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azcentral.com and The Arizona Republic: Phoenix and Arizona local news, sports and entertainment azcentral.com is the digital home of The Arizona Republic newspaper, with breaking news and in-depth coverage of sports, things to do, travel and opinions.
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Hash Project Hash Linux is a free Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution available in 4 versions: Awesome, Xmonad,i3 and Bspwm. It is designed and developed for those users who love Linux and want to enter the wonderful world of window managers but are not encouraged to customize them due to laziness or lack of time.
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FutureofWorking.com | Career Advice for the Future When giving a speech or presentation, how you start can make or break you. You want the beginning to be strong and instantly pull your audience in so that you have their full attention from the get-go. Here are 25 effective ways to start a speech or presentation. 1. The Common Ground Open Opening with a real life experience, goal or interest is a great way to grab the attention of the audience to show them that they can gain something by listening to you. By establishing common ground with the audience, especially if it is done with humility and grace, you put yourself on the same level as your audience. If you are an elderly CEO of a company and you discuss finances with a group of younger entry-level employees, you have to share your own business experiences when you were younger so that the audience will better understand your message. 2. Ask a Question If you want to make your audience think right away, ask them a question to start your speech. Ask either a rhetorical or literal question. Whether or not an answer to that question is called for, when people are posed with a question that matters to them, they will intuitively answer. When you ask a question, raise your hand to indicate what you want the audience to do. After asking a question like "How many people here are self-employed?", see if any audience members raise their hands. Take advantage of this engagement by getting into the heart of your speech. 3. Quote Sometimes it is as easy as opening with a relevant quote. You can set the tone for the rest of your speech if you have a quote that is memorable. You should keep in mind that whoever you quote has to be well known by the audience because if it is someone like your next-door neighbor, the quote will fall flat with everyone. If you are discussing topics related to politics, for example, it is wise to quote a former United States President. "If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance." -Abraham Lincoln 4. The Contrast Open If speeches feel like boxing matches to you, this type of opening would often be used. Showcase the difference between diametrically opposed concepts, positions, ideas or words, and the end result will be that some audience members will feel persuaded to change their perspective or embrace something new. There are always two sides to every story, and both sides have to be equally presented. What are the differences between a need and a want? Obstacles and opportunities? Problems and solutions? Highlighting the differences will get audiences to understand the points you are trying to make. 5. Tell a Story Before making the key points of your speech, telling a story to start can draw your audience in. Some of the most powerful words that can immediately grab the attention of the audience would be "Once upon a time" because regardless of age people will love stories of any kind. When you start your speech with a line like "Once upon a time", the audience will know that a story is coming. People will immediately calm down, become quiet, and listen to what you have to say. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, telling a story will resonate with audience members. 6. Imagining Something If you want people to go on a unique journey with you, encourage them to imagine certain scenarios. For example, if you are working for a non-profit organization that brings water to people who lack the resources to get water, a good opener would be something like "Imagine being thirsty all the time, but never having anything to drink." By having them imagine scenarios like that, you make the audience a part of your presentation. They can actively empathize and engage with the content of your speech because they actually put themselves into that setting. 7. Humor Though this should never be forced onto the audience, when properly implemented you will put a lot of smiles on the faces of those you speak to. Being funny during a speech can be very difficult, but it is a way to give yourself relief as a public speaker. Telling jokes in your opening is a sign to the audience that you don't take yourself too seriously, and that they can relate to you in some way. One witty opener would be "If you can hear me, please start clapping as to confuse those that cannot make out what I am saying." 8. "This Day In History" Open One main reason why audiences gather to listen to speeches is that they can learn something. If you start your speech with a historical fact, the audience will immediately pay attention. For example, if the day of your speech falls on March 5, you would open your speech with "On this day, March 5, 1963: the Hula Hoop, a hip-swiveling toy that became a huge fad across America when it was first marketed by Wham-O in 1958, is patented by the company's co-founder, Arthur "Spud" Melin. An estimated 25 million Hula Hoops were sold in its first four months of production alone." 9. Thank the Organizers and Audience If you want to stick to the basics of public speaking, simply mention the people who made it possible for you to have a presentation. Thanking the event organizers and the audience compliments them, makes them feel proud and happy about your presence, and strongly connects you to the audience. Refer to the person who introduced you to one or more of the senior people in the organization in the audience, and compliment that person as a showing of respect. Be humble and genuine in your positive comments toward the organization. 10. Positive Statement Staying positive throughout a speech can be challenging, but it will become easier if you start your speech with a positive statement. You can begin by telling the audience how much they will like and appreciate what you have to say. For example, you could say something like "You're really going to enjoy the time we spend together today. I'm going to share with you some of the most thought-provoking ideas my company has ever made." The upbeat tone of this opening is enough to make the audience invested in whatever follows. 