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Goat Farming in Pakistan | International Goat Farming Goat2goats the world''s first online goat farming system with micro finance and small business opportunities for virtual farmers
Icons We make life more meaningful by creating beautiful products for body, spirit and community. Shop Beekman 1802's goat milk beauty and artisan goods.
Icons We make life more meaningful by creating beautiful products for body, spirit and community. Shop Beekman 1802's goat milk beauty and artisan goods.
Riverdance Soapworks - Riverdance Soapworks by Shepherd''s Soap Company: Try our Natural Hand Crafted Soap and Body Care Products. Enjoy products your skin will thank you for!
Natural Goat Milk Soaps for Healthy Skin – Goat Milk Stuff Natural goat milk soap made with farm fresh raw goat milk from pastured, healthy goats. Trust your skin to the goodness of goat milk.
Handmade Soap & Natural Homemade Goat Milk Soap Olathe KS | Great Cakes Soapworks Great Cakes Soapworks in Olathe KS offers handmade soap and lotions, including natural homemade goat milk soap. Click for more info.
Breeds List | Oberhasli is a type of American dairy goat which descended from the Chamois Colored Goat from the Oberhasli district in central Switzerland. The breed was initially known as Swiss Alpine until purebred herds were developed and maintained. The Swiss Alpine variety interbred with other types of Alpine goats. Quick Information Also Known As Swiss Alpine, Oberhasli Brienzer Physical Characteristics Face is straight or concave; both, male and female are devoid of horns Temperament/Personality Docile, friendly, gentle Body Color Body ranging from light brown to deep reddish tan; black forehead and belly with a black dorsal stripe; light gray to black udder; legs are black below the knees; hocks and ears are black on the inside; Coat Color Bay or mid-brown with black markings; two black lines appear from the eyes to the muzzle Weight 100 to 150 lb Height Bucks: 30 – 34 in Does: 28 – 32 in Uses Dairy Diet Herbivoreous Lactation Period Around 9 months Lifespan 8 to 12 years Climate Tolerance Can withstand cold weather conditions well Country of Origin Originated in Switzerland, but brought to the United States in 1900's History and Development Oberhasli goats first made entry to the United States in the early 1900s, but the variety was not a pure breed. It was only in 1936 that the purebred type was established in the United States from a stock of five Chamois Colored Goats imported from Switzerland. In 1977, a breeders association was formed, and in the following year, a herdbook was established. The registration records were separated from the Alpine variety. During 1978-79, the American Dairy Goat Association accepted Oberhasli as a separate breed. Milk Production On average, a female would yield between 930-4,450 lbs of milk per lactation period. The milk contains about 3.9% fat and 2.9% protein. Interesting facts Oberhasli goats can climb trees as they have great balance. The Chinese zodiac includes the goat as one of the twelve animals. Video: Oberhasli Goat Playing
Earth Lover's Life | Collected Writings During this Covid-19 pandemic, there are many more unknowns than knowns. People all over the globe are working to find solutions but are hampered by lack of data because this virus is so new to humans. So the logical thing to do while waiting for science to catch up, is to look at existing remedies that help boost your immune system. That is why health authorities are telling us to wash our hands (soap and water disable the outer covering of the virus), not touch our faces (the threat is that the virus may infect the lungs) and physically distance from other people (the virus is airborne and may be transmitted by people who have no symptoms). This article will look at existing data and possible remedies, keeping in mind that these things may change as more data and solutions become available. Animals Scientists believe the virus originated in bats and then either jumped onto humans or travelled through an intermediary animal in the environment of the wildlife market in Wuhan, China. In spite of the panic that ensued, companion pets such as cats and dogs are not able to transmit Covid-19 to humans according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Centers for Disease Control, and the US Department of Agriculture as quoted by Nathan Winograd. Factory farm opponents note that other viruses have jumped to humans from farmed animals and the massive use of antibiotics in farmed animals encourages antimicrobial resistance. Wildlife advocates say healthy wildlife ecosystems "can restrain" pathogens. However, a tiger in the Bronx zoo testing positive has led to concerns that humans can transmit Covid-19 to animals. The Zoological Pathology Program at the University of Illinois Veterinary School makes the point that tigers are not the same genus