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In this place, you are free. Lafaiette (Giada). A girl who loves too many things. Especially videogames, Japan, books, art. Obsessed with: Dragon Age, Zelda, Legacy of Kain, FE3H. CURRENT OBSESSIONS: Solavellan / Meier Link and...
the fear of falling apart hey im johanna (she/her) and im 16 and i write things and i have a severe case of wanderlust. im kind obsessed with japan. also i am complete phan trash. ps this is a side blog.
Amelia C. Gormley Author, Wife, Mother, and Horrid SJW out to destroy men, free speech, and everything that's fun everywhere ever. Recently obsessed with Shadowhunters and all things Malec, dish with me over on my...
Totally not obsessed with my otp Hey there! I post a lot of things snk related, mostly levihan(otp) and Hanji Zoe. I also draw fanart and write fanfics (mostly one shots) too. And you can expect some ridiculous post from time to...
Kinda Krista – Natural health and wellness, motherhood, favorite finds, and random thoughts… all things Kinda Krista! Hi there, and welcome! I am Krista, a 30-something wife and momma of two, a serial entrepreneur, a lover of all things natural health & wellness, and obsessed with discovering new and fun finds from fashion, food, health, and lifestyle to share with my tribe. As a typical Enneagram 7, I don't like being put in…
Sassy Mama In Heels – Shoe Obsessed Fashionista Hey Babes! Welcome to my blog :) Here is where I share my love for fashion, link my looks, and blog about all of my favorite things!  I've been asked so many times, why Sassy Mama in Heels?? Let's be honest, I definitely have some sass! So that is where the Sassy came from, Mama…
Runway on the Go LA based fashion and lifestyle blogger. I am obsessed with all things girly. I can’t live without my midi skirts and sky-high heels. I love the smell of fresh-cut roses and Saturday brunch.
Ciralism Themes Caroline, 1997. Dorky undergrad, #GirlWhoCodes, and aesthetic nerd. Sometimes I combine these things to make Tumblr themes. Slightly obsessed with beauty products.
by the creed fish, 29, fandom obsessed i make things. tons of things reblog them and i'll love you for life. requests are open ! co-partner of iDEA member of perioddramasource ladiesofcinema onlyperioddramas...
fandom palace Hi! :) My name is Nina, pronouns she/her/I don't care. 25 years old, from Germany. On this blog I'll post about all the things I'm obsessed with as well as some random things. If you need a talk, my...
Muses Are Capricious Female, Gemini and currently obsessed with sports anime/manga, Voltron, SLBP, Gintama, OUAT and fashion, among other things. I draw sometimes.
Skatosis – An Obsession with Skateboarding Skatosis: The condition of being completely obsessed and consumed by all things skateboarding. The only known cure is more skateboarding.
em is way too obsessed currently (re-)obsessed with all things spn (open to all sides of the fandom, blacklist spn2020 if you don't want to see any of That Mess), still somewhat obsessed with one steven grant rogers and one...