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Auth0: Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone. Rapidly integrate authentication and authorization for web, mobile, and legacy applications so you can focus on your core business.
CPX RESEARCH – Montize your Websites & Apps We will make it easy for you: Simply implement our solution and be ready to start monetizing your product immediately!
Business Management Software to Fit Your Industry | Epicor U.S. Implement faster, customize less, and see your ROI sooner with software built to fit your business. Epicor software has your industry best-practices built in. Learn more about software for your industry.
10X Investments | Funds & Retirement Annuity | South Africa 10X Investments manages your savings with an award winning low cost investment solution that is simple to understand and easy to implement.
Cloud Inventory Software and Management | Sage US Take back control of your inventory with a cloud-based solution that takes as little as 30 minutes to implement and is accessible on your mobile device. Learn about Sage Inventory Advisor today.
Semicolon Solution Offshore agile team that helps startups to implement ideas with scalable cloud applications using HTML5 and REST APIs that works on any device. We will work hard with you to make it a success.
Studio Freya Norwegian software developers studio. We are blogging om programming, making games, consulting people, write code and books and have fun.
Celebrate learning! Open Badge Factory is a cloud platform your organisation needs to implement a meaningful and sustainable Open Badges strategy.
we implement cloud-based ticket helpdesk solution, offer cd replication, dvd replication, printing and usb duplication service Wamp Multimedia provides cloud-based ticket helpdesk solution, and disc replication services to business clients from Malaysia
Good Leadership Skills - Character - Integrity - Courage Good leadership skills require good character, integrity, and courage. Some can be improved upon yet others come from within!
Visit us on Twitter OnDMARC helps companies implement a DMARC policy and secure their email. Sign up for the award winning solution today.
Trac-Tech | Time & Attendance | Access Control | Biometric | South Africa Trac-Tech (Pty) Ltd was established in 1989 and supplied technology and implemented solutions at over 10 000 sites in Southern Africa with branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Our well trained and highly experienced teams are able to design, plan, implement and service a solution for you.
Farmflo - proven procurement solution for harvestable crops. Save Time and Money with Guaranteed Efficiencies. Proven procurement solution for harvestable crops, with real-time reports. Easy to implement and use, with secure cloud-based, interactive supplier access.
Bharatiya Global Infomedia Ltd. | IT Base Product | Parking Management System© | RFID Base Solution | Token Less Two Factor Authentication© | MobileApplication | Offshore Development India - BGIL Solutions BGIL specializes in the field of Safety, Security and Automation : Safety, Security and Automation, BGIL Tokenless Two Factor Authentication© allows organizations to better manage remote login security by negating the need to issue and recall hardware tokens as personnel changes occur or Tokens fail or are prone to get lost., The key concept of Safety, Security & Automation is for an organization to design, implement and maintain a coherent suite of processes and systems for effectively managing infrastructure safety & security, thus ensuring safe and secure environment within the organization. As with all management processes, safety and security Management must remain effective and efficient in the long term, adapting to changes in the internal organization and external environment
CSC Medical Solution Our Company has been serving Doctors and DME offices in Florida since 1978. We are registered and Certified as Vendor/Clearing House with all major Insurance Companies including MEDICARE/MEDICAID, BCBS, etc. The Software, (Medical/DME) are very user friendly and easy to learn and implement. It is a window based platform and uses all the Microsoft Windows interfaces and resources. It is intended to automate must of the administrative task in your office, such as Appointment Schedule, Billing, Account Receivable, etc.
Go Evo - MESH Public Works Asset Management Software Streamline your operations with a cloud-based asset management solution from Go Evo. Learn more about our easy to implement operations management software.
cancel MYwave is a specialist HR Solutions Company.Our flagship product ‘EmplX’ is a cloud based HRM solution which we launched in 2008. Our aim then and remains so now, is to deliver affordable solutions enabling any company, large or small to implement world class processes to manage and develop their greatest asset – their people.
