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CITC- Govt. Recognized Institute | Free Online Computer Classes Near Me CITC- An ISO Certified, Govt. of India Regd, NIELIT, NSDC Skill development courses, MSME, CSC Authorized Institute for Computer Software & Hardware Courses.
Standards Australia - Standard Organisation in Australia We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation, recognized by the Australian Government as the peak non-government Standards body in Australia.
ICFAI University Tripura | Full-time Campus Programs | Distance Learning Programs The ICFAI University Tripura offers full-time campus programs and distance learning programs in management, finance, science and technology, information technology, education, law and other areas
Hubert Kairuki Memorial University, Dar es Salaam Tanzania The Hubert Kairuki Memorial University is a private medical university in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is an accredited university recognized by the government Tanzania through the Tanzania Commission for Universities.
IFS Education Dept – Forensic Science Courses, Certificate, Diploma, Distance, Online, College, Institute, India, Cyber, Law, Security, Odontology, Psychology, Crime Investigation forensic, science, courses, education, distance, online, correspondence, recognized, certified, government, registration, admission, accredited, computer, security, investigation, cyber law, examination, report, identification, toxicology, serology, crime scene, opinion, theft, evidence, court, cross, solution, criminology, protection, India, Indian, case, study, opinion, best, super, private, detective, law, act, consultant, guide, justice, ipc, crpc, criminal, offences, lecturer, qualified, skilled, web, site, find, agency, agent, secret, privacy, handwriting, fraud, research, dna, testing, investigator, solve, security, police, help, specialist, experienced, experience, any, advice, suggestion, test, cyber, cyber crime, forensics, passport, university, college, institute, council, international, digital, diploma, degree, master, job, career, scope, psychology, signature, practice, work, expert, scientist, investigator, fingerprint, fbi, cbi, cid, document, forgery, Criminal, Profiling, Examiner, Analyst, Photography, Odontology, Dentistry
Travelogy India ® - Gateway to Ultimate Traveling Experience ! Travelogy India - A proficient and experienced India tours expert to provide a world class hospitality services in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We are Approved & Recognized By Ministry of Tourism Government of India DOT, IATO, Specialized for tailor-made tour packages India .
ECOLEX | The gateway to environmental law What is ECOLEX? ECOLEX is an information service on environmental law, operated jointly by FAO, IUCN and UNEP. Its purpose is to build capacity worldwide by providing the most comprehensive possible global source of information on environmental law . This unique resource, which combines the environmental law information holdings of FAO, IUCN and UNEP, seeks to put this information at the disposal of users world-wide, in an easily accessible service, employing modern technology. The ECOLEX database includes information on treaties, international soft-law and other non-binding policy and technical guidance documents, national legislation, judicial decisions, and law and policy literature. Users have direct access to the abstracts and indexing information about each document, as well as to the full text of most of the information provided. What is now available on the web (www.ecolex.org) owes much to a project funded by the Dutch government, which ascertained the feasibility of a joint service, and set the stage for the implementation of the resulting partnership between FAO, IUCN and UNEP. This joint service is now being further refined and developed by the three partners to best meet the needs of the user. Why ECOLEX? Environmental law has, over the past thirty years, become a recognized legal discipline, and a major tool for the achievement of environment and natural resources management, in the context of sustainable development. Within this field, there has been a significant growth in multilateral and bilateral agreements, national legislation, international "soft law" documents, and law and policy literature, as well as related jurisprudence and court decisions. Yet, much of this wealth of information is difficult to access, even for those whose profession is to develop and implement national legal mechanisms in the field. There are two causes for this difficulty: first, there is limited knowledge about the existence and location of this information; second, even when this information is available, access is limited. This is particularly the case in developing countries and countries with economies in transition, where government officials, practitioners, environmental managers, non-profit institutions and academia lack easy access to the legal information they need for developing the necessary legal tools to promote environmental management. The need for such services is illustrated in the constantly growing number and variety of requests for data, and for assistance in locating information on specific environmental law topics, which FAO, IUCN and UNEP receive from governments, academia, including NGOs, companies and members of the public. Why FAO, IUCN and UNEP? -- a bit of history The FAO Legal Office has developed FAOLEX, a database of references to national legislation linked to electronic versions of their texts. Selected texts of major significance pertaining to FAO's mandate, including legislation on agriculture, energy, environment, fisheries, food, forestry, land, livestock, mineral resources, plants, water, wild fauna and flora, are summarized and indexed in the database. Access to the summary, index and full text of each piece of legislation is provided. IUCN