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Cultures for Health: Yogurt Starter, Sourdough Starter, Kombucha, Kefir Grains, Cheese Making and more | Supplies for a Real Food Lifestyle At CFH, we supply more than 300 products to support a Real Food Lifestyle. Shop starter cultures, cheesemaking, natural fermentation, soy cultures, supplies, books & more - we are your trusted source for a healthy food lifestyle!
cross New Chapter honors the whole-food integrity of every ingredient, supplying essential goodness that benefits body, soul, and Earth
The Website that Takes the Guesswork Out of Fermentation | MakeSauerkraut Learn to make sauerkraut, a probiotic-rich fermented food full of beneficial bacteria for your health. Easy, Yummy! Troubleshooting tips, photo-rich recipes.
The Daily Intake | Food & Drug Lawyers | Keller and Heckman Law Firm The Daily Intake is written by the Keller and Heckman Food and Drug lawyers and offers insights on the food and dietary supplement industry.
Welcome! - The Cultured Foodie Welcome to “The Cultured Foodie”, a new resource to demystify and share the delicious benefits of fermented food for beginners and the experienced alike.
Welcome to Storyteller Travel! - Storyteller Travel Learn about some of the best foods on the planet. From amazing South American fruit and deep fried sweets in Uganda, to roasted rodent and saliva fermented
Elijah Craig | Home Page Each bottle of award-winning Elijah Craig Bourbon is crafted with the same method used by Elijah over two hundred years ago: local corn and grains are milled and mixed with limestone-rich Kentucky spring water, then fermented and distilled. After years of aging in charred oak, our Master Distillers select the most complex barrels to become Elijah Craig Small Batch, Barrel Proof, and Single Barrel Bourbons.
Brew Buch: Home Brewed Kombucha Made Easy | Brew Buch For new kombucha brewers to seasoned fermenters! We’ll get you from SCOBY-less to fizzy fermented bliss, with delicious flavors and tips.
Visa Equipment & supplies for home brewing, wine making, distilling spirits, cheese making and more. Home brew great beer from extract & all grain kits. Create your own from our range of malts, yeasts, and hops. We have a range of wine & cider kits, spirit flavours, Mad Millie kits and supplies. You can also pay using Poli.
Visa WishCare - You Wish, We Care - Natural Hair & Skin Care Range Explore WishCare Natural, Organic & Toxin Free Skin & Hair Care Products Online. We Promise You A Chemical-Free & Healthier Way of Life. COD and Free Shipping Available. HandMade. Organic. Nature Inspired. Cruelty Free. Non Toxic Chem
Visa Masontops creates unique lids and accessories for Mason jars with a special focus on DIY health foods, including fermented vegetables, bean sprouting, and kombucha brewing.
Fermented Reality - Crafting a Better Beer Experience We are your source for a better beer experience. Our line of Outdoor Craft Beer cups provide you with the best possible experience when you're enjoying your favorite craft beer On the Go!
Crusty Bread Atrisan Bakery - large variety of long fermented artisan bread and gluten, dairy & wheat free products - Crusty Bread Artisan Bakery Wheat intolerance or sensitivity? Try our “Tummy-Friendly” fully developed bread that is made by the proper long fermentation process with a second rising, which breaks down the gluten and makes it easier to digest.
Tilted Shed Ciderworks - Small batch fermented ciders from local organic apples Small-batch traditional ciders from Sonoma County
Humble House | The Tested & Trusted Name in Home Fermentation Humble House is a niche small business from Wisconsin, USA providing fermented food lovers with quality home fermentation equipment and simplified guidance.
MAJESTIC MARKETPLACE Majestic Marketplace best place in Flagstaff to purchase anything fermented. With 41+ domestic and imported beers and wines on tap, and growlers and crawlers are available for when you can’t get enough. Check out our aisles for an even wider variety of Liquors, beers, Cigars and more! Join us at Happy Hour from 4-7 monday to Sunday!
Peace, Love & Vegetables - Home Of The PLV Tribe Here at Peace, Love & Vegetables we put our love into healing the world through good health, producing Australia’s best organic, raw fermented foods.