Welcome to NameSpace Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ::: We are Professional PHP, KIOSK & Mobile App Developer ::: IT Company Lucknow, INDIA; Android, IOS, PHP, SEO, Responsive Website development, OFI kiosk, Accounting & Payroll Applications Namespace Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an IT professional software company located at 3rd Floor, Sana Palace 1, 8 Shahnajaf Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow-226001, India, established in 2014. We deliver Responsive website designing, complete website development, implement innovative software solutions to stream line complex business processes. We use high performance business strategy to value our valuable customers | kiosk, Responsive Website development in hazratganj lucknow, accounting payroll, ofi kiosk, accounting operations | namespace web development training center in Hazratganj Lucknow, namespace android development training center in Hazratganj Lucknow
NTT| Home - NTT Digital technology is advancing exponentially, leaving many organisations uncertain as to how to proceed. Oakton’s suite of digital advisory, solution and managed services offers organisations all the skills they need to upgrade their technology platforms, harness their data and implement the software both employees and customers need to enable a truly agile business.
Sciatica SOS™ - OFFICIAL WEBSITE Discover a natural system that will immediately provide relief from sciatica pain and completely cure your sciatica in 7 days or less – GUARANTEED!
LMS for K-12 schools | Skolera Learning Management System Skolera is an award winning unified learning platform that includes a learning management system (LMS) and school management system (SMS) , it helps you to manage your school in a better way. Try it now for free.
callout-before South River Technologies | SRT provides a secure managed file transfer solution with automation and high availability. An enterprise file sharing solution for regulated industries, SRT's MFT solution delivers secure automation, data protection, regulatory compliance, and proven global performance.
MediumEditor – Yet another broken WYSIWYG editor Medium.com WYSIWYG editor clone. Uses contenteditable API to implement a rich text solution.
Barcode label Printers | Mobile Label Printers | Colour Label Printers At ADC Barcode we supply barcode label printers. We also Implement bespoke solutions and supply a fully comprehensive service solutions.
PCI DSS Policy Suite To Quickly Get You PCI DSS Compliant The PCI DSS Policy Pack Contains All The Documentation You Will Need To Get PCI Compliant. Very Easy To Implement. Low Cost.
Digital Account Opening Software for Banks & Credit Unions. Terafina's Digital account opening & onboarding solution drives growth and customer acquisition, accelerating digital transformation for banks or credit unions.
Zone & Co - The NetSuite Consultancy Zone and Company is a NetSuite Solution Provider. We implement, license & support on the world’s #1 Cloud Business Software Suite.
Home Solution Expert | Home Improvement Services Unfortunately a fact of modern living is that we are, all too often, affected by the noise of our neighbours, traffic and even the other people living in our home. Modern houses are particularly prone to noise pollution as the walls are thinner than older properties and they are often packed in more tightly together within the street. We also have a lot more apartments or flats than ever before, which again means that we are literally living on top of one another. However, you shouldn't have to put up with high levels of noise pollution in your daily life. We all deserve to be in a place that is peaceful and where we can shut out the rest of the world when we want to. How can we make our room quieter? Is it possible to make our rooms more soundproof? You will be happy to know that there are a lot of things you can do to help reduce the noise in your living space. Some are simple and cost little to nothing to implement and others may require a bit of an investment. It all depends on the level of noise you are suffering with, whether you want a long-term fixed solution or if you are just temporarily trying to patch up the problem. If you are renting, for example, you may not want to invest in soundproofing systems. Identify the source of the noise This may sound simple, but identifying the source and type of noise is important in understanding how to reduce it. It may be that you are hearing footsteps from the room above you, or perhaps it is the neighbours TV. You may be disturbed by the humdrum of traffic that just seems to reverberate throughout your home. Locating the source of the noise will help you to know where you need to place your soundproofing. Listen to where it is the loudest as this will be the area you need to cover. If it is more of a general sound vibration, then you will need to take steps to soundproof the whole room. How does sound travel? There are two types of sound, airborne and vibration. Airborne sounds are the noises you hear from people talking, the noise of car engines etc. Vibrational sounds come from the bass of music, footsteps, traffic vibrating on the roads and any banging noise. Sound bounces off of hard surfaces at the same angle that it hits it. This means that wherever the sound is coming in from, you need to break that reflection point to stop it from travelling around the room. Sound is a vibration, the only way to reduce it is to reduce the area it can reverberate. For example, if you have a neighbour who is playing their stereo on the other side of your wall, the sound is travelling through that wall and will keep going until it hits the wall on the other side. Unless you deaden that sound by placing something against the wall to stop it, or by interfering with the sound before it reaches the other wall causing the echo. All sound energy builds up unless it is interrupted. While you won't be able to completely soundproof your room, you can minimise the impact and reduce the noise significantly with a few simple steps. 