The most comprehensive list of history publishing websites last updated on Feb 1 2021.
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5280 - Denver's Mile High Magazine 5280 is the city magazine in Denver, Colorado, published by 5280 Publishing, Inc.
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Microcosm Publishing Building the Feminist Bicycle Revolution. Independent book and zine publisher based in Portland, Oregon focusing on diy, empowerment, gender, punk, and hidden history.
Grammarphobia: Grammar, etymology, linguistics, usage Grammar, etymology, linguistics, usage, and more from the bestselling language writers Patricia T. O\\'Conner and Stewart Kellerman
Catholic Book Publishing - Catholic Book Publishing Catholic Book Publishing Corp. is proud of its unique history and long-standing commitment to the publication of timely and timeless Catholic resources.
Mirageswar.com – военно-исторические журналы, моделизм и миниатюра Mirageswar.com – военно-исторические журналы, моделизм и миниатюра
Opzar Shopping Store | Worldwide No.1 Wholesale Marketplace | Opzar.com Opzar.com is a ecommerce shopping store here can shop any one in world. we provide cash on delivery service also.| Worldwide No.1 Wholesale Marketplace | Opzar.com
Authentic Islamic Books by Muslim Scholars and Writers - International Islamic Publishing House - IIPH IIPH (International Islamic Publishing House) - For authentic Islamic books on Aqeedah and Iman, Tafseer, Hadeeth, Seerah, Fiqh, Tajweed, Islamic history, books for new Muslims and students, books for Muslim women and many more topics!
New In Chess - Chess Books, Chess Magazines & Chess Shop New In Chess is a prize-winning publisher of chess books, the Yearbook and its flagship periodical: New In Chess magazine. The book publishing program focuses on training manuals, opening theory, chess history and chess entertainment.
Ayyam Gallery Founded in 2006, Ayyam Gallery is a leading arts organisation, managing the careers of a diverse roster of established and emerging artists from the Middle East. Blue-chip art spaces in Beirut, Dubai, and London, a series of collaborative projects in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and a multinational non-profit arts programme have furthered the gallery’s mandate of expanding the parameters of international art by introducing the dynamic art of the region to a global audience. With its widely respected multi-language publishing division and a custodianship programme that manages the estates of pioneering artists, Ayyam Gallery has also spearheaded recent efforts to document the region’s art history.
Dennis David & Family Dennis David''s personal website published by The Motorsports Publishing Group, LLC.
Cascadia Publishing House Anabaptist and Mennonite Books Cascadia Publishing House LLC, an Anabaptist-Mennonite publisher, releases books for Anabaptist, Mennonite, Christian, and general readers.
- | Regional museum of history, Plovdiv - , , . | Regional museum of history, Plovdiv was established in 1951 as a research and cultural organization for investigation, study, preservation and display of cultural assets from the past of the city of Plovdiv and its region.
DUTCH, the Magazine by Mokeham Publishing Inc DUTCH, the Magazine is a magazine about the Netherlands and its people, covering travel, society, culture, history, and food, and more
JDP Econ - Publications and Studies JDP Econ, Publishing and Economic Decision Models. Home to America''s Best History, Baseball Evaluation, Stat Geek Baseball, the World''s Fair Decision Model, Expodynamics, and more.
pinterest circle PHIL COUSINEAU is an award-winning writer and filmmaker, teacher and editor, lecturer and travel leader, storyteller, TV and radio host. His fascination with the art, literature, and history of culture has taken him from Michigan to Marrakesh, Iceland to the Amazon, in a worldwide search for what the ancients called the “soul of the world.” With more than 35 books and 15 scriptwriting credits to his name, the “omnipresent influence of myth in modern life” is a thread that runs through all of his work. He is the author of more than 35 books including Stoking the Creative Fires, Once and Future Myths, The Art of Pilgrimage, The Hero's Journey, Wordcatcher, The Painted Word, The Oldest Story in the World, The Book of Roads, and The Accidental Aphorist. The “omnipresent influence of myth in modern life” is a thread that runs through all of his work. Phil lectures frequently on a wide range of topics—from mythology, film, and writing, to beauty, travel, sports, and creativity. An expert on mythology and film, the "hero's journey" structure of screenplays, Phil is the founding mentor of the Book Passage Bookstore's "Path to Publishing" program, and is a popular consultant on writing projects ranging from nonfiction to memoir, novels to film projects. Learn more and or contact him through his website.