11. The Skeptical Audience Open A doubting audience is a difficult audience to handle. From the start, they may not trust your ideas or they could be against what you are proposing. Whether they were disappointed in the past or if they are simply stuck in their ways, they will put up a brick wall in front of you. The more hostile the crowd, the faster you must address the gap. Blending your goals and the needs of the audience requires a careful combination of anticipating the major objections, avoiding defensiveness, acknowledging the obvious truths early, and understanding the divided loyalties between the intractable, the undecided, and the supportive. Identify which of those must hear your message and adjust accordingly. 12. The Puzzle Open Brain teasers and mind puzzles tend to capture the attention of audiences that like to be given mental exercises. As the audience tries to figure out what it will take to solve them, they become highly engaged with the practice. Capitalize on this behavior by proposing a riddle, asking a puzzling question that you promise to reveal in the end, and suggesting that the audience complete a mathematical equation and promising to give the answer context as you go along during the speech. Alternatively, reveal one puzzle piece after another throughout the course of your speech to help your audience find the right solution. 13. Refer to Current Events Bringing documentation of something that is currently relevant to the public will help you to illustrate your point the way you want to. Use a current event story that is on the front page of your local newspaper to transition into your subject, and hold it up as you refer to it in your introduction. This serves as a visual image to the audience that they will keep in their minds as they see you hold up this documentation. When they hear you recite or read a key point of the news story, they will carefully pay attention to you. 14. Refer to a Recent Conversation One way to keep the topic you wish to talk about relevant to the audience is to refer to a recent conversation you had with someone attending this public speaking event. Hours or minutes before you get on stage to address the audience, you could be engaging in a thought-provoking conversation with someone in a lobby, and that person might tell you that this is one of the best times to be working in a specific industry. It is likely that many audience members will share the same view as that person, so when you mention this conversation in your introduction they will have something to relate to. 15. The Activity Open An active audience is one that will be more likely to keep listening to you after you finish your introduction. Keeping an audience preoccupied with an activity works well during training sessions and workshops when you are trying to teach a specific skill. Engaging in activity right from the start allows the audience to recognize the benefits of listening to your message. The activity has to be fun but also challenging enough. If they quickly get through it they will spend the rest of the workshop sitting in their chairs doing nothing. 16. The Study Hall Open If you are someone who loves using data-heavy charts and graphs to illustrate your points, you have to be careful about how you present your data to the audience. While they want to be informed, people in the audience also don't want to be bombarded with too much information all at once. Establishing a school setting and distributing paper handouts of data to your audience to begin your session helps them to follow along. Ask them to read the charts and graphs, and following their review you are well on your way to making your key points. 17. The PowerPoint Open When PowerPoint technology is used correctly it is a highly effective tool for the audience. Otherwise, it immediately makes your presentation feel boring. Slides that are overly literal will fall flat, but conceptual and eye-catching images give strength to your words. Pick captivating and intriguing images. If you present a talk on how to make ice cream, you could begin with a slide that shows the finished product of your ice cream brand. Describe the process of making ice cream in your introduction, and as you proceed you show slides in reverse, moving from final product to the very beginning. Along the way, you guide the viewer through each step. 18. The Audio Clip Open Your voice remains front and center for your talk, but additional sounds can bring more clarity to your message. Your words will be given more meaning with the help of a short audio clip as it makes your message more memorable. If you are teaching a music school, you can include two brief audio excerpts, a before and after of student instruction. Though your words do matter, these clips can have a better impact in persuading students to join your school. Audio testimonies, song recordings, oral accounts, and speech snippets all make for good audio clips. 19. Silence A subtle pause of silence, even if it extends to only 10 seconds, gives your audience enough time to sit and quiet down. Most audiences expect a speaker to begin right away. If you want to get the attention of an audience, taking that extra pause will help your cause. People will start wondering why you are being so quiet as they gather around, and when you break your silence and start speaking you can use that pause to illustrate a key point. Sometimes the main challenge in public speaking events is to get the audience into a silent state. 20. The Challenge Open Audiences want to be challenged and motivated to contribute to something they feel passionate about. Open your speech with a challenge if you are looking to increase sales, raising money for a project, asking for volunteers, or wanting legislative change. It isn't just about buying into your message but also taking the actions to manifest it. Start your speech with something like this: "Leaders see possibilities where followers see obstacles. I am here today to call for leaders to encourage those who are unsure about the project to look past the stumbling blocks we face in the development of this local park and consider giving citizens a better environment." 