The most comprehensive list of initiated websites last updated on Apr 1 2021.
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INFLIBNET Centre Gandhinagar Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre, Gandhinagar is an Autonomous Inter-University Centre (IUC) of University Grants Commission (UGC) of India. It is a major National Programme initiated by the UGC in March 1991.
IMG Chili – weight loss, travel, celebrity news – Breaking News for the Initiated
Arab Startup Competition MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition (ASC) is a yearly competition initiated by the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab since 2006. This annual competition is designed to empower entrepreneurs and foster an eco-system of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Arab Region.
home | Garisman Studio Discover Unique Fonts for Commercial Use Shop Now Freebies Hi brother! Garisman Studio focuses on making fonts and graphic designs that have been focused since 2017 initiated by Risman. Also produces high-quality fonts and designs for personal or commercial needs All & Popular FontsGet fonts ...
Supramental Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji - SIDDHA GURU ATMANANDA JI Supramental Siddha Guru Sri Atmananda Ji (Dr. K.S.S. Prakash) is a self realized Siddha Master carrying a great amount of wisdom about ‘The Wisdom’. Highly spiritualistic by nature, yet he speaks the modern language of our Vedic science. At a very young age, he was initiated into this divine Siddha way by a great Himalayan Siddha, who opened the doors of wisdom at their very first meeting. Being a true seeker, he strived to unfold the realms of spiritual reality and embraced the divine wisdom.
Overseas Educational Consultants | Study Abroad Consultants | Edwise International Want to Study Abroad? Contact Edwise International, India’s Leading Study Overseas Education Consultants Offering Various Abroad Study Options Globally. Free Counselling Available.
De Addiction Center | Rehab Clinic | Rehabilitation | Drug & Alcohol Treatment Hospital Hope Trust is a premier rehabilitation facility that has earned an international reputation for its commitment toward effective treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Hope Trust has pioneered and benchmarked standards and protocols in India and is based on the renowned 'Minnesota Model' initiated in USA.
INTELLECT WELLNESS CHEMIST PVT. LTD. | Customer comes "FIRST" & "Patient" service is to the "GOD" is the way of thinking of Dr. Murlidhar W INTELLECT WELLNESS CHEMIST PVT. LTD. in Nashik ,Customer comes
Positive Parenting - Malaysia's Pioneer Expert Educational Programme for Parents Positive Parenting is Malaysia’s Expert Educational Programme for Parents on Maternal, Child & Family Care, initiated by Malaysian Paediatric Association.
The All Papers "Largest Database of Past Papers Ever" The All Papers believes that education is byword for liberation, empowerment and growth. This website is initiated to promote education in the world.
INKOMPASS - International Internship Programs | Paid International Internships for College Students INKOMPASS is an international internship program that offers paid internships to college students. The program, initiated by Philip Morris International, is meant to provide internships to students seeking career opportunities in a global company.
Thunder & Neon Group - Signage | Gates | Material | Security Thunder & Neon Group initiated its first business in 1991 by establishing as a designer, manufacturer and Installer of high quality signage under the name of “Country Signs”.
Punish Tube | Extreme Hardcore Porn Watch thousands of videos featuring extreme porn, fetish porn and all around hardcore porn. We have extreme gangbangs, Bukkake, wife abuse and so much more.
Health news, articles, interviews, health tips, celebrity health, fitness | Hamro Doctor News Hamro Doctor News is the first health news portal in Nepal that commenced its services with both a website and a mobile application. At Hamro Doctor News, we aim to produce in-depth health related news and articles while also earnestly developing database on doctors, hospitals, clinics, ambulance and blood donors profile among other information on health institutes across the country. Initiated by health journalists and news enthusiasts, Hamrodoctor maintains a distinct style of presenting issues and thus making it a first choice for people interested in health news.
QuantumPhoenix.net : Mani's blog on Magic Wicca & Paganism | Mani Navasothy : Author, Teacher, Wiccan High Priest Mani Navasothy : Author, Teacher, Wiccan High Priest
Greg White Greg White photographer. Represented worldwide by Picture Club. Award winning for his advertising editorial and self initiated personal projects.