X-Star Publishing Company, Beekeeping Books, The Practical Beekeeper, Better Queens, Queen Rearing Simplified, Beekeeping Naturally, Bush Bees, Foundationless Frames, Lazy Beekeeping, Top Bar Hive, Organic Beekeeping, Chemical Free Beekeeping, Treatment Free Beekeeping, Tao of Beekeeping, queens, survivor bees, long hives, natural cell size, small cell bees, small cell beekeeping, regression, natural beekeeping, Michael Bush XStar,X-Star Publishing, The Practical Beekeeper, Better Queens, Queen Rearing Simplified. Beekeeping Books,Tao of Beekeeping, Beekeeping Naturally, Chemical Free Beekeeping, Natural Comb, Foundationless Beekeeping, Top Bar Hives, Treatment Free Beekeeping, Organic Beekeeping, Natural Beekeeping, Lazy Beekeeping, Holistic Beekeeping, Beginning Beekeeping, Interventionless Beekeeping, Beekeeping Equipment, Beekeeping Gadgets, Tanzanian top bar hive, Kenya top bar hive, KTBH, TTBH, KTBH, TBH, trough hive, coffin hive, chest hive, Horizontal hive, long hive, beekeeping hive barrow, beekeeping hive cart, beekeeping hive dolly, beekeeping hive picture, 4.6mm, 4.8mm, 4.9mm, beekeeping picture, bees, black bees, black feral bees, black queens, blank starter strips, cell size measurement, Cloake board, beekeeping comb guide, beekeeping comb picture, feral bees, feral queens, floor without a floor, FWOF, Huber, Francis Huber, François Huber, Francios Huber, new observations on the natural history of bees, honey bees, housel positioning, mating nuc, native American bees, native bees, natural cell size, natural cell, observation hive, primary comb, queen picture, queens, queen rearing, ready date calendar, regressed bees, retrogressed bees, retrogressed, small cell beekeeping, small cell bees, small cell queens, small cell regression, small cell size, small cell, smoker insert picture, smoker insert, starter strips, survivor bees, wild bees, wire crimper, wire embedder, Beekeeping, Michael Bush, bushfarms, Bush Bees, Bush Farms
StoryArts, Inc. - Home StoryArts, Inc. is a nonprofit publisher and video production organization. As interviewers, editors, transcribers, artists, printers and binders we work with clients to create high quality art books and videos. We can help you tell your story too.
Mittal Publishing We publish travel guide books, on the art and history of cities and regions all over India, published in all major languages. Its scope is wide and varied and every title is carefully and thoughtfully put together creating something that is the ultimate in information and visual excitement.