Environmental Law Centre (ELC) created a comprehensive information system on environmental law (ELIS) in the 1960's. ELIS, which was one of the first computerized legal information system, evolved into a large set of references to treaties, national legislation, soft law and legal literature, linked to documents held in the libraries of the ELC for the IUCN Environmental Law Programme. It continues to be one of the main assets of the capacity building activities of the IUCN Environmental Law Programme, as well as a constant source of expertise for the work of the Programme in the fields of law development, technical assistance, and expertise building. UNEP, for the past thirty years UNEP has provided leadership to the development and implementation of global and regional international environmental agreements, the strengthening of national environmental legislation and capacity building in the field of environmental law. This work which has been undertaken within the framework of the Governing Council decisions relating to the Development and Review of Environmental Law, and has led to the collection of a very significant amount of legal materials in electronic and hardcopy form, which have been made available by UNEP to ECOLEX. To join forces and combine the strength of the three organizations therefore made eminent sense, and while cooperation in this field between UNEP and IUCN was firstly mandated by the Governing Council of UNEP in 1995, it is in 2001 that a partnership Agreement was signed by FAO, IUCN and UNEP for the integration of their data, and of FAOLEX into ECOLEX. The resulting combined information resource is the largest available on environmental law globally, with over hundred thousand references to relevant documents already being available on the web. The Overall Objectives ECOLEX must be maintained, refined and further developed with a view to serving the end users as efficiently as possible. In this context, the long-term objectives of ECOLEX in building capacity worldwide are as follows: Maintain, refine and develop the environmental law databank and its related information and resources; Present these data in a user-friendly format, facilitating searches for references and full texts through the development of multilingual retrieval possibilities (English, French, Spanish); Provide global access to the database in an efficient and cost-effective manner; Address the special needs and access problems of users; Develop a distributed network of associates, at regional and national level; Develop special ECOLEX products and services aimed at increasing knowledge and building capacity in environmental law at the local, national and regional levels; and Expand the consortium of partners of ECOLEX.
Best Wildlife & Adventure Holidays | Summer Camps | Offbeat Trips | Treks | Nature Camps | Kids Camps Pune Mumbai We are a government recognized Tours & Travels in Pune, India. We specialized in offering Offbeat Destinations in India, summer camps in India, offbeat tours. Foliage Outdoors , Boys and Girls age 8 to 16 years , Kids Acitivity camps near Pune , Mumbai , Wildlife camps Kanha , Bandhavgarh, Ranthambhore,Gir,Corbett , Kaziranga , Manali Adventure, Chandrashila Chopta Trek, Pha Konda trek, Pugmarks123, Cloud 9 , Rishikeh Rafting,Dandeli Goa Meta Description: Foliage Outdoors premier organisation in Pune and near Mumbai catering to boys and girls of age 8 years to 16 years to various destination near Pune, Wildlife National Parks in India and Himalayan Treks
ICFAI University | Full-time Campus Programs ICFAI offers MBA|BBA}BTech|PhD|ICFAI Univ offers at Uttarakhand|Tripura|Sikkim|Meghalaya|Mizoram|Nagaland|Rajasthan|Hyderabad|Raipur|Himachal Pradesh|Jharkhand
The Tamil Nadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University Government of Tamil Nadu by an Act of State Legislature [Act No.43 of 1997] established the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in learning, teaching and research in the field of law. His Excellency Shri. K.R. Narayanan, former President of India inaugurated it on September 20, 1997, and the University started from October 3, 1997 onwards. The University was named after the architect of the Indian Constitution Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The University is recognized by the Bar Council of India (BCI) and University Grants Commission (UGC) (Sec. 2f and 12b of the UGC Act.). The University is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Association of Common Wealth Universities, U.K. and Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. This University functioning as nodal agency to uplift the legal education in the State of Tamil Nadu. The University is the first full-fledged sui generis Law University in the country; it is unique among all the Law Universities in the Country. The University is the first full-fledged Law University that offers Legal Education only through this University and its affiliated colleges in the State and the University is the first of its kind not only in the country but also in South Asia. The University offers legal education at its campus as well as through eight affiliated colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu located at Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Chengalpattu, Vellore and Salem. The School of Excellence in Law established by the University at its campus since 2002 has been modeled on the lines of other National Law Schools in the country and offers three year as well as five year integrated undergraduate courses in Law. The University has a Postgraduate and Research Centre, which offers Master of Law Degree Courses in eight different specializations, doctoral programme as well as organizing research in diverse areas of law. Apart from these, there is also a Distance Education Unit as well as a few evening college programmes for various postgraduate diploma courses.
