The most comprehensive list of fraud detection websites last updated on Jun 1 2021.
Stats collected from various trackers included with free apps.
Pickrr | Courier Pickup, Online Shipping Services & End-to-End E-Commerce Pickrr is India''s largest B2B & B2C Logistic Courier Aggregator. Courier Delivery. Warehousing/Fullfilment Order Tracking at best rates for ecommerce companies
Ecoin - World''s fastest growing cryptocurrency Ecoin is the world''s simplest Cryptocurrency and will be distributed free of charge from this site for everyone with a genuine email, as expecting average users to pay is impratical Our advanced fraud detection engine detects and rewards genuine emails instantly.
Fraud Prevention | Detect Fraud | Fraud Protection | Prevent Fraud with IPQS Prevent fraud confidently with IPQS free anti-fraud solutions including proxy detection & email validation. IPQS fraud prevention tools detect high risk users, clicks, and payments to prevent abusive behavior in real-time.
AML Transaction Monitoring Software| Suspicious Transaction Monitoring Systems| Tookitaki : Tookitaki Tookitaki is an industry leading, cloud-based fraud detection and AML (Anti Money Laundering) Transaction Monitoring Software provider. Tookitaki AML suspicious transaction monitoring is a solution against Money laundering.
NoFraud: eCommerce Fraud Prevention Industry leading eCommerce fraud prevention and detection software that reduces false positives with a guaranteed decision and chargeback protection.
Click Fraud Protection & Detection Software | ClickCease ClickCease™ detects and blocks click fraud on your Adwords campaigns. Automatically block competitors and bots from wasting your PPC ads budget.
Click Fraud Detection & Protection Software for PPC Ads | PPC Protect PPC Protect is the leading click fraud detection software for your PPC campaigns. Automated protection in 3 clicks giving you more leads & saving you money.
Neo4j Graph Platform – The Leader in Graph Databases Neo4j is the graph database platform powering mission-critical enterprise applications like artificial intelligence, fraud detection and recommendations.
Fraud Detection & Prevention Solution To Reduce Chargeback FraudLabs Pro provides sophisticated fraud detection solution helping merchants to prevent payment fraud and minimize chargeback & losses.
Thirdwatch Sign up for our advanced machine learning fraud detection and prevention software. Start preventing frauds by using our solution customized for Indian Ecommerce. Free trial.
Shipping Software | ecommerce Shipping Solutions | Order Management Software Find best ecommerce shipping software on ezyslips. We provide ecommerce shipping solutions in India with multi carrier shipping management software to track your orders.
Fraud Detection Services | Account Takeover Protection | GIACT We constantly invest in our AML technology to arm our customers with the most powerful suite of real-time fraud detection services available
Accurint® | LexisNexis® Risk Solutions A direct connection to over 65 billion current public records. Detect fraud. Verify identities. Conduct investigations.
Fraud Detection & Prevention Solutions - Advanced Multifactor Authentication Solutions | TransUnion Stop fraud in real time with device recognition technology and a global fraud detection and prevention network that has detected over 40 million confirmed fraud attempts. iovation is an industry…
Advanced Cybersecurity Ad Fraud Prevention for CTV, Display and Video Advertising | Protected Media Guard your Connected TV, display and video advertising against current and emerging threats with Protected Media’s advanced cybersecurity ad fraud solution. Identify and eliminate SSAI fraud, CTV impersonation, sophisticated CTV fraud, GIVT and SIVT with pre-bid prevention and post-bid detection.
Free Fire PC | #1 Action Battle-Royale Match | Free to Play Garena Free Fire PC is an amazing and thrilling battle-royale game. Catch the game and try to Play it on your PC now. Be the last man in the field!
Gurucul = SIEM + Identity Analytics + UEBA + NTA + SOAR + Fraud Gurucul is a leader in Unified Security and Risk Analytics. The company provides machine learning models for detection of anomalies in real-time.
AI solutions for business - deepsense.ai deepsense.ai is a team of business-oriented problem solvers. We use our technical proficiency to identify and solve problems with AI-powered solutions.
PCA Audit - Prescription Control Analyzer Cloud-based software application that detects abuse, waste and improper prescriptions, in real time, at the point of care.
AI solutions for business - deepsense.ai deepsense.ai is a team of business-oriented problem solvers. We use our technical proficiency to identify and solve problems with AI-powered solutions.
Algomine | From Data to AI, BIG DATA + AI + CLOUD Jak zmigrować dane na MS Azure? Jak zróżnicować dostęp do danych na poziomie wiersza? Czym różni się RLS dynamiczny od statycznego? Odpowiedzi na te i inne pytania uzyskasz podczas webinaru Algomine. Zarejestruj się już teraz!
Thirdwatch Sign up for our advanced machine learning fraud detection and prevention software. Start preventing frauds by using our solution customized for Indian Ecommerce. Free trial.
Pay Per Click Fraud Detection, Protection Software - ClickBrainiacs ClickBrainiacs.com is a pay per click fraud detection and prevention software for Google ADS. Register Now and you will get 1 Year of FREE TRIAL.