21. Multiple Choice Test Presenting your own multiple-choice test can draw your audience to your topic, and this approach is tailor-made for a talk with multiple perspectives about an issue or different solutions to the same problem. An example of this open would be to say the following: "As a company, we have several routes we can take regarding growth and increased sales. We could a) buy smaller companies to diversify our portfolio of services, b) move resources to focus on only a few, or c) we could opt to franchise. After we evaluate these options together, I will offer the option that I think is the way for us to go." 22. The Mystery Open The odds are likely that your audience loves to solve mysteries. Whether they are read in books or watched on television, mysteries grab the attention of people simply because of the uncertainty that is wrapped around them. When using this open present some clues on stage, regardless of which side of the argument they lean towards. Remind the audience of these clues throughout the speech and encourage them to come up with their own conclusions before revealing how your mystery gets solved. 23. Have Audience Members Talk to Each Other All audiences will be sitting close together in a setting where they will be visible in front of you, so you might as well take advantage of this. Encourage people to talk to others that are sitting next to them, and specifically to let them know what they would like to learn from your speech. Encourage your audience to discuss with each other any particular points. Any commands or show of leadership on your part will easily influence the audience, as long as you do it with confidence. 24. Bring Up Statistics Even if you don't bring any charts or graphs to illustrate your points, simply mentioning important statistics will resonate with the audience to get your message across the right way. Statistics have the potential to trigger the emotional appeal of the audience. One example of presenting statistics in your open would be something like: "In 2019 there were 152,000 homeless people roaming the streets in California. By 2025 that number is expected to nearly double." This kind of open highlights the need to address the problem of homelessness because the statistic is powerful, personalized and surprising. 25. The Unexpected Definition Open Dictionaries are obviously accurate, but there are times when words gain more power when they are redefined. If you are a valedictorian and you want to share how much your fellow students mean to you, the open can go like this: "The dictionary defines classmate as a member of your class, but my definition for you all is much broader than that. We were friends, teammates, and mentors. As worthy opponents, we challenged each other on the field and in the classroom. And, we now can define ourselves as fellow graduates." Conclusion How you start your presentation will depend on what kind of presentation you are giving, and what tone you want to set for your audience. Regardless of which you choose to begin with, incorporating one of these strong tools into your speech ensures that your presentation is a success from the very start.
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Home - Plagiarism.org Plagiarism is a common (and often misunderstood) problem that is often the result of a lack of knowledge and skills. Our mission is to support the education community with a comprehensive set of resources to help students write with integrity.
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The Physics Hypertextbook The Physics Hypertextbook is a reaction to the three big problems with textbooks: lack of writer''s voice, layouts that reduce readability, and outdated economics. It is a work in progress. Some parts of this book are essentially finished. Some parts are comically underdone. I work on this project in my spare time. You are welcome to use this website as an educational or entertainment tool.
ECOLEX | The gateway to environmental law What is ECOLEX? ECOLEX is an information service on environmental law, operated jointly by FAO, IUCN and UNEP. Its purpose is to build capacity worldwide by providing the most comprehensive possible global source of information on environmental law . This unique resource, which combines the environmental law information holdings of FAO, IUCN and UNEP, seeks to put this information at the disposal of users world-wide, in an easily accessible service, employing modern technology. The ECOLEX database includes information on treaties, international soft-law and other non-binding policy and technical guidance documents, national legislation, judicial decisions, and law and policy literature. Users have direct access to the abstracts and indexing information about each document, as well as to the full text of most of the information provided. What is now available on the web (www.ecolex.org) owes much to a project funded by the Dutch government, which ascertained the feasibility of a joint service, and set the stage for the implementation of the resulting partnership between FAO, IUCN and UNEP. This joint service is now being further refined and developed by the three partners to best meet the needs of the user. Why ECOLEX? Environmental law has, over the past thirty years, become a recognized legal discipline, and a major tool for the achievement of environment and natural resources management, in the context of sustainable development. Within this field, there has been a significant growth in multilateral and bilateral agreements, national legislation, international "soft law" documents, and law and policy literature, as well as related jurisprudence and court decisions. Yet, much of this wealth of information is difficult to access, even for those whose profession is to develop and implement national legal mechanisms in the field. There are two causes for this difficulty: first, there is limited knowledge about the existence and location of this information; second, even when this information is available, access is limited. This is particularly the case in developing countries and countries with economies in transition, where government officials, practitioners, environmental managers, non-profit institutions and academia lack easy access to the legal information they need for developing the necessary legal tools to promote environmental management. The need for such services is illustrated in the constantly growing number and variety of requests for data, and for assistance in locating information on specific environmental law topics, which FAO, IUCN and UNEP receive from governments, academia, including NGOs, companies and members of the public. Why