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play Consolidate your vendor base with Midland Industries brass fittings for tube, pipe, and hose. Cast Fittings and Nipples in brass, bronze, stainless steel, black and galvanized steel and malleable iron. Ball valves, check valves, gate valves, and strainers in brass, bronze, stainless steel, steel, and plastic. Pneumatic quick disconnects. Plus pneumatic, hose, truck and auto accessories as well as our line of hydraulic adapters.
Stainless Steel Ball Valve & Gate, Globe Valve Manufacturer in India Stainless Steel, Brass, Carbon Steel Valve - Astm A216/217 Ball, Gate, Pulp, Plug, Globe, Needle, Butterfly, Manifold, Jacketed, Safety Relief, API 6A/ DBB Valves, Manufacturers & Suppliers in India.
Float Valve, Ball Valve, Check Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers China - Cheap Products - Sinpo Valve China Sinpo Valve manufactures high quality float valves, ball valves, check valves, gate valves, etc. Welcome to inquiry and place an order!
zgindustry Co.ltd-zgindustry Co.ltd ZG industry Co.,Ltd is a professional valve factory in China,Our main products:Butterfly valve DN32-DN1200,Gate valve DN50- DN1600,Ball valve DN25- DN150,Check valve DN50- DN1100,Globe valve DN50- DN600,Rubber joint DN50- DN2600
Hot Runner Controller|Injection Molding Controller|ARICO ARICO is a global manufacturer of hot runner controller and injection molding controller. Based on the top temperature controller manufacturing technology, we provide quality industrial controllers to rubber and plastic industry in China, the United States, Russia, India, and many other countries at a reasonable price.
Largest Dealers of Industrial Pipes Fittings Flanges & Valves Largest Dealers and Stockists of Industrial Pipes Pipe Fittings Flanges and Valves
Large Size Ball Valve, High Pressure Valve, High Pressure Gate valve, High Pressure Globe valve, High Pressure Check Valve, High Pressure Ball Valve, Valve Ball, Valve Stem - Coso Valve (CSV) Inc. Coso Valve (CSV) Inc. is one of the leading China Large Size Ball Valve, High Pressure Valve, High Pressure Gate valve, High Pressure Globe valve, High Pressure Check Valve, High Pressure Ball Valve, Valve Ball, Valve Stem manufacturers and suppliers with professional factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us.
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بازرگانی کاپیتال استیل 33961354 شرکت کاپیتال استیل در طی سالیان اخیر توانسته با پتانسیل های علمی و تجربی خود با کادری مجرب متشکل از متخصصان فنی ، مهندسان خبره و مدیران بازرگانی با تجربه ، پاسخگوی نیازهای مختلف صنایع کشور به خصوص در زمینه تامین و تجهیز صنایع نفت و گاز ، پتروشیمی پالایشگاه ، سد سازی ، صنایع غذایی و صنایع سیمان کشور می باشد.#شیرآلات ,VALVES, #بال_ولو BALL VALVE, #گیت_ولو GATE VALVE, #گلوب_و_نیدل_ولو GLOBE&NEEDLE VALVE, #چک_ولو CHECK VALVE, #شیر_پروانه_ای BUTTER FLY VALVE, #کنترل_ولو CONTOROL VALVE, #شیر_اطمینان , #پلاگ_ولو ,PLUG VALVE,sAFETY VALVE, #استرینر STRAINER
Omni Valve - Hydraulic & Pneumatic - Actuated Surface Safety Valves // Cast & Forged Gate Valves // OmniSeal Expanding Plug Valves - Double Block & Double Isolation and Bleed
Nor-Mon Distributing, Inc. Nor-Mon Distributing, Inc. is a wholesale distributor for over 150 brands of appliance parts, HVAC supplies, property management products, hardware, tools, electrical, and plumbing supplies. Located in Portland, OR.
