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Expat.com, the expatriate community Share your expat experience on expat.com, the online expatriate community. You will find here everything you need to live abroad.
Costa Rica News, Newspaper, Travel, Tourism, Vacation, Entertainment, Real Estate, Sports, World News Find the latest in 7 day news updates in Costa Rica and around the world - the most complete coverage of travel, business, technology, sports, science, politics and education of all newspapers in Costa Rica, including world news.
Expat.com, the expatriate community Share your expat experience on expat.com, the online expatriate community. You will find here everything you need to live abroad.
Expat Insurance | International Auto, Property, Health, Commercial Insurance for Expats | Clements Worldwide Clements Worldwide is one of the leading providers of international expat insurance for Auto, Property, Health, and Commercial with over 70 years of experience. Get a quote today.
christao408 | The adventures of an expat American who moved to Bangkok for his husband. In late 2005, I moved from the United States to join my partner (now husband) in Bangkok. I started blogging as a way to document the experience of living abroad and to share it with my family and friends. You can read my blog entries, learn more about me, or search for specific information on…
Adventures of an Unlikely Protagonist Fandom Experience Manager @Legendary. Rogue archaeologist turned costumed bard in storybookland; Archaeologist; Game industry expat. Follow my @Twitch adventures too! twitch.tv/jessicamarzipan
Expat In Italy | I am closing the year 2018 with one particular thought. As I feel it must be finally said. Stop listening to anyone telling you what you should do. Don't allow them to decide what is right and what is not. It's your life. Live it your way. That's the spirit you should have to enjoy yourself in 2019. No matter of your age, gender or education we all should have free will to do exactly what pleases us. Our own action should be based on free choices. We should have a courage and confidence to live the way we want. You wanna be single and travel the world? Do it! You wanna stay in a relationship? Do so! And most importantly don't follow anyone else's idea what he thinks is right for you to do. I just met a girl on the market, she was pregnant. We started chatting and she told me, that she has been 10 years in a relationship and everyone was always bugging her when they get married... then to satisfied them, they finally got married. In a while, the people started asking why don't they have a baby. Been so long together, no baby, do you have a problem to get pregnant? To satisfied that voice, they started a family. As I met her few days ago, and she had a baby boy. And what's going to happen next? She already knows... When the kid is going to be 2 years old, the people will start bugging her when she will have another baby cuz again the others decided it is good to have kids similar age, my god! Please let's stop this circle of decisions based on others. Let's free our mind and lives from others telling us what is the best for us or what should we do. There is no right age for us to do anything. When the time is right we will know it. There hasn't been written a scenario of life exactly same for everyone. What works for you, doesn't necessary need to work for me? Right? That's my final thought for 2018. Just don't give a flying f**** what other people think. Because we don't need the approval of anyone. As soon as you will realize you are the main character of your life, you will feel free. #relieve Pretty much all I hope for you in 2019 - just go out and live story of YOUR life, the way you wish. And of course sending tons of health and love! 'Life begins where fears end.' Go out tiger and get your freedom! with LoVE, Zuzi
Four Seas One Family and the Expat Life Exclusively focusing on adjusting to life overseas as an expat or immigrant. Whether traveling alone, with a partner or family, share in the adventures, challenges and difficulties faced by people living in countries they aren''t a native of.
Psychotherapy The Hague | Den Haag | Joanne B. Rahusen M. A. Multilingual Counselling Psychologist with 27 years of expat life experience who has studied, lived and worked in 8 different countries across 4 continents holds private practice in The Hague.
KNOWMADS HANOI - Home Knowmads Hanoi is an education organization. We design learning experiences for personal development, sustainability and collaboration
No Longer Native - an expat experience No Longer Native is an expat blog from an American ‘trailing wife’ currently living in Madrid, Spain.
Home | Dijon | Expatready Bienvenue sur mon site internet ! Vous allez bientôt ou voulez devenir expatrié ? Avec plus de 30 ans d''expérience dans l''enseignement, mes formations et séminaires vous aideront à préparer au mieux votre expatriation !
US EXPATRIATE & INTERNATIONAL TAX INFORMATION Tax Attorney and CPA with over 31 years US International and Expatriate Tax Return experience. Site includes expat answers, return preparation, and international IRS guidance.