Mutually Aided Co-operative Thrift Society Ltd – JAGRUTHI Jagruthi is the self initiated non-profit charitable social service activities which are performed for improving the situation of deprived section of the society
Welcome To Maganti Family''s Home - endarO mahAnubhAvulu andarikI vandanamulu Welcome To Maganti Family Website. A pure telugu website initiated to propagate the Telugu cultural heritage and maintain the identity of people of Telugu origin. Focussed at providing a base for Telugu Sahityam, Telugu Samskruti,and Telugu Sampradayamulu
Menu Sri Uttaradi math is the primary and authentic seat of the original form of Traditional Vaishnavism, with an unbroken tradition which runs even to this day, originally initiated and headed by Sri Hamsa incarnation of Supreme God later adorned and rejuvenated Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya.
Noé Araujo Attorneys at Law Noé Araujo Advocacia’s Law Firm is one of the most renowned and respected law firms in Brazil. It has initiated its business focusing practice at international law, specifically for foreign investments, through which it has conquered important international clients.
Black Contemporary Art Follow @blackcontempart a place for art by and about people of african descent. this tumblelog does not claim the rights to any of these images. this tumbelog was initiated by museummammy in 2011 and...
Le Toyboyfan Hello world, I am Le ToyboyFan ! I honestly don't know where I got my name from, so don't ask. I like Disney, Society of Explorers and Adventurers, Frozen, Moana, Bioshock, and Portal! Initiated the...
Project Andini Project Andini is an art collective dedicated to fostering better communication and interconnectedness between artists and the public through creative programs, curated contemporary art exhibitions, and critical writings and forums. Project Andini was initiated by Jeong-ok Jeon in 2009.
Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin | Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband. Researcher of Political Science & Classical Islam. Initiated by the Khwajagan i-Naqshband.
Napoo Paranormal Healing Napoo Healing was initiated in 2004 after many years of research on the paranormal world. Napoo healing is originally from India and it is growing very fast in the world, because of tremendous results.
VentureTECH | A Trusted Investment Partner VentureTECH (previously known as A-Bio) is an investment company established to catalyze the growth of high technology industries in Malaysia by investing in dynamic entrepreneurs. Initiated by the Government as a strategic program under the purview of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA), VentureTECH was incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of MIGHT (Malaysian Industry- Government Group for High Technology).
LGBTI Housing & Homelessness Projects – Based at the Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne. Initiated by the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia (now Pride Foundation Australia)
C-CBC C-CJCBERI is jointly initiated and hosted by University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada and Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) in China. It is a platform to foster bioenergy technology development, maturation, demonstration and commercialization in both Canada and China through collaboration.
MCBS / ദിവ്യകാരുണ്യ മിഷനറി സമൂഹം മലയാളം हिंदी தமிழ் ಕನ್ನಡ Italiano Deutsch Swahili Latine The Birth of MCBS, Our Congregation: In the beginning of the twentieth century itself the Eucharistic-centered re-awakening in the life of the Church, initiated by the Holy Pope Pius X (1902-1914), had its impact on the Syro-Malabar Church. There was also a new missionary awareness and enthusiasm in…
Serve Seva Kendra Serve seva Kendra is a project initiated by Network People Services Technologies Ltd. Serve Seva Kendra is developed as an aggregated service delivery platform with technology as its backbone.
Stop Wasting Food - Denmark’s largest movement against food waste Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark is Denmark’s largest non-profit movement against food waste, which has initiated the fight against food waste in Denmark.
Vert An environmentally conscious product design studio based in Sydney the studio operates as a testing ground for new concepts and self initiated experimentation, as well as offering design concepts, modelling, prototyping and manufacturing to clients from niche boutique brands, to multinational organisations.
We Are Water | We Are Water The We Are Water foundation, initiated by Roca, is committed to taking actions towards improving the world''s water crisis: influencing public opinion in order to promote a new water culture, increasing knowledge of sustainable water management and engaging in projects to alleviate the negative effects of the lack of water and sanitation in the most affected areas of the planet.