Youtube Lakpura™️ LLC ✅ Registered ✅ Accredited ✅ Recognized ✅ Trusted ✅ Insured ✅ We are a government registered limited liability company, founded in 2008. We carry a license issued by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) to operate as a Sri Lankan Travel Agent; a mandatory requirement according to the gazette notification No. 2140/17 Dated 10 Sep 2019. We are also a proud member of the Sri Lanka Association of Inbound Tour Operators (SLAITO) since 2010. Lakpura LLC is one of a handful of travel agents to provide Public Liability Insurance (PLI) cover to all guests.
Details of Mujibnagar Complex, Picnic Spot, Memorial Monument for Remember Bangladesh Government in Mujibnagar Meherpur \\| About Bangladesh History & Famous Bengali Personality - Mujibnagar Portal Mujibnagar, formerly known as Baidyanathtala is a town in the Meherpur District of Bangladesh. Mujibnagar since 17 April 1971, on this day the first provisional government of Bangladesh took oath here. The Mujibnagar government is recognized as the first official Government of Bangladesh. Now, Mujibnagar is a Historical place of Bangladesh. Because, Mujibnagar was Capital of Bangladesh. We have a large information about Bangladesh History or History of Bangladesh, Mujibnagar, Meherpur, Mujibnagar Complex, Mujibnagar Picnic Spot, Bangladesh Government History, Mujibnagar Government, Mujibnagar sarkar, Liberation war in 1971, Memorial Monument Mujibnagar, All Bangladesh District Information, Famous Bengali Personality.
VP | Vidyalankar Polytechnic Vidyalankar polytechnic is Best College among top Engineering Institutes for post SSC Engineering Diploma(After 10th) at Wadala Mumbai. Recognized by AICTE and Affiliated to MSBTE(Government of Maharashtra).It Offers Computer Engineering,Information Technology and Electronics & Telecommunication Courses,Computer Engineering from USA. “>
Court Marriage Online Registration Form Start process from home. If you wish to do court marriage then Click Online this website, fill all the columns and click Send button to send your application.
CITC- Govt. Recognized Institute | Free Online Computer Classes Near Me CITC- An ISO Certified, Govt. of India Regd, NIELIT, NSDC Skill development courses, MSME, CSC Authorized Institute for Computer Software & Hardware Courses.
Shihezi University, School of Medicine | MBBS in China for Indian students Shihezi Medical University, recognized by MCI to teach MBBS in China for Indian students 2019. One of the top 10 medical universities in China is situated in Shihezi city, Xinjiang province, which was recognized as a key institution by the Central Government.
Hong Kong Construction Association (HKCA) The Hong Kong Construction Association, Limited (HKCA) was established in 1920 aimed at improving the construction industry’s standard in Hong Kong. Members of HKCA, currently over 300, are registered construction companies in Hong Kong. The Association is the recognized and leading voice for Hong Kong main contractors and over the years established a trusted working relationship with the HKSAR Government, the Construction Industry Council (CIC), other professional institutions and labour unions.
