The most comprehensive list of improve energy websites last updated on May 1 2020.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
RAND Corporation Provides Objective Research Services and Public Policy Analysis | RAND The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. RAND focuses on the issues that matter most such as health, education, national security, international affairs, law and business, the environment, and more. With a research staff consisting of some of the world''s preeminent minds, RAND has been expanding the boundaries of human knowledge for more than 60 years.
Home | Carbon Brief We cover climate science and climate & energy policy, specialising in clear, data-driven articles to improve the understanding of climate change.
The Only High-Tech Bed for Better Sleep | Eight Sleep The first bed engineered to improve your sleep through dynamic cooling and heating, detailed sleep tracking, and more. Starting at $1,995
Fabriq | Smart Building Software Fabriq is a fully integrated web-based IoT platform to track energy and resource consumption across all your assets. Save costs and improve health & wellbeing.
Pique Tea | The Tea For Health Benefits EFFECTIVE, PURE, EASY. Designed to improve gut health & provide sustained energy. Up to 12x antioxidants of other teas. Triple Screen for Pesticides, Toxic Mold & Heavy Metals. Cold or Hot water soluble. Try our green teas (Sencha, Jasmine), black teas (Earl Grey, English Breakfast) and herbal elixirs today!
Verilux | Light Therapy Products To Improve Mood, Energy, & Happiness Verilux is the originator of the HappyLight® and a leader in healthy lighting solutions and light therapy. We make a social impact by making people happy. We provide life-changing products and excellent service to contribute to the well-being of humanity.
logo_ameren_default Every day, Ameren is working hard to provide more reliable energy, reduce outages and restore power faster than ever before. It's all part of our ongoing commitment to keep pace with future energy needs, as we proudly continue to serve, support and invest in the communities we call home.
ProHealth Longevity - Longevity Supplements Backed by Science Shop our wide selection of longevity supplements to boost energy, improve cognitive function, support anti-aging, and more. Discover the latest longevity and anti-aging news and research.
igus®- energy chains, flexible cables, polymer bearings igus® manufacture energy chains, flexible cables and harnessed cables, polymer bearings including bushings, ball joints, linear bearings and linear slides
ShipCraft.io Welcome to the cosmic ShipCraft.io space! As the name suggests, the game is based on a system of rivalry for the title of the best player in the cosmic space! Be creative by building your own cruiser, skill to defeat the best players, improve armor and weapons, collect energy points to expand your space ship! Become an unstoppable master of the cosmos!
Solar Analytics Monitoring – maximise your solar earning potential Real time solar power system monitoring for homeowners to improve solar panel output. See your solar production, and energy consumption data with fault alerts for big savings.
Engineering News-Record | ENR ENR.com is the bible of the construction industry, providing news and features about projects, products and people in construction, architecture and engineering.
Rite-Hite | Loading Dock Equipment, Industrial Door and Material Handling Solution Leaders Rite-Hite is the world leader in the manufacture and sale of loading dock equipment, industrial doors, safety barriers and high-volume, low-speed industrial fans – all designed to improve safety, productivity, and energy consumption.
ApplePay Full Leaf has selected and curated the finest loose leaf tea and matcha from around the world! We specialize in providing delicious tea that will improve your life. Hand blended with fresh, pure ingredients for amazing taste, our blends help with weight loss, sleep, detox, immunity, overall health and more!
The Book Butchers | Book Editing And Proofreading The Book Butchers: Insanely Flawless Book Editing for Professional Authors | Manuscript editing and proofreading services designed specifically for indie authors.
Oil and Gas ERP Software & Project Resource Management | Quorum Quorum’s innovative mobile and cloud based oil and gas software platform is designed to deliver optimal efficiency and maximize profit across the energy value chain. From exploration to distribution, Quorum transforms every step of the oil and gas value chain. Enhance efficiency and improve your bottom line.