Home - Hugh Lunn - The official website Hugh Lunn, journalist, journalists, reporter, reporters, writer, writers, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Australian, Australian literature, childhood, biography, autobiography, memoir, reporting, reportage, war correspondent, war reporting, foreign correspondent, Australian novelist, Australian publishing, books, newspapers, satire, Australian history, Queensland history, Queensland politics, Brisbane history, media studies, history of Australian media, Australian language, Australian phrases, Australian sayings, Australian idiom, Wimbledon, Australian tennis players, Ken Fletcher, The Great Fletch, tennis, Australian Tennis Hall of Fame, Australian Open, Melbourne Park, Rod Laver Arena, Pat Rafter Arena, Ken Fletcher Park, Queensland Tennis Centre, Tennyson, Davis Cup, Rod Laver, John Newcombe, Fred Stolle, Jim Shepherd, Frank Gorman, Billy Lee Long, Farid Khan, Darwood Khan, Chuck Feeney, Helga Feeney, The Billionaire Who Wasn’t, Conor O’Clery, Atlantic Philanthropies, DFS, Duty Free Stores, Lance Mesh, Jerry Sung, Victor Sun, Sun Yat Sen, Steve Dunleavy, Rupert Murdoch, Wally Lewis, State of Origin, State of Origin the Musical, rugby league, I Spy, Robert Culp, Bill Cosby, Over the Top with Jim, Over the Top with Jim Album, More Over the Top with Jim, Fred and Olive’s Blessed Lino, Head over Heels, Sallyanne Atkinson, Peter Thompson, Robert Macklin, The Courier-Mail, Spies Like Us, Hong Kong, Red China, Communist China, Red Guard, Young Pioneers, Peking, Beijing, Vietnam: A Reporter’s War, Vietnam, Vietnam War, Tet Offensive, Bruce Piggot, Pham Ngoc Dinh, Pham Xuan An, Vietnamese spy, Reuters, Reuter, news agency, Jim Pringle, Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Working for Rupert, The Australian newspaper, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Behind the Banana Curtain, Papua New Guinea, West Irian, Act of Free Choice, Papua, West New Guinea, Irian Barat, Irian Jaya, Otto Kuyk, Indonesia, Jakarta, Singapore, Adrian McGregor, Lost for Words, Words Fail Me, On the Road to Anywhere, Ian McNamara, Macca, Australia All Over, The Big Book of Lunn, Lunn’s for Buns cake shop, Annerley, 1950s Australia, Mary Immaculate Convent, Gregory Terrace, St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace, Jim Egoroff, Bille Brown, Over the Top with Jim Play
JaPo Publishing s.r.o. – News Company JaPo Publishing s.r.o. is active in books writing and publishing. Our own research is focused mainly on WWII aviation history. Other periods – Great War and post-WWII aviation – are also covered by our publishing activity.
Writerly Making a living as a writer, running a successful publishing business, the unholy tech required, and the science, nature, and history that keeps me inspired and sane.
HOME Rebecca Carey Lyles home page, Becky Lyles, dba Perpedit Publishing, Ink LLP, writes, edits and publishes books and provides manuscript consulting services
Women in Publishing: An Oral History | Interviews with women in the book business since 1979 Women in Publishing: An Oral History: Celebrates the achievements of women in book publishing during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s
Maddix Publishing Free Strategy Call Attention Aspiring Authors: If I offered to show you how you could have a professionally published book from which you could ... - Land a bunch more clients, without having to be salesy or beg for business - Solidify your legacy for your children and grandchildren - Dramatically increase your social media influence - Substantiate your place as a thought leader in your space - Get more paid speaking deals - Or simply fulfill your lifelong goal of being a published author... All within the next 30 to 60 days ... without overwhelm or stress from writing ... ... Would you take me up on that offer? My publishing company just opened a few more spots for aspiring authors with interesting book ideas. One of our aspiring authors - Jerson Barreto finished his book (only age 17) has already started closing speaking gigs and getting recognized by the top Entrepreneurs in our space. Are you next?
MAPLEFLOWER HOUSE PUBLISHING | Atlanta, Georgia Mapleflower House, LLC is an independent publisher of history and historical fiction.
Olympia Publishers - Publishing House based in London Olympia Publishers is an independent book publishing house based in London. Publishing talented authors from across the world. Browse our latest books, find your next read and meet our authors at events.
The Pop History Dig | The Pop History Dig is a website offering historical and topical stories on business, politics, and popular culture.   Business, Politics, Culture _________________________________________________ Short Stories on the History & Power of Popular Culture  --- Stories by Jack Doyle --- Magazine Art John Clymer's America Saturday Evening Post His stunning landscapes helped us see America the Beautiful.
Portage & Main Press Portage & Main Press publishes a wide range of innovative and practical K–12 educational materials. We build dynamic learning communities by bringing together
Audiobook production | Indian book publisher | Publish a book in India Power Publishers is an ISO9001 self publishing, audiobook, videobook and film production company of India, 14th year into operations
Pride Publishing - Nashville News Paper, Breaking News, Latest Local News Nashville Pride Publishing Group is community news paper in Nashville. Find latest breaking news, local news, events, entertainment, sports in Nashville. Pride Publishing Group mission is to provide positive community news.