Wells, Houser & Schatzel, P.A. – Wells, Houser & Schatzel, P.A.,St. Petersburg,Florida,CPA,Accounting Services,Audits, Reviews and Compilations,Bookkeeping/Write-Up,Financial Statements,Financial Forecasts & Projections,Tax Services,Tax Planning & Preparation,Tax Preparation,IRS Representation,Sales Tax Services,Estate & Trust Tax Preparation,Consulting Services,Accounting Software Selection & Implementation,Computer Consulting,Fraud Prevention & Detection,Estate Planning,Retirement Planning,Management Advisory Services,
Home - POELCONSULT, Ulrich R.G. Hirche, Datteln / Ostseebad Insel Poel POELCONSULT Detection - Assessment - Action; I render services in Governance, Risk & Compliance, Internal Audit, Fraud Management, Interim Management, Consulting, worldwide on a contractual basis.
Fraud Prevention and Protection Platform | NS8 Our end-to-end protection platform combines advanced data analytics with real-time scoring to outsmart threats and approve more orders so you can focus on growing your business without the fear of fraud.
RS Software | The Transformative Power of Electronic Payments RS Software delivers custom e-payment solutions for the world’s leading financial institutions, payments networks, processors and software companies. Learn more.
Tri-Merge Credit, Data & Software Solutions for the Mortgage Industry | SettlementOne SettlementOne in a nationa leader providing tri-merge credit reporting, fraud detection, mortgage valuation solutions, and mortgage marketing solutions.
Home | Reach With Reach's unique Merchant of Record model, retailers can process global payment transactions wherever a merchant’s customer is based. The company brings consistency to cross-border currency conversions with its Guaranteed FX solution, has relationships with banks worldwide to enable local credit card processing, offers consumers alternative payment methods where they are accustomed to using them, and provides best-in-class fraud detection and prevention services.
Zippserv : India’s First Real Estate Risk Assessment Firm Zippserv provides a comprehensive real estate risk assessment platform covering legal due diligence, technical/civil engineering due diligence, encroachment & fraud detection services all under one roof.
Digital Harbor Inc - Leader in Healthcare Fraud Prevention : dharbor Digitalharbor is the Leader in Healthcare Fraud Prevention and Provider Credentialing. dharbor Offers most advanced end-to-end operational intelligence suite for detection, investigation, assessment and monitoring of risk and fraud.
BoardAndFraud | Practical approach to issues facing the board of directors and the audit committee, with a focus on fraud deterrence, detection, and investigation. Practical approach to issues facing the board of directors and the audit committee, with a focus on fraud deterrence, detection, and investigation.
Web Tracking - Fraud Detection and Prevention mTrackit provides unique solutions for web tracking to help with detection and prevention of frauds. We provide help with fraud detection & brand safety.
agido GmbH - agile Softwarelösungen, innovativ, individuell & wirtschaftlich agido GmbH - innovative Softwarelösungen im Bereich Elastic Cloud Computing, Multichannel Payment, Mobile App Development uvm.
Passive Fraud Detection Using Behavioural Biometrics | Circadian Use AI and behavioural biometrics - how your users shop on their smartphones - to passively recognise customers and detect fraud across our network.
CubeIQ Limited CubeIQ Limited, Greece, Cyprus, Business Process Re-engineering, Item and document processing, Serf-service machines, Bill payment terminals, Bank branch automation, Cheque book issuance systems, Electronic transaction processing systems, SWIFT related software applications, Anti money laundry systems, Fraud detection and prevention systems, Document image processing and workflow management systems, Electronic loyalty and close electronic purses systems, SMS Messaging Systems, Prepaid services electronic distribution systems.Anti-Money Laundering, AML, BSA, EDD, KYC, SAR, CTR, aml software,aml software for banks,anti money laundering software", On-Line AML Analysis, Transaction Filtering, OFAC, EU, UN, PEP, FEP, Names Filtering Against Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List: OFAC, EU, UN, PEP, FEP. Enhanced Due Diligence, Customer Profiling, Know Your Customer - KYC. Detection, analysis and reporting on suspicious transaction activity.
Image Forgery Detector: image forensics, fake photo detection, digital document manipulation detection - Image forgery detection photo alteration prevention document photo verification forensics scan identification KYC AML online fraud prevention services
GeoGuard | Accurate IP Geolocation, VPN and Proxy Detection Our solutions are based on the award-winning geolocation compliance and geo-protection technologies that help to prevent geo-piracy and location-based fraud
Fraud Detection Software for Tenant Screening | SNAPPT Snappt is an application fraud detection solution that can accurately spot fraudulent documentation. Fight fraud with Snappt''s fraud detection software.
Fraud Detection and Mobile Capture | SQN Banking Systems SQN Banking Systems offers hosted solutions for fraud detection, mobile capture to secure payment channels.
Forensic Accounting and Dispute Resolution Services by Swenson Advisors, LLP Swenson Forensic Accounting and Dispute Resolution Services adopts a proactive approach to fraud investigation and prevention. We give you a safegaurd against fraud.
Ducit.ai | Better decisions through Open Banking intelligence Ducit.ai is the artificial intelligence Open Banking platform that enables banks and lenders to make better, more relevant credit risk and fraud detection decisions and empowers consumers to get access to suitable financial products and services.
TruNarrative | We Make Safe Commerce Simple | Fraud and Compliance Risk Solution TruNarrative. A single-platform solution for Fraud Detection, Prevention, Anti-Money Laundering, KYC, Behavioural Monitoring and Identity Verification.
AI-Powered Continuous Authentication and Fraud Detection Zighra is a leading provider of On-Device AI solutions for continuous authentication and fraud detection on mobile and web applications. Privacy enhanced next generation behavioral biometrics.