Brickworks Ciderhouse | Country Born City Crafted Craft Ciders Brickworks Ciderhouse strive to produce the highest quality, slow fermented Craft Ciders. This is why 100% of our ciders are made with locally sourced and fresh pressed Ontario heritage apples grown in the micro climates of the Georgian Bay and Niagara regions.
Kraut Source - Fermentation Made Simple Kraut Source allows you to make delicious fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickles & kimchi with ease. Fits on any wide-mouth mason jar. Probiotic superfoods.
Alshahba Ovens for manufacturing and distributing all kinds of Bakery oven in Syria- Aleppo
Fermentationexperts AS • Fermented feed for pigs and poultry Welcome to Fermentationexperts AS. The specialist in fermented feed for pigs and poultry – for more economical feed and improved health. Visit our webpage.
Hudson Valley Fermented Hudson Valley Fermented - an afternoon of the finest craft beer, wine, spirits and artisanal foods from the Hudson Valley, presented by the Pleasantville Rotary Club.
Opera Tavern Opera Tavern is a beautiful two-storey bar and restaurant in the heart of central London’s theatre land.
CHUAN CHIU FOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD CHUAN CHIU FOOD MACHINERY was established since 1982 who’s been manufacturing Food Machine equipment, includes baking equipment, food processing machines and refrigerators till now. In 1982, built up with factory with 30 meter squares in TUCHENG, NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, we started to make food machine related to spiral mixer machine, fermentation showcase and so.
CHUAN CHIU FOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD CHUAN CHIU FOOD MACHINERY was established since 1982 who’s been manufacturing Food Machine equipment, includes baking equipment, food processing machines and refrigerators till now. In 1982, built up with factory with 30 meter squares in TUCHENG, NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, we started to make food machine related to spiral mixer machine, fermentation showcase and so.
Sauerkrautathon 2018 Sauerkrautathon was staged to raise awareness of the health benefits of fermented foods. Over 150 people helped chop and salt cabbage, to set the first ever Guinness World Record for the largest serving of sauerkraut, weighing 359.6kgs. The organisers now want to help others break their record.
Ethyl Alcohol - High Purity, Natural Food Grade Alcohol 96.2% - Extra Neutral Potable Ethanol A pure natural alcohol derived from sugar cane. Material appearance is clear, colourless, and free from suspended matter. Ethanol is a clear, colourless, flammable liquid, produced from the fermentation of and distillation of sugar cane molasses. Ethanol in varying grades is an important raw material in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and toiletries, flavours, essences and vinegar.
Visa Dark Forest Kombucha and Water Kefir are super dooper probiotic gut loving unpasteurised soft drinks. Fermented from 100% Australian organic green tea, raw sugar and whole fruits. Gluten-free, Vegan and absolutely no Stevia or weird ass sugars. Made in our NSW Fermentary. Soft drink for Adults. Zero waste manufacture.
Tempeh - What is tempeh? What is tempeh? Easy instructions for making your own tempeh. Learn more about its health benefits and find hundreds of recipes. You can also order tempeh starter here.
VitalAbo Online Shop Europe - An Online Shop for Vitamins, Food Supplements & Sports Nutrition Choose from a vast selection of vitamins, elixirs, supplements, superfoods & proteins. Delivered right to your door! Free delivery from € 29,90
BAO Fermented Vegetables, Sauces and Drinks BAO creates fermented vegetables, sauces and drinks using the 7000 year old method of fermentation providing tasty and probiotic rich products.
Kirby & Kraut Kitchen tools, recipes and resources for preparing pickled, preserved and fermented foods at home.
SOTRU - Organic Fermented Whole Food Nutrition - Official Online Store At SoTru, we source the finest whole superfoods on the planet, then unlock the plants full nutritional potency using the ancient art of fermentation, creating the most easily digestible and bioavailable products possible for your optimal health and vitality.
JARED''S PROBIOTICS - Oklahoma Kombucha | Kefir Sodas | Probiotic Foods At Jared''s ProBiotics, our Oklahoma kombucha, Kombucha Sodas, water kefir, & probiotic popsicles are fermented & made with good bacteria and better gut health in mind.
Visa Pickles, kimchi, kombucha +more! Brine fermented and apple cider vinegar foods full of spirit. Made in DC by Number 1 Sons. Plus select local producers & farmers. Joyfully delivered in DC, MD & VA.
