographs and Bird Photography by Paul Gale Bird photographs, bird photos and bird paintings of British birds and rare birds in Britain
Rifle Accessories, Pistol Accessories, Silencers, Scope Mounts | MFIAP MFI are driven by passion for firearms and the love of all shooting sports. MFI specializes in lesser known markets / weapons platforms that the more aggressive companies ignore. MFI tries to make products that Universally fit as many weapons systems as possible. Our products can be found on weapons systems of 11 different nations in all theaters of conflict in the “War Against Terrorism”.
Halothane Halothane Originally formed in 2010, Halothane released the four-song EP Dissension in 2012. After a number of lineup changes, the band dissolved in 2015, but reformed in 2018 with a new lineup and a new album on the way. The Serpent's Gaze, released 26 May 2020 1. Threads of Authenticity 2. Morality's Tomb 3. The Lesser Magick's Wrath 4. Terror's Rite 5. Submission of Soul The new album from the Rochester melodic metallers CD version coming soon
Lesser Spotted Football - Covering Football Minnows & Heros Covering football from all corners of the game, Lesser Spotted Football is a source of articles, news & reviews, with a focus on football minnows & legends!
Finding the Right Fishing Pole For Your Hobby | Bass Angler Magazine Having a good past time reflects the kind of person you are. While some might not agree with it, it’s true that the worthwhile activities that you do, shape and make you who you are. It is not new that fishing can give you a lot of benefits, whether in health or character. Even though it does not make you sweat at all like any other recreational activity, it still improves your well-being. Aside from having fun with nature, it builds your character as you are trained to be more patient. Relaxation and meditation can also be experienced while fishing. With a serene surrounding, this proposes a good outlet other than wasting time. According to this link, many people agree that it helps them reduce stress which is good for the brain and body. Based on it, fishing can also decrease symptoms of PTSD as a form of exercise. With that said, you know you have chosen the right hobby. So make sure you have the right kind of equipment that will help you catch more. Consideration in Choosing Your Fishing Pole You might get confused between the fishing pole and rod but here’s what you need to know. The rod is made of graphite, fiberglass, and element like boron. While the pole is usually used by beginner fishermen, it can be made out of bamboo or other natural materials. It does not a guide unlike the fishing rod but it is still functional. In some countries, they are known as one and just different in terms. Well, it still depends on what your community is comfortable with. Whether it is a pole or a rod, it does not change the fact that they are great tools for fishing. But why does having the right fishing tool like a rod, affect your fishing sessions? If you purchased something that is not durable, can you expect great things from it? Definitely not. Even if you maintain it well you can’t possibly use it again if it was damaged during your fishing time. Having the correct rod can help you save a lot more time and money. Before you choose, you should know what kind of fish you want to use it for, in what climate, and what kind of fishing it will be suited for. Also, knowing how to set it up can have an impact on the effectiveness of your activity. Learn more about assembling your tool: https://www.wikihow.com/Set-Up-a-Fishing-Pole. Qualities Of A Fishing Pole That You Should Have The Material Used As was mentioned, rods are made of fiberglass, graphite, and boron. If at all possible, you can have a product that has a combination of these three but as many suggest, it’s okay to not have all of them in one. As we all know, fiberglass is usually used in tanks and pipes which means they are heavy and can be bent if you apply certain measures like heat and pressure, thus this makes them flexible. Far from the characteristics of the graphite that it’s light but breaks often, but what’s good with that is, they are sensitive and good for attracting light bites. When you choose your equipment, be sure you read the composition and make sure it has those components. Power And Durability The rod’s power depends on what kind of bait you want to put on your tool. It determines how much it can bend and is helpful during your fishing session as it affects its effectiveness. If you don’t want to bend your rod as much as possible, you can have a heavy type as it is less likely to bend – which is good when you want to fish in top waters and catch frogs. When you intend to use it for lighter fish you can use the light rods and make yourself comfortable as you fish. Look also for durable products and research about it if possible. In this way, you can choose wisely and correctly depending on your purpose. Appropriate Model When you choose a rod, check if it can endure any temperature and if it is applicable in your desired location. The rods differ depending on their purpose so make sure you won’t waste your money on things that you don’t need. In choosing, make sure also, that you are comfortable holding it, keeping grip and weight in mind. The build is just as important as it affects the overall weight. Whether it is foam, cork or combination. The grip can be a crucial factor in your recreation. You can see some of the top fishing rods from a reliable site. Make sure to choose the right one! Correct Length And Weight Yes, both really matter just like the power and durability factors. In fact, it is the first thing you should prioritize on deciding. As the rods have varieties of sizes to choose from, it might get confusing to you, even if you’re a beginner or not. The average length that is recommended by many is between 6 to 8 feet. If you want to use it for the longer distance you can have it even in 14 feet, which might be heavy for your stature. Always check how comfortable you are with the equipment on hand. Remember, it gets even more heavier with your catch on it. On the other hand, the short rod provides lesser flexibility as it is built for short distance fishing. If you prefer to have it longer there are companies that offer customization. Budget-Friendly We all want a quality product that is affordable but sometimes it’s not always the case. The hobby that you want is usually costly and we can’t hide the fact that it is. A quick reminder is that you choose something that you know will last. Whether it is expensive or not, think of it as an investment as it gives a lot of benefits in your life. Never compromise price over quality. A quality fishing rod is essential to creating a fishing experience that is productive and satisfying.
