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Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Products | Atlassian Software development and collaboration tools for teams, from startup to enterprise. Try Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Core, and Confluence.
Atlassian | Software Development and Collaboration Tools Millions of users globally rely on Atlassian products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality.
Isos Technology | Atlassian Enterprise Solution Partners - Jira Software and Confluence Consultants Simplify your Development with Atlassian Enterprise Solution Partners - Jira Software and Confluence Consultants - Isos Technology.
Universidad Católica los Ángeles de Chimbote - Universidad Católica Los Ángeles de Chimbote Sitio oficial de la Universidad Católica Los Ángeles de Chimbote - Jirón Tumbes N 247 - Casco Urbano de Chimbote Perú Telef. (043) 34-3444.
Jira | Issue & Project Tracking Software | Atlassian Plan, track, and manage your agile and software development projects in Jira. Customize your workflow, collaborate, and release great software.
Calamari Calamari helps you in leave management and tracking attendance. It automates PTO calculation. Many ways to clock in/out. Integrated with Google Apps, Slack, Jira and Office 365
Prioritization & Roadmapping Tool | airfocus Prioritization and roadmapping software for product managers, project managers, and marketing strategists. Integrates with Jira, Trello, Azure DevOps, Asana, and more.
Flowdock: Group chat for teams. Integrates with GitHub, Jira, Trello.
Menu The smart and free Jira alternative, designed to help teams move faster in product development. Brilliantly simple, with zero setup required.
EverIT Kft. - Software Development, Atlassian Consulting, Outsourcing We deliver software development solutions and apps for Atlassian Jira. Our team ensures good quality, and we can help you achieve your goals.
Everhour – Project Time Management System for Your Team All-in-one time tracking and scheduling solution. Perfect for Jira, Asana, Trello, Basecamp time tracking. Estimate tasks, set budgets, and more!
Daily Standups for Technical Teams - Jell Daily standup meetings to unite teams. Manage goals and OKRs. Integrates with Slack, MS Teams, Jira, Github, Trello, & more. Try it free for 14 days.
CBMS - Free CRM, HR, Accounting, Invoicing, Support Tickets and Project Management App | Free CRM, HR, Accounting Management Cloud Solutions - CBMS CBMS Free CRM, HR, Accounting, Invoicing, Support Tickets and Project Management App is a free SAAS software, an easy to use CRM, HR, Accounting software that is designed for Business Manager
StoriesOnBoard - User Story Mapping Tool for Agile Product Management User Story Mapping tool for agile product management. Real-time, two-way Trello, JIRA, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker integration. Try StoriesOnBoard Free.
LinkedIn icon Report visual bugs directly into your existing issue tracking tool like Trello, Jira, GitHub, Asana, and more. Perfect for agencies and product teams.
VMotion IT Solutions : Professional Web Hosting Services in Ireland Irelands reliable and secure web hosting, domains, dedicated servers, Cloud servers, Microsoft 365, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Opencart, Jira hosting, Confluence hosting`
Unito: Build and Optimize Workflows Across Tools and Teams Regain visibility into work, align your teams, and save a ton of time and effort. Integrations include Asana, monday, Jira, Trello, and more.
Refined | Site building tools for Jira and Confluence Refined is a site building app for Atlassian Jira and Confluence. Add a theme, improved navigation and helpful content to engage all users.
TMB Bilisim Teknolojileri | Network | Bilgi Güvenliği | Yazılım | İT - - Anasayfa Sınırsız Sorunlara Sorunsuz Çözümler...
VOA Idaacadda Voice of America (VOA) waxay markii ugu horreysay hawada soo gashay sanadkii 1942-dii, waana idaacad caalami ah, oo aalado kala duwan u isticmaasha tabinta wararka. VOA waxaa maal-galisa dowladda Mareykanka, iyadoo usoo mareysa Golaha Warbaahinta. VOA-du waxay toddobaad walba baahisaa ku dhawaad 15,000 oo saacadood oo isugu jira warar, warbixinno, barnaamijyo aqooneed iyo kuwa dhaqamaeed. Dad lagu qiyaasay 125 milyan oo qof oo dacallada caalamka ku kala nool ayaa qubanahaas la socda.