Tempeh starter from TopCultures TopCultures is a producer of high quality tempeh starter and natto starter. We deliver worldwide and give free advice. Our starters are free from salmonella and other pathogens.
Visa Kombucha with substance, crafted in London, for the positively obsessed. A naturally fermented tea, cultured in small batches by hand.
Molinari Salame - P.G. Molinari is a name that has meant excellence in Italian salame and sausage for over 100 years. Italian style dry fermented sausages made in San Francisco by P.G. Molinari & Sons, Inc. since 1896.
Ontario Honey Creations Ontario Honey, Toronto Honey, Headwaters Honey, Rouge Valley Honey, Honey, Raw Honey, Seasonal Honey, Small batch honey, Local Honey, Ontario Honey, Real honey, Raw Local Honey, Artisan Honey Vinegar, Fermented Honey, Pure Honey, Real Honey, Creamed Honey, Honeycomb, Comb Honey, Spicy Honey, Beewax, Pure beeswax
ORIGIN Breads Origin Breads combines Wisconsin grown, stone-milled grains with wild yeasts and long fermentation times to make loaves with maximum flavor and nutrition. Based in Madison, we focus on small batch baking of handcrafted, naturally fermented, real loaves and focaccia.
We cherish simplicity The Tea Campaign offers certified top-quality Darjeeling tea which is tested rigourously for purity and taste. Due to its unusual business model it can offer highest quality at low prices.
Home A unique rural pub specialising in craft beers and food made using local produce. Little Earth Project Brewery is next door, creating wild, aged & historic style beers. With an eco campsite and holiday cottages on site this is a great destination pub
HEX FERMENTS - small batch, organic fermented vegetables and kombucha – HEX Ferments HEX Ferments is Baltimore Maryland's first fermentory making local, organic sauerkrauts, kimchi, and kombucha that are nutrient-dense, probiotic-rich fermented foods made with care and attention. Our goods can be found in Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey and at our Baltimore store every day.
The Pro Health Shop I specialize in Pro-Biotic, RAW food and Natural Health supplements My Name is Max van Heerden and I am the founder of Pro-Health-Store It has been quite a journey for me having to cope with a few health problems myself. I took the time to research the most common problems, people are facing Nowadays I found a few Natural Products that can be used to cure and to prevent these types of illnesses and lack of nutrition. I will definitely urge you to read up on the following product. we have Milk Kefir, Water Kefir, Kombucha, Wheatgrass, Yoghurt Culture. we are based in South-Africa. We ship post to all citys
Witty Turtle | Everything you need to know, is here! Everything you need to know, is here! | Witty Turtle
Zymbiotics Fermented Foods - Zymbiotics LLC Zymbiotics produces award winning prebiotic and probiotic naturally fermented sauerkraut, ginger carrots, beets, kimchi and vegan kimchi.
Ballerino Creamery Our Shenandoah Valley artisan cheeses are made with local, grass-fed or pasture-based milk. Styles include mozzarella, camembert, ricotta, farmers cheese, burrata, creme fraiche and washed-rind varieties. We believe in humane animal treatment and soil health as well as the health benefits and probiotic nature of fermented dairy foods. Our cheeses are handcrafted and available at farmers'' markets.
Ft. Wayne's Farmers Market Ft. Wayne''s Farmers Market offers fresh local in season produce, meats, eggs, dairy, pasta, baked goods, breads, kombucha, loose leaf tea, coffee, fermented foods, bone broth, natural bath products, crafts and jewelry. We are a producer only farm market operating year round.
Son Of Man Sagardo - Basque Style Cider from Oregon Son of Man Sagardo is a wild fermented Basque Style Cider made in the Columbia River Gorge. Bright, tart, and never sweet, Sagardo will turn cider haters into cider lovers.
home Wake Robin produces live, naturally cultured vegetables made in small batches using an ancient preservation method called lacto-fermentation. Our delicious products are made with the freshest natural ingredients and include beneficial probiotic organisms.
RuPay Slow fermented breads, Cereals, Nut Butters & much more. All made from scratch with the best ingredients and zero preservatives. Shipped from our Bakery to your coffee table!