Innovating regular products to make your life better! – Lean Blend LEAN BLEND, superfood infused coffee & protein water that help improve health, well-being & performance. Healthy coffee, infused with superfoods full of antioxidants & benefits such as fat burning, increase metabolism, energy & more. Plant based protein water that is vegan friendly, dairy & gluten free
Aprilaire | Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Ventilation, Dehumidifiers and more Improve health for you and your family with Aprilaire whole-home indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions.
Visa Cymbiotika provides cutting edge, pure products that help to improve energy levels, mental focus, physical stamina, and overall state of being.
Group 8 Our building energy management system and building management software centralizes building data and improves energy efficiency for reduced energy costs. Lucid is the leading software platform for managing building performance
linkedin-icon We’re meticulous about making things better. Products that improve the comfort of our homes, the quality of our lives and preserve our Earth’s precious resources: water and energy. Rather than traditional heating elements that scale and rust, all of our products use our patented Ohmic Array Technology to heat water.
Nine Energy Service | Completions, Oil Well Services, & Frac Plugs Nine Energy Service offers proven and deep expertise on the industry’s most complex wells, making us suited to help you improve the economics and performance on your next project.
Oil and Gas ERP Software & Project Resource Management | Quorum Quorum’s innovative mobile and cloud based oil and gas software platform is designed to deliver optimal efficiency and maximize profit across the energy value chain. From exploration to distribution, Quorum transforms every step of the oil and gas value chain. Enhance efficiency and improve your bottom line.
Residential Heating and Air Conditioning | Silicon Valley Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. raises the standard for home comfort system design and installation. Find the ideal solution for your home.
Urban Green Council | Urban Green Council's mission is to transform NYC buildings for a sustainable future. We believe the critical issue facing the world today is climate change. Our focus on climate change requires us to target energy and other resource management. As we improve energy and other resource management, we can deliver a more resilient, efficient, healthy and affordable city.
Welltory - app to manage your stress & energy Manage your energy, not your time. Improve your focus & performance with small changes in your lifestyle. Quantified self dashboard for hardworkers.
Waykana Guayusa l Organic energy tea produced in the Amazon Waykana Guayusa is an organic tea based in an amazon super leaf that gives a lot of benefits. All the balance and energy to improve your life.
WorldEnvironment Magazine regularly containing contributions from leading international, national and regional experts from the environment, conservation, policy and green economy sectors
ATP LAB High quality naturals products for top athletes to small kids (improve health, boost energy, build muscle, lose weight, performance, balance hormones,...)
How to do yoga | all about Yoga Yoga is a sort of exercise. Yoga assists one with controlling various aspects of the body and mind. Yoga helps you to take control of your Central Nervous
Groundwork | Home Working in the most disadvantaged parts of the UK. We help people to create better places, to improve their prospects and to live and work in a greener way.
Infinia Corp - Changing the world with Technology and Enegery We are doing this by offering unique, high-performance, cost-effective energy conversion solutions using our proprietary, mass-manufactured.
MEP Engineering & Design Consulting Firm | New York Engineers New York Engineers is one of the best MEP engineering consulting firms/company in New York to cut your construction costs and improve energy efficiency. We are experts in mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and fire protection engineering design services for commercial and residential projects.
Step inside the world of RAL''s Global brands built on trust. At RAL we strive everyday to meet the needs of sustainable off-grid solar products, portable energy and child & mother care products with the sole aim to improve quality of life.
The natural choice for supplements, vitamins and minerals If you’re looking to boost your immune system, enhance your energy levels and improve your general wellbeing, our herbal-based products are a great place to start. Sourced from the very finest natural ingredients, they offer a drug-free solution to healthy living – based on thousands of years’ research.
The GFA Consulting Group, based in Hamburg, has a sound track record of implementing complex studies and projects in over 130 countries since 1982.
Learn Qi Gong | Chi Gong | Holden QiGong Lee Holden has devoted his career to helping others learn the powerful principles of Qi gong. Anybody, at any age or fitness level, can use these moving meditation techniques to improve physical fitness, assist in injury recovery, and to relieve tension and stress.