FAO, IUCN and UNEP? -- a bit of history The FAO Legal Office has developed FAOLEX, a database of references to national legislation linked to electronic versions of their texts. Selected texts of major significance pertaining to FAO's mandate, including legislation on agriculture, energy, environment, fisheries, food, forestry, land, livestock, mineral resources, plants, water, wild fauna and flora, are summarized and indexed in the database. Access to the summary, index and full text of each piece of legislation is provided. IUCN Environmental Law Centre (ELC) created a comprehensive information system on environmental law (ELIS) in the 1960's. ELIS, which was one of the first computerized legal information system, evolved into a large set of references to treaties, national legislation, soft law and legal literature, linked to documents held in the libraries of the ELC for the IUCN Environmental Law Programme. It continues to be one of the main assets of the capacity building activities of the IUCN Environmental Law Programme, as well as a constant source of expertise for the work of the Programme in the fields of law development, technical assistance, and expertise building. UNEP, for the past thirty years UNEP has provided leadership to the development and implementation of global and regional international environmental agreements, the strengthening of national environmental legislation and capacity building in the field of environmental law. This work which has been undertaken within the framework of the Governing Council decisions relating to the Development and Review of Environmental Law, and has led to the collection of a very significant amount of legal materials in electronic and hardcopy form, which have been made available by UNEP to ECOLEX. To join forces and combine the strength of the three organizations therefore made eminent sense, and while cooperation in this field between UNEP and IUCN was firstly mandated by the Governing Council of UNEP in 1995, it is in 2001 that a partnership Agreement was signed by FAO, IUCN and UNEP for the integration of their data, and of FAOLEX into ECOLEX. The resulting combined information resource is the largest available on environmental law globally, with over hundred thousand references to relevant documents already being available on the web. The Overall Objectives ECOLEX must be maintained, refined and further developed with a view to serving the end users as efficiently as possible. In this context, the long-term objectives of ECOLEX in building capacity worldwide are as follows: Maintain, refine and develop the environmental law databank and its related information and resources; Present these data in a user-friendly format, facilitating searches for references and full texts through the development of multilingual retrieval possibilities (English, French, Spanish); Provide global access to the database in an efficient and cost-effective manner; Address the special needs and access problems of users; Develop a distributed network of associates, at regional and national level; Develop special ECOLEX products and services aimed at increasing knowledge and building capacity in environmental law at the local, national and regional levels; and Expand the consortium of partners of ECOLEX.
Open for Business Hub Small business is the lifeblood of the American economy. The recent Covid-19 outbreak is having a disproportionate impact on these businesses, who lack the resources of larger organizations to stay open.
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the ugly face of beauty – Exploring the ins and outs of non-surgical cosmetic procedures Hello! Welcome to The Ugly Face of Beauty, a blog exploring the ins and outs of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. This blog is part of a wider multi-media project where I will be investigating questions such as: Why is there such a lack of regulation for non-surgical procedures in the UK? Why are people ending up…
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Earth Lover's Life | Collected Writings During this Covid-19 pandemic, there are many more unknowns than knowns. People all over the globe are working to find solutions but are hampered by lack of data because this virus is so new to humans. So the logical thing to do while waiting for science to catch up, is to look at existing remedies that help boost your immune system. That is why health authorities are telling us to wash our hands (soap and water disable the outer covering of the virus), not touch our faces (the threat is that the virus may infect the lungs) and physically distance from other people (the virus is airborne and may be transmitted by people who have no symptoms). This article will look at existing data and possible remedies, keeping in mind that these things may change as more data and solutions become available. Animals Scientists believe the virus originated in bats and then either jumped onto humans or travelled through an intermediary animal in the environment of the wildlife market in Wuhan, China. In spite of the panic that ensued, companion pets such as cats and dogs are not able to transmit Covid-19 to humans according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Centers for Disease Control, and the US Department of Agriculture as quoted by Nathan Winograd. Factory farm opponents note that other viruses have jumped to humans from farmed animals and the massive use of antibiotics in farmed animals encourages antimicrobial resistance. Wildlife advocates say healthy wildlife ecosystems "can restrain" pathogens. However, a tiger in the Bronx zoo testing positive has led to concerns that humans can transmit Covid-19 to animals. The Zoological Pathology Program at the University of Illinois Veterinary School makes the point that tigers are not the same genus as domestic cats and considers human to pet transmission unlikely though some vets suggest extra caution and not snuggling with your pets if you are ill. Shelters have been happily surprised by the widespread fostering and adoption of shelter animals during this time as companion animals help ease the stress of quarantine. So it is important to not undermine this with baseless rumours of human-animal transmission. Plots and Theories Differences in data collection, Covid-19 testing methods and strategies have made comparisons of data across countries difficult. Case in point is the new edict of the US Centers of Disease Control to list cause of death as Covid-19 even if only presumed. But widespread distrust of