ICFAI University, Dehradun | Full-time Campus Programs in Dehradun The ICFAI University Dehradun offers full-time campus programs in management, finance, banking, insurance, accounting, law, information technology, arts, commerce, education and science and technology
Costa Rica News, Newspaper, Travel, Tourism, Vacation, Entertainment, Real Estate, Sports, World News Find the latest in 7 day news updates in Costa Rica and around the world - the most complete coverage of travel, business, technology, sports, science, politics and education of all newspapers in Costa Rica, including world news.
d''Vinci Interactive | A Custom e-Learning Solutions Company d’Vinci Interactive designs and builds custom e-Learning solutions for Corporate, Educational, Medical and Government markets. We are a nationally recognized e-Learning content company, known for our award-winning educational experiences, training and interactive content.
Free Access | Online Safety Training | OSHA Training | OSHAcademy Access to our online safety training content is free, and our training is recognized and used by government agencies, colleges and technical schools, and businesses and individuals across the nation. Our professional training certificates document student achievement and are recognized worldwide. OSHAcademy offers 20 safety and health professional development programs and more than 95 online safety and health training courses.
Home | Tribal Research Institute, Government of Manipur Manipur, the Jewel of India as coined by Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is a land inhabited by two main groups of people, The Meitei’s and the Tribal people. While the Meiteis live in the valley, the hills are mainly occupied by the Tribals. Out of the total population of more than 23 lakhs the population of the tribal exceeds 8 lakhs including 33 recognized and unrecognized tribes of Manipur.
Best Academic Admission Center in Delhi, India Top Best Admission Center in Delhi for B.Ed., M.Ed., D.Ed. from CRSU, MDU, KUK, CDLU Haryana also admission center for B.Tech, M.Tech from IPU, LPU, GJUST Hisar, DCRUST Murthal, Amity University, Sharda University and MBA, BBA, B.Com., M.Com., M.A., and many more courses under UGC recognized state government universities.
ANTARBHARTI HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL – Just another WordPress site AHMC Recognized by State Government and Central Council of Homeopathy New Delhi and affiliated by Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nashik.
Retreat- Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jodhpur | Deaddiction in Jodhpur The Retreat Foundation is Best De-Addiction Center in Jodhpur ( Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jodhpur ) providing best treatment for Alcohol, Cocaine, Opium-Doda & Drugs addict patients at affordable price. Retreat's Rehabilitation Center in Jodhpur is the only government recognized deaddiction center in Jodhpur.
Organic Psyllium Husk Powder Manufacturers & Suppliers from India We're government recognized organic psyllium husk powder manufacturers, Psyllium husk powder suppliers to USA, UK, Germany and many countries.
KOMOAAP | Cyprus Mountaineering Climbing & Orienteering Federation (C.M.C.O.F) KOMOAAP | KOMOAAP, the Cyprus Mountaineering Climbing & Orienteering Federation (C.M.C.O.F), is the national representative body for Cyprus that exists to protect the freedoms and promote the interests of climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers, including orienteering athletes. We are also recognized by the government as the national governing body for competition climbing & Orienteering.
ESCO Inc. Homepage ESCO is a recognized leader in the creation of custom-made recognition awards, medallions, custom pins, and medals. We manufacture in the USA; items celebrating anniversaries, milestones, and accomplishments for corporations, government agencies, schools, professional organizations, and individuals.