Crystals & Holistic Healing| How can crystals, minerals, chakra work, healing with colour be used to improve your health and happiness. I explain the healing properties of crystal shapes, chakra work, colour healing, crystal remedies, meditation and relaxation in these pages.
HZDR – Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf is a member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres pursuing new insights that will allow us to maintain and improve all of our lives. That is why the HZDR conducts research in the fields of Energy, Health and Matter in Dresden and at four other locations. Our large-scale facilities are also available to external guests from around the world to help answer the decisive questions of our societies.(Contact details: +49 351 260-0 / contact@hzdr.de)
NBI Suncontrol - 3M Authorized Dealer - Your Window Tinting Experts Reduce energy bills. Protect furnishings. Add privacy and improve your home's safety with NBI Suncontrol. We're your hometown window tint experts.
Home The corporate EHS function, which oversees environmental, health and safety compliance began to merge at the management level around 1990. The first area is environmental management, which emerged as a profession in the 1970s, following the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other state-level regulatory systems. As companies began limiting waste to prevent pollution, they needed engineers to adapt scrubbers, filters, and other process changes to existing manufacturing systems. Workplace safety and occupational health also grew in importance during this time, with the passage of legislation such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Over time, companies developed systematic way of complying with environmental, health and safety regulations. Corporations began tracking key measures and looking for ways to improve their performance. Then, in the 1990s, improvements in data technology management made it easier for an organization to analyze its operations. Around that time, corporations began to merge oversight for environmental, health and safety programs through a new management role called EHS. The newly appointed leaders, who began their careers in one of the three sub-disciplines, started to create systems to drive EHS progress across all operations. Today, with the advent of sustainability, EHS professionals are leading corporate efforts toward sustainability. Building on their decades of experience, EHS leaders are striving to meet this challenge, creating systems to reduce energy use, conserve water, and better communicate with stakeholders. Indeed, a 2009 survey found that two-thirds of the sustainability initiatives at member companies are being led or managed by the EHS
V&R Energy: Power Engineering Software Applications - Power Systems Analysis and Consulting - Smart Tools for the Smart Grid | Home V&R Energy is a leading provider of the advanced power systems engineering solutions designed to improve the stability and reliability of the electrical Transmission and Distribution networks.
Clean Coal Technology Combustion Catalyst - Clean Coal Combustion Improve Fuel Efficiency and Reduce Emissions Our Patented Clean Coal Technology Catalyst products improve coal combustion and reduce harmful emissions. Coal Catalyst improves energy efficiency and reduces your operating costs. CC-88 eliminates carbon waste, which improves coal fired boiler performance by reducing slagging and fouling of the boiler system.
Meditation Music | Sound Healing Music | Music for Healers & Therapists - Home Sound Healing Music to harmonize your energy, mind and spirit. Sound healing mp3s for your body''s chakras and meridians. Subliminal audios to improve your life.
Welcome to Debatepedia! - Debatepedia, the Wikipedia of Debates Debatepedia is a wiki encyclopedia of pro and con arguments and quotations in important public debates from around the world. It is considered the Wikipedia of debate, helping the world centralize arguments and quotations found in millions of different articles, essays, books, and your own original thinking into a single encyclopedia, so that citizens can better understand important public debates and make informed choices. Join this cause and community and become an editor of the site. Your efforts will improve your own thinking and have a major impact on the way thousands of other citizens draw conclusions.
Solar Analytics Monitoring – maximise your solar earning potential Real time solar power system monitoring for homeowners to improve solar panel output. See your solar production, and energy consumption data with fault alerts for big savings.
Task Brasil - The Abandoned Street Kids of Brazil Trust Task Brasil Trust was established in 1992 in response to the situation of the street children of Brazil. Its projects improve the lives and support the needs of children and pregnant girls living on the streets.
Mind Chi - Rewire Your Brain in 8 Minutes a Day Change your life and re-wire your brain in just 8 minutes a day
WHDO - World Human Development Organization World Human Development Organization works with rural Sri Lankans to address their own development needs and provides services for economically and ecologically sustainable, socially ........