US Expat Tax Services for Americans Living Abroad Our many years of experience working with overseas clients will assure you of the stability and consistency of our services and our professionals will make certain that we are 100 percent with you every step of the way.
AbacusTax Abacus Tax Limited is a firm that specializes in the preparation of US taxes for expats. We are a team of experienced and professional accountants. We graduated from renounced universities in the United States and Hong Kong. We have over twenty years of taxation and accounting experience. Our team provides all aspects of tax and accounting compliance as well tax consultation services to our individual and corporate clients.We are located in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.
GroomAndBloom | An Expat Blog | Reviews-Reflections-Recipes An Expat Blog | Reviews-Reflections-Recipes
Richard Raby: a birdwatching guide in Brazil — Custom guided birding / birdwatching tours for world birders of South eastern Brazil, based out of Rio de Janeiro led by Richard Raby, Expat bi-lingual bird guide of over 20 yrs South American experience A birdwatching guide based at rio de janeiro, south eastern brazil, richard raby eco-tours caters to the world birding holiday visitor, and targets regional endemic species such as brazilian merganser, grey-winged cotinga, hooded and restinga antwren. Richard specializes in Custom made, multi-centre birdwatching trips within a one days driving radius from his lagoon side lodge at marica, a one hour drive from Rio International airport.
Location guides for business travellers and expats | Amazing Capitals Amazing Capitals unique city and regional guides for expats and business travellers in Germany, China, Poland, Czech Republic and more on their way
Tieland to Thailand | Thailand Travel Blog and Guide to Expat Life Tieland to Thailand is a leading travel blog and trusted resource on expat life in Thailand. On a mission to inspire you to explore life in amazing destinations, bloggers Chris and Angela provide actionable tips, detailed guides, and updated information about how to move to and best experience Thailand.
WRS | Home WRS is the trusted resource for English speakers in Switzerland, with 20 years of experience in the expat and local English speaking Swiss market.
Expat Health Insurance - Pacific Prime Singapore Pacific Prime Singapore offers medical insurance solutions for expatriates & locals. We are able to consistently offer our customers the best service, backed by more than a decade of experience.
Costa Rica News, Newspaper, Travel, Tourism, Vacation, Entertainment, Real Estate, Sports, World News Find the latest in 7 day news updates in Costa Rica and around the world - the most complete coverage of travel, business, technology, sports, science, politics and education of all newspapers in Costa Rica, including world news.
Twitter Thinking about retiring to the Philippines? U.S. expat with 28 years of experience writes about Philippines Retirement Visa, culture shock, relationships, expat lifestyle and more
Expat Insurance | International Auto, Property, Health, Commercial Insurance for Expats | Clements Worldwide Clements Worldwide is one of the leading providers of international expat insurance for Auto, Property, Health, and Commercial with over 70 years of experience. Get a quote today.
fuckedgaijin • Portal A no holds barred community blog and forum for foreigners in Japan, covering the gaijin experience and bizarre news from Japan. Site contains some ADULT CONTENT and TRACES OF NUTS.
Expat.com, the expatriate community Share your expat experience on expat.com, the online expatriate community. You will find here everything you need to live abroad.
Expat Cape Town | Moving, Living and Working in South Africa | Expat Guide Experience and enjoy expat life in vibrant and multicultural Cape Town. Practical tips and valuable insights for moving to, living and working in Cape Town.
Expat.com, the expatriate community Share your expat experience on expat.com, the online expatriate community. You will find here everything you need to live abroad.
The American Norseman | An expat experience in Scandinavia – Brought to you by Erik Funfar An expat experience in Scandinavia - Brought to you by Erik Funfar
New Zealand and United States Tax Consultants - NZ US Tax Specialists Highly recommended experts for filing taxes as a US expat in NZ, or as a New Zealander working with the US. Call United States Tax Consultants, NZUS Tax.
Expat Mortgages UK & Europe Expat Mortgage Broker | Offshoreonline in the UK Expat mortgages || A specialist expat mortgage broker with over 25 years experience. UK regulated. No fee if we cannot find you a lender. Call ☎ 0208 333 9125 to discuss your expatriate mortgage options - covering French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & Non UK Citizen Mortgages.