Komodo Tours Labuan Bajo - Flores Island Tours - Komodo Island Diving The local tour in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Our tours to Komodo, Flores and the other Lesser Sunda islands offer all guests a feast of ancient cultures and natural diversity. Go To Komodo Tour, Labuan Bajo has popular tour packages . Departure from Bali or Labuan Bajo with best price stay in best hotels
mountainhandbook: Home Your home for Colorado''s lesser climbed summits. Trip reports, route information, and extensive information found in the forums.
Lucy's Best Psychic Readings Online (Good and Bad!) - Signal River A great site to find the best psychic readings online. Read my detailed psychic reviews of the top networks and some lesser known sites. Avoid the bad sites & find out who is offering the best money saving discounts. Read my secret tips on getting the best possible reading!
India’s Best Tour Packages company | Best Travel Tour Operator Company in India | Trinetra Tours Explore the beauty & ancient heritage of incredible land India, with Trinetra Tours, one of the Best Tours Operator Company in India. Contact today with best travel agency Trinetra Tours avail the benefits of best tour packages and holiday packages!
Postscript (P.S.) | Views, Observations, Experiences and Stories by Pradeep Shrivastava (P.S.), and the occasional afterthought. Views, Observations, Experiences and Stories by Pradeep Shrivastava (P.S.), and the occasional afterthought.
Casmar Citrus Nursery Casmar Nursery produces quality, Certified Citrus Trees and is fully accredited with the South African Citrus Improvement Programme and Member of South African Citrus Nurserymen Association. Oranges, Lemons & Limes, Mandarins, Grapefruit
    Our Special Net      -   Our Special Net for family, friends and associates. Photo Galleries, weather info, special interests, careers, genealogy connections, history, humor and ego trips.
Take Two Productions Take Two Productions is a St. Louis community theatre group that provides opportunities for individuals of all ages and races to explore and develop their creative talents through live, musical theater, and to make community connections through service to and financial support of lesser known, well-deserving charities.
Temple of Zagan – A site in honor of a Goetic demon This site is here in honor of the demon Zagan.  Zagan can be found listed in the Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as Goetia, and the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.  Zagan has the rank of King and President.
Souljourn Yoga | Yoga retreats and clasess | charitable giving Souljourn Yoga Foundation is a US 501(c)3 non-profit inspired by seva, the Sanskrit word and yogic principle of selfless service. We raise awareness and funds for girls education in lesser economically developed countries (LEDCs) by teaming up with both local and international non-profits. We create opportunities to explore, practice, and educate through yoga both on and off of the mat.
cairngormwanderer | Wandering in the Cairngorms and other lesser ranges, by Neil Reid Wandering in the Cairngorms and other lesser ranges, by Neil Reid
Corfu Cruising - Cruising is the Best Way to Enjoy the Greek Islands Our experienced and professional Captain, who has cruised the Ionian waters for over 10 years, will delight you with his knowledge of lesser known coves and beaches; for a truly memorable experience.
National Orange Wine Day • The Virtual Home of Orange Wine National Orange Wine Day was first established in 2018 and is celebrated annually on October the 6th. National Orange Wine Day aims to bring greater awareness to this beautiful, yet lesser known style of wine through events and educational content.