Gas Energy Australia | Gas Energy Australia Gas Energy Australia The Association's mission is to " ... improve the nation's energy security and environment and reduce energy costs by maximising the
BeetBoost ® | Beet Juice Energy Drink | BOOSTS your Energy and Performance Naturally Boost your energy and stamina, improve circulation and mental clarity, and feel great after intense exercise with natural beet juice energy drink. Buy Now!
Health Nick | Be Healthy, Be Happy. Health, Fiteness, Beauty, Nutrition, Celebrity Fitness and much more With our articles, we sincerely hope to encourage you to adopt a lifestyle of physical activity and nutritional eating habits. Join us in marching towards a life filled with positive energy, happiness, and wellness.
Fabriq | Smart Building Software Fabriq is a fully integrated web-based IoT platform to track energy and resource consumption across all your assets. Save costs and improve health & wellbeing.
E.ON Control Solutions - Experts in Energy Management E.ON Control Solutions Ltd is dedicated to helping businesses improve sustainability, reduce energy costs & minimise operational expenditure on buildings.
Mystery Shopping Canada Inc. Mystery Shopping Canada Inc. specializes in smaller retail chains throughout North America. Become a mystery shopper or visit our site to view our online brochure. Contact us for a proposal and take advantage of the Canadian Dollar.
Plasma Air: Whole Building Air Purification Plasma Air provides the only air purification technology that can simultaneously improve occupant health and productivity while reducing ongoing energy usage.
Home of Massachusetts State Senator Jamie Eldridge Official homepage of State Senator Jamie Eldridge from Middlesex & Worcester District, representing Shirley, Ayer, Littleton, Harvard, Boxborough, Acton, Stow,
Slimplify+ | Proven Fitness Nutrition to boost result and speed up recovery SLIMPLIFY+ is the perfect Fitness Nutrition product uniquely designed to to boost your energy & endurance, stimulate fat burning, improve mental focus, enhance muscle recovery and strengthen joint protection in your endeavor to stay active, fit and healthy.
Sama Dog - Holistic living with Dogs Inspired by Ayurveda Holistic natural wellness and well-being for dogs inspired by Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga and meditation. Our education, classes, services, dog boarding, and products help your or my dog to be healthy and happy. We include spiritual practices and energy work with dogs. With a spotlight on the human-canine bond, we teach and learn how our relationship is essential to our health.
Reduce Drought Effect with BalePlus Feed Supplements for Old and Poor Bales Inject old and poor bales, including wheat straw, corn stalks and other poor forages with BalePlus ProteinPlus feed supplements. Reduces drought effects. Provides cattle with needed protein and energy. Hay bale injection supplements any forage with more protein, more energy, more minerals.
Top Rated Standing Desk Chair Best Standing Desk Chair and leaning stool with built in anti fatigue mat. Helps to prevent back pain, improve posture, and increase energy. International award winning design.
PedalBeat - Spinning to improve heart health & fitness PedalBeat brings the popular fun-group-cardio activity of indoor cycling (spinning) to India. This low impact activity increases your endurance, energy levels, your lower body strength and most importantly – your cardiovascular health. Free Trial session. Customer Testimonials.
Home | Olympus Medical Singapore Olympus is a pioneer in innovative technologies in endoscopy and laparoscopy and supports healthcare professionals to improve the quality of patient care around the globe.
Bhai Hanfi Wazaif and Taweez Free Istikhara, Taweez, Wazaif, Silsila-e- Hanfiya, Qadriya, Soharwardiya, Chushtiya, Qasmiya, Feroziya, Contact: +92-311-1021061
energy chains, polymer bearings, flexible cable & linear slides Choose from a variety of plastic and polymer bearings, washers, and bushings as well as linear slides and guides, flexible cable, drag chains, cable tracks, cable carriers, and energy chains
save Landis+Gyr, pioneers of smart meter and smart grid solutions that empower utilities and end-customers around the world to improve their energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and contribute to a sustainable use of resources.