Home The corporate EHS function, which oversees environmental, health and safety compliance began to merge at the management level around 1990. The first area is environmental management, which emerged as a profession in the 1970s, following the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other state-level regulatory systems. As companies began limiting waste to prevent pollution, they needed engineers to adapt scrubbers, filters, and other process changes to existing manufacturing systems. Workplace safety and occupational health also grew in importance during this time, with the passage of legislation such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Over time, companies developed systematic way of complying with environmental, health and safety regulations. Corporations began tracking key measures and looking for ways to improve their performance. Then, in the 1990s, improvements in data technology management made it easier for an organization to analyze its operations. Around that time, corporations began to merge oversight for environmental, health and safety programs through a new management role called EHS. The newly appointed leaders, who began their careers in one of the three sub-disciplines, started to create systems to drive EHS progress across all operations. Today, with the advent of sustainability, EHS professionals are leading corporate efforts toward sustainability. Building on their decades of experience, EHS leaders are striving to meet this challenge, creating systems to reduce energy use, conserve water, and better communicate with stakeholders. Indeed, a 2009 survey found that two-thirds of the sustainability initiatives at member companies are being led or managed by the EHS
China Brass Valves, Valve Fittings, Water Taps manufacturer - TENGFENG Copper Industry TENGFENG Copper Industry manufacture all kinds of Brass Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Bathroom Faucet, Plastic Pipes and other Valve Fittings.
Galaxy valve manufacturer, butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve-Tianjin Galaxy Valve Co., Ltd. Tianjin Galaxy Valve Co.,Ltd is a professional valve manufacturer specializing in butterfly valves, gate valves ,check valves, strainers and balancing valves with pressure range from 0.5-6.4 Mpa, size from DN15-DN3000. The products are widely used in HVAC, waterworks and fire Protection industry. We maintain a perfect quality management and certified by ISO, CE, LR, DNV, ABS,WARS, NSF, FM/UL etc.
Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Thane, India Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Thane, India
Electric Valve Actuator-Motorized Valve - intelligent Valve Automation,valve gearbox,actuated valves manufacturer and exporter in China. electric valve actuator,pneumatic actuators,actuated valves,motorized valves ,can replace Rotork,AUMA,Bernard,NOAH,I-tork,EMI,SIPOS valve actuators.
Techglobal Incorporated Techglobal Incorporated is a company aimed at delivering safe and accessible safe drinking water to the Philippine Community. We carry the following products: Vesbo PPR Pipes, Ecotech PPR Pipes, Vasen HDPE Pipes, Ecotech Water Meter and Gate Valves
Motorized Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Valves, Hydraulic Operated Valves, India Motorized Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Valves, Hydraulic Operated Valves, Valves Automation Center, Centrifugal Chemical Process Pumps, Electric Induction Motors, Electric Actuators, Pneumatic Actuators, India
China Valve Manufacturer, Industrial Valve Supplier - Baltic Valve Company Top Industrial Valve Manufacturer & Supplier in China, Baltic Valve Company Offers Superior-quality Ball Valve, Check Gate Globe Plug Valves & More.
Ball Valve, Gate Valve, China Knife Gate Valve Manufacturers Kolink Valve Manufacturers, mainly manufacture all kinds of Ball valve, Gate valve, Knife Gate valve, as well as miscellaneous related products.
Professional Industrial Valves Manufacturer, Winning Fluid Equipment WFE conducts scientific research, development, production, distribution and after sales service. It operates a multi-brand systematic management mode, creating customer convenience to enjoy one-buying experience. WFE provides a wide range of valves including Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, and Specialty Valves, which comply with the API 600, API 6D, API 607, CE, TS, ISO and other international standards. Our designs are specially made to give high degree reliability, sustainability, durability, and highest standards in the entire production process.
Manufacturer of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Damper valve Hubluxe Engineering leading manufacturer of Ball valve, Globe valve, Check valve, Strainers
Bumi Flow -Welcome Page Bumi Flow Technologies - commitment and expertise cover all projects type & sizes within the power, onshore/offshore for oil and gas, petroleum, refining and petrochemical industries.
Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Check Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves Manufacturer Supplier in India Ridhiman Alloy is a Manufacturer, stockist, Supplier and Exporter of Valves Fittings in India.We Supply best Quality OF Ball vlaves, Gate Valves, check valves, Control valves, Globe Valves. Ridhiman Alloy is leading exporter of Valves Fittings and other products such as Pipe Fitting, Forged Fitting and flanges, and more in Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain.
sanitary fittings and valves, stainless steel valves and fittings, valve manufacturer,ball valve,gate valve,check valve We are valve manufacturer and we supply sanitary fittings stainless steel fittings and valves.industrial valves like butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve,check valve,gate valve and flanges and fittings are also in our scope.
Milacron Plastic Processing Equipment | Cincinnati, OH Milacron is a leader in the manufacturing & distribution of plastic-processing equipment and machinery for injection, co-injection, blow molding & more.
logo PHCP Pros: Resources for contractors, engineers and distributors including construction methods, materials and business practices.
