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The Leading Physical Therapy Software | Outpatient Therapy | WebPT Stay organized and compliant with the leading physical therapy software. More than 10,000 clinics, and 70,000 Members trust WebPT every day. See why, here
MediGraph: Physical Therapy Software, Physical Therapy Billing Software Physical Therapy Documentation Software Physical Therapy Scheduling Software & Physical Therapy Practice Management Software pqrs physical therapy software functional capacity evaluation software fce software MediGraph Software: leading the industry for 12+ years providing a total Web-based physical therapy software solution, including documentation, integrated billing, scheduling, evidence based medicine for physical therapy / occupational therapy.
EMR Software | Practice Management Software | Practice Perfect As a leading practice management software, Practice Perfect EMR features all-in-one physician scheduling, medical billing, clinical documentation and much more.
ChinaMedonline - China online medical B2B platform for global buyers! Find medical supplier and manufacturer, medical device and equipment,medical consumables from China all on ChinaMedonline.com which is the leading China online medical B2B platform for global buyers.
Physical Therapist in Bethesda | Bethesda PhysioCare® Bethesda Physiocare® is Bethesda’s leading physical therapy center, staffed by world-class physical therapists. Start your journey to a healthier life!
Outpatient Physical Therapy - Physical Therapy, Massage | Outpatient Physical Therapy We treat all physical therapy injuries and accept most insurances. Our specialties include Sports Therapy, Women's Health, Concussion Management, and Vestibular Therapy.
Pain in the Neck | notes from a neck pain clinic Here's a short public facing piece I wrote published today over at 'The Conversation'. I hope you find it a useful clinical resource to open conversations you have with neck pain sufferers (and perhaps colleagues as well!) about 'bad posture'. The original article is here: If you suffer from neck pain, you're not alone. Spinal pain is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide and its occurrence has increased dramatically over the past 25 years. While most episodes of neck pain are likely to get better within a few months, half to three-quarters of people who have neck pain will experience repeated episodes of pain. It's often said there are "good and bad postures" and that specific postures can contribute to spinal pain but this belief is not supported by scientific evidence. Indeed, research shows that poor sleep, reduced physical activity and increased stress appear to be more important factors. So despite attempts by health professionals to correct your posture and the use of "ergonomic" chairs, desks, keyboards and other gadgets chances are so-called "lifestyle factors" – such as getting enough sleep, making sure you exercise and keeping stress to a minimum – seem to be more salient in relieving and preventing the pain in your neck. The posture myth Although beliefs about posture run deep, science is telling a very different story – and there is a strong challenge to the long-assumed role of posture as a cause of neck pain. A recent high-quality study, of more than 1,000 teenagers, for example, showed no statistically significant relationship between spinal posture and neck pain – despite there being easily identifiable postural subgroups in the study, such as those who sat slumped or those who sat upright. So yes, people do sit in positions that vary from person to person, but it appears to have nothing to do with pain. In fact, it appears from this particular study that the adolescent's "posture" has more to do with their mood. Research has also shown that changing the way you sit while working – by altering your workstation – so-called "ergonomic interventions", have little to no impact on whether a person develops neck pain. Also, there is little high-quality evidence that ergonomic interventions can lead to a speedier recovery for someone with neck pain. ShutterstockMDGRPHCS In various studies, researchers have followed groups of people who don't have neck pain along with those who only experience occasional neck pain for periods. Some people in these groups developed troublesome neck pain and the researchers looked closely at them. Those with neck pain were found to be getting less quality and quantity of sleep and were working in jobs with high strain. They were also less physically active and had depressed mood. Their bodies are essentially experiencing greater stress and they notice more "muscle tension" in their neck. Importantly, this is all before the pain has even developed. Researchers have found that, even among children as young as nine years old, symptoms such as tiredness and sleep difficulties – along with headaches, abdominal pain and lower mood – were risk factors for both the occurrence and persistence of weekly neck pain when the children were monitored for four years. Sleep, exercise and relaxation The flip side of this is that having a stronger neck, enjoying exercise – even simply walking a greater number of steps each day – have all been shown to protect against getting neck pain. This, along with making sure we don't become sleep deprived, less physically active and stressed will hopefully manage and prevent neck pain more successfully. So feel free to sit how you want to at your desk. If you find yourself sitting for long periods in one position make an effort to switch it up – as one of the key things to avoid getting pain in your neck is to change positions frequently through the day. And if you do have neck pain, get a few early nights, consider doing something relaxing – and why not go for a walk at lunchtime. Importantly, you also need to stop worrying about how you sit or walk, because science seems to show that there may be no such thing as a "bad" posture after all. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.
NASA | Neurologists and Neurosurgeons - Neuroscience And Spine Associates - NASA MRI Leading Neurology Physicians and Neurosurgeons of Southwest Florida. MRI Center of NASA Neuroscience and Spine Associates offer treatments for Neck, Back, Spine, Brain and Headache Pain. Physical Therapy Treatment Centers Royal Palm Medical Naples, 8380 Riverwalk Park Ft. Myers, MRI Center 877 111th Naples and Physicians Regional Office at 1601 Pine Ridge Road Naples
Home - OptimisPT Launched in 2009 by leading experts in the physical therapy profession, OptimisPT® technology provides a distinct advantage to practitioners by encouraging consistent delivery of high-quality care through incorporating embedded science and evidence of function and movement from scientific literature that is regularly updated and reviewed by recognized national experts.