as domestic cats and considers human to pet transmission unlikely though some vets suggest extra caution and not snuggling with your pets if you are ill. Shelters have been happily surprised by the widespread fostering and adoption of shelter animals during this time as companion animals help ease the stress of quarantine. So it is important to not undermine this with baseless rumours of human-animal transmission. Plots and Theories Differences in data collection, Covid-19 testing methods and strategies have made comparisons of data across countries difficult. Case in point is the new edict of the US Centers of Disease Control to list cause of death as Covid-19 even if only presumed. But widespread distrust of government, big business and individuals have filled the gap. Some of the theories are: 1) The virus was deliberately invented and loosed; 2) The pandemic is an excuse to take away personal liberties; 3) The pandemic is a plot to smear Donald Trump before the US election; 4) The pandemic is a plot by Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical companies he invested in to create a depopulation vaccine; 5) and my own observation in British Columbia, that pipeline layers allowed to continue working through Indigenous territory (with those Indigenous having extra health concerns and poor living conditions) have a likelihood of causing genocide which would reduce future opposition to the invasion of extractive industries. I'm not saying yay or nay to any of these. You decide. Natural Remedies This is the part where I say I am merely an animal rescuer, not a doctor nor veterinarian. Neither the US FDA nor Health Canada have evaluated the following statements. However, years of exploring natural remedies for myself and my animals, have shown me that there are many useful remedies that could also be tried with Covid-19. For the sake of transparency, I'll also point out here, that I am an affiliate marketer for some frequency remedies. Herbs Many people are familiar antiviral herbs and mushrooms. You will notice many are used in food preparation as spices. Your immune system is based in your gut, so food becomes medicinal. Except when you have allergies to certain foods. Then you need to remove those allergens from your diet. In my case, I am allergic to milk products. Milk products in general produce mucus and are less healthy than the dairy industry would like you to believe. Some people are lactose-intolerant and the milk will give tummy aches or indigestion. I found I am allergic to a milk protein called casein (in both cow and goat milk) which makes me congested and sniffly. For some unknown reason, some "fake cheese" or "dairy alternatives" contain casein. So you need to check product labels when substituting foods to avoid allergic reaction. Vitamins & Supplements Vitamins and supplements can also support your immune system. Vitamin C is well-known for boosting immunity and intravenous vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate) is how Wuhan, China is now treating Covid-19. Some naturopaths and veterinarians in North America administer intravenous vitamin C but with all the clinic closures now, that treatment may be hard to find. Zinc is also well known for reducing respiratory symptoms. Negative Ions Negative ion generators are rarely considered in this context but may help with stress during seclusion and possibly with disabling viruses. The negative ions combine with particulate matter in the air (such as dust, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria and viruses) giving it a negative charge so falls out of the air, to be cleaned up by your vacuuming or dusting. As such, they are a type of air purifier. Negative ion generators produce negative ions by adding an electron to an air molecule thus giving it a negative charge. You may have experienced negative ions near moving water: a waterfall, a storm, or even in your shower. There are many types of negative ion generators on the market but you need to research which ones are healthier. Some are said to use radioactive materials and some also generate ozone which above certain levels is unhealthy for you and can be very unhealthy for your pets. When my old ionizer wore out, I replaced it with an air purifier when I noticed my cats coughing. That helped somewhat but after the purifier wore out, I recently replaced it with a very small and inexpensive negative ion generator. I confirmed with the manufacturer that it does not generate ozone, and it works via the small needles said to not require radioactive materials. I notice a positive mood effect on myself and the animals as well as less coughing and sneezing. Homeopathy Homeopathic remedies are pooh-poohed by some because they work on completely different principles than accepted western medicine. However they are a main go-to for me and my animals because I've seen them work. You can purchase them in health food stores