government, big business and individuals have filled the gap. Some of the theories are: 1) The virus was deliberately invented and loosed; 2) The pandemic is an excuse to take away personal liberties; 3) The pandemic is a plot to smear Donald Trump before the US election; 4) The pandemic is a plot by Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical companies he invested in to create a depopulation vaccine; 5) and my own observation in British Columbia, that pipeline layers allowed to continue working through Indigenous territory (with those Indigenous having extra health concerns and poor living conditions) have a likelihood of causing genocide which would reduce future opposition to the invasion of extractive industries. I'm not saying yay or nay to any of these. You decide. Natural Remedies This is the part where I say I am merely an animal rescuer, not a doctor nor veterinarian. Neither the US FDA nor Health Canada have evaluated the following statements. However, years of exploring natural remedies for myself and my animals, have shown me that there are many useful remedies that could also be tried with Covid-19. For the sake of transparency, I'll also point out here, that I am an affiliate marketer for some frequency remedies. Herbs Many people are familiar antiviral herbs and mushrooms. You will notice many are used in food preparation as spices. Your immune system is based in your gut, so food becomes medicinal. Except when you have allergies to certain foods. Then you need to remove those allergens from your diet. In my case, I am allergic to milk products. Milk products in general produce mucus and are less healthy than the dairy industry would like you to believe. Some people are lactose-intolerant and the milk will give tummy aches or indigestion. I found I am allergic to a milk protein called casein (in both cow and goat milk) which makes me congested and sniffly. For some unknown reason, some "fake cheese" or "dairy alternatives" contain casein. So you need to check product labels when substituting foods to avoid allergic reaction. Vitamins & Supplements Vitamins and supplements can also support your immune system. Vitamin C is well-known for boosting immunity and intravenous vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate) is how Wuhan, China is now treating Covid-19. Some naturopaths and veterinarians in North America administer intravenous vitamin C but with all the clinic closures now, that treatment may be hard to find. Zinc is also well known for reducing respiratory symptoms. Negative Ions Negative ion generators are rarely considered in this context but may help with stress during seclusion and possibly with disabling viruses. The negative ions combine with particulate matter in the air (such as dust, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria and viruses) giving it a negative charge so falls out of the air, to be cleaned up by your vacuuming or dusting. As such, they are a type of air purifier. Negative ion generators produce negative ions by adding an electron to an air molecule thus giving it a negative charge. You may have experienced negative ions near moving water: a waterfall, a storm, or even in your shower. There are many types of negative ion generators on the market but you need to research which ones are healthier. Some are said to use radioactive materials and some also generate ozone which above certain levels is unhealthy for you and can be very unhealthy for your pets. When my old ionizer wore out, I replaced it with an air purifier when I noticed my cats coughing. That helped somewhat but after the purifier wore out, I recently replaced it with a very small and inexpensive negative ion generator. I confirmed with the manufacturer that it does not generate ozone, and it works via the small needles said to not require radioactive materials. I notice a positive mood effect on myself and the animals as well as less coughing and sneezing. Homeopathy Homeopathic remedies are pooh-poohed by some because they work on completely different principles than accepted western medicine. However they are a main go-to for me and my animals because I've seen them work. You can purchase them in health food stores and some (usually compounding) pharmacies. You avoid touching them with your fingers. Speaking with a homeopathically -- educated friend, we agreed both of us would reach for aconitum napellus or gelsemium sempervirens. These can also be given to animals. Aconitum is taken at the very first symptoms of feeling ill. Once while working overnight as a hotel desk clerk, I gave one pill to the security guard when he started his rounds. He had just started to sniffle. Next night he wanted to know what I gave him because he said the symptoms were gone when he got home. Gelsemium is taken for general flu-like symptoms (and also for "kitty flu"). Frequencies My other main go-to, as many people know, is frequencies. Frequency developers have invested their energies in specific frequencies to fight Covid-19. A YouTube search for covid-19 frequencies will show the efforts of many different developers. Bear in mind that you require headphones if you are listening to binaural beat frequencies. This is because they work by supplying a slightly different tone to each ear thus prompting your brain to supply a third tone between the first two. Spooky2 is a manufacturer of small Rife frequency machines and offers a silent Covid-19 frequency here. CoronaFrequencies.com offers a download here. Eric Thompson of Subtle Energy Sciences has produced free audio and image-encoded Covid-19 frequencies, downloadable here. SES also has audio and image frequencies called Virtual Oxygen, which I found very helpful a couple years ago when my area was getting air quality warnings due to drifting smoke from the wildfires. Sharry Edwards, who analyzes frequencies in your voice, believes from her research (though I don't agree with all of her methods and conclusions) that glutathione is helpful against the virus. Dietary glutathione is poorly absorbed but SES provides an energy app of glutathione. SES also provides energy apps for a number of herbs that may be helpful including curcumin and ashwagandha. What You Personally Can Do All by Yourself These other items may also prove helpful. That is, keeping the humidity of your environment at a comfortable level and learning this breathing technique. It is also helpful to control your stress level and the body chemicals generated by stress. Check out the GreenMed database for other ways to fight Covid-19.