Home 於1970年馬榮駒先生加入第一品牌“萬寶路”煙草公司為市場營銷員。其後為配合煙草公司業務發展策略,馬先生於80年代初開始參與公司新開發之戶外廣告業務。在短短數年間,從零開始,馬先生為公司建立起一個超過三百個廣告位的網絡。這出色的成績吸引了戶外廣告先鋒麥兆棠博士的注意和垂青,在1993年麥博士邀請馬先生加入權威集團。不足十年間,權威公司已迅速發展成為香港戶外廣告業界表表者。 在權威集團工作期間,馬先生多番深入參與各項接觸法團、商界、政府官員和個別獨立業戶活動。他帶領公司團隊與政府相關部門交往,例如政府產業署、海洋公園、迪士尼樂園、香港旅發局、醫管局和房屋署(現由領匯管理);更多為私營發展商方面包括新鴻基、恆基、長江集團、信和地產、天星小輪、新世界第一渡輪、三號幹線。至於管業公司則有第一太平、康業、佳定、置邦和地鐵等等。 不僅負責對外事務,馬先生是拓展、市場、製作、甚至構建廣告牌決策者,他對於戶外廣告行業的認知是全面和豐富的,他有敏銳觸覺,特別是發掘有潛質廣告位。事實證明多次有業戶採納他的構建廣告牌建議而獲得巨大穩定收益。 麥博士於2013年辭世,一年後,馬先生決定與舊日權威伙伴劉志賢先生合創貝思高廣告有限公司。貝思高專注戶外廣告業務,並為客戶提供一站式服務。在經歷了多達20多年工作經驗,馬先生已累積相當龐大數量廣告位與客戶選用,不單限於香港,境外特別是大量澳門廣告位,必定能滿足客戶需求。在擁有全方位資源優勢下,馬先生對未來能夠提供良好滿意服務予客戶充滿信心及期待! William first started with sales and marketing business in a tobacco company with No. 1 brand “Marlboro” in year 1970.  To cope with marketing strategy, he began to involve in new business development - outdoor advertising in early 80’.  Only in several years, William had built up a network of advertising station from zero to more than three hundred for his working company.  This remarkable result had attracted the attention of Dr. Mak Siu Tong, the one at the end of the day being recognized as pioneer of Hong Kong outdoor advertising business.  William was invited by Dr. Mak to join Convey Group in 1993.  Within a decade Convey had already developed to become one of the leading local outdoor advertising companies. During his service in Convey, William had deeply involved in participation in all sorts of activities with Incorporated Owners, Commercial Groups, Government Officials and independent landlords as well.  William was the leader of the group to handle with Government Department such as Government Property Agency, Ocean Park, HK Tourism Board, Hospital Authority and Housing Authority (now markets by Link).  There were much more in private sector such as SHK, Henderson Property, Cheung Kong Group, Sino Property, Star Ferry, New World First Ferry, Route 3, and for those management offices such as First Pacific Savills, Hong Yip, ISS Eastpoint and MTR, …. etc. Not only dealing with external, William was the decision maker for sourcing, marketing, production and even construction of structural frame.  His knowledge of outdoor advertising business is comprehensive and profound.  He has a sensitive awareness to those potential locations and on many occasions acquired substantial steady income to landlord by adopting his proposition for erection of advertising structure. One year after Dr. Mak passed away in 2013, William determined to have his own company and with C Y Lau set up Bestco, a company focuses on outdoor advertising activities and provides one stop service for all customers.  Over 20 years’ lengthy experience, William had accumulated a very substantial number of advertising location ready for serving clients, not only in Hong Kong but also outside Hong Kong especially in Macau.  With this all-round source, William is having full confidence to serve clients well and satisfaction in the forthcoming future.
Testimonial Jayawantrao Sawant Institute of Management & Research JSIMR has been established in the year 2007 under the banner of Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (JSPM), Pune. It is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, recognized by Government of Maharashtra
Admissions Open 2018-19 Ankita School Bangalore The school is recognized by the Government of Karnataka. It is located in very peaceful and friendly environment. It has its own buildings and well laid campus to meet all the needs and requirements of the students.
Sotos Class Actions - a leader in class action litigation in Canada. We are a recognized leader in class action litigation in Canada. We take on complex and challenging class actions across all industries, and prosecute them to conclusion. We act for consumers and businesses - large groups who been wronged by corporations or government.
Amazing Time – Travels & Tours Co.,Ltd Amazing Time Travels & Tours was founded in October 2011 recognized by the Government of the Union of Myanmar and is made up of over 25 years’ experience of travel professionals and licensed tour guides, specializing in inbound travel services.
RBA Junior College of arts, science and commerce, Pune The Rewachand Bhojwani Foundation''s Junior College of arts, science and commerce. Recognized by Government of Maharashtra. Founder - Dr. Laxmikant Rewachand Bhojwani.
Complete range of Stainless Steel, Alloy & Special Steel and Carbon Steel. One of the leading Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel producers in Asia. Government recognized Star-Export House, offers complete range of Alloys and Special steel, Stainless steel and Mild steel.
Shihezi University, School of Medicine | MBBS in China for Indian students Shihezi Medical University, recognized by MCI to teach MBBS in China for Indian students 2019. One of the top 10 medical universities in China is situated in Shihezi city, Xinjiang province, which was recognized as a key institution by the Central Government.