Home - CERC 2020 The multidisciplinary Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC) is an annual event that takes place since 2011 when it was initiated by University partners across Europe.
Isaac Newton | Theology, Prophecy, Science and Religion At the end of the seventeenth century, Isaac Newton (1642-1727) initiated a revolution in science. At the end of the twentieth century, scholars began a revolution in the understanding of Newton. As Newton’s long-concealed private papers on theology become increasingly accessible, students of Newton’s thought are coming to see Newton as more than a scientist.…
Al-Mawrid A Foundation for Islamic Research and Education Al-MawridA Foundation for Islamic Research and EducationAs a legatee of the rich intellectual tradition in Muslim history, Al-Mawrid Global is a unique institution of learning. A deep concern over the dearth of suitable approaches to Islamic learning in our times gave birth to this institution at the dawn of the fifteenth century. Lost in the maze of sectarian prejudices and political wrangling, the true message of Islam, based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah, has become alien to the Muslims. The Qur’an, which is the foundation of this religion, is rarely approached for purposes other than oral delivery or rote learning. In the madrasas, those disciplines of learning that were at best a possible means to understanding the Qur’an have become an end in themselves. The Hadith has been isolated from its foundations in the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and the primary focus now is on the foundational principles and the emanating discourses of a particular school of thought and on the polemics to establish their superiority over those of others.As an institution, al-Mawrid is a name that symbolizes the effort to redress this problem. Therefore, the basic objective of this institution is facilitation and perpetuation of explanatory and research work on the true understanding of Islam, the publication and mass communication of this understanding through all possible means, and augmentation of people’s knowledge and education through its dissemination.As an institution, Al-Mawrid Global is a name that symbolizes the effort to redress this problem. Therefore, the basic objective of this institution is facilitation and perpetuation of explanatory and research work on the true understanding of Islam, the publication and mass communication of this understanding through all possible means, and augmentation of people’s knowledge and education through its dissemination.Following are the salient features of the strategy we have adopted to achieve the objective outlined above:A global movement of Tazkir bi al-Qur’an (reminding people through the Qur’an) shall be initiated.People shall be educated on the divine law, articles of faith and moral principles derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah.Researchers and scholars adhering to the true understanding of Islam shall be affiliated to the institution through the fellowship scheme, and their research, education and dawah work be facilitated as far as possible.People shall be motivated to set up, wherever possible:institutions of Islamic learning to produce religious scholars and researchers with a true vision and understanding of Islam.schools (up to the intermediate / high school / A levels) to provide students with high quality education and training in an environment where their creativity is encouraged and due attention is given to developing sound awareness of their religious and cultural heritage.weekend schools to provide students from other schools with instruction in the Qur’an through the Qur’an itself in such a manner as enables them to remain committed to their religion from the depth of heart, mind and soul in their later years.religious and spiritual sanctuaries where people can find a break from their worldly and mundane routines to benefit from the company of scholars and pious people, learn religion from them, and focus on worship and the prayer to purge their hearts and mindsThe administration of Al-Mawrid Global is in the hands of its Board of Governors. The administrative system is founded on democratic principles. The President of the institution serves as the academic and intellectual patron, and the Secretary General is entrusted with its administrative affairs.Al-Mawrid Global is a charity registered in Scotland (no. SC044505), and the institution accepts contributions from all those who agree with its objectives.The institution has its world-wide presence through its country chapters. Following are the details:Australia ChapterCountry Director: Dr Zulfiqar KhanEmail: info.au@al-mawrid.orgCanada ChapterCountry Director: Tariq HussainEmail: info.ca@al-mawrid.orgHind ChapterCountry Director: Shadab HashmiEmail: info.in@al-mawrid.orgUK ChapterCountry Director:Dr. Abeeda QureshiEmail: info.uk@al-mawrid.orgUS ChapterCountry Director: Shokaib ArifEmail: info.us@al-mawrid.orgThe institution also has the following affiliate websites:www.hamid-uddin-farahi.orgwww.amin-ahsan-islahi.orgwww.javedahmadghamidi.comwww.drfarooqkhan.comwww.abdus-sattar-ghauri.org www.khalidzaheer.comwww.studying-islam.org www.exploring-islam.comwww.monthly-renaissance.com www.inzaar.orgwww.tadabbur-i-quran.org
ARECA ENTERPRISE - We Win or We Learn ARECA ENTERPRISE - We Win or We Learn. Initiated with a vision to provide the region with proper devices for a healthy lifestyle, we are the Exclusive......