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Doppelmembranpumpen - Druckluftmembranpumpen Doppelmembranpumpen Industriepumpen Industrie Druckluftmembranpumpen Selbstansaugend, trockenlaufsicher, Öl-freie Druckluft Membran Pumpe, Doppelmembranpumpen Membrane aus PTFE, EPDM, NBR, Ersatzteile Dichtungen Doppelmembranpumpen
Palak Mathur | renaissance | enlightenment – reawakening – reformation renaissance | enlightenment - reawakening - reformation
AmiraNews - Latest News at a Click | There are certain problems that new traders make for themselves after entering the market. These problems can ruin their entire trading careers. If they want to improve their success rate, they must know how to avoid and overcome these problems. Major problems that new traders face 1. They become overconfident After entering the trade market, if newbie traders in the Mena region win a series of trades by chance, they become overconfident and jump into more businesses. As a result, most of them face a massive financial loss after a market crash. A common reason behind this is the lack of knowledge about the market. When beginners become overconfident, they start thinking that they have become the Forex expert. This kind of attitude is a big problem among newbies. It is recommended that every beginner should not execute trades frequently. Instead, they should analyze and spend time improving their business skills. Solution A solution to overcome this problem that new traders employ is to stick to a specific strategy and stay focused on a particular issue. There are lots of things to understand about the market. You should never get overwhelmed if the situation goes in your favor. Professionals suggest the beginners concentrate on a starting point to begin their business careers smoothly. 2. They get frustrated too soon Frustration is a widespread problem among the newbies because when they lose a series of trades, they become too scared and slowly get frustrated. That's why they can't make the right decisions on whether to enter a trade or not. In this way, they lose many potential business opportunities. Another key thing to remember while trading is to use the best CFD trading platforms online. Unless you use the best paltfrom, it is going to be tough to find quality trades. Solution Experienced investors advise that beginners learn from failures. Every human should take the lessons from his wrong footsteps. If he has the desire to improve his skills, he will indeed flip his failure. Every successful Forex investor has a lot of unsuccessful stories. Being frustrated can never help to improve their skills. 3. They think that trading is super easy Newbie traders think running a trade business is very easy, but things are not so simple in reality. An investor must face hundreds of problems and challenges as soon as they start their careers, and the first problem that new traders make is this kind of the wrong attitude. This is why experts advise them to improve their skills by analyzing the market and practicing the strategy. Solution If a trader doesn't love to trade, he will lose his concentration very soon, resulting in a problematic situation. There is nothing to gain from moving fast. Try to make your progress slow but never compromise with the learning process. The only way to avoid this problem is to concentrate on the learning process. 4. They feel uncertain This kind of feeling arises when investors don't know how to analyze the market. There are two kinds of analysis – i) fundamental analysis and ii) technical analysis. When an investor lacks proper knowledge of analyzing the chart, he feels uncertain about his trade and doesn't want to enter a business. This kind of feeling always ruin many good opportunities to make profits. In addition to this, newbies often regard 1 or 2 factors as the main controlling issues of the market. To predict the upcoming trend of the market, a CFD trader must be a good analyst. Solution To overcome this problem, an investor should gather profound knowledge on the risk to reward ratio, resistance or support levels, money management techniques, and so on. By acquiring sufficient knowledge about these issues, you can quickly become certain and enter a trade wisely. Conclusion These are the most common four problems that new traders make for themselves. They can follow the solutions to deal with those situations.
Emoti-Con Indy Random commentary, posts, musings and questions about the policies, behavior and staff of Emoti-Con Indy (formerly Dashcon). Read the masterlist here! They've cancelled the event due to a lack of...
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ukmade – UK Made Products – BRITISH MADE | Made in Great Britain – recommendations of quality products made in the British Isles – Made in the UK Made in Great Britain - recommendations of quality products made in the British Isles - Made in the UK
Mind Chi - Rewire Your Brain in 8 Minutes a Day Change your life and re-wire your brain in just 8 minutes a day
Multimedia Press – life is not lack of news, but is lack of Discoverable eyes life is not lack of news, but is lack of Discoverable eyes
Zaubermaus-Haus Alsfeld Bei uns verwöhnen Dich sexy hemmungslose Mädchen mit sündigen Liebesspielen und anregendem Service, der keine Wünsche offen lässt. Ist das viellei...
OPTHER - OPTICALLY DRIVEN TERAHERTZ AMPLIFIERS - Home OPTHER (Optically Driven Terahertz Amplifiers) is a project that has the aim to develop new vacuum devices for amplification of T-rays (Terahertz frequencies). These devices will make possible sophisticated applications with a huge potential in different fields such as aerospace, security, medical applications, diagnostics for art conservation. It is well known in fact that there is for THz radiation, the lack of compact, cheap, powerful and efficient THz sources.
BLÄSTRING och LACKERING | Bläster & Lack Luleå Bläster & Lack är idag Norra Sveriges största entreprenör inom blästring, rostskyddsmålning och lackering av spårbundna fordon, lastbilar, bussar, båtar och veteranbilar. Vår kärnverksamhet är blästring och lackering vid vår anläggning i Luleå Norrbotten.
Die Klangwerkstatt - Clemens Wagner // Reparatur, Umbau und Modifizierung von Gitarren und anderen Saiteninstrumenten Die Klangwerkstatt - Clemens Wagner // Reparatur, Umbau und Modifizierung von Gitarren und anderen Saiteninstrumenten
Total Credit Management Services | Offical Website Total Credit Management Services Hong Kong Limited has been specializing in the provision of international credit management services principally focus on Great China
KEMO Cyberfashion Onlineshop für Mode und Regenkleidung aus PVC - KEMO-Cyberfashion Online Shop und Fachgeschäft in München für PVC Regenkleidung, Lack, Latex und Vintage Dessous KEMO-Cyberfashion Online Shop & Online Community für Regenbekleidung, Vintage Dessous aus PVC Weichfolie
Functional Formularies - Organic feeding tube formulas and whole foods meal replacement Functional Formularies is a pioneer of healthy alternatives for both those who need critical attention, or seeking a more wholesome lifestyle through food.