Bucharest With Kids | The online resource for families in Bucharest All parents want the best for their children and the very first steps in your child's life are the most important ones. Choosing the perfect school for your child can be difficult. To help you, there are some aspects you might want to take into consideration. Firstly, what ages does the school cover? Would you like your child to be in a school dedicated to early years only or part of a larger community that they could grow up in? Secondly, let's think about the learning facilities in the early years and the possibility of having extra-curricular activities. What are the indoor and outdoor facilities like? Are children able to play indoors and outdoors and what toys or provisions are there for them? Are there options for choosing some fun extra-curricular activities? Moreover, for some parents, the languages spoken in the classroom are important. Do you want your child to be in a single language environment, or offered a dual language learning environment? What support is there for children who are learning a new language? We all know how important it is for children to play. Through playing, a child can learn to develop all their skills, they can feel and act independently, make friends, socialize, be part of a group and learn to express their emotions, thoughts and feelings. How does the school regard the importance of learning social skills or learning through play? Is there an emphasis on teaching and learning certain skills and knowledge? Excellence in education is another important aspect you might take into consideration. What about great teachers, who can take care of each child independently, in a secure, safe and happy environment? To find out more information about these you can ask what an inspection report says about the school, look at the teacher qualifications or you could ask to meet the teachers. In the early years, it is not easy for a child to get used to a new environment and new people, that's why children need to be understood and to feel comfortable and secure. Is there any chance to ease this transition in some ways? For example, can teachers make a home visit before term starts? Or is there any possibility for parents to collect their child earlier, in the first week of school? The relationship between teachers and children is important. What does the school do to develop and support this relationship and create a positive learning experience for children? To try to find all the answers you need you will probably start by reading a school's website and looking for recommendations from other parents. The opportunity to visit a school and see for yourself how they care for early years children though is often the best way of making decisions about which school is best for you. Open mornings, or arranging a visit directly with the school will allow you to see all of these things and ask your own questions. We hope the ideas in this article help you to choose the best start in life for your child. Take it step by step, think about your child's needs, about what's best for him to grow and develop completely, and for sure you'll take the right decision! This article was written by British School of Bucharest. Come to the Early Years Open Morning, at British School of Bucharest (BSB) Join British School of Bucharest's Early Years Open Morning, on Tuesday 13th November, to feel the safe and caring environment BSB creates, to see how the Early Years children can develop confidence, self-esteem and creativity through play and meet the unique team of teachers and staff, which truly supports their emotional and personal development. For three hours, between 09:00 and 12:00, come to BSB's campus, on 42 Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, Voluntari, Ilfov County, and be part of this unique event, created especially for all the parents and their little ones, where you can also visit the campus, see all the facilities and participate in fun activities. Find out more about BSB and this event, and book your place, on British School of Bucharest website: We also welcome visitors any time. Please request a visit on our website: . An Admissions Representative will contact you to establish a day to visit our school. British School of Bucharest is an established, well-resourced top private school, located in Bucharest, providing a comprehensive international education, based on the National Curriculum for England. The British School of Bucharest serves more than 500 students aged between 2-18. It is a richly diverse learning community, with students representing approximately 50 nationalities.
International Tax Advice by Steve Fox, CPA International Tax Adviser with 30 years international tax planning experience in IC-DISC, Export Tax incentives, Subpart F, transfer pricing, compliance, expat tax returns and Form 2555, FIN 48 tax provision support, international tax structure
Book Tour Radio – Introducing You to New, Emerging, & Amazing Authors Introducing You to New, Emerging, & Amazing Authors
Yaz Talks A Lot – A Wee Bit of Scotland in New York This is a lifestyle blog dedicated to my immigration journey and living in the USA, as a UK expat. Where to go next?   Completing a K1 Fiance Visa , read my full experience. Adjusting your status... read my experience so far. Need information about getting set up in the US? Looking for insight into expat life? Feeling a…
Hillbrook | HOME Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions, based in Amsterdam, is a niche firm in the expat tax and immigration services industry.