SUNY Press :: Home Publisher of scholarly and trade books, focusing on the humanities, social science, and fiction.
Homepage - TANKOGRAD Publishing - Verlag Jochen Vollert - Militärfahrzeug Fachpublikationen zu Militrfahrzeugen und Militrgeschichte. Specialised Publications in Military Vehicles and Military History.
notes Home page of Best-Selling Author Dr.Afshan N. Hashmi . Dr Afshan Hashmi is a best selling Author, Radio and TV host as well as scientist, regulatory and business development professional with more than a decade of experience.
Lacunae Musing This blog is about a wide range of personal interests, particularly publishing, politics, music, theater, literature and some family history.
Index The purpose of the Irish Coast Guard: To reduce the loss of life within the Irish Search and Rescue Region and on rivers, lakes and waterways and to protect the quality of the marine environment within the Irish Pollution Responsibility Zone, Harbours and Maritime Local Authority areas and to preserve property. To promote safety standards, and by doing so, prevent, as far as possible, the loss of life at sea and on inland waters and other areas, and to provide an effective emergency response service
Alvi Awan History Books Research Family Tree Soon Valley Pakistan Afkar Al Awan Pakistan Working on Alvi Awan History Books Publishing, Research on Family Tree, Famous Personalities of Tribe from Soon Sakesar Valley Punjab
Home - Experience Cowboy TrailExperience Cowboy Trail Experience the Cowboy Trail. Western history, trail maps and western tours by CMI Publishing. The trail connects towns and ranching communities in Alberta.
TRUTH EVENT Truth Event Port Townsend, WA. Lectures & Publishing fringe topics such as UFO's, Aliens, consciousness, history, conspiracy, truth
Stellar House Publishing – Specializing in Archaeology, History, Astrotheology, Mythology and Religion
Lonnie Hicks-Publishing, Writing, Fiction, Non-Fiction, E-books, PDF, MP3, History, Physics, Short Stories, Novels, Romance, Poetry - Welcome to LonnieHicks.com Lonnie Hicks Books, Publishing, Official site of author Lonnie Hicks featuring his latest novels, essays, CD''s. Mp3''s audio books, and short-stories. Check out Hicks new novel "The Gospel According to Lilith" - the greatest story never told. A startling new look at the hidden meanings in the bible. sitemap: http://cdn.attracta.com/sitemap/34756.xml.gz User-agent: * Disallow: /administrator/ Disallow: /cache/ Disallow: /components/ Disallow: /images/ Disallow: /includes/ Disallow: /installation/ Disallow: /language/ Disallow: /libraries/ Disallow: /media/ Disallow: /modules/ Disallow: /plugins/ Disallow: /templates/ Disallow: /tmp/ Disallow: /xmlrpc/
Studio Hinrichs Kit Hinrichs'' design firm, Studio Hinrichs, engages in all types of design projects, including corporate communications, brand identity, promotion, publishing (books and magazines), packaging, interactive and environmental systems.
Graham Maw Christie Agency - Graham Maw Christie Literary Agents A leading UK literary agency handling non-fiction, with several Sunday Times Bestsellers - memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, parenting and self-help to popular philosophy, science, food, history and business, we welcome originality, contemporary voi
Masthof Bookstore and Press: Publishing , Printing, Ancestry Research Genealogy Books, local history, Mennonite Ancestors, Anabaptist, Amish, Brethren, Family Genealogies, Pedigree Charts, Pennsylvania Dutch Deitsh, German History
Orchid Press Publishing - Books on Asia Orchid Press Publishing of Bangkok, Thailand publishes and distributes books on Asian topics for both the scholar and layman.
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Eakins Press Foundation For the advancement of literature and art through excellence of presentation to a broad public. Limited edition books and portfolios on photography, history, literature, ballet and art.