Home - Ayurveda : The Miracle of Indian Science of Medicine Lifecareayurveda is Dedicated Site of Ayurveda - An Ancient Indian Medical Science by Dr. Nikul Patel Ayurveda Consultant at Atharva Ayurveda Clinic and Panchkarma Center,At Maninagar - Ahmedabad - India. This Site is dedicated to the Information About Ayurveda as Basic Principal, Dincharya, Rutucharya, Healthcare, prevention from diseases, Hygiene, Diet and Many More. Also this Site is Dedicated to the information regarding Various Diseases information, treatment and diet from Ayurveda way of Diagnosis and Treatment. Diseases Like; Skin Problem, Psoriasis, Acne, Pimples, Scabies, Eczema, Urticaria, Itching, Allergy, Crack, Cuts, Burns, Itching, Burning on Skin, Skin Burn, Ear Disease, Ear Infection, Deafness, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Aamvaat, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Knee Pain, Heel Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Rib Pain, Spondilysis, Sexual Problem, Impotency, Erection Problem, Erectile Dysfunction, Penis problem, Premature Ejaculation, Early Discharge, Night Fall, Night Discharge, Rhinitis, Asthma, Cough, hair Problems, Hair Loss, Dandruff, White Hair, Alopacia, Baldness, Gas, Acidity, Gastritis, Digestive Problem, Indigestion. Constipation, Diarrhea, Sprue, IBS, Intestine problems, Diseases of Children Like Noctural eneurosis, Bed Wetting, Lake of Growth, Digestive Problem, Immunity Loss, Lack of Appetite, Worms; Chronic Diseases Like; Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Prakinsons, Paralysis, facial Paralysis, Heart Diseases, Cancer, Leukemia, Kidney Problems, Kidney Stone, Gall Bladder Stone, Insomnis, Mental Disorders, Stress, Memory Loss, Depression, Gynecological Problems Like; Menstration Problem, Leucorrhea, Amenorrhea, Metrorrhagia, White Discharge, Abdominal Pain, Breast Pain, Breast tumor, Small Breast, Loose Breast, Vaginal Discharge Problem, Vaginal Issue, Uterus Problem, Uterus Fibroid, Ovulation Problem, Ovarian Cyst, Chocolate Cyst, Vaginal Itching, vaginal Burning, Vaginal Infection, Female Sex Problem, Low Libido, Infertility, Male Infertility, Female Infertility, Secondary Sterility, After IVF treatment, With IVF treatment, Oligospermia, Azoospermia, Irregular Periods, repeated Abortions, Ovulation Problem, Fallopian Blockage, Get Male child, Get Female Child, Conceive fast, Conceive safely, Get Pregnant Fast and Safe, Pregnancy Planing, Child Planning, Family Planning, Better Child, Suvarnaprashan, Immunity, Memory Increasing Treatment, Ayurveda Safe Medicines, Ayurveda COnsulting, Yoga, Pranayam. Also Get Information on Panchkarma Treatment As Abhyang, MAssage, Swedan, Steam, Basti Karma, Vaman Karma, Virechan Karma, Nasya Karma, Shirodhara, Janu Basti, Kati Basti, Greeva Basti, Hrid Basti, Agni Karma, Nabhi Parikshana, Nadi Parikshan. We also provide Perfect Guidance and Consultancy on Garbh Sanskar, Suvarnaprashan Sanskar,Jat Karma Sanksar, Nishkrmaana Sanskar etc sixteen sanskars by Indian Culture. Online Consultation Available on this website
Kassiopeya - Handel mit Texitilien & Hartwaren - Index Kassiopeya ist eine neue Trend Marke in Gothic-, Fetisch- und Bondage Bereich. Viele günstige Top Angebote finden sie bei uns! Wir Wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß beim einkaufen.
Meßinger Fashion & Brands Meßinger Fashion & Brands bietet Ihnen hochwertige Latexkleidung, High Heels und Artikel aus dem SM-Bereich im Großhandel zu unschlagbaren Preisen an…
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Autolackiererei Grimm - Aichach Informationen rund um die Autolackiererei Grimm in Aichach. Ihre Lackiererei für Fahrzeuge und Einzelteile.
