The most comprehensive list of generative websites last updated on Sep 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Brandmark Logo Maker - the most advanced AI logo design tool Create a unique logo, business card and social media graphics in less than a minute. Build your brand identity with our generative AI.
Register | Jet TV - Be Creative! Be Generative! The most powerful online video platform where you can make money. | Jet TV gives free video monetization to all Creators. Be Creative! Be Generative!
Video creation simplified with AI | Rephrase.ai Create professional videos as easily as writing text! Use generative AI to create high-quality videos with real humans! Eliminate the need for expensive video shoots, get unparalleled speed and scale!
Synthetaic - Synthetic data for all. We grow high-quality data that unlocks impossible AI. Using a novel, generative approach, we produce high-quality training data regardless of limited or missing starter data.
WEEWUNGWUNG | Web Design Studio in Hong Kong WEEWUNGWUNG is a web design studio focusing on digital and interactive experiences based in Hong Kong. We explore dynamic identities and generative visuals on the web.
Pencil - AI for Creativity Pencil is a creative AI company offering the world's first generative creative platform for e-commerce, brands & agencies. Work with AI to generate personalised advertising content at unprecedented speed and scale.
مرجع آموزش یادگیری عمیق - Deep learning محلی برای فراگیری یادگیری عمیق - deep learning‌ و آموزش ابزارهای یادگیری عمیق مثل Caffe , Torch, CNTK, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch و شبکه های عصبی و کانولوشن
Meridian Life Design Inc. Meridian Life Design Inc. is a West Vancouver, BC, based company which offers Life Coaching and Legacy Coaching services. A Life coach or Legacy coach works with people who want to touch the lives of others, channel their passion to create value in the world, use their gifts in service to a cause greater than themselves, make a lasting impact, make a difference and have a contribution to changing the world, and live a meaningful life with the time they have remaining. Legacy Coaching provides the structure, guidance and opportunity for you to discover, uncover and recover your values, passion and generative potential which can be a catalyst for positive, enduring change that surpasses your lifetime.
Ana Somnia - lights out! A whole world waits for you when you turn out the lights. In our dreams, lie childish figures, random shapes and half remembered memories. Each one is different yet somehow the same. Ana Somnia is a generative art project that emulates how we dream. Dim your lights to enter Ana`s dreamworld.
NOMC Home Page The New Orleans Men''s Center is an association of men dedicated to developing generative masculinity through personal soul work, education, and dialogue with other men.
algorithmicart | digital | algorithmic | 3D printed | generative | parametric | art | design | architecture | processing | 3D scan digital | algorithmic | 3D printed | generative | parametric | art | design | architecture | processing | 3D scan
Art Keeps Me Sane Art that inspires and informs | Generative Art Blog | Yancy Way | Seattle WA
Dimitre Lima ⚡ Dmtr.org / Metaspaço This site is a resume of things I like to do. Music, Art, Design and everything in between
GenerativeART - 結合數位藝術與生活
Xiaohan Zhang - Interactive Art, Generative Design, Emergent Systems Interactive media works of Xiaohan Zhang.
Generative Design, Art and Science - Celestino Soddu
Art by Michelle Chandra - Generative Spirographs and Maze Maps – Dirt Alley Design Where art meets tech - artist Michelle Chandra's generative spirograph art and maze maps.
Ennoble - Digital Jewelry | Fashion | Luxury Design Evolutionary software for crystal and gemstone designs. Connected Swarovski Crystal & Gemstone catalogs integrated into Adobe® Illustrator® & Rhino3D®. Design with 3D rendered components in Adobe® Illustrator®, plus generative design & engineering tools for Rhino3D®.
Norshapes.no | Additiv tilvirkning – Norshapes AS 3D-Printede produkter og tjenester. Additiv tilvirkning, CAD og generative design. Norshapes er behjelpelig med 3D Printing av modeller, reservedeler og prototyper.
Mubert | Royalty-free music for apps & content makers Every day we generate millions of minutes of copyright-protected music for listeners, creators, locations & apps
Nervous System Nervous System is a design studio that works at the intersection of science, art, and technology. We create using a novel process that employs computer simulation to generate designs and digital fabrication to realize products. Drawing inspiration from natural phenomena, we write computer programs mimicking processes and patterns found in nature and use those programs to create unique and affordable art, jewelry, and housewares.
What's new in design digital culture | Netdiver magazine I am currently head over heels in preparing my very first art portfolio and because of iOS way of cataloguing the camera roll - (I work with 3 devices each with its own directory) - I collated new work in individual folders as back up.. Leaving me with a massive task to do: reconciling, sifting and deleting all duplicates. From 55k down to 10k just for my iPad Pro. Still got 7k+ from iPhone + iPad mini to sort after the 10k are done. View my art feed. So for now - I am minimizing my editorial activities to a strict minimum. Netdiver Mag is on hiatus. _______ Meanwhile - don't wait - be inspired via podcasts to kickstart your creative or art projects: 40 best creative podcasts to liven up your commute via Sarah McHugh _______ The Best Art Podcasts to Listen to in Your Studio via Stef Thiele ______ My Top 5 Favourite Agency Podcasts via Lucy Snell _______ Must read - sneak peek via .pdf: Company of One - Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business) by Paul Jarvis Helps you determine enough (instead endless chasing more). _______ Top illustration: Source unknown
Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) | Deep Learning cơ bản Deep learning là gì? Hướng dẫn cơ bản về deep learning, các ứng dụng của deep learning: ô tô tự lái; robot phẫu thuật; hệ thống dịch tự động; chatbot tự động trả lời; alphaGo
Patrik Huebner – Generative Design and Creative Coding – Real-time animations, programmed illustrations and audio-reactive art using generative algorithms and creative coding approaches
Point-Free: A video series on functional programming and the Swift programming language. Point-Free is a video series exploring functional programming and Swift.