China For Teaching / Work in China Work as an English teacher in China. High salary. The provision of housing. Visa support. Find a dream job together with China For Teaching ../chinaforteaching.com/public_html/assets
The Dating Abroad Podcast "DANET" All episodes of The Dating Abroad Podcast. Including all the bonuses ever provided, two books, and countless stories, adventures, and words of wisdom from some of the world''s best international players. Also included is every bonus that was ever sent out with the show. 📚 Two free books about dating in Europe and Asia. 🎙️ Transcripts of a dozen of the episodes. ⭐ Other bonuses that were sent out to subscribers (tax guides, expat advice, and much more...). Here''s the list of episodes: #001: What’s The Deal With “Love Tours”? #002: Finding a Home Base. #003: Should You Pay On The First Date? #004: Music Festivals and Girls (Sziget Festival in Budapest). #005: How to Get to Russia, and Russian Girls vs. American Girls. #006: How to Get Girls in Russia. #007: Quick Thoughts on Georgia and Tbilisi. #008: Dating Abroad, in the USA…South. #009: A Listener’s Love Tour Experience in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. #010: The Ultimate Guide to Croatia and Croatian Girls. #011: Never Norway? Not So Fast…. #012: What You Need to Know About Lake Balaton, Hungary. #013: Why I Don’t Like Warsaw. #014: The Girls of Peru. #015: Sofia, Bulgaria. #016: How Prevalent Are $25 Beer Scams Abroad? #017: What The Hell Is Gonna Happen to American Girls? #018: Can You Drink on a First Date in Eastern Europe? #019: The Viability of Short Trips to Meet Girls Abroad. #020: The Golden Triangle of Europe. #021: How to Make Friends. #022: Everything You Need to Know About Swedish Girls. #023: How Come Nobody Mentions Slovakia? #024: Everything Men Need to Know About Greece. #025: The Guide to Greek Girls. #026: The Book of Brno. #027: Everything You Need to Know About Mexican Girls and Mexico City. #028: What You Need to Know About Poland From a Pole. #029: Expert Advice About Polish Girls from a Local Pole. #030: Getting Off The Grid In Albania and Kosovo. #031: The Basic Money Issue. #032: The Colombian Whorehouse. #033: A Few Quick Thoughts on the Great City of Istanbul. #034: Pillaging Iceland Like a Viking. #035: LaVar Ball Is Ballsy About Lithuania. #036 The Comprehensive Rundown of Latin America. #037: Banging Through Brazil (Sort Of). #038: Why Daygame Ain’t A Thang. #039 Everything Ukraine – Girls, Culture, & More. #040 What Most People Don’t Know About Russia. #041: Listener Q&A Session. #042: Brazil With A Long Time Listener (Part 1 of 2). #043: Brazil With A Long Time Listener (Part 2 of 2). #044: The “Dating Abroad Rules” 1-5. #045: Evolving As A Man Abroad. #048: Questions, Answers, Comments. #050: The Secret to Success With the Girls of Georgia. #051: The Insider’s Guide to Tbilisi, Georgia. #052: Mastering Moscow Nightlife (Part 1 of 2). #053: Mastering Moscow Nightlife (Part 2 of 2). #054: Answering Questions About Expat Life. #055: Logistical Mythicals. #056: America’s Playground. #057: Understanding Japan With Jonathan from Modern Life Dating. #058: Mastering The Art of Japanese…Girls. #059: Crackin’ Krakow. #060: A Rundown of Central America. #061: Do Hotter Girls Get Less Love? #062: Thailand and Chick(en) Farms. #063: The Ultimate Guide to Thai Girls. #064: The Kyiv Post Interview. #065: Jakarta Unlocked With IrishDoesAsia.com. #066: 4Somes, IV Drips, and Way More…. #067: Q&A About Tinder, Feminism, and More…. #068: The Cafe Culture & Social Circle Game. #069: One Man’s First Time in Eastern Europe. #070: Belgrade, Serbia Datasheet. #071: Belgrade, Blow, and Bowel Movements. #072: Balkan Analysis. #073: All About Odessa, Ukraine. #074: The Philippines Plus a Bit of Japan. #075: Crazy Russians in the USA. #076: Don’t Go to Tokyo With No Money. #077: Montreal. #078: Dating Abroad Rules #6-10. #079: Why One Man Thinks America Is The BEST Country. #080: Understanding European Borders. #081: Is Cold Approaching Dying? #082: Daygame and Social Circle. #083: Wroclaw Datasheet. #084: World Cup Madness and Cost of Living in EE Explained. #085: Paris Is Poop and Kyle’s Nightlife Tips. #086: Pillaging English Villages. #087: Barcelona Mini Datasheet. #088: Mexican Weather Girls With MyLatinLife.com. #089: London With Troy Francis. #090: 27 Thoughts on Life. #091: How Ukraine Has Changed. #092: Ukraine As A Black Man. #093: Lviv. #094: Summer in Europe—What to Do. #095: The Half Export. #096: What To Do With Family. #097: Ultimate Guide to Belarus. #098: Life Abroad Isn’t Easy. #099: The Podcast of Prague. #100: Goodbye. Please note that there are ZERO refunds on this product.
