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Strat Tele steel mirror chrome metal guitar pickguards Custom Fender Stratocaster Telecaster guards - Pro Steel Pickguards Shop - Pickguard Gallery Player's - Guitar Gallery Contact: sales@prosteelpickguards.com Welcome to Pro-Steel, a place for passionate guitarists. Every guard is carefully hand finished, including rolled & polished edges, easy peel no residue protective skin, for easy handling during installation. * All orders World Wide are sent with DHL Express Courier SHOP CATEGORIES * SHOP GIBSON SG * Super Mirror Gibson SG Chrome Guards G&L * Legacy Tribute G&L Mirror Pickguards SSS and HSS TELE * Standard SS Telecaster Metal & Mirror Pickguards TELE * Jim Root Tele HH mirror chrome pickguard TELE * SH Humbucker Neck Tele Shiny Metal Pickguards TELE * HH 2 Humbucker Telecaster Metal Pickguards TELE * Blacktop Fender Telecaster Steel HH Pickguards TELE * Matching Set Tele Steel Control Plate & Pickguard STRAT * SSS Std Stratocaster Metal Chrome Pickguards STRAT * HSS Stratocaster Metal Chrome Pickguards STRAT * HSH 2 Humbuckers Single Mid Strat Metal Guard STRAT * HH 2 Humbucker Strat Chrome Metal Pickguard STRAT * Scarface Battle Relic Black Steel Strat HSH Guard LEFT HAND * Left Hand Real Metal Guitar Pickguards IN STOCK - Fender Stratocaster Metal Guitar Pickguards IN STOCK - Fender Blacktop Tele HH Metal Pickguards IN STOCK - HSH Fender Stratocaster Black Steel Guards IN STOCK - Telecaster Chrome Steel Guitar Pickguards IN STOCK - Fender SH Telecaster Machined Metal Guards All International orders sent with DHL Express Courier Customer's Guitar Photos - See Players Gallery VIDEO - See Guards Fitted to Guitars- Strats and Teles fitted with a few guards of the collection, bada bing! VIDEO - How to Change your Pickguard- Easy to do. Also shows how to change out bridge single coil to Humbucker VIDEO - Stratocaster Pickguard Sound Test Plastic vs Steel- Rest easy Veterans of Vintage... the original Fender tone integrity remains true when tested with stainless steel Strat & Tele guards. Our stainless steel is a high quality resonant metal, and will reduce electro magnetic noise, more than twice as effectively than a plastic guard with aluminium shield. The steel of your guitar strings will rust, but these guards will be with you right to the blazing, rocking, rust free end. A Fender factory guitar has many metal parts with direct or indirect contact of your steel strings, we just add a high quality, awesome and resonant stainless steel pickguard. See Guard Specs -- Light-weight 0.8-1.0mm. Non-magnetic 304 grade stainless steel. Weight aprox same as 2 plastic guards. New guard designs for other guitars will be available soon from Pro-Steel Pickguards Fender® is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), including Stratocaster®; Strat®; Telecaster®; Tele®; Squier® are trademarks owned by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Google+
Sullivan Music Equipment, The Best Vintage Guitar Pickups and Bass Pickups Available Custom handmade electric guitar pickups and bass pickups and the texas twister tube driver.
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Guitar Pickups: TV Jones Filtertron, humbucker, P90, dynasonic, tele and strat. Guitar Pickups of the highest quality, handcrafted in USA with American-made parts. Guitars, pickups, hardware and guitar parts. We ship world-wide.
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Klein Pickups - Vintage Electric Guitar Pickups & Parts- Klein pickups offers many Vintage Reproductions for Strat, Tele, Bass, & Les Paul guitars. With over 70 models, we have the right flavor that will suite your tonal needs. We also carry a full line of vintage reproduction parts.
Vintage Inspired Pickups | Beverly, MA, USA Vintage Inspired Pickups are designed and hand wound in Beverly, USA, from highest quality components, exclusively sourced in the USA. Our patent pending Cryo-Tuning technology enhances the performance of our pickups.
Muddy Humbucker - Self-proclaimed Guitar Pundit - Incredibly well strung.™ Incredibly well strung.™
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Вийон - Главная страница Тексты песен с аккордами и табулатуры, очищенные от ошибок, близкие к оригиналам. Автор - преподаватель музыкальной школы. Самоучитель игры на гитаре. Ноты, MIDI-файлы. Устройство электрогитары, распайка звукоснимателей. FAQ по гитарам, бас-гитарам, комбо-усилителям, эффектам, педалям. История стилей и групп, биографии музыкантов. Теория музыки и строение аккордов. Анекдоты о музыкантах. Ссылки на российские и мировые гитарные ресурсы в Интернете. Российские торговые организации. Адреса музыкальных магазинов в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге.