The most comprehensive list of interface language websites last updated on Mar 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
WinterGreen Research | Market Research Reports WinterGreen Research: accurate market research reports and forecasts.
Houndify | Add voice enabled, conversation interface to anything. Integrate voice and conversational intelligence into your products through an independent platform that is always learning. Customize, innovate, and differentiate while maintaining your own brand and users.
Duinolk | The Biggest Arduino Online Store in Sri Lanka The Largest Arduino,Robotics,Electronics online shop with trusted platform that offers various local payment options and island wide FREE delivery.
Kingroot Download for Windows and kingroot apk for Android Download Kingroot Android Rooting for Android and Windows,kingroot download is a free and easy rooting tool
The Noble Quran - The Holy Book Of Muslims Start reading the Quran Online! Listen to beautiful audio, read Quran translation in your language and explore the Holy Book in a mobile-friendly interface.
دکتر محسن صدیقی مشکنانی - خانه سایت شخصی دکتر محسن صدیقی مشکنانی. مهندسی نرم افزار، مهندسی و مدیریت دانش Dr. Mohsen Sadighi Moshkenani. Software Engineering, Knowledge (Management and Engineering)
Get your personal @mailsk.com email address with MeMail—the ultimate email service. mailsk.com | Ad-Free & Secure Email • Unlimited Mailbox Storage • Easy-to-Use Interface • Access via Webmail & Your Favorite Email App • Stay Organized and On Schedule with MeMail. Great for: urdu language, sd, sh, mc, dower
Steffen Krumm · Architektur von morgen | e-book · ebook · Buch Die Architektur von morgen nimmt durch immer neuere hybride Entwicklungen mehr und mehr an Gestalt an.
Train NLP proxies with natural language interface on AI platform - Proxzar Proxzar is an Artificial Intelligence powered platform on cloud to create, train and host proxies, which are accessed through a natural language interface.
A practical programming tutorials on C++, C language, Windows and Linux network, MFC user interface GUI, Standard Template Library (STL), compilers, Win32, device drivers, secure coding and object oriented with code and program examples These tutorials cover a wide range of C and C++ programming for both opensource and commercial. The topics include C and C++ basic to advanced programming, C and C++ secure coding, Windows forms, MFC GUI, Linux and Windows network programming and C++ object oriented. Complete with working code and program examples, detailed step-by-steps with screenshots
Translate faster and better Termsoup integrates all the translation resources and features you need onto a single webpage. Say goodbye to copy and paste, constant tab browsing, and switching between windows. With our user-friendly interface, boost your productivity!
Translation.io - Rails translation made simple Localize Ruby on Rails applications using either t(".keys") with YAML or _("source text") with GetText.
Unify Technologies A Digital Engineering Company, We are on a mission to engineer the digital era, Our commitment to excellence is our core principle in our drive to assist organizations scale, reinvent and transform themselves digitally
WEBIST 2021 - Conference Internet Technology, Mobile Systems, Web infrastructures, Architectures and Platforms, Artificial Intelligence on the Web, Semantic Web, Web Interfaces, Social Networking
Language Fun - Have all the fun while you may! okenglish.tw is a place for people to share language experiences and have fun. Currently there are foums devoted to English discussions, an English chatroom system, a blog and a photo gallery. You can ask and answer questions in the different forums. Have some good chats in the chatroom and get to know more friends from different parts of the world. Share your ideas in the blog and show your favorite pictures with all walks of life. The User Interface can be either English or Chinese for you to choose from. The purpose of this site is to spread knowledge and help people who want to better their English proficiency. We welcome your joining us.
the Visual language of Tom Nulens Custom icon design for developers, designers and communicators. Enhance the interaction with your user, interface and product.
StephStuff - Front Page - Stephanie A. Schoelzel, USAA Stephanie A. Schoelzel: Multi-talented designer: fashion, theatrical, web production, virtual reality, designer, educator, software developer, user interface design.
Home // eXperimental Operating System XOS or eXperimental Operating System with features like multiprogramming, file system calls, and virtual memory. Various tools like File System Interface, Machine Simulator, Application Programmer''s Language, System Programmer''s Language are provided to build your own XOS.
STABILITY | Digital Intelligence for Industry & Touching future with today’s Automation Unleash the true potential of industry 4.0 with STABILITY GROUP. Finest digitization solutions to make your business future-proof...
Surreal Detective Feb 4th, 2014 Code Habits: On Jumping Without Looking How Making it Work Means Using Defaults I found a cool project that effortlessly sets up …
acquainted - Create free conversational polls and surveys Create simple, multiple choice polls and surveys for free using our conversational interface. Super easy to setup, intuitive to use and works great on mobile. Using natural language lets your product find its voice.
Accueil • Zoo Zoo is a Paris-based graphic design studio founded by Baptiste de l’Espinay, Julie Galand and Valentine Thébaut. We specialize in print design (publishing, layout, identity, etc.), web design (website, interface, motion design, etc.) and signage (sign, museography, etc.). We believe in strength of plain ideas and in necessity of a clear language. Each project is an adventure with new issues, driven by the care of functionality and aesthetic. Feel free to contact us, it will be a pleasure to meet you.
ODBscript - Open DataBase Internet Connector Scripting Language ODBscript is a Windows NT/XP/ME or 95/98 shareware CGI, ISAPI, or NSAPI program that provides an SQL interface between Web pages and Microsoft ODBC databases.
Chris Cid home Chris Cid, UX architect/engineer and inclusive designer.
RSS The UI Therapy podcast is about cutting through the cacophony of differing opinions about which method, framework or language is best. Instead I aim to provide listeners with clarity and simplicity by offering battle-tested use cases and recommendations that have their feet firmly rooted in simplicity and longevity. I also aim to interview leading developers, designers and other professionals who can share insights and processes applicable to our community and industry. Basically, despite my 20 years of professional experience, I find myself getting increasingly slowed down and fatigued by all the new ‘must use’ tooling and frameworks that keep springing up — I want to provide some help and group therapy for everyone who finds themselves increasingly paralysed by language, framework or methodology analysis.