and some (usually compounding) pharmacies. You avoid touching them with your fingers. Speaking with a homeopathically -- educated friend, we agreed both of us would reach for aconitum napellus or gelsemium sempervirens. These can also be given to animals. Aconitum is taken at the very first symptoms of feeling ill. Once while working overnight as a hotel desk clerk, I gave one pill to the security guard when he started his rounds. He had just started to sniffle. Next night he wanted to know what I gave him because he said the symptoms were gone when he got home. Gelsemium is taken for general flu-like symptoms (and also for "kitty flu"). Frequencies My other main go-to, as many people know, is frequencies. Frequency developers have invested their energies in specific frequencies to fight Covid-19. A YouTube search for covid-19 frequencies will show the efforts of many different developers. Bear in mind that you require headphones if you are listening to binaural beat frequencies. This is because they work by supplying a slightly different tone to each ear thus prompting your brain to supply a third tone between the first two. Spooky2 is a manufacturer of small Rife frequency machines and offers a silent Covid-19 frequency here. CoronaFrequencies.com offers a download here. Eric Thompson of Subtle Energy Sciences has produced free audio and image-encoded Covid-19 frequencies, downloadable here. SES also has audio and image frequencies called Virtual Oxygen, which I found very helpful a couple years ago when my area was getting air quality warnings due to drifting smoke from the wildfires. Sharry Edwards, who analyzes frequencies in your voice, believes from her research (though I don't agree with all of her methods and conclusions) that glutathione is helpful against the virus. Dietary glutathione is poorly absorbed but SES provides an energy app of glutathione. SES also provides energy apps for a number of herbs that may be helpful including curcumin and ashwagandha. What You Personally Can Do All by Yourself These other items may also prove helpful. That is, keeping the humidity of your environment at a comfortable level and learning this breathing technique. It is also helpful to control your stress level and the body chemicals generated by stress. Check out the GreenMed database for other ways to fight Covid-19.
dairy goats - Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm- Minnesota Alpine, Nubian, Saanen and Toggengburg dairy goats for sale as well as goat milk and goat cheese in Minnesota.
Sagana Goat Farm in the Philippines | Purebred Nubian Goats - Sagana Farm Sagana dairy goat farm in Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines. Home of well selected purebred nubian breeder goats for meat and milk production.
TruMilk : FSSC 22000 Certified Dairy Products Trumilk is the best and pure machine milk. Protect your family’s health with 100% natural & pasteurized trumilk by Macro dairy, Punjab.
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Blue Mountain Soapworks | Natural soaps handcrafted in Jamaica, West Indies! Blue Mountain Soapworks is located in Long Bay, Portland, Jamaica, at the foot of the spectacular Blue Mountains. Be prepared for your skin to fall in love!!
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YTO Tractors | YTO Tractors australia, simple, reliable affordable quality farm machinery Australia Melbourne Pakenham Victoria Tractors built for Australian conditions for Aussie farmers. No fluff, just genuine hardworking farm machines and equipment. Buy direct.
youtube icon Milk & Honey 1860 is a small family farm specializing in artisanal goat milk products and wool from heritage English Longwool sheep. Proud to be members of the Livestock Conservancy and Certified Fibershed Producers.
Ferrum Moraine Farm Ferrum Moraine Farm products and blog, featuring Goat''s Milk Soap, Aged Goat Cheese and Icelandic Lamb Wool.
Hoffman's Little Acres Natural farm food from a local family farm. Raw cow milk, raw goat milk, pastured chicken & pork, free-range eggs, beef, goat milk soap, bath products, maple syrup in Central Illinois.
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Handmade Organic Goat Milk Soap| Simply Eden Bath & Body Goat milk soap organic, natural, handmade soaps & lotion benefits even the most sensitive skin. Paraben Free. Sulfate Free. Phthalates Free. Simply Ede...
Artisanal Goat's Milk Caramel - Cajeta | Fat Toad Farm Perfecting the art of goat's milk caramel making, focusing on traditional cooking methods and using a small number of fresh, simple, all-natural ingredients.
Flora and Finch Made in Virginia Products | Flora & Finch is an e-commerce company dedicated to high-quality, curated Virginia made home goods and lifestyle products.
Baby Steps - Premium Goat Milk Products - Made In New Zealand Baby Steps is a Premium New Zealand Made Goat Milk Based Products for Young Children. Buy Online Today!