Industrial Valves Pipe Fittings Hangers Safety Relief Valves Valve Repairs - Stritt & Priebe Stritt and Priebe, international supplier of industrial valves, safety relief valves, controls, actuators, instruments, pipe, fittings, hangers from Apollo, Watson McDaniel, Carpenter & Paterson, Warren, Trerice. All Valve Repair.
Gate Valve, Check Valve, Globe Valve, Knife Gate Valve, Chemical Pump, TEKO Valve & Pump TEKO Valve & Pump is a professional manufacturer of industrial products, such as industrial valves, marine valves, water pumps and chemical pumps.
Valvias: The independent guide to Valves & Actuators Information, Resources and tools on Valves, Actuators & Accessories products.
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Measurement & Control Solutions Through 26 years of successful operation, Measurement & Control Solutions has become a leading provider of data logging, recording and acquisition systems to the South African market. Our vast range of products geared towards industrial, scientific, mining, automotive and Test & Measurement markets.
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China Wellhead Assembly Christmas Tree, API-6A FC Gate Valves, Demco Mud Gate Valve Manufacturer and supplier Yancheng Qihang Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the leading Wellhead Assembly Christmas Tree, API-6A FC Gate Valves, Demco Mud Gate Valve manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to import Wellhead Assembly Christmas Tree at competitive price here.
Bridge Bearings, Structural, PTFE Sliding Bearing, Manufacturer, India Bridge Bearings, Structural Bearings, PTFE Sliding Bearings, Rocker Bearings, POT, PIN Bearings, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Butterfly Valve,Wafer Butterfly Valve,Flange Butterfly Valve,Gate Valve - Valtec Valve As a China valve manufacture,Daryu Valve offers butterfly valve, wafer butterfly valve, lug butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, gate valve for water&wastewater, desalination, irrigation with the excellent technology and service. E-Mail: manager@tkt-valtec.com, Tel: +86-379-80861920.
 شرکت مارون لاستیک،،توليد كننده كليه قطعات لاستيكي مورد نياز در صنعت نفت . گاز . پتروشيمي و صنايع مختلف،توليد كننده كليه قطعات لاستيكي مورد نياز در صنعت نفت . گاز . پتروشيمي و صنايع مختلف مارون لاستیک ،توليد كننده كليه قطعات لاستيكي مورد نياز در صنعت نفت . گاز . پتروشيمي و صنايع مختلف مارون رابر،صنایع لاستیک،تولید قطعات لاستیکی ، تولید قطعات لاستیکی در صنایع نفت ، گاز ، پتروشیمی و غیره
Válvulas ZUBI | Reliable and professional valve manufacturer since 1979 Valves Zubi S.L. Specializes in the manufacture and distribution of knife gate valves, diaphragm valves, check valves and wall penstock valves.
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Proline Industrial Valves | Valve Manufacturer India Valve Manufacturer India. Offering Ball Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves, Dual Plate Check Valves
大陽精機廠股份有限公司 │ TAH YANG MACHINE WORKS CO., LTD. 大陽精機廠股份有限公司,座落於彰化(中台灣),擁有近50年的加工經驗,致力於生產閥類及銅製品OEM零件。創立於1962年,大陽公司的前身-大立五金工廠以自有品牌''大立牌''生產水箱零件在台灣國內市場行銷多年,並建立了此一品牌優良形象。1972年始,意識到只侷限在水箱零件市場過於陝隘,當時正值歐美市場興起,故另成立大陽精機廠股份有限公司,專業製造GATE VALVE, CHECK VALVES, FOOT VALVES, FITTINGS, DRUM WERENCHES, DRUM FAUCETS 及 SHOWER FAUCETS. Tah Yang Machine Works Co., Ltd (TY), located in Changhua Taiwan, manufactures brass and stainless steel parts and products for the commercial and industrial markets. TY dedicates to provide fine quality of a variety of valves, wrenches and faucets.
WILCO CO., LTD WILCO VALVE is a leading manufacturer of Valve and Pipeline Equipment for Water, Gas and General Industries in the worldwide market.The Company is focused on providing User Driven Technical Solutions which significantly improve the operating environment and optimize the efficiency of installed assets.Products of the highest quality are achieved through accredited manufacture to ISO 9001, LR Type Approval.Performance testing ensures full compliance with the latest global standards and national specification requirements.We promise you that we will manufacture the products with our eagerness and sincerity even a small parts, by the attitude which we will assume responsibility of our products until end, taking our principle as the honesty and the trust, and moreover hope you to be prosperous and to have the endless development.We want your favorable encouragement and continuous from now on.