Project Management Data Migration. MS Planner Migration, Trello, Monday Project Migrator is software for automated Project Management Data Migration - Trello, Planner, Monday.com, Jira, Asana, Smartsheet Migration
Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner | Jira | Confluence | Bitbucket Clearvision provide Consultancy, technical implementation, hosting, training, and support packages for Jira, Confluence, and the Atlassian stack.
SaaSJet - Jira Atlassian Top Vendor | Tool for Jira Cloud Atlassian reporting tools are great but there is always a room for improvement. We strive to extend the functionality of Jira Cloud.
SaaSJet - Jira Atlassian Top Vendor | Tool for Jira Cloud Atlassian reporting tools are great but there is always a room for improvement. We strive to extend the functionality of Jira Cloud.
Test Management Tools | Jira Test Case Management Software | Zephyr Release higher quality software on time with our real-time test management tools. Sign up for a free trial to see how our platform transforms team collaboration.
Jira & Confluence Solutions for the Enterprise | Midori Work better with your Atlassian stack! Midori apps and services power 7,000+ companies worldwide, to make the most out of Atlassian Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.
Free Online Planning Poker for Agile Teams - Scrumpy Planning Poker Scrumpy is a free online planning poker application with Jira, Confluence, GitHub, GitLab and Slack integrations for your agile team's collaboration needs!
Userforge Generate an online library of connected personas and stories. Visualize with story maps, refine and sync to Jira. Create your free workspace today.
Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia manga Online Read Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia / bokuno-hero Best Manga Online in High Quality
Antikvariát Jirásek a spol. Czech antiquarian bookshop, used books
Git Integration for Jira by BigBrassBand Welcome to the BigBrassBand LLC website. We are the team behind the Git Integration for Jira - a git add-on that combines Git repository data, Jira projects and issues.
Centrum Vladimíra Jiránka | Oficiální web BOBA studio s.r.o. BoBa STUDIO má za cíl zvýšit prestiž a obchodní možnosti českých animovaných filmů. Výtvarným nástupcem Vladimíra Jiránka je umělec Alex Dowis.
FayeBSG | CRM, CX, ERP and Integrated Software Solutions FayeBSG is a global technology company that helps companies grow by successfully deploying, customizing, building, and managing industry leading customer experience, CRM, and ERP software platforms to meet evolving business needs. As a SugarCRM Elite partner and awarded the 2020 SugarCRM Global Reseller of the Year, FayeBSG is also a leading partner with Sage, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Hubspot as well as an innovative provider of custom software solutions.FayeBSG is known for their SugarCRM integrations with Sage 100, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Acumatica, Intacct, Constant Contact, Authorize.Net, Hubspot, Ring Central, Box, Jira, Ytel, and more. Services include project management, software implementations, consulting, training, custom development, and support.Specializing in software implementations for a variety of industries, FayeBSG has customized successful CRM and ERP platforms for a variety of mid-market and enterprise businesses.
stratejos - Intelligent assistant for tech teams Get custom daily Jira updates in Slack.Stay on top of important changes, without the noise. Update status, assignee & more, directly from Slack.
Botron Software - Enterprise-grade add-ons for Jira Botron Software provides Enterprise-grade add-ons in several areas: Jira configuration automation, Jira visualization, Program and Release management.