Sagana Goat Farm in the Philippines | Purebred Nubian Goats - Sagana Farm Sagana dairy goat farm in Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines. Home of well selected purebred nubian breeder goats for meat and milk production.
Dogwood Ridge Farms Dogwood Ridge Farms, Purebred Toggenburg Goats, Nanaimo, BC, CA. La Mountain herd, goat''s milk soap
SUMMER SOAP | Summerz Soap Summer Soap offers you the best quality of carrier oils, essential oils and others soap making raw materials.
Cheeseland Inc. Cheeseland Inc. is an importer and exporter of fine quality Dutch Cheeses. From farmstead cheeses, traditional Goudas and creative new cheeses, find the most delightful cheeses at Cheeseland Inc.
Wholesale Natural Soap - Goat Milk Soap Australia - Soap Manufacturer Goat milk soap has lots of benefits and is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
Rock Bottom Soap – Welcome Thanks for checking out our store. We make handmade goat milk soap with milk from our own spoiled rotten goats. We also make lotions, scrubs and other products.
Online - Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, Clarinex, back pain medication. Allergy and cold, shampoo, skin care, laxatives. Online OTC / brand name and generic allergy and back pain medications and creams. Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra,Parafon,Robaxin, medicated shampoo, analgesics, antacids, skin care, foot care, laxatives.
Crystal Hastings: Bath & Bodycare - All Natural Skincare Crystal Hastings: Bath & Bodycare offers all natural skincare, artisan handmade goat milk soap, argan oil lip balms and body butters, bath bombs, and more.
Yellow Birch Farm At Yellow Birch Farm of Deer Isle, Maine we grow fresh produce and make all natural products from our goat''s milk, including Eco Vita Skin Care creams.
A Better Way Farm and Goat Dairy in Charlottesville, Virginia. A Better Way Farm and Goat Dairy in Charlottesville, Va. Offering Raw milk herdshares, baby goat cuddle events, our version of baby goat yoga and ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goat sales. Setup a session to come visit our sweet little goats!
Bradley Mountain Farm - Home Goat Milk Soap, Goat Walks, Goat Nannies, Crafty Cuddlers, Goat Yoga, Soap Making Classes, Birthday Parties, Farm Weddings and More!
Laughing D Farm and Studio Homestead Parker CO Adventures in producing our own food, farm style products and creativity with art glass and fiber arts and sharing our experiences with others. Laughing D Farm and Studio
Salveō Our all-natural moisturizer is the golden elixir of skincare! Handcrafted to soothe and nurture even the most sensitive skin types.
Fieldstone Organic Farm - Goat Dairy, Raw Milk, Cheese Making, Gardening, and Recipes
Home We offer all natural goat milk products, such as soap, lotion, repair cream.These items are especially effective for problem skin such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. We also offer all natural lip balm, dead sea salt scrub, sugar scrub, and full line of soy wax products, including tarts and tart warmers and cndle warmers.
Travis Family Farm Travis Family Farm - Located in North Scituate RI. We are the proud home of Rachyl's Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk Body Butter and other all natural products.
Home | Cranky Goat Ltd Cranky Goat Cheese is a New Zealand Cheese Company creating unique flavours with fresh creamy goat milk
The Whole Goat Catalog Online- Everything for and about goats! Your goat connection- Goat resources, supplies, gifts, equipment, specialties, information, breeders, farms, meat goats, dairy goats, fiber goats, the whole goat!
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Bain Amour Bath & Body Co - Bain Amour Bath & Body Co Welcome Handcrafted goat milk soaps, bath bombs, goat milk lotions, men''s shave soaps, and more made in Arnaudville, Louisiana.
Clearview Valley Farm Raw Milk & Raw Butter Small Amish Family Farm. Raw Milk and Butter, Cheese, Yogurt, Kefir, and homemade Ice Cream. Raw Goat''s Milk and Sheep Milk. 100% Grass-fed Beef and Lamb. Soy-free Pastured Eggs. Pastured Pork, Grass-fed Chicken, Veal Meats. And Much More. Healthy Snacks and Grab & Go Foods. Many Families have great Benefits from our Healthy food. Raw Milk, Grass-fed Butter, Soy-free
It''s Baaa-th Time | Goats Milk Soap | Shrewsbury | Minsterley | Home It''s Baaa-th Time is a small local business making luxury natural handmade goats milk soaps, which are free from palm oil, SLS parabens. As featured on BBC Countryfile The Goats milk used in the soap is from our herd of goats. The soap is handmade from milking the goats to packaging the soap.
