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Digital & ICT Expense Management for Enterprises | Intellibuzz Cost Optimization Services | Elle.bot - Digital Transformation & ICT Cost Optimisation for Enterprise - Intellibuzz / Elle.bot KillTheBill Centralise, Control & Cut Your Company's Communications Costs | Intellibuzz - Intellibuzz provides Telecom Expense Management Solutions, telecom invoice audit services in India. Telecom Expense Management TEM, Cell Phone Bill Telecom Invoice Audit, India Telecom service Tax Refund, VAT, Telecom Recovery, Cost Reduction Management, Inventory, Consulting, Reporting, Telecom Analysis, Indian service tax, Shrink Telecom Expenses, Find us on Google+; Intellibuzz group has over 15+ years of experience serving 4000+ small businesses and over 50 enterprise clients.
Social Media Analytics and Management for Businesses | IntelliBuzz IntelliBuzz is a social media management and social media analytics software-as-service that helps businesses manage all of their social media platforms in one place. The service includes Facebook tools, Twitter tools, LinkedIn tools and YouTube tools.