Jayson Sarino - Web Application Developer | PHP Programmer | WordPress Programmer | Project Management My name is Jayson and I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science major in Web Development. I have worked on web application and software application. I have good knowledge of PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery, Javascript, Agile Development, Jira, Git/BitBucket, and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
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Perutě | Úvodní stránka Oficiální web kapely Perutě
Scott Nero - Belleview, Washington - UX/UI Digital Designer Scott Nero - Belleview, Washington Digital Design and Development Expert
Home of the Great Atlassian Apps CoreSoft Labs is a place where creativity, passion and hard work are combined together. It was founded by a group of software development enthusiasts who are eager to improve the virtual world around them. Rich experience, both in software development and business, allows us to quickly define and meet Customers’ needs. Most of our released projects relate to delivering Apps for Atlassian products.
Sebastian Höhne • IT-Beratung und Training | Jira | Confluence | Selbständiger IT-Berater und Trainer für Atlassian Jira und Confluence. Selbständiger IT-Berater und Trainer für JIRA und Confluence mit mehrjähriger Erfahrung in der Beratung und Schulung kleiner, mittelständischer und internationaler Unternehmen.
StoriesOnBoard - User Story Mapping Tool for Agile Product Management User Story Mapping tool for agile product management. Real-time, two-way Trello, JIRA, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker integration. Try StoriesOnBoard Free.
Kpop Star | مدونة للقصص الخيالية مدونة للقصص الخيالية
Avion | User Story Mapping Tool for Agile & Product Teams User story mapping tool for product managers and agile teams. Plan product backlogs better using story maps integrating with Jira, Azure DevOps, Trello.
piplanning app Conduct a successful distributed SAFe PI Planning. Get simple digital boards and integrate it with Jira, Rally Software or similar.
KPI Reporting with ServiceClarity | KPI reporting of cloud service metrics. ServiceClarity SaaS is a suite of business value metrics dashboards that enables automated KPI reporting of cloud service metrics including JIRA dashboards.
Agilis partner a digitális transzformációban - ShiwaForce.com Agilis megoldásaink könnyen integrálhatóak, rugalmasan alakíthatók az ügyféligényeknek megfelelően. Hozzásegítünk vállalatod sikeres agilis működtetéséhez.
Soukromá česká a anglická školka Brno Mateřídouška - prestižní česká a anglická mateřská školka v Brně. High-standard English nursery in Brno, English Nursery Brno, Private Nursery, English Classroom, Kindergarten in Brno City Centre.
Learn Testing Tools With SoftwareTestingo Software Testingo Blog Tutorials Manual Testing Java Selenium TestNG Maven Jenkins Framework Katalon Agile API Testing Postman & Interview Questions
People management apps for Atlassian's Jira | UpRaise Objectives Management, Continuous 360° Feedback, Performance Reviews, Engagement Surveys. Learn and improve continuously through Agile performance management in your JIRA.