OSMC | Northcentral Indiana Orthopedic Care & Outpatient Surgery Center OSMC is the leading orthopedic and physical therapy center in North Central Indiana and South Central Michigan.
Penrose Physical Therapy - Listening to Patients. Achieving Results. - Penrose Physical Therapy We help people improve their mobility and independence and feel more confident doing the things they love without the use of pain killers or surgery even if they have suffered for years! 1445 Galaxy Dr NE Suite 301, Lacey, WA 98516. Phone: 360-456-1444
Visa Recoup creates innovative hot and cold therapy products trusted and tested by professional athletes in all 5 major leagues. We are the leading name in muscle recovery tools; used by physical therapists, chiropractors and athletics trainers all over the world.
Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Products – Brace Yourself Online Brace Yourself is a leading New Zealand supplier of physical therapy & sports injury products like splints, braces, slings, hot & cold therapy, supports, tapes & strapping that helps everyday people like you to find the best quality product for your injury or condition.
Denver Chiropractor | Best Chiropractic Care In Denver CO | Downtown's Healthcare Downtown Denver's leading provider of physical & regenerative medicine, including chiropractic, massage & regenerative therapy.
Kaizenovate | Chiropractic Growth | A leading healthcare consulting company in the United States specializing in the Chiropractic and Physical Therapy verticals.
Rehabilitation in Centennial CO – #1 for Physical Therapy Rehabilitation in Centennial CO - #1 for Physical Therapy Orchard Park Health Care Center, the leading Rehabilitation in Centennial CO. Providing unmatched physical therapy and speech therapy services.
RTA Physical Therapy - Home Restorative Therapy Associates (RTA) is a leading full-service rehabilitation clinic in Orange County, serving Irvine and the nearby communities of Tustin, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Laguna, Lake Forest, and Mission Viejo. We strive to provide high-quality, comprehensive, and individualized patient care to our local community with a variety of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy services.
Home | Integrated Physical Therapy LLC | King of Prussia Physical Therapy PA 19406 | King of Prussia PA Physical Therapy 19406 | King of Prussia PT PA 19406 | King of Prussia PA PT 19406 | Physical Therapy King of Prussia | PT King of Prussia | King of Prussia Physical Therapy Specialist | King of Prussia Physical Therapy Programs | King of Prussia Physical Therapists | King of Prussia Physical Therapy Clinic | King of Prussia Knee Therapy | King of Prussia Shoulder Therapy | King of Prussia Neck Therapy | Therapy for TMJ | Therapy for Sports Injury | King of Prussia Pennsylvania 19406 | Advanced Physical Therapy | King of Prussia | PA | Pennsylvania | 19406 Integrated Physical Therapy LLC is the leading King of Prussia physical therapy facility to assist with knee, shoulder, neck, and spine injuries in King of Prussia PA 19406. Our physical therapists will assist you with chronic injuries, migraines, sports injuries, and help you fully rehabilitate until you are fully healed. We are a direct access facility, allowing us to treat you within 72 hours without the need for a referral or prescription. If you have suffered an injury in King of Prussia Pennsylvania and are in need of a King of Prussia physical therapist or King of Prussia physical therapy, contact Integrated PT, where we use 20 years of experience to make you feel better than ever before.
Physical Therapist in Bethesda | Bethesda PhysioCare®Bethesda Physiocare Bethesda Physiocare® is Bethesda’s leading physical therapy center, staffed by world-class physical therapists. Start your journey to a healthier life!
Montgomery Medical Clinic – Family & Urgent Health Care in Gaithersburg Montgomery Medical Clinic - The leading Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Dermatology & Primary Health Clinic in Gaithersburg. Open Daily!
Pro Staff Physical Therapy Pro Staff Physical Therapy is a leading physical therapy provider in Clifton, Kearny, Montclair, Nutley, Oakland, Passaic, and Rockaway NJ.
PURE SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY Pure Body— Pure Athlete— Pure Sports Downtown Washington, DC’s Leading Orthopedics and Sports Rehabilitation Practice with Dry Needling in DC
Kinetik Rehab Saskatoon - Physical & Occupational Therapy Located in Saskatoon, we are a leading provider of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and disability management services to Saskatchewan residents.
Fort Worth Physical Therapy & Sports Orthopedics Clinics | FWPT Fort Worth Physical Therapy is a leading physical & occupational therapy and sports orthopedics practice with clinics located across the North Texas area.
Total Control Program The Total Control® program is a a comprehensive pelvic fitness and wellness program designed by leading experts in the fields of Urogynecology, Physical Therapy and Fitness. Proven in medical research to promote flatter abs, give women better bladder control, improve sex and orgasms, and help women sleep better at night, the Total Control® program can empower women to regain confidence and enjoy a higher quality of life.