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University of Malakand | Home Page It is an honor to lead positive change and to contribute to the sacred cause of education. I have a vision and a dream for University of Malakand to rank among the top universities worldwide. The vision can be materialized through commitment, hard work and respect. Equally important is to provide a congenial atmosphere for character-building, inculcating the spirit of inquiry and critical thinking among students. I believe teachers are the best change-agents and I expect them to treat their students with passion and love.
Sorularla Aile | Ailevi Sorunların Çözüm AdresiSorularla Aile Aile içi sorunların ülke gündemini meşgul ettiği bir zaman diliminde "Sorularlaaile.com" sitesi, bu sorunların çözüm adresi olma niyet ve ümidi ile hizmetinizdedir.