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Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
SCOTUSblog - The Supreme Court of the United States blog Comprehensive Supreme Court news coverage and commentary: Find out about the justices, the cases, what's happened and what's next
Visa Welcome to Big Easy Toys! Whether you're searching for arts and crafts for the creative craniums, cognitive ability enhancing activities for brilliant brains, miniature models for the curiously inclined, or some good old fun, we're committed to giving you an easy shopping experience.
Washington and Lee Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, is a nationally ranked, small, private, liberal arts university nestled in the mountains of western Virginia. As one of the oldest schools in the nation, we believe in the education of the whole person, and value students who are intellectually curious, eager to engage with their communities, inclined to critical thinking and prepared to lead lives of consequence.
Mount Kenya University Welcome to Mount Kenya University.The leading private university inclined towards Science and Technology. MKU offers world-class education and innovative research
Retract Center – Where you Individuate Welcome! We at Retract Center find ourselves naturally inclined to exploring and understanding the human condition. To simply be an observer to interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts is fascinating. To be given the opportunity to assist in resolving conflict in another feels enriching. Being able to bring about relief in another by offering clarity and insight into…
Gyan World - Learn India Grow India Gyan World is an online e-learning platform designed with a clear vision of imparting quality content in the form of Articles on various Courses/Competitive exams. We as a team are inclined towards producing well linked and navigable website with excellent resources for educating our readers on diverse topics.
Promoters Global is one of the Leading marketing companies in Dubai inclined towards client sales trend Marketing companies in Dubai as Marketing Company in Dubai for Marketing agencies in Dubai with Marketing Agency in Dubai like Marketing Agency.
Web Design and Mobile Application Development Company in India | Web Development Company India, Mobile Application Development, WordPress Development Delhi, Psd to WordPress Conversion Web Development Company India, Mobile Application Development, Wordpress Development Delhi, Psd to Wordpress Conversion
In My Sacred Space | Intuitive Living for the Spiritually Inclined I’m Ash Riley, a modern-day intuitive, spiritual development guide, and authenticity advocate writing about spirituality, vulnerability, and healing. As I share my personal journey, I’ll show you how to live into yours.
Improtec Inc | Live on Technology The original content pays off. Especially when it comes to attracting users and getting them to subscribe to video on demand services. But how much are these investments really worth and weigh to create exclusive shows? This is explained by a report dedicated to the USA and signed by Hub Entertainment Research, which tries to give some numbers regarding the importance of guaranteeing original and quality content on its platform. When the subscription passes for exclusive shows The analysis by Hub Entertainment Research reveals first of all that more than half of users between 16 and 34 who use video on demand subscriptions decide to subscribe to a service in order to access the vision of a specific and particular show (54%). And when it comes to "original content", the market reference today is Netflix. The streaming entertainment giant is in fact mentioned as the best producer of original shows by almost a quarter of the panel of respondents (23%). And the audience of the respondents is absolutely heterogeneous: it covers, in fact, an age group from 16 to 74 years, all users who regularly watch TV during the week and who have access to broadband. Netflix distances everyone in video on demand Behind Netflix, the void: or almost. In fact, speaking of original content, the top 5 of the networks mentioned by users sees Amazon Prime Video, Espn, Cbs and Hbo follow : but if for the first two the mentions are around 6%, for the fourth and fifth service it drops to 5% and 4% respectively. Data that on the one hand are explained by the Netflix domain among the most popular streaming platforms, on the other by its strongly generalized adoption. How much does the original content weigh? As we said in the beginning, the term "original content" has a strong impact on users' choices . For the most part, in fact, it has a decisive impact on the interest they can show towards a show. Three out of five consumers, in fact, point out that they are a little more (41%) or much more interested (16%) in a new program when announced as exclusive. Disney + on boarding: Here are the most popular video on demand services with Netflix Never without Netflix : this unwavering evidence for 44% of consumers interviewed by Hub Entertainment Research last year, is confirmed also in this but with a slight drop in consents (39%). The streaming giant is, in fact, still considered the most indispensable among video on demand services, but increasingly more and more fierce competitors appear: in fact, in the ranking, follow Cbs (28%), Abc (28%), Nbc (26%) and Espn (22%). Another player, on the market for just a few months, is already gaining a lot of ground and is preparing to play an absolute leading role in the near future: it is Disney +, already considered an indispensable service by 14% of respondents from the Hub Entertainment Research survey. On a further note: it seems that Mickey Mouse and company streaming subscribers are more likely to sign up for a new service linked to a particular show, with 61% claiming to have done so in the course of 2019. How streaming subscribers behave Not all users who choose a streaming service behave the same way. The first discriminant, in terms of choices, is connected to the age group. If between 16 and 34 years old, as explained at the beginning, 54% of users choose to subscribe to a subscription to access the vision of a specific show, only 22% of those over 35 years of age behave in the same way. But it is not the only difference in terms of choices. 44% of the oldest of the users of a service are more likely to choose a show on the basis of gender than the panel of the youngest (32%).At the same time, the so-called older viewers are more inclined (24%) to choose a program based on the criterion of which is the service that makes it usable compared to younger viewers (19%). To counterbalance, the predisposition of the youngest (25% vs. 16%) to be more attracted by the vision of shows where all the episodes in a single solution are made available by the on demand service : a propensity that brings them even to an uninterrupted view of the program until its conclusion, the so-called binge watching phenomenon . Never again without: Which are the video on demand services that cannot be renounced The latest consideration of Hub Entertainment Research's analysis of video on demand services is linked to a possible forced choice. What could users not give up? For those aged between 16 and 34 the answer is obvious: Netflix (53%). But, somewhat surprisingly, for the younger ones they follow Hulu (26%) and Disney + (25%). Instead, the choices of the over 35 years and of the older users in general are completely different : the option of indispensable services, for them, sees Cbs (38%), Nbc (35%) and Abc (35%) excel. With all due respect to Netflix. You may also like https://bloghuff.co.uk/
Healthy Music Obsession – Music reviews and musings. Healthy Music Obsession is a music blog by Daniel Marx (me!). It features reviews and opinion pieces on the latest releases from a wide range of genres and styles. You can find my opinions (if you are so inclined) in all sorts of places on the internet. You can find me on Twitter @alwaysbewhelmed, on…
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Physics and Statistics Calculation Software, Number Printing Numbering Software, Physics Calculator Software and Statistics Calculator Software for Students and Teachers for Mac OS X and Windows
My Life and stuff 20. student. charlotte, nc. this blog consists of general photography, nature, animals, weed, and anything else i may feel inclined to share. 