Books about Cleveland and Ohio from Gray & Company, Publishers Publisher of books about Cleveland and Ohio—sports, history, true crime, nostalgia, and more. Provides custom book publishing services to organizations.
Old Pond Publishing Home Old Pond Publishing is a publisher of DVDs and books for enthusiasts in the land-based industries: farmers and smallholders, workers in the earth-moving, forestry and heavy transport occupations. We deal with current activities and machinery as well as the history of the industries.
American Society of Authors and Writers Where writers meet the editors, publishers, producers, directors, literary agents, and other media professionals they need in order to get published, get produced, and become successful
Genealogy Freelancers - Affordable International Professional Genealogists - Ancestry Research Professional genealogists from around the world bid on your family tree. Post your genealogy research project and let freelancers prepare your family history.
Discovery Publisher | Never Seen Before • Never Been Before Discovery Publisher is a multimedia publisher whose mission is to inspire and support personal transformation and spiritual growth and awakening.
Broadfoot Publishing Company - Civil War Books, Rare Books We have 51 years of experience buying & selling rare and out of print Civil War material as well as being a publisher of Genealogy and History reference sets.
Caitlin Press | Where urban meets rural. Caitlin Press publishes stories of the Central Interior of British Columbia as well as work by and about BC women.
OnFire Books Writing Company | Publishing Experts | Leadership Book Writers| Business Ghostwriters Onfire Books, World's #1 Book Company. OnFire Books is a book creation, marketing and corporate communications company with a strong history of books under our belt.
Merriam Press: Publisher of Books, PDF Publications and eBooks Merriam Press specializes in publishing World War II (WW2, WWII) and military history books, memoirs, journals, PDFs, eBooks, and photographs, and is now publishing some historical fiction as well as non-military history and other topics.
Walter Bernard Podgurski, Author, Publlisher, Entrepreneur Biography, History, Bio, Walt Bernard Podgurski,Insurance, Media, Author, Lies That Glitter
American Growth Cannabis Fund - A Sector Fund of American Growth Fund, Inc. (AMREX) AMREX American Growth Cannabis Fund - A Sector Fund of American Growth Fund, Inc. (AMREX) First US Mutual Fund focused on the legal cannabis industry History American Growth Fund, Inc. was organized and incorporated in the State of Maryland in 1958. Series Two was established in February 2011 as a diversified, open- end, mutual fund. On July 29, 2016 Series Two reorganized into a diversified mutual fund focused on the cannabis industry. Management Team Timothy Taggart Timothy Taggart, President of American Growth Fund, first joined the Securities Industry in July of 1985 as a Financial and Operations Principal. Since then he has successfully passed the General Securities Representative Examination, the General Securities Principal Examination, the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination, the Registered Options Principal Examination and the Municipal Securities Principal Examination. He has also held the position of Chief Compliance Officer and FINRA Arbitrator. He has held the responsibility of day-to-day operation of a brokerage firm as well as a mutual fund complex with assets under management of over 500 million and over 50 employees and additionally has overseen the marketing of both. Timothy graduated the University of Denver with an MBA in Finance and Accounting. Timothy is particularly proud of dedication he shows to his employees and the dedication they show him. His senior management team has been a part of the American Growth Fund for an average of 18.34 years. The average longevity of all Timothy’s associates is 6.65 years. Timothy is the proud father of three children, two of which enjoy working with him at American Growth Fund. In his spare time he likes to travel the country with his wife and family. Victoria Taggart Victoria Taggart was born and raised in Denver, Colorado by her parents, Timothy and Janet Taggart. After graduating from Regis Jesuit High School, Victoria pursued her passion for swimming by attending John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio where she majored in communications. Victoria worked in Cleveland for 3 years at a publishing firm as one of their regional sales managers until her desire to work with her father brought her back to Colorado. Victoria is excited to bring her sales and marketing experience and communication degree to American Growth Fund and to work with her father and older brother. In her spare time she enjoys friends, family and hiking and skiing in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.