公館美食 | 比薩幫 Pizza Guild | 手工披薩店 | 可外送 | 公館3號出口 台北公館美食 手工披薩 新鮮與天然的原料 外送披薩 外帶披薩 全張 單片 Handmade pizza using only fresh and natural ingredients of the highest quality. At Pizza Guild, our special blend of flours combines quality Japanese and locally harvested wheats, slowly fermented into dough overnight.
Food Smart | Bless the Present, Trust Yourself, Expect the Best Bless the Present, Trust Yourself, Expect the Best
Delicious Obsessions® | Real Food, Gluten-Free, Paleo Recipes, Natural Living Info Real and traditional food recipes that are fast and easy to prepare, including fermented and cultured food. Site also includes how-to's, nutrition information, health and wellness tips, food politics, and more.
Sense of Place is a café by day, wine/beer bar by night. Serving locally roasted, fermented Enzymo Coffee that is healthy & delicious.
Fermentation Falls Church Wow Wow LLC Offering Fermentation Workshops in the greater Washington, DC area. Learn how to create your own fermented foods for better gut health. www.wowxtwo.com
Bar One Orlando - Home Located near the Orlando airport, the newly opened Bar One Orlando has a passion for good food and great drinks. We specialize in beer, wine, and fermented liquors and our menu is filled with delicious cocktails. With friendly service, daily drink special
Supplier of cheesemaking supplies, cheese cultures, molds, lipase, rennet, yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk and fermented milk supplies : Dairy Connection Inc. cheese culture, dairy, cheesemaking, cheese making, mold, lipase, rennet, yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk, dairy connection, fermented, milk
Fermented Grape | The World of Wine Fermented Grape is dedicated to Discovering, Demystifying and Debunking the world of wine. Our topics: health debate on alcohol, featuring the world''s wine regions, how wine is produced etc.
Figaro Shakes | Shakes, Smoothie Bowls, Fermented Food Recipes And More! Shakes, Smoothie Bowls, Fermented Food Recipes And More!
Urban Hippie Miso is one of Japan's traditional fermented foods. Our Miso is hand-crafted in sunny Nelson and uses quality ingredients.
Greek Lightning - The Honey Liqueur Of The Gods Distilled at the legendary Callicounis Distillery. Blended with organic Greek honey. Fermented with a secret mix of spices. Try Greek Lightning honey liqueur today and taste the nectar of the gods.
Foleys Frothing Fermentations - Organic Sauerkrauts, Kim Chi, Sriracha, Fermented Mustards, Gut Shots, Salad Dressings - Dunsborough WA Foleys Frothing Fermentations - Organic, Probiotic, naturally fermented Sauerkrauts, Kim Chi, Sriracha, Fermented Mustards, Gut Shots and Salad Dressings. From Farm to Fork, hand crafted in Dunsborough WA
Go Live Pure - Reveal the Light, Eat Green , Think Clean Sharing my experiences as I pursue a life of eating green and clean while seeking purity of mind in the God of the Bible in the son Yeshua (Jesus).
Itsa Pizza Truck Catering Wood-fired mobile pizza truck ready to cater your wedding or private party throughout NYC, Westchester and the Hudson Valley. You''ll love our affordable catering options that include our signature wild fermented sourdough Neapolitan style pizzas! We also have custom built trailer-mounted mobile wood fired pizza ovens for sale and offer catering business consulting!
ELICIOUS Chefs constantly need new ingredients to draw inspiration from. In today’s fast moving culinary world restaurants need a well connected supply chain. Strong relationships with their producers and access to desired products, on demand, are what drive a restaurant’s success.
Visa A New Culture of Wellness by taking a full body, mind-body-spirit approach. While focusing on gut health using fermented diary, KePro, fermented foods and whole functional foods. Mindset is also a major focus that includes affirmations, meditation and more.
Oneness Enzymes Oneness Enzymes is exquisitely crafted with our proprietary blend of 152 premium ingredients (such as cordyceps, chinese wolfberry, roselle and mulberry among others), fermented for no less than 547 days and infused with probiotics, bringing you delicious goodness. FDA approved!