The Farmers Tools – Making Small Farms Work The Farmers Tools supplies innovative Farmers and Market Gardeners in Europe with selected quality tools that we use ourselves at Ridgedale Farms AB. The company was initiated by Richard Perkins; a world renowned educator, pioneering farmer and Author of Making Small Farms Work.
Thank you for stopping by! This site is dedicated to the Silid Aklatan Para Kay Juan project, an undertaking initiated by the Operations Management Class of the Middle Managers Program of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. Get to know more about us, the school we support, and our friends who have lent their generous and invaluable…
Iron Age Playground Equipment | Signature Sites, LLC We supply Iron Age Playground Equipment and we represent the finest outdoor playground company in the United States. The “Playground Revolution” was initiated by TimberForm-Columbia Cascade.
AMBAR CHATTERJEE'S REVIEWS – Movies, Games, Comic Reviews, Essays and more… Movies have always been much more than a hobby for me. My interest in movies was initiated by my brother who used to take me to see movies in the theaters when I was in preparatory. Even though it was a sin to go to the movies that early in life for both me and…
• One City One Book Hong Kong is initiated by the Centre for Popular Culture in the Humanities (CPCH) of The Education University of Hong Kong. • The selected book for 2019 is THE ARRIVAL • 「我城我書」由香港教育大學流行文化與人文學研究中心舉辦 • 2019年度選書為繪本作家陳志勇的《抵岸》
visions sud est The Swiss fund visions sud est was initiated by the Foundation trigon-film Baden and the Fribourg Film Festival, with the collaboration of Nyon''s Visions du Reel and the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. It supports film productions from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, aims at making them visible worldwide and guarantees their distribution in Switzerland.
Max Polyakov: Supporter of Noosphere Events Being passionate about science and technology Max Polyakov has initiated a number of events. From startup competitions to family oriented workshops on robots, all events fall closely in line with Vernadsky’s noosphere concept which Association Noosphere of Max Polyakov is built on
Smart City Faridabad - FSCL, Smart City Haryana, Smart City India Faridabad– Stepping towards the new era of becoming ‘Smart City’. As per the revolutionary flagship mission of Indian Government that particularly aims at creating 100 smart cities in their 5 years tenure, Faridabad also becomes one of the selected smart cities. The mission was initiated by the Ministry of Urban Development to create cities with great infrastructure offering decent lifestyle to its citizens along with a sustainable and clean environment"
Wake Up Your Idea Festival! | Changemakers | Singapore Wake Up Your Idea! is a movement to drive social innovation and positive change. Initiated by UNFRAMED and hosted with the community, it is a celebration of changemaking and a call to action for doing good.
CLEAN e-INDIA | Recycle Electronic Waste in India | eWaste Management & Collection CLEAN e-INDIA is a program initiated by Attero & IFC to implement safe and responsible eWaste management in India. This initiative is undertaken as a part of sustainable solution for the eWaste sector in emerging IT market.
Streets without Cars – Imagining a more social city Streets Without Cars is an unsolicited urban design project initiated in late 2013 by Mihaly Slocombe, an emerging architecture practice located in the inner north of Melbourne. The project has now been expanded into a Design Thesis studio for the Melbourne School of Design. This studio is taken by Master of Architecture students as their final design…
instagram Vanishing Girls is a campaign initiated by ADF India to raise awareness against the practise of sex-selective abortions and to advocate for effective implementation of the Pre Conception Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994.