Go Go Danny Danger! Hey I'm Danny. Or Danny Danger if you're so inclined. Just got a bunch of stuff I like here with a few handy link buttons to sort through my more frequently blogged varied interests. Enjoy :3
Tobias'' Hair Plugs I'm a collection of neurotic, intellectual, and fanatical traits and habits, associated with a number of predictable fandoms, and somewhat musically inclined.
respect my ability to assess a bucket Interests: Hockey, Stony, funny things. I like random questions and comments and people saying hi; you can send me an ask doing any of those things if you are so inclined. Or email at offstagelines AT...
TYLT | Wireless iPhone Qi Cell Phone Chargers | External ... TYLT is inclined to innovate. Our goal is to connect to you and to your mobile devices. Our focus is innovation in the mobile world.
Measurement & Control Solutions Through 26 years of successful operation, Measurement & Control Solutions has become a leading provider of data logging, recording and acquisition systems to the South African market. Our vast range of products geared towards industrial, scientific, mining, automotive and Test & Measurement markets.
ACE G.Schulze - alle Fabrikate Heftklammern, Magazinnägel, Nagler, Tacker, Schrauber, Heftgeräte Stöbern Sie in unserer umfangreichen Datenbank nach Heftgeräten, Coilnägeln, Druckluftnaglern, Kompressoren, Magazinschraubern, Magazinnägeln, Heftklammern und mehr für Holz-Handwerk, Industrie, Verpackung, Büro, Auszeichnung und Heimwerker.
* | Simge Pınar
Louisiana Rumble Adult Only Party Louisiana Rumble - An adult only party/rally for like-minded and otherwise inclined people looking for a break from the daily grind. Come play, have fun, & be who you want to be.
Olds Elevator™ The Olds Elevator™ is a vertical conveyor solution designed to make a difference by combining simplicity, safety, and flexibility to accomplish virtually any vertical elevation task.
Lascivious Lingerie – Lascivious is an award-winning, luxury lingerie brand, that closed its doors on December 21st 2018. Here we share our heritage, thanks and any new news or projects. LASCIVIOUS:las·civ·i·ous (luh-siv-ee-uhs)ADJECTIVE:Feeling or revealing an overt sexual interest or desire.Inclined to lustfulness; lecherous.Exciting sexual desires; salacious. Founded in 2004 by Creative Director Chloe Hamblen, luxury lingerie brand Lascivious closed its doors on December 21st 2018.  The brand became established as an aspirational label synonymous with innovation and desirability. Fuelled by a passion for the aesthetics of sex…
evandicken - News Author Primarily writes for science fiction, horror, and fantasy. He has a number of stories in various genre publications, some of which you can read for free online, if you''re so inclined.
In My Sacred Space | Intuitive Living for the Spiritually Inclined I’m Ash Riley, a modern-day intuitive, spiritual development guide, and authenticity advocate writing about spirituality, vulnerability, and healing. As I share my personal journey, I’ll show you how to live into yours.
Nsesa Foundation - Inspire | Innovate | Impact Nsesa Foundation is a STEM inclined social enterprise with a mission to inspire young people to be innovative and equipping them with skills to make impact.
International Dating Club believes that borders shouldn’t be barriers to love. Everyone should experience the absolute best that online dating has to offer. Welcome to the International Dating Club. Choose the best international dating sites to find your potential foreign partner through our online dating sites reviews.
KAREN ROWELL MUSIC - Home A forum for musically inclined people to discuss musical theory, pedagogy and history. Discussions stem from blog posts and videos made by Karen Rowell from her experiences in the musical teaching profession.
Welcome to SilverCrow Creations - Fun, funky, pretty, poetic, esoteric, ethereal - gifts, unique art supplies, and sundries of all kinds for the artistically inclined and the artistically challenged!
Summer Solstice 2021 - Summer Solstice Festivals Summer solstice will occur in Northern hemisphere on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 21:43 GMT. It is a time when the part of Earth (Northern or Southern hemisphere) is most inclined towards Sun. Which in turn that part gets the longest day light of the year.. People around the globe celebrate Summer solstice.
Lamella Clarifier, Industrial Wastewater Lamella Clarifier is the original inclined plate gravity settler. Custom Lamella equipment for purchase, rental, or mobile services for any water clarification needs.
SPIRAC Screening, Grit & Sludge handling solutions SPIRAC is all about screening, grit & sludge handling solutions. With SPIRAC solids handling solutions, you can have total confidence in a global leader. SPIRAC® enjoys more than 40 years of worldwide success and long-standing partnerships with customers. Not something you earn overnight.
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