Ball Valve,Gate Valve,Check Valve Manufacturer-ZhongBo Valve Zhejiang Zhongbo Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd is a valve company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of various ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve and check valve.
Valves, Industrial Valves, Customized valves, Control Valves, Fabricated Valves, High Pressure Valves, Actuator Operated Valves, Cryogenic Valves Chemtech valves is one of the leading manufacturers of all types of Industrial Valves, chemtech would like to introduce ourselves as one of the Leading Industrial Valves. Like Ball, Gate, Globe, check, Automatic Control Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, High Pressure Valve. A gate valve is a valve that opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate out of the path of the fluid. Control valves are valves used to control conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level by fully or partially opening or closing in response to signals received from controllers.
Everlasting Valve Company | The Original Rotating Disc Valve Tougher, stronger, more durable, and more reliable than any ball valve or gate valve out there, Everlasting valves handle whatever you throw at them with exceptional ease.
بازرگانی جهان فولاد بازرگانی جهان فولاد عرضه کننده انواع اتصالات ، فلنج ، لوله ، شیرآلات ، پیچ و مهره و ... در تاسیسات نفت و گاز آماده خدمت رسانی به پالایشگاهها، اداره جات و سازمان ها، و غیر می باشد.
TNK SUPPLY - จำหน่ายวาล์ว KITZ และอุปกรณ์ต่างๆสำหรับโรงงานอุตสาหกรรม จำหน่ายวาล์ว KITZ, ball valve, globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve และวาล์วประเภทอื่นๆในราคาถูก จำหน่ายอุปกรณ์คอนโทรลและอื่นๆ พร้อมส่งทั่วประเทศไทย
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Interstage Interstage A/S, distributør af professionelt audio udstyr og tilbehør. Interstage A/S, Danish distributor of pro audio equipment and accessories
Industrial High-Performance Valves | Jarecki Valves Jarecki Valves is a leading manufacturer of industrial high-performance valves with over 40 years of superior customer satisfaction. Learn more about us now!
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Safety Valve & fitting - We are leading Manufacturers in China, specialized in power ball valves n high pressure valve We are leading manufacturers in china specialized in Power system ball valves .API gate valve ,globe valve ,check valve ,espeically in pressure seal gate valve, pressure seal globe valve, pressure seal swing check valve, pressure Seal Y-pattern globe valve, bolted bonnet gate valve, bolted bonnet globe valve, bolted bonnet swing check valve.
SPECIALTY METALS - Titanium, Stainless Steel, Exotic Materials Stocking distributor of Titanium 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 & 12, Stainless 410, 420, 630, Nitronic 50 & 60, 2205, 2507, F55, F255, Nickel Alloy C276, 625, 718
Control Valve (कंट्रोल वाल्व) - Manufacturer, Suppliers, India - Beena Valve Control Valve (कंट्रोल वाल्व) - Automatically regulate Control Valve Manufacturer & Suppliers in India. we provide Control & Pinch Valves solution, high performance and long life.
Ultra High Vacuum Equipment Supplier - Thermionics Laboratory, Inc. | Thermionics Laboratory Incorporated Thermionics Lab is the premier choice of UHV Equipment and Precision Cleaning Services. We've been an industry leader for over 60 years! Submit your RFQ Today.
Forged Ball Valve, Forged Gate Valve - Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Axegic Group Inc. as the most advancing Manufacturer in the market for providing the best range of Forged Ball Valve, Forged Gate Valve, Forged Globe Valve, Forged Check Valve, High Pressure Ball Valve in from Ahmedabad.
Valve Manufacturer ! Butter Valve Manufacturer ! Gate Valve Manufacturer AR Valve Manufacture in Gujarat Butter Valve Manufacturer in India Gate Valve Manufacturer in Vadodara Contact Now for Valve Manufacturers
Cair Damper valve Manufacturer Supplier, Butterfly Damper, Guillotine Damper, Slide Gate Damper, Multi louver Damper, HVAC Duct Damper
Home - Raykko Industrial Ltd. Over 5 years Lockout/Tagout experienced team: high reliabile Raykko Industrial Ltd. is a Lockout Tagout safety products manufacturer and supplier located in Guangzhou China, which provide the safety lockout tagout products & services all over the world.