LeafGuard Gutters, Solar Panels, Solatube, Roofing, Land Clearing | Byers Byers is a family-run company that acts as protectors and partners when helping its clients improve their homes. Offering seamless gutters, solar panels, roofing and more while using specialized installation teams, Byers is ready to help local homeowners make meaningful, enduring home improvements. Contact us today!
Spiritual Artwork | The Path of Non-Duality: To help us all improve ourself and to raise our level of awareness. Remember…. When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear The Path of Non-Duality: To help us all improve ourself and to raise our level of awareness. Remember.... When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear
We combine energy, creativity & technology to make a real and positive difference. We develop digital solutions that un-level the playing field for our clients, modernise their processes and improve their bottom line. Our combination of creativity, technology and insights simplify the way people access services in the digital age.
J J Herbals - Manufacturer of Ashwandha & Ashwagandha Powder from Kannur Marketed By Vasya Herbals Mucuna pruriens (naikuruna) has an almost magical ability to improve motivation, well-being, energy, and sex drive along with decreasing the tendency to overeat
KV Tech Construction | Insulation, Construction & Excavation | WI KV Tech Construction offers high-quality insulation, construction, and excavation services for homes in Ashland, Hayward, and other areas in northern Wisconsin.
getlux-lighting.com -DIY Getlux Lighting Vision: Energy savings and economics are important advantages of the transition to Solid-state lighting (LEDs, OLED, PLED,LEP...etc). Solid-state lighting (SSL) will produce better light for the work environment, improve living conditions at home, and add aesthetics everywhere. GetLux focus on the Solid-state lighting business and we believe that it will be the Next Evolution in Lighting. We know that the LED revolution will carve out a new future for us. We cannot light up all the world but we will light up your life .So we aim to improve the quality of light for you. We will let you enjoy life, enjoy living and enjoy a new form of light.
IPL Marketplace | Get Instant Rebates and Save on Energy Costs IPL Marketplace helps you improve the comfort of your home, save money on your utility bills, and support environmental stewardship. Save energy and money by offering instant rebates online for popular products like Nest thermostats, LED bulbs, power strips and more.
Bright Minds Make Light Work® | LED Solutions, engines and optics for lighting Fusion Optix is a developer and producer of optics, LED engines and integrated LED lighting solutions. We develop and manufacture a patented range of products based on enabling LED technology and innovations. Our products are designed to work together to control lighting outputs, save energy and improve design.
QM insect-killer | mosquito killer-Mbox mosquito killer Hong Kong mosquito killer company,We strive to improve your quality of life by providing solutions on mosquito control,From Design to Production, we select the best materials and combine it to give you the most effective mosquitos control systems,Easy to use and User friendly is what we believe will give you the protection you and your family deserves.
SEM Hunt - Home SEM Hunt allows organizations to manage their energy consumption while establishing sustainable energy practices and policies to improve efficiency and maximize profitability.
revolution-grass With the national grid under strain Pete Project have the opportunity to provide a research and development project that benefits not only our energy crisis but you and your family.
Orion Projects Inc. Orion Projects Inc. is an engineering, Procurement and construction management company that provides innovative solutions to projects to improve the profitability and sustainability of the energy sector.
PURE SPORTS NUTRITION UK The Pure Sports Nutrition range is made in New Zealand with premium natural ingredients and features a complete range of sports drinks, energy gels, proteins and recovery products. It's designed for people who want to lead healthy lifestyles using the best natural products to improve exercise performance and health.
Manufacturer of ventilation products : Ireland :: RENSON RENSON®, founded in 1909, is trendsetter in ventilation and sun protection. This independent Belgian company develops and manufactures innovative solutions and concepts, which improve the working and living conditions of people and at the same time cut energy costs – Creating healthy spaces. RENSON® counts about 500 employees and stands for innovation and communication.