VELIKÁNI.cz - referáty, osobnosti, seminárky, životopisy Aachen, Žáček, Adams, Afer, Akvinský, Alžběta Bavorská (Sissi), Alžběta I., Albrecht z Valdštejna, Aleš, Alighieri, Andersen, Anderson, Anežka Česká, Apollinaire, Arendt, Aristoteles, Arriános, Atatürk, Atkinson, Aurelius, Averroes, Bach, Bakunin, Balzac, Batlička, Baudelaire, Beethoven, Běhounek, Beneš, Bernstein, Bezruč, Bismarck, Bláha, Boileau, Boleslav I., Boleslav II., Boleslav III., Bondy, Borovský, Bořivoj I., Bořivoj II., Botticelli, Brahe, Brahms, Brecht, Bridel, Brosnan, Břetislav I., Břetislav II., Březina, Buddha, Bukowski, Bullock, Buonarroti, Burns, Burroughs, Caesar, Caligula, Campanella, Camus, Canaris, Carey, Cassady, Cimrman, Ciolkovskij, Coloumb, Connery, Cook, Corso, Čajkovskij, Čapek, Čech, Čechov, Čelakovský, da Vinci, Dali, Defoe, Delvaux, Démokritos, d''Este, Dickens, Dion, Dobrovský, Dostojevskij, Dvořák, Dyk, Einstein, Erben, Ernst, Exupéry, Ferlinghetti, Fermi, Flaubert, Foglar, Fokker, Foster, Franco, Franklin, Freud, Gama, Gaudí i Cornet, Gelner, Ginsberg, Gočár, Goebbels, Goethe, Gogol, Göring, Gorkij, Hašek, Haider, Hailey, Halas, Händel, Händel, Havel, Havlíček, Haydn, Hemingway, Herriot, Hertz, Hesse, Hitler, Hoffmeister, Homér, Hooke, Horatius, Hrabal, Hrabě, Hugo, Hunt, Hus, Chagall, Chirico, Chopin, Christie, Jana z Arku, Janáček, Jansky, Jevtušenko, Jindřich VIII., Jirásek, Jirous, Johanka z Arku, John, Joule, Jung, Jungmann, Kafka, Kant, Karel IV., Karel Veliký, Kennedy, Kepler, Kerouac, Kesey, Kleopatra VII., Klíma, Kollár, Komenský, Koněv, Kournikovova, Škroup, Kryl, Křesťan, Křižík, Škvorecký, Landa, Laxness, Lenin, Lewis, Li Po, Locke, Lopez, Lorca, Luther, Macourek, Mahen, Mahfúz, Mácha, Machar, Majakovskij, Malraux, Mánes, Manzoni, Martinů, Masaryk, Masson, Mauriac, Maxmilián I., Maxwell, Mendel, Michna z Otradovic, Moliere, Monet, Montale, Morisette, Mozart, Mucha, Mussolini, Myslbek, Němcová, Neruda, Neumann, Newton, Nezval, Nobel, Nono, O''Connor, Ohm, Olbracht, Oldřich I., O''Neill, Oreiro, Palacký, Paltrow, Páral, Patton, Petr I. Veliký, Pius II., Platón, Poláček, Polo, Pratchett, Presley, Protágorás, Přemysl Otakar II., Puškin, Purkyně, Pythagoras, Ravel, Remarque, Reynek, Rieger, Rimbaud, Rolland, Röntgen, Roosevelt, Rousseau, Rudolf II., Růžička, Řezáč, Salvátor, Sámo, Sandi, Shakespeare, Schliemann, Sinclair, Smetana, Sokrates, Soroyan, Spears, Spiner, Suchý, Svatopluk, Svoboda, Talich, Tesla, Tiberius, Tolkien, Toman, Turgeněv, Václav, Václav II., Vančura, Vecellio, Vega, Verlaine, Verne, Vester, Viewegh, Villon, Vivaldi, Volta, Voskovec, Vratislav II., Vrchlický, Washington, Watt, Welzl, Werich, Wilde, Willis, Wolker, Wordsworth, Wyndham, Yew, Zahradníček, Zamjatin, Záviška, Zelenka, Zeyer, Zola,
Atlassian, Jira & Confluence Recruitment | ClearHub ClearHub is a recruitment agency specialising in Atlassian contractor roles. Hire Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Agile freelancers or find a role.
Home - Pavel Jiránek
Petr Jiránek - specialista na on-line marketing Petr Jiránek Pomohu vám strategicky uřídit investice a aktivity v on-line marketingu. Jsem spoluzakladatel nástroje pro plánování internetového marketingu
The Skill Pedia - MySQL Sybase RHCSA, RHCE Online Courses The Skill Pedia offers Online Courses on latest technologies from experienced Instructors. Join MySQL DBA, RHCSA/RHCE or Jira Training Now.
Visa Amazon AWS Visio Templates is a set of professionally designed templates for AWS architecture diagramming. Our template pack includes pre-built designs for Active Directory, SQL, SolarWinds, Splunk, Jira, Tableau, SharePoint, Exchange.
