The most comprehensive list of initiatory websites last updated on Jun 1 2021.
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Overview of the Order | Ordo Aethyrium Ordo Aethyrium is a working initiatory magical religious order of the Western Mysteries with an Inner Order that oversees all Outer Order activities and instruction.
Unitary Science of the Intra-Universe, teachings, visionary art and 3D Worlds by IJP Appel Guery university of the future, esoteric initiation teachings stemming from the Internal Unity, next generation of cosmic initiates, covering the following topics: Unitary consciousness, spiritual illumination, telepathy, awakening of the consciousness, creativity, energy management, love, universal harmony, emotion, sensitivity, tantra, well-being, in courses of the Unitary Science Institute, books, video-lectures by IJP Appel Guery, cosmic music, computer graphic art creations, meditations, initiatory virtual games, chats in the virtual space of 3D worlds in Interneland, meditations for the spiritual development, magic cosmic 3D initiatory games, forums of exchanges for the global communion
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, in London – Be thy mind, open to the higher. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (H.O.G.D.) is a magical Order founded in 1977 in Columbus, Georgia. This Order's mentor and guiding light was the late Dr Israel Regardie. The modern-day Order does not claim institutional lineage to the original H.O.G.D., but it does claim initiatory lineage to the original Order through lsrael Regardie.…