5 easy ways to help reduce noise in your room: Rugs and soundproofing underlay Rugs and carpeting will not help with airborne sounds such as traffic noise or talking, but they can help with the vibrational sounds. So if you have a child whose footsteps you can hear from downstairs, or you have a neighbour complaining that they can hear you, a rug or soundproof underlay can help. Rugs/carpets and underlay will also help to soften the sounds generally vibrating around your room as they help to absorb those vibrations. Acoustic underlay and high density mats are an effective way of reducing vibrational noise between floors. Add in soft furnishings You may find that simply adding in some extra soft furnishings will help to reduce the way the sound travels around your room. Play around with your decor to see what works for you. Hanging tapestries, canvass paintings and even wallpaper can help to reduce the sound vibration. Use soft throws, think about the placement of your sofa etc. A bookcase strategically placed against a noisy wall can help to deaden the noise bleeding in from another room. It is always best to try and place heavier furnishings against the adjoining walls and the outside walls to help the interruption of the sound vibration. You can also buy noise reducing curtains, but make sure that the windows themselves are properly sealed before investing. It may be that all you need to do is improve the gaps around the window. Doors Doors are often overlooked as a source of noise bleeding through. But the type of door you have will have an impact on the sound that can travel through it. A lot of modern homes have hollow doors which allow sound to easily travel through them. A solid wooden door or a soundproof door will help prevent this immediately. Make sure there are no gaps around or under the door by fitting weather stripping. You can also hang heavy blankets on the doors to help deaden sound as a temporary measure. Soundproof panelling This one is a more involved solution, but there are many different types of soundproof panelling available. You can create a panel as part of your decor and have it fitted over your existing walls and doors. Or you may want to integrate the acoustic panelling into the plasterboard, if you are building a new home for example. Acoustic panels are available as fabric covered boards that you can hang on your walls to help to stop the noise from bouncing off them. They work by absorbing the sound vibrations. Ceiling panels If you are the unfortunate person who has a noisy neighbour above you who won't cover their wooden floors, then you may need to soundproof your ceiling to prevent that noise pollution. Again there are different types of ceiling panels available. You can integrate the noise stop panels into your ceiling system, creating a new false ceiling. Or you can, as with the walls, lay acoustic panels over the top of your existing ceiling. There are many designs of fabric to choose from to cover the wall and the ceiling panels with. You are not limited on colour or texture, so it is easy to find something that will work with your interior design. For more ideas and help with your soundproofing solutions, why not contact one of our friendly team today.
George Koch Sons, LLC | We help our customers find and implement the best solutions to their automated finishing systems, environmental, acoustical and thermal requirements.
Skydev | What you need is what we do I''m an haitian software engineer and a freelancer. I help you solve your business problems and implement your strategies. I create web applications that fit my client needs. The solution you need is just here
Traction Technology — Discover and implement enterprise-ready technology, faster Accelerate your technology innovation efforts — we help large enterprises find, and manage emerging technology startups and vendors that fit their mission-critical needs.
Process, Secure and Manage your Documents with Doc-Solutions Manage paper and electronic files efficiently with a document management system from Doc-Solutions. Optimize your workflow or implement a rights management solution today. Request a demo.
Evol Power - Your Evolving Energy Solution Compare, switch and save – get the best energy solution for your specific needs. Evol Power in a national energy management and procurement firm assisting companies to implement strategies to control and reduce energy costs.
Technosoft consulting for small & medium business solution Technosoft is the leading cloud business solution provider for small & medium business. by design,implement and managing technology solution.
Burconix Ltd Network Solutions As a leading supplier of network solutions to educational establishments, Burconix Ltd can design, implement and support a complete IT solution however big or small your network. We can also help you take control of your network, with the BCX Management Tools.
Easy customizable enterprise software solution - Codejig Implement business solutions based on Codejig ERP or build your own custom web applications in minutes. Run them locally or in the cloud.
Küresel Dijital – Full Service Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency Küresel Dijital is a solution driven digital agency leveraging the power of people and data to develop and implement strategic journeys across social media and digital channels.
Adaptive eClinical Bus - Clinical Data Integration Adaptive Clinical Systems® is an eClinical Technology Solutions provider and Problem-Solver providing EDC to CTMS interoperability
Engineering Solutions | Vihan Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Since 25 years, Vihan has relentlessly endeavored to offer ingenuous solutions to Plastic Pipe Producers with innovations in Pipe Bending, Socketing & Packaging recently diversifying into Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industries.