MicroDreamIT Software Company, born to build ERP. If you are looking for building web application, ERP, website design & development, inventory, school, and hospital management system, call us right away
Athena Biliim zmleri | Oracle Cloud, Jira Software, Mobile Apps Athena Biliim zmleri, Oracle ve Atlassian firmalarnn yetkili i orta olarak, 2006 ylndan bu yana, Kurumsal zmleri, ERP, Zekas, bulut yazlmlar, talep ve proje ynetim yazlmlar, eFatura&eDefter, B2B zmleri, Veritaban Ynetimi ve Uygulama Gelitirme alanlarnda danmanlk, proje ynetim, implementasyon, srm ykseltimi, eitim, zel uygulama gelitirme, bakm ve destek hizmetleri sunmaktadr.
Giuseppe Spota – Ballerino e Coreografo Giuseppe Spota è un ballerino e coreografo del Teatro Nazionale di Mannheim che vanta collaborazioni con artisti come Stephan Toss e Jirí Kylián.
Sinergify | Integrating Salesforce & Jira Sinergify is a connector for Salesforce and Jira integration. It allows the integration of all standard and custom Salesforce objects with Jira products. Contact Now!
Birtly - To-Do List, Tasks, Project Management & Team Communication Best To-do List, Tasks, Project Management & Team Communication Software. Birtly is an modern work management solution which is as simple as Trello and as agile as Jira. Also, Birtly is extremely fast and very easy to get started.
Wiki, Dateien - BdP LV Hessen e.V. Auf Hessenwiki.de findest du das Wiki (Confluence), das Tasks-Tracking (JIRA) und Dateien (Owncloud) des BdP LV Hessen e.V.
Interop Latinoamérica | Nos especializamos en sus datos Somos una empresa con enfoque en la integración de datos, análisis de negocios, detección de fraude, BI. Con varios años en el mercado y más de 500 clientes
Innovalog: Make Work Flow Advanced workflow automation and productivity apps for Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center and Jira Server
jira.net - This website is for sale! - jira Resources and Information. This website is for sale! jira.net is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, jira.net has it all. We hope you find what you are searching for!
stratejos - Intelligent assistant for tech teams Get custom daily Jira updates in Slack.Stay on top of important changes, without the noise. Update status, assignee & more, directly from Slack.
Agile Hive | SAFe® in Jira Agile Hive is the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) solution by //SEIBERT/MEDIA based on the successful Atlassian Tools Jira & Confluence.
Home - AgileMinutes für JIRA - Protokolle, Meeting Minutes, Besprechungen, Aufgabenverwaltung in JIRA AgileMinutes - Die Protokollverwaltung für Atlassian JIRA. Protokollieren Sie online Ihre Besprechungen. Erzeugen und verwalten Sie Aufgaben direkt in JIRA.
Milan Chheda''s blog Milan Chheda is a Laravel enthusiast, Certified Scrum Master, and Atlassian Certified JIRA Administrator.
Jira ITSM and Asset Management Solutions | Mindville Our ITSM apps help Jira users manage their IT services and assets, resolve issues quickly, and deliver an outstanding user experience. Discover Insight now!
Jazyková škola Mgr. Hana Jirásková - škola specializovaná na ostatní jazyky Jazyková škola - výuka ve firmách, individuální výuka, výuka online - 35 jazyků.
Jiráfica – fábrica de cuentos Videos de 1 Minuto / 1 Minute videos + Ficción / + Fiction + Fotografía documental / + Documentary photography + Videoclip + Fotografía por encargo / + Photography by comission + Videos promocionales / + Commercial videos + Animación / + Animation + Video documental / + Documental films
Worklog - Track time with your favorite time tracker Worklog Tracker extension helps you seamlessly track time and automatically synchronize work logs between different time trackers. The extension works well with Jira, Toggl, Keen and Yandex.Tracker.
Info Design - Autoryzowany Platynowy Partner Atlassian | JIRA, Agile, Confluence, DevOps, GIT, Portfolio, Service Desk
Jiradev.com: Jira Plugin Development Tutorials Atlassian Jira Plugin Development Tutorials
Okapya: Checklist for Jira