The most comprehensive list of internationalization websites last updated on Jul 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Navitas - leading global education provider Navitas has a course of study for you. Choose from hundreds of majors, at one of our 120 colleges in 31 countries worldwide.
Localization Management Platform for agile teams | Crowdin Crowdin''s localization management platform is a technology solution for your team. Translate and update content for your multilingual product with our cloud software.
UIZE JavaScript Framework | AJAX, RIA, widgets, JSON, OOP, Class Inheritance, XMLHttpRequest, DOM manipulation, and all that stuff UIZE (pronounced "you eyes") is a powerful, open source, object oriented JavaScript framework - supporting widgets, AJAX, DOM, templates, and more.
Zugimpex - company formation, corporate services, internationalization, business consulting Our company provides financial consultancy for all type of businesses. Company formation, business consulting and other financial services.
Riga Technical University | Engineering Center in the Baltics Riga Technical University website. Studies, Science, Valorization, Internationalization, University, Faculties, Library, News, Events, Contacts
Flag Theory for Offshore Companies, Banking, Passports & Residency Strategic internationalization process designed to increase your freedom, protect your privacy and grow your wealth in leading jurisdictions
Soluling - Localization Tool Soluling is a localization tool that makes localization of your applications, documents, and data fast and easy.
Currency System - Server Software, Web Services and Client Apps Currency System home page. Includes server software, web services and client applications.
iCent Internationalization - the International Student, Study Abroad and Community app Successfully helping international students and newcomers become acclimated to academic, work and social life
طراحی سایت | پورتال | هاست | ثبت دامنه | میزبانی ابری - وندا وندا: ارایه دهنده خدمات تخصصی طراحی وب سایت، نرم افزار، میزبانی ابری و دامین. مشتریان ما بیانگر قدرت ماست. طراحی سایت حرفه ای. هاست ابری وندا.
Spring Boot tutorials Spring Boot Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Spring Boot in simple steps from basic to advanced concepts with tutorials including Introduction, Quick Start, Bootstrapping, Tomcat Deployment, Build Systems, Code Structure, Spring Beans and Dependency Injection, Runners, Application Properties, Logging, Building RESTful Web Services, Exception Handling, Interceptor, Servlet Filter, Tomcat Port Number, Rest Template, File Handling, Service Components, Thymeleaf, Consuming RESTful Web Services, CORS Support, Internationalization, Scheduling, Enabling HTTPS, Spring Cloud Configuration Server, Spring Cloud Configuration Client, Actuator, Admin Server, Admin Client, Enabling Swagger2, Creating Docker Image, Tracing Micro Service Logs, Database, Web Socket, Batch Service, Spring for Apache Kafka, Twilio, Unit Test Cases
Large Scale Apps with Vue 3 and TypeScript Build Large and Scalable front-ends by leveraging component isolation, internationalization, localization, Vuex store modules, custom Component Libraries.
LocalePlanet: L10N and I18N for JavaScript L10N and I18N for JS (Localization and Internationalization for JavaScript)
LimaCorporate - Orthopaedic Emotion LimaCorporate - Orthopaedic Emotion: LimaCorporate is the Italian multinational in orthopaedics and traumatology. For over 60 years Lima has been present in the medical field with implantable prostheses for knee, hip, shoulder and small joints arthroplasty. LimaCorporate''s main objective is to produce a complete system of interchangeable modules to better adapt the implant to each patient''s needs, thus reducing surgery time and improving functional rehabilitation. LimaCorporate is strongly committed to internationalization, and has 14 foreign Subsidiaries worldwide alongside its modern production facilities in Italy and the Republic of San Marino..
Japan Finder | All Japan Internationalization Solutions
Erasmus+ Courses by Primera - School Education Gateway - Erasmus+ Courses for teachers and trainers by Primera Evidence-based and practice-driven Erasmus+ training for inspiring teachers building competencies for 21st century.
Home - INTERNATIONALIZATION EXPERTS Expand your software to new countries, add support for more languages, and make your product feel local internationally. Localization Experts offers know-how to guide you through this process.
DWIH New York The German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York specializes in the internationalization of German research, technology and startups, focusing on strategic partnerships with American organizations.