CLEAN e-INDIA | Recycle Electronic Waste in India | eWaste Management & Collection CLEAN e-INDIA is a program initiated by Attero & IFC to implement safe and responsible eWaste management in India. This initiative is undertaken as a part of sustainable solution for the eWaste sector in emerging IT market.
Cymantiks Limited- Africa''s top Semantic Web Architects, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Marketing Consultants We are consultants and solution provider specialising in Semantic Web, Semantic SEO, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data, Knowledge Graph and Software Development. We advise, evaluate, develop, engineer and implement Semantic Web, SEO and AI solutions. We help companies turn Data into Information and Information into Knowledge
Home | Tixora Mobile fare collection and transit tracking app for fixed-route agencies. See how Tixora can help your transit agency level up your rider and back office experiences!
Eplexity | Cloud Consulting for AWS with CXOS With decades of combined experience and a cloud-only focus, Eplexity's engineers can design, implement, and manage the right cloud solution for your team. Chat with us today!
Identity Management Solution & MSSP Company - Sennovate Sennovate is a global identity and access management service provider. We help you find IAM solutions, and implement seamlessly.
AJWANINTERNATIONAL Ajwan International Company W.L.L, (Formerly knows as Ajwan Trading Enterprise) founded in 1992, has a diversified portfolio of value added services to satisfy the demands for Complete I.T Solution. Over the years, Ajwan has built strong partnerships with world-class Vendors to implement best practices, expertise, and technologies for our clients.With the help of our own Off-Shore Software Development Center Chattary Ajwan Info-Tech in India, Ajwan prides itself as the leading I.T solution provider in Kuwait; offering secure, reliable, high-tech and diversified value added services at affordable cost.The interoperability, flexibility, affordability and countless other benefits that we deliver are the key factors that satisfies our clients. At present we focus in the following areas, which includes development, migration and integrationVision: "Enriching business savvies by redefining their operations with innovative I.T solutions"Mission: For successful solution, we believe in to be your partner and not as vendor in providing solutions. We exist to enable every individual and company to dream and achieve their business goals with our solutions.Our experience in professionalism and innovation makes us more competitive with value for products and services and a strong ability in identifying, designing, developing and deploying end-to-end solutions.We ensure customers' benefit, by providing services with value on time. This signifies the company’s mission in expanding to the Global market with great ambition and desire to be one among the Fortune 500.A Division of Caesars Group Of CompaniesFor Complete I.T SolutionsKuwaitwww.caersarsgroup.net
Implement IToddWood Technology Blog for Todd A. Wood, Chief Technology Officer for Silencer Shop, and Solution Architect / Owner of Wood Consulting Practice, LLC.
ERP Solution - ERPNext. Mobile APP. Website | Techlift Techlift is a one stop solution to all your technology needs. We customize and implement ERPNext for small, mediu, and large businesses
W3 Digital Agency | One-Stop Digital Solution We are an integrated Digital Agency. We analize the business needs, suggest a strategy, create content, implement and complete the analytics.
JLA Consulting | Accounting Software Solutions | SAGE ERP | MAS200 MAS100 MAS90 | New Orleans | Metairie | Baton Rouge | Louisiana | Biloxi | Gulfport | Mississippi – Accounting Software Solutions JLA Consulting has the knowledge and experience to assist you in selecting the accounting software solution that is best suited for you and your business. We will help you evaluate, select and implement the computer hardware and software solution that fits your needs. JLA Consulting is an authorized partner for Sage Accounting Software Solutions
GuideMed Program, Opioid Monitoring Solution | HealthTrackRx The key to preventing opioid misuse is complex. GuideMed does the work of monitoring, so providers can focus on patient care by helping health systems implement and execute opioid monitoring solutions at an efficient cost.
Home - HTN Berhad Implement Hospital Information System (HIS) that automates clinical, electronic medical records (EMR), management, administrative and inventory functions.
Mo-ka - AI Checkout Solution Improve shopping experience and make customers happy. Mo-ka offers fast, reliable and easy to implement machine learning solutions for retail services.
Home - Palms to Pines Mirror & Glass We are a full-service Glazing Contractor. We have been providing quality service to residential, industrial, and commercial clients in the Coachella Valley for the past 30 years. New construction, remodeling, interior and exteriors. Our expert technicians are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.