Consolidated Benefits Resources As Oklahoma’s largest domiciled Workers’ Compensation Third Party Claims Administrator, CBR has the knowledge and experience to handle all of your claims needs. CBR is recognized by employers, government agencies, and insurance companies as a leader in workers’ compensation claims administration.
Sunic Laser/ARGUS SOLAR/ ARGUS SOLAR MODULE/ SUNIC SOLAR TABBER STRINGER/ SOLAR CELL LASER SCRIBING/ CELL BREAKING/ Wuhan Sunic Photoelectricity Equipment Manufacture CO.,LTD (“Sunic Photoelectricity”) is located in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development District, and recognized as the new high-tech enterprise by Wuhan government. We have privileges in self-operated export and import. The Company is devoted to the development, production, marketing and offering services of Laser processing equipment,solar production line equipment, and to provide customers with complete turn-key solutions. After several decades of development, now we have 8 divisions including the development and production of Laser engraving and cutting, Laser marking, metal cutting, solar production line equipment, PV module assembly line turnkey solutions. The company has more than 200 staffs at present.
Learn Indian Language | Bhasha.io - Recognized by the Government of India Learn Indian Language Online - Bhasha.io recognized by the Govt of India, aims to help anyone from India and abroad learn the major Indian languages.
The Holidaz Travel We are based in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India and in the 09th successful year of operation, as one of the leading and better-known Tour Operator in North India, providing total ground handling service. We feel obliged to introduce our ambitious venture “The Holidaz Travel Kashmir” as an entity which takes care of any tour and travel requirements of its esteemed clients worldwide. We label ourselves as leading, innovative, and highly efficient and we look forward to demonstrating these qualities at the earliest possible chance. The Holidaz Travel is recognized by Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Department, Government of Jammu & Kashmir and Ministry of Tourism, Government of India as an Inbound Tour Operator and also members of TAAK - Active (Travel Agents Association Kashmir). What We Do Help you learn about local culture with in-depth tours and activities. Enjoy activities and tours that are perfect for the whole family. We also manage your travel, saving you time and money. It won’t be just another tour. It will be an exceptional experience. Who We Are D.M.C. (Destination Management Company), specializing in organizing incentive groups, events, conferences, and product launches. Specialist on private tailor-made tours for small groups. We organize all kinds of domestic trips: leisure groups, incentives from congresses and events, to tailor made or operator trips. How We Work We start working immediately on your request as soon as we receive it, our team works 24/7 days a week to arrange your satisfaction. Our services: Flights Tours e Transfers Hotel Reservations Event and Catering Spaces Gala Dinners Audiovisual Productions Business Meetings Tourist Groups Business Missions and Meetings Coordination and supervision of all services Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh Customized to Your Preference! Transfers & Tours Hotel Reservations Itineraries for Groups and Individuals Activities Personalized Assistance Our services: Deep knowledge of the destiny and needs of the National and International Meetings & Events sector. Excellent relationships with hoteliers, restaurants, venues, transportation companies. Hotel research and hiring: Venues for conferences, meetings and events. suggestion and reservation of restaurants and special places. Coordination of all transportation requirements, hospitality staff, organization of tourist and leisure activities (including team building, activities, entertainment); rental of audiovisual equipment. Coordination and Supervision of all services. Tailor made travel around the world. Suggestions for unforgettable trips. Business travel planning. Support in the operational management of your trip or event. Personalized accompaniment.
RAM JANKI (+2) HIGH SCHOOL | आपका अपना स्कूल There are many schools in Patna and Vaishali district run by Flair Foundation. All our schools have different names and the way of teaching is different, dress code is also different, but all our schools are run by the same institution called Flair Foundation. This institution is recognized by the Government of Bihar and Government of India.
SJPC | Homepage RGUHS Affiliated Colleges in Bangalore, PCI Accredited Colleges in Bangalore, Recognized by Government of Karnataka, Golden Jubilee Institutions in Bangalore
Vivil Exports Pvt. Ltd.: Government Recognised Two Star Export House Vivil Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a government recognized merchant trading house