Studio | The On-line Literary Journal Studio is an on-line poetry journal with a unique interest in pedagogy and a focus on the cultural work of poetry in contemporary society. Peer reviewed and published twice a year, Studio seeks to present outstanding poetry and poetry criticism from Canada and abroad, while offering an innovative and unprecedented focus on the interdisciplinary relationships between poetry, education, cultural studies, and other art forms. Every issue of Studio will feature a pedagogy section that explores issues of education related to poetry and the education of the poet, as well as concerns of poetry in relation to internationalization, globalization, contemporary society, and human rights. Studio introduces established and new poets, translators, and writers to a large, on-line, global readership. Studio is supported by the Department of English and the Faculty of Education, York University.
Global Schools Project Our Mission The Global Schools Project has been designed to promote learning, academic performance, and college and workforce preparation.  Participating social studies teachers examine global issues, globalization, and internationalization and apply this content to secondary school teaching and curriculum development. As a result, their students will acquire the skills and knowledge critical for participation in…
طراحی سایت | پورتال | هاست | ثبت دامنه | میزبانی ابری - وندا وندا: ارایه دهنده خدمات تخصصی طراحی وب سایت، نرم افزار، میزبانی ابری و دامین. مشتریان ما بیانگر قدرت ماست. طراحی سایت حرفه ای. هاست ابری وندا.
KeyContent.org | Calendar The KeyContent Calendar of Events publicizes technical writing and technical communication conferences, webinars, events, training, meetings and courses from around the world.
Bees Communication - Internationalization, Business Events, Exhibitions Piani di comunicazione e marketing, consulenza e assistenza integrata per specifici progetti, strategie d’impresa, programmi di sviluppo urbano e territoriale, in ambito nazionale ed internazionale.
Belarusian Language Resources On-Line Belarusian Linguistics on-line
SpaceTranslate: Simple Translation Service at Scale Providing developers and businesses an easy service to optimize, deliver and translate all of your languages, from any source, for faster loading websites and apps.
Technical training, consulting, litigation support - IAPS - Linux, UNIX, Windows, programming Technical training and consulting worldwide by IAPS on Linux, UNIX, and Windows; Microsoft.NET, C#, XML, C, C++ and Java programming; threads programming, server and operating system development for software engineers and technical managers
TAI SRL - Think About It - Advisors We are a consultancy and strategic business management company with many years of experience in management, internationalization & corporate reorganization.
Localization solution for RAD Studio - Internationalization, Localization and Globalization Components and Tools for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ Builder Localization solution for creating multilanguage applications in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder for Windows, MAC, Android and iOS.
CMintS | CMS created with the internationalization in mind CMintS is a CMS and Static Site Generator for single and multi-language websites and blogs creation. Comprehensive i18n implementation, create themes using EJS templating engine and LESS, write content using Markdown and get TMS integration out of the box.
Jack Yan & Associates, Creating Harmony: global media and communications, since 1987 A global communications group with an emphasis on ethics and integrity dealing with diverse cultures and organizational communications. Les experts du marketing, les medias et la typographie.
Rincl Easy Java internationalization with unified API.
Serviceplan Group – Home Serviceplan is Germany's only fully integrated agency, and Europe’s biggest independent, owner-managed agency group. Serviceplan Group has consistently occupied the top spot in German Gross Income rankings for many years. Accelerated internationalization paid off for Serviceplan Group in 2018, when we entered the Top 25 of AdAge’s Gross Income Ranking.
vip-translator.com Visit Your Favorite Language Service Provider Wagner Consulting. Learn more how our Translation, Localization and Globalization Solutions can benefit you!
CrossOVER - Thomas Zettelmayr - Electronic Business Specialist Full stack development for websites and online business - design, implementation, internationalization, accessibility, optimization and operation
Embedded Software Localization, Embedded System Localization, Embedded Devices Localization, Software Localization, Software Internaitonalizaiton, L10n, i18n GlobalRendering offers software internationalization and localization services. We are experienced in porting software and website into any languages such as UK English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
Home | Muslim Ahmad Muslim Ahmad, A tech geek who loves 24/7 code. Muslim Ahmad is a PHP Developer, Frontend & Backend Developer(Full Stack Developer). PHP (native PHP, OOPs-PHP, Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP), MVC-pattern, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JSON are used. I'm mostly working in Yii 2 Framework of PHP. While developing an application I always keep in mind SEO optimization, social integration and language internationalization. Furthermore, I'm trying to make my code as clean as possible. In addition, I use some other technique like RegEx(Regular Expression), Bootstrap3, Composer, GitHub Versioning etc. for complex problems solution, I can convert designs to high quality, cross-browser compatible HTML5/CSS3 markup. I have +1 years experienced in Crypto-Currency Exchange Wallets Development