SALu – Deep learning, Generative Adversarial Networks, and scribbles. Deep learning, Generative Adversarial Networks, and scribbles.
Sighack | My Explorations with Generative Art My Explorations with Generative Art
This Waifu Does Not Exist v3.5 (TWDNEv3.5) - Gwern TWDNEv3.5: A site demonstrating anime faces generated by StyleGAN 2 neural networks and text snippets generated by GPT-3-
vvvv - a multipurpose toolkit | vvvv vvvv is a hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously.
w.t.k. Artist (Will Thomas Kilroy) utilising autonomy and art to create. This webpage is a portfolio of fractal and generative artwork - displayed in an abstract manner. Thank you, enjoy the art.
generated-space A website showcasing my collection of generative sketches.
4D-Laserdruck - Ihr Partner rund um selektives Lasersintern - 4D-Laserdruck Spezialisiert auf generative Fertigung, begleiten wir Sie, als innovatives Unternehmen in allen Produktionsschritten und setzt dabei revolutionäre Technologien, wirtschaftlich und bei minimalem Zeitaufwand ein. Erfahren Sie mehr über uns und unsere Methoden.
bitJoy | A little bit of 0/1 joy
Hyper Glu – HyperGlu Generative design is a design method in which the output is generated by a set of rules or an Algorithm, normally by using a computer program.
maile malin 👋🏼 I'm Maile (MY'lay) Proactive UX designer and generative UX researcher, tropical fruit and forest enthusiast, big fan of sea otters...huge I love helping people learn, Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness meditation, most animals, and making processes and products simpler and easier to use. View my work View my side projects
MOVEMENT THEATER STUDIO, NYC An Independent Acting Studio for the Physical Performer and the Generative Theater Artist. Taught using the techniques originated by Jacques Lecoq .
Immy Smith Artwork by Immy Smith, including cryptic creatures, playing card decks, Morse code drawing, and generative patterns
Cyrill Studer Cyrill Studer is a visual designer from Basel, Switzerland. His works are mainly situated in the realm of graphic design, live visuals and animation videos.
echophon Generative Art Explorations | IG: echophon | Yancy Way | Seattle WA
Sigma AEC Solutions | BIM Automation Sigma AEC Solutions provides data-driven solutions for architects, engineers, and contractors. BIM services include; Revit training, Revit management, Revit Add-ins, computational and generative design solutions, Dynamo scripts, Dynamo Training.
Cheminformania | Chemistry and computers Molecules are better seen as graphs, rather than SMILES. Learn how to use the power of the graph generative framework GraphINVENT to make drug candidates
monolithos This blog is dedicated to explore & share ideas regarding industrial design, Furniture, Architecture & generative design and software implementations such as grasshopper, rhinoscript & processing...
Discrete Universeのつくりかた
ICG Enterprise Trust A leading private equity investor, listed on the London Stock Exchange, providing shareholders with access to a portfolio of investments in profitable cash generative unquoted companies, primarily in Europe and the US.
Code! .. Draw! .. Stitch! / TurtleStitch - Coded Embroidery Turtlestitch is based on a browser-based educational programming language (Snap!) to generate patterns for embroidery machines. It is easy to use, requiring no prior knowledge in programming, yet powerful in creating nowels patterns for embroidery. It is usefull for designers to experiment with generative aesthetics and precision embroidery as well as tool for innovative workshops combining an introduction to programing with haptic output.
Edwin van der Heide - composition, media art, sound art, performance Edwin van der Heide is an artist, composer and researcher in the field of sound, space and interaction. He extends the terms composition and musical language into spatial, interactive and interdisciplinary directions.
GENERATIVE DESIGNS research platform, visual catalogue and inspiration by procedural design The following collection of images shows work I have collected within the last years represents a visual...
Natalia Rojas Since 1999 I have been exploring all the possibilities of interactivity applied to the communications field: Online, Interactive Installations, Mobile Apps, All kind of games, Interaction Design, Augmented Reality, Information Visualization, Generative Art, Social Media, Gadgets. I love to think and code stuff. But I’m also an entrepreneur. In 2005 I founded Cuatic, a company specialized in interactive installations where I learned how to find capital, finances, human resources, new business, managing direction and production.
Homepage | ARTOFJAMES ARTOFJAM.ES is the online portfolio and store of Digital Artist James Merrill, featuring digital abstract and surreal artwork, experimental short films, and generative algorithmic plotter drawings.
-- ixi software -- ixi audio is a network of experimentalists in computer music and computer music software. We create experimental music software, called ixi software, focusing on screen-based interaction design. These applications can be downloaded from our website.
jamcha blog Emacsのorg-modeを使ってGitHubで小説書いてます。
Kimri''s Home
Quasimondo Things made or found by Mario Klingemann | Quasimondo@twitter | On Flickr If you want to contact me please send me a direct message on twitter.
Tom De Smedt | Home Tom De Smedt is co-founder of Textgain.com, co-founder of the Experimental Media Research Group (EMRG), and senior researcher at the Computational Linguistics Research Group (CLiPS, University of Antwerp).
MODELSWARD 2021 - Conference Methodologies, Processes and Platforms, Applications and Software Development, Modeling Languages, Tools and Architectures
GFD3D GFD is a new way to model where a design describes a change, it is the transition from entities to operations.
nøcomputer — Interactive things We build interactive installations/experiences, use code to design (art, branded content & generative identities) and prototype new types of software.
Home - Delta Software Technology Delta Software Technology ist Spezialist für generative Software-Werkzeuge, welche die Modernisierung, Integration und Entwicklung von IT-Anwendungen automatisieren.