Strawman Farms Inc - Why Bone Broth? Strawman Farm's excellence in the natural health space is evidenced by its commitment to the highest quality natural food products money can afford with an emphasis on the cleanest sourcing of the healthiest ingredients possible. 1.At the Strawman operation we take great care in raising our bison herd in a low stress lifestyle, keeping in mind the quality of life for our animals, the impact our ranch and process has on the environment and the impact our actions have on the quality of our finished bison meat product. The following is our promise to you. 2. We NEVER use antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or vaccines on our bison. It is so important to us that we keep our finished bison product 100% All natural. 3. Our bison have lots of room to roam, graze and grow. The space we give our bison herds allow them to remain wild and live on their instincts according to their own social hierarchies. Throughout the course of their lives, our bison are minimally handled, respected and humanely treated. 4. Strawman Farm (The family) care about their land, their animals and sustainability. They oversee all operations on their ranches and are hands on with the management of their herd. The meat we sell across the province is the same meat we put on their own table and share with our family and Friends. 5. With the new edition to our Beautiful 2000 square foot commercial kitchen we do everything we can to ensure that the meat we produce is with us throughout the entire cycle from ranch to plate. Our growing operation is more and more allowing us to raise our bison from birth and oversee the process all the way through production. You can feel good about putting Strawman farm products on your table because we feel good about the high standards we live by to produce it. You can rest easy knowing that the meat we send you is 100% natural meat from a ranch that cares about its herd and the land With any superior food product, the other key element is unmatchable taste.Strawman Farm Bone Broth has spent countless hours refining recipes to arrive to our flagship products we are known for today. Strawman Farm is a known to be the absolute best bone broth available. Many clients that used to cook it for themselves have stopped doing so and have Strawman Farm do it for them now. To be the leader in this space also means quick delivery times. Strawman Farm is committed to ensure products ordered reach Strawman Farm customers in the most expedited timeframe possible. Once products arrive to client’s houses, Strawman Farm does not stop there. Strawman Farm understands 110% client satisfaction is the key to being the undisputed leader. Strawman Farm strives to create a personal relationship with every one of its valued clients and is concerned about the health and welfare of every single client. Most clients come to Strawman Farm with a need to transform their health for the better and Strawman Farm not only understands this but makes this our core focus. We listen to every client’s needs and customize an individual plan that will assist it’s clients to derive the greatest benefit from our products and wealth of information. From the early pioneering recipe refinements of our founders the Holm Family, to our visionary product developments that include coming new expanded flavors and convenient dehydrated versions, join us on a journey of discovery, as we forge boldly into the future of premium food luxury. Our farm Strawman Farm was founded on the idea to bring top quality, ethically raised bison meat directly to the people: ranch to table. Bob and Lori Holm along with Sons Stephan, Dylan, and Liam, are dedicated to a lifestyle of watching over and caring for their herds in a humane and ethical way – with no growth hormones or steroids, antibiotics, vaccines or Grains they allow the herds to roam free, minimally handled for most of their lives. Modern-day vision, exceptional quality, signature levels of innovation and world-class customer service makes Strawman Farm not just a food product, but a work of passion to health and helping others improve their lives. Strawman Farm also now functions as a Local educational resource about bone broth farming and natural remedies . Inspired by the tremendous health benefits of bone broth an other natural remedys if you have any questions about bone broth we are always willing to help you on your recovery to optimal health. Give us a call or shoot us an email; we are ecstatic and grateful to help. Strawman Farm started by selling bone broth face to face to customers in local Edmonton Farmers Markets and quickly became an item in very high demand. Soon word spread and customers nationwide were asking how to have our high-quality bone broth delivered. To meet growing nationwide demand, Strawman Farm created this website to fulfill orders nationwide as well as local. Strawman Farm Bone Broth specializes in creating healthy, delicious and organic bone broth made with a combination of our grass fed bison and pasture raised, free-range chicken and turkey bones, and grass-fed organic beef bones. The broth can also used as a gourmet drink by itself and can also be used to cook rice, risottos and create soups from. For those unable to make their own, Strawman Farm also offers bone broth delivery service. Our mission is to make healthy organic bone broth available to anyone who wants it. Most people do not have the time to make their own nor want to mess around with making it. We believe bone broth is earning status as a superfood and those who are health-conscious should research the health benefits of bone broth and strongly consider adding bone broth to their diet.