Home | Advancedphotonix Advanced Photonix creates breakthrough technologies that measure, monitor, protect, and improve critical processes for companies in the aerospace, automotive, composites, energy, defense, industrial, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries.
Hangover IV Therapy West Palm Beach | Peptide Therapy West Palm Beach | Anti Aging Medicine West Palm Beach Turn Back the Clock and Restore Your Vitality Anti-Aging & Wellness Center provides medical and nutritional remedies that help restore your healthiest
Stina Brock blockchain for distributed energy resources, including renewables like solar PV, energy storage batteries, electric vehicles, and home energy management devices
Solar Energy Orlando FL, HVAC, Home Water Treatment | FEWA Want to make your home more efficient and environmentally friendly? Need to improve your water and air quality? Learn how Florida Energy Water & Air can help.
LIFT Enrichment | Healthy Cooking Classes For Kids! Welcome to LIFT Enrichment"LIFT" stands for "Learning Is Fun Time" and reflects our dedication and passion for Cooking Classes For Kids. No other after-school enrichment or summer camp company puts as much time, energy and passion into culinary education than us. We partner with 100+ elementary schools and empower kids to improve their health, learn to cook and enjoy eating vegetables in new ways.​Why We're The Best At After-School Cooking Trusted Name in EnrichmentWe partner with 100+ elementary schools in Los Angeles and teach 1500+ kids a week. Partner with Whole FoodsWe've taught our Cooking class at 7 Whole Food locations in Los Angeles as part of their Kids ClubExcellent Customer ServiceCall or email us any time and you'll enjoy how a small business places YOUR needs first and foremostTop-Notch TeachersOur teachers are fantastic educators with a true passion for cooking. Each is trained by our CEO and have all the tools and skills to lead an effective cooking class with kids. Cooking For Kids At An Advanced LevelMost Cooking classes are too simple (i.e. smoothies, salad, etc.) but not with LIFT. We teach kids how to make Empanadas, Sushi Rolls, Risotto, Kale Bruschetta and much more.Niche Is BetterOther companies offer a variety plate of classes, but they lack the quality you get from truly FOCUSED curriculum. We specialize in just two subjects and thus have become the GO-TO place for Cooking and Robotics for Kids programs.Connect With Us Check Out Our Latest Cooking PostsYour Heading Here
:::: SRI SAI PUMPS AND ENERGY SYSTEMS (P) LTD :::: Plant availability,Plant load factor,Plant Heat Rate,Auxiliary power consumption, Power Plants in Trichy, Tamilnadu, Inida, Industry in Tamilnadu, Fuel management, Ash management, Water management, Trouble shooting with root cause analysis
Healthy Me summits - Overcoming Depression and Anxiety | Overcoming depression and anxiety summit for learn proven methods to overcome your depression and anxiety.
Paul Archer Design Paul Archer Design is a EC1 London based architects specializing in bespoke architectural, interior and garden design services to individual clients for their own homes. Established in 1999, we have built up a substantial portfolio of built projects across London. We have won many awards , including the AJ small projects competition for our scheme in Wallace Road, Canonbury in 2007 and a Camden Local Authority Design Award for a roof terrace in Bloomsbury. In 2005 we were selected for the AJ 40 under 40 - a publication and exhibition at the V&A for the 40 most promising architects in the country. We have extensive skills in the refurbishment of historic buildings, having in house conservation expertise, and we have developed advanced systems for how to upgrade the existing housing stock to create low energy homes without ruining the character of the old buildings. We have worked in most London Boroughs, and are highly successful at achieving planning permission. Our designs are contemporary, easy to maintain, practical to build, and make great places to live.
Power The World | Empower the Planet, Power the World Join us to help bring sustainable energy solutions to 1 million families. Find out how clean cookstoves can transform lives, improve the environment, and protect wildlife in Nepal
Joint Organisations Data Initiative | Oil and Gas Data Transparency The Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI) is a concrete outcome of the producer-consumer dialogue and aims to improve gas and oil data transparency