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Cart Close Arrow Jaanuu is the leading provider for performance driven medical scrubs, uniforms and PPE. Backed by Pediatrician, Dr. Neela, our antimicrobial-finished products combine fit, comfort and functionality to bring you the most innovative uniforms on the planet.
NerdlySolutions NerdlySolutions handles any website or development needs you may have. We bring custom functionality to your store without the need of apps. We solve many issues that even Shopify themselves can not resolve! Contact us today.
Zoiper - Free VoIP SIP softphone dialer with voice, video and instant messaging :: Zoiper Zoiper, the free softphone to make VoIP calls through your PBX or favorite SIP provider. Available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Mac and Linux.
Visa 2nd Amendment For Life - Flag Poles - Concealment - Attachments - Shirts - Sign Your Constitutional Carry Petition Now!
Green Designz , Interior designing in Thrissur, Exterior Designing in Thrissur, Landscape designing in Thrissur, Vastu Consult in Thrissur Green Designz - where aesthetics and functionality unite to bring you the ideal living space. Where dreams take on forms and color.
Visa WE MAKE AWESOME HAPPEN. Origaudio® combines innovative design, high-quality materials & functionality with superior customer service to bring you nothing but 100% awesomeness. We make Backpacks, True Wireless Headphones, Speakers, Power Banks, Selfie Drones, Travel Essentials, & so much more.
Del Principe Design, Qatar's Premium Interior Design Company Welcome to Del Principe Design studio, where elegance, passion, functionality, and form meet and intertwine into exceptional and stunning designs. Del Principe combines imagination and creativity to bring to fruition luxury interior design and high end architectural projects across the globe.
Bettina Hagedorn - interior architecture BETTINA HAGEDORN / INTERIOR DESIGN BERLIN / INTERIOR DESIGN IS OUR PASSION. We create concepts that fuse design, functionality and innovation. Our focus is always on our clients'' wishes, and we bring excellence and commitment into everything we do.
Castle Furniture Design Center Since 1989, Castle Design Center was set to be a different kind of retailer for residential furniture and accessories; focused on people, we literally travel the world to bring you furniture of quality, functionality, and design.
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Home Sweet Home Inspections – Home Sweet Home Inspections, LLC is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. We uphold a standard of integrity bound by fairness, honesty, and personal responsibility. Our distinction is the quality of service we bring to our customers. Accurate knowledge of our trade combined with ability is what makes us true professionals. Above all, we are watchful of our customers' interests, and make their concerns the basis of our business. Our home inspections include a thorough inspection of the structure/foundation, electrical systems, plumbing, heating and cooling, insulation and ventilation, grading and vegetation. We ensure the safety and functionality of all systems of the home. After the physical inspection, we provide you with a comprehensive written report of our findings, including videos and pictures. Our aim is to give you a detailed understanding of your future home so that you can move forward confidently. Call 404-405-7225 to book an appointment with us today!
Cooktechs.com | Talks About Tech Cycle Tracking and Baby Making with the My Days iPhone App There seems to be an app for everything and My Days proves it. Instead of just being a basic calendar, the My Days iPhone app was made to help women track their period and ovulation. Created by Christian Albert Mueller, it uses color-coding and clean design layouts to let users literally count the days. Design Features Each of the calendars on My Days iPhone App utilizes a color-coded system so that users can easily see their fertility levels on any day of the month. This allows women who are trying to have children easily figure out the best days to conceive. Likewise, women who are uninterested in having children can use it for the fertility awareness method of birth control. The basic layout of the calendar makes it easy to view fertile days and read any notes from the previous month. Adjusting for Individual Cycles Initially, My Days uses a 28-day cycle to predict when a woman will be at her highest fertility levels. Over time, users can customize the app so that it reflects their personalized cycle. Women can take notes throughout the month regarding whether or not they took their birth control pills for the day or how their mood changes. The app even allows women to input their body weight on a daily basis and their basal body temperature. To ensure that women do not have any privacy concerns to deal with, the app can be password protected for heightened security. Overall Impression In general, the My Days iPhone app has an extremely straightforward design and a basic layout. It really is just a calendar. This app uses a fairly dull gray background that seems to bring the user's mood level down just by looking at it. Fortunately, the coloring of the app really does not matter in regards to its functionality. It has a basic calendar, and icons that let users access the various features. To make sure that the app is attuned to the individual user, My Days also allows individuals to customize their user preferences. Unlike some of the fertility apps available, My Days iPhone app is offered free of charge. It takes up very little memory on the iPhone and is extremely straight forward to use. This app's only goal is to provide women with a way of tracking fertility, and it certainly succeeds at that goal. It could be a little prettier, but My Days is generally worth the memory space.
Thermal efficiency – Thermilate We at Thermilate constantly strive to bring our customers cutting edge paints with best thermal efficiency coatings and building products which balance functionality and aesthetics with our environment and sustainability. We are proud of our products. We are dealing with the ideal insulation paints for your home walls.
SurferQuest - Business Center Software | SurferQuest - Business Center Software For nearly 20 years SurferQuest™ has been providing customer satisfaction and effective technology solutions to the hospitality industry. SurferQuest is the only WBENC certified enterprise to offer business and social center solutions to the hospitality industry, putting your diversity dollars to work for you.
Mission Shop We bring you thoughtful, intentional, and must-have tech, kids, and home lifestyle brands that fuse good design and practical functionality. Welcome to Mission Shop. What is your Mission today?