EROTIK SERVICE SCHWEIZ - 9320 - Arbon Rathausgasse 8 Sex erotik service schweiz rathausgasse 8 9320 arbon Arbon
Sherwood Park Naturopathic Doctor - Clinic | Naturopath, Homeopath Effective Health Solutions is centrally located in Sherwood Park, AB. Naturopathic Doctor - Naturopathic Clinic Medicine | Naturopaths, Homeopaths
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Timeline Integrative Psychiatry - Home Dr Margarita Holsten is founder of Timeline Integrative Psychiatry a telemedicine practice designed to address psychiatric symptoms through integrative approach that looks for root causes and uses the least toxic treatment approach
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Willkommen - Auto-Spa Lack & Look // Wilhelmshaven Wilhelmshaven, Lackierung, Lackreparatur, Fahrzeuglackierung, Lackschaden, Smart Repair, Spot Lackierung, Fahrzeugpflege, Fahrzeugaufbereitung, Dellen entfernen, Beulendoktor, Lackdoktor, Politur, Lackpolitur, Versiegelung, Lackversiegelung, Reparatur, Kfz-Service, TÜV Service,
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Erotikshop Lassana: Dein Sexshop für Dessous, Sextoys und mehr Lassana: Dein online Erotikshop mit großer Auswahl an Dessous & Fetisch Sexspielzeug, BDSM, günstig, diskret, versandkostenfrei, neutrale Verpackung
John Sidney Martin – Money Is A Defense John Sidney Martin CEO of MIAD Holdings LLC is a Biblical Financial Literacy Program whose mission is to fight poverty and eradicate lack by teaching the Biblical Principles of Stewardship.
Lado (B)lack
Wysokie obcasy | Czółenka | Szpilki | Kozaki za kolano | Sandały na wysokim obcasie | Kozaki na koturnie - Hot Heels Shop giaro.com.pl, sklep online, oferuje wyjątkowe modele butów na wysokim obcasie. Uwielbiamy szpilki! Wszystkie modele dostępne są w dużych rozmiarach. Szybka dostawa. Bezpieczne e-zakupy
Raleigh Discount Furniture - Visit Our Furniture Warehouse In Raleigh Are you looking for a furniture warehouse that actually sells affordable furniture? At Raleigh Discount Furniture, our store consists of just a warehouse so we are able to offer you cheaper prices. Don''t let our lack of frill and showrooms deter you from getting incredibly priced home furnishings! Shop today.
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WhiteShark Great White Sharks have different type of gills to breathe, which means they would die from lack of oxygen if they stopped swimming. For us, Innovation is Oxygen. Our products: www.DoSheets.com | www.CoBeats.com.
CULTURA HISPANA | Focos de creatividad, impulso y espíritu universal CULTURAL COMMUNICATION AND FLAMENCO ART World Heritage I Patrimonio Mundial I विरासत I 世界遺産 I 世界遗产 I 세계 유산 Origins and evolution: Many of the details of the development of flamenco are lost in Spanish history. There are several reasons for this lack: 1. Flamenco sprang from the lower levels of Andalusian society, and thus…
Zwinz Autospengler- Lackiererei, Imkerei Karl Zwinz: Autospengler & Lackierei Kaputte Karosserie? Immer zum Zwinz! Yasmin Zwinz: Imkerei
SONAX CC36 SONAX CC36. The Force of Flexibility - der Stärkere gibt nach. Verstärkt die Widerstandsfähigkeit des Lackes, Optimiert Glanz und Farbtiefe.
Bizarr Sex Schweiz, Sexinserate - BDSM - Sadomaso Schweizer Sexinserate Portal für private Sexinserate Bdms, Bizarr, Sadomaso, Lack und Rubber. Hier kannst Du Sexinserate aufgebeben, Voyeur-Fotos zeigen und ein Profil über Dich erstellen und Dich präsentieren. Oder einfach nur Sex-Kontakt finden.
ERDataDoc – My blog about becoming a Healthcare Data Scientist, Healthcare Big Data and Analytics, Healthcare Predictive Analytics, Infographics, and assorted Emergency Medicine/Learning Health System/Complexity Science topics. My blog about becoming a Healthcare Data Scientist, Healthcare Big Data and Analytics, Healthcare Predictive Analytics, Infographics, and assorted Emergency Medicine/Learning Health System/Complexity Science topics.
EMP Tryckeri, Järfälla Stockholm, Print, Lack & Laminat, Bokbinderi Vi är specialiserade på att förhöja trycksakens värde genom enkla och kostnadseffektiva lösningar i allt från idé till färdig produkt. EMP är ett tryckeri i Järfälla, Stockholm. Specialister på print, lack & laminat & bokbinderi. Med stor bredd och kompetens tar vi hand om alla typer av trycksaker. Kontakta oss!
Travis J. Gosselin | Software Developer, Architect & Speaker Software Developer, Architect & Speaker
Leading Hertfordshire Biofeedback practice - Balance your heart and brain... Stress management, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback training of stress related symptoms, Peak performance training, Psychodiagnostic testing
haas-baumarkt.de - Der Online Baumarkt für Heimwerker | haas-baumarkt.de - Der Online Baumarkt für Heimwerker Baumarkt Produkte zu Super Preisen. Alles für den Heimwerker. Für Haus, Garten und Freizeit. ✓ Top-Preise. ✓ Schneller Versand mit DHL. ✓ Farben ✓ Ei…