Bhilai Mahila Mahavidyalaya The compulsion imposed on the parents to send their daughters outside Bhilai for better higher education in the absence of good women’s institution initiated the intellectuals, educationists,industrialists and politicians of Bhilai in laying the foundation of this well known institution namely Bhilai Mahila Mahavidyalaya in 1979. Over the span of almost 35 years the college has grown to meet the challenges of time with courses in diversified fields, along with various career oriented programmes being incorporated from time to time as per the need of the day to give the girl students not only better education but also employment opportunities, right here in their own home town.
Tabuan Healthcare & Nursing | Quality nursing with consideration for the Dignity of the Elderly The Tabuan Healthcare and Nursing Centre was initiated with the main objective of providing the community with a good standard of private nursing services. At our centre, the services are provided with emphasis on good quality nursing along with consideration for the dignity of the elderly. Our mission is, of course, to promote elderly care…
Portugal 2020 and the Role of the European Union The European Union has initiated an economy-rescue program for Portugal in 2014, lasting until 2020. What does the EU require and expect as results?
John Lockley, African Shaman, (Sangoma) African Shaman, John Lockley is an initiated senior Sangoma in the Xhosa tradition of South Africa and an international spiritual teacher. He teaches an indigenous approach to Shamanism, dreams, ancestors, plant medicine, and dynamic mindfulness.
CIVIS - A European Civic University – Home Alliance of eight European Universities under the name “CIVIS – a European civic University”. With the publication of the Erasmus+ call for projects for the year 2019, the European Commission has initiated the launch of a new initiative…
Bio-Health - Vitamin Supplements, Mineral Supplements, Herbal Food Supplements Bio-Health initiated the first range of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements totally free from additives in 1981. UK manufacturer based in Rochester Kent
Families in Psychology Project The Families in Psychology Project (FIPP) is a collaborative research and advocacy effort originally initiated by a small group of graduate student and early career parents. We are interested in increasing the visibility of and advocacy for parents and other caregivers pursuing careers in psychology. Through various projects and publications we hope to raise awareness about specific issues at the intersection of work and family in the field of psychology.
Sangrur Half Marathon, Drug Free Punjab - Sangrur Marathon Sangrur District Administration has initiated a fight against drugs for a healthy Punjab. Sangrur Half Marathon will bring together thousands of people to run for a drug free Punjab.
Personal Injury Statute of Limitations State by State - Statutes of Limitations A statute of limitations is an enactment in a common law legal system that sets the maximum time after an event that legal proceedings based on that event may be initiated.
Call Performance Marketing | Pay-Per-Call | Call Cartel | Affiliate Call Cartel''s call performance marketing generates millions in revenue for advertisers and publishers. More calls. More customers. We''ll prove it.
Home Orthodox Religious studies and practices from Nigeria West Africa, by Senior Babalawos here in the USA, initiated in Nigeria West Africa Ijebu Ode Remo.
Women Techmakers Vienna Women Techmakers Vienna is part of an international event series initiated by Google whose goal is to make women in tech more visible and to help build a better community.
Miller Safety & Health | Consulting for Safety, Health and Codes Miller Safety & Health Consulting was formed in 1992 by Richard M. Miller, Certified Safety Professional, Canadian Registered Safety Professional and ICC Certified Fire Code Inspector II. With over 26 years of experience in health and safety management and code consulting, Richard Miller has initiated two fixed site semiconductor safety and health programs that have achieved outstanding results. These programs included safety training and hazard communication, industrial hygiene, emergency response planning and training, workers'' compensation, construction safety, safety committees, and medical and regulatory agency liaison. He has extensive experience in emergency response and has been Incident Commander at numerous incidents and has evaluated a variety of facilities for compliance with regulations and standards, both in the public and private sectors. He has performed fire and building code review of industrial facilities, assisted architects with hazardous occupancy designs, trained fire and building officials in the use of the hazardous materials codes and written comprehensive Hazardous Materials Management Plans. A selection of Miller Safety & Health''s projects is available upon request.