MADO - A Real Taste Feast Mado, specializes in Turkish food, desserts and ice cream. The extensive menu includes traditional breakfast dishes, freshly baked Simit and desserts, an array of kebabs, 100% natural goat's milk ice cream and imported goods from Turkey.
South African Milch Goat Breeders'' Society The SA Milch Goat Breeders'' Society aims to promote the breeding of good quality and functional Milk Goats and to provide breeders with information.
Puhoi Valley | New Zealand's finest cheeses, yoghurts, custards & milks » Puhoi Valley At Puhoi Valley we have a passion for cheese, and our master cheese makers lovingly turn our rich flavoursome milk into some of the finest quality specialty cheeses in the world.From the exquisite creaminess of our double cream brie, to the sophisticated tones of our goat feta, Puhoi Valley Cheeses will inspire you.
animalpages.com Specializing in design and hosting of animal-related websites, with educational material available.
CRUNK!!! Energy | Home CRUNK!!! Energy is all natural and has no artificial flavors or colors. CRUNK!!! uses exotic herbs like ashwaganda, horny goat weed, skull cap and white willow to give every can the CRUNK!!! you crave.
Ranch and Dairy | Historic Allis Ranch | Larkspur CO Historic Allis Ranch is a Private working ranch supplying our community with Raw Cow and Goat Milk Herdshares, Beef, Pork, Honey, and Eggs all straight off the ranch
AVH dairy trade B.V. for (organic) goat & sheep dairy products AVH Dairy is one of the leading dairy companies providing goat and sheep dairy ingredients including: sheep milk, goat milk, sheep milk powder, goat milk powder, curd and cheese. AVH dairy trade B.V. strives to obtain a better valorisation of goat and sheep milk.
BioBruni Organic Farm | Piemonte | Italy | Home Stay with us at BioBruni and experience a truly relaxing holiday surrounded by nature. Meet the goats and relax by the pool with breathaking views..
Jersey Cattle, Kunekune Pigs, and Nigerian Dwarf Goat Raising exceptional registered Jersey cattle, KuneKune pigs and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats the natural way for homesteading and small farms. Pasture based, A2, disease tested.
Wriggly Tin Goat Milk Soap: Natural Soap Handcrafted in Magaliesburg All natural soap and body products lovingly and passionately handcrafted on our Magaliesburg farm, our specialty being goat milk soap made from our own organic milk and best sustainable and ethically sourced plant based oils.
Everything you need to know about dogs, their health and care. On our dog blog, we have collected the most common diseases and illnesses that can happen to your pet. If everything seems okay, that's no reason to relax, either. To keep your pet in good health at all times, we recommend that you follow these diets.
PayPal Discover the handmade goat milk difference. Our goat milk soaps, goat milk bath bombs and goat milk lotions are made with all-natural, mineral rich goat milk from our farm. Each of our goat milk products are made with you in mind. Get yours today and experience the difference.
Visa Millions of mums have discovered our infant nutrition based on gentle Dutch goat milk. Offering natural comfort to babies, moms and dads. Developed to support the growth of your little one.
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SHEEPKA 99 | Bulgarian Cheese, Processed Cheese, Kashkaval, Cow''s Milk Cheese, Sheep''s Milk Cheese, Goat''s Milk Cheese, Hard Cheese, Bulgaria, GCC, Europe, Lebanon. Sheepka is founded in 1999. The manufacturing facility is located in the town of Parvomay. The company is fully export oriented. Sheepka manufactures are the result of a successful combination of traditional technologies and modern equipment. Our company constantly makes innovations in the production capacities, warehouses and buildings. Sheepka is the only milk processing enterprise which exports practically 100% of its production. Our products are manufactured, packed and shipped from Bulgaria to the whole Europe, Middle East & GCC Region.