Expat Partner Support: Guidance for women moving abroad or rejoining work Share-the-Love is giving guidance and inspiration for women who moved abroad, live the Expat Partner Life or want to rejoin the job market after spending time with their family. We give direction on how to rediscover your value, impact and skills.
American Expats living in China | Country Fried Egg Roll Blog A humorous blog of our crazy adventure moving to and living in Shenyang, China and a resource for future expats who will be moving to and living in China.
Gohoof Gohoof Social is a supportive community for travelers, students & other positive minds living abroad. If your vacation, job, love, or school is abroad, we can make it easier for you to connect with other like minded expats. Gohoof Social is a supportive c...
Expat in California | Based on our relocalization experience, you will find here some tips for your transfer. Based on our relocalization experience, you will find here some tips for your transfer.
Sojoourn: The welcome experience for newcomers in Lyon Receive your welcome box, join the Sojoourn Expat community, participate in our events and activities in Lyon.
Radium Holdings | Riyadh Luxury Living | Dammam Compounds | Aramco Compounds | Villa | Apartments | Jeddah Compounds RADIUM Holdings has proven its professionalism in the property management business, as it was built on solid basis, supported by the successful 48 years of experience of its mother company “JZALA Trade and Real Estate Investment Co.” all around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Ce-Expat Multilingual, Worldwide health insurance, Shengen visa health protection, traveler policies, pilot health coverage, 24/7 and personal advice.
Jobs in Uganda - New Vacancies - jobopenings.co.ug Search and find exciting careers, jobs, employment opportunities & vacancies in Uganda. Finding Jobs in Uganda just got easier post your CV and let employers find you.
Mortgage Advisors York and Leeds | Mortgage Tree Find the best mortgage and insurance deals with Mortgage Tree. With over 20 years' experience in the financial services sector Mortgage Tree can help your ...
Full Circle by Expat. Roasters Full Circle is a new all day dining experience in Ubud. We showcase the culinary wealth of Indonesia and provide you the best coffee in Bali. Call us now to book your table.
The Learning Curve Podcast - Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East - Their experiences, their stories - Awesome Interviews with Arab & Expat Women Entrepreneurs in the Middle East & North Africa, (MENA) Region. We interview Women Entrepreneurs who are building businesses in the Middle East.. Through the power of podcasting we capture their experience and share their success, obstacles, and next steps to encourage more women to pursue their entrepreneurial dream.
Het Triumvieraat | Exemplary Expat Experience Exemplary Expat Experience
Singapore Expat Property Experts – Rent, Buy Property - SEPE ALL current available properties for Sale & Rent shown to you by a dedicated team of Expats & Locals, with a combined 120 years of living and working experience in Singapore. All properties will be narrowed down for you to view in 1-2 sessions to secure your lease/purchase in the least amount of time at NO COST to you for our services. Please email us at enquiries@sepe.com.sg or call our corporate office at ++ (65) 67622705
DUTCH FLEMISH LANGUAGE INSTITUTE - Dutch and Flemish Language and Culture Classes Chicago - Dutch/Flemish Language Institute Dutch and Flemish language and culture lessons. Small groups and private lessons available Chicago, Milwaukee and NY area, online lessons world wide.
Eat, Drink, Have Fun - Mostly Montreal Stop acting like a tourist! Whether you're a local, an expat, or a traveler, follow Mostly Montreal's advice and experience the best this city has to offer.
| Brings you what the world offers We are proudly the only VIP Concierge service in Dubai that offers our customized solutions to both voyageurs and UAE elite residents, including companies and families.
Phnom Penh Apartments & Houses for Rent HomeConnect Cambodia offers hundreds of Phnom Penh apartments & houses for rent. We have 30 years of experience renting apartments and houses to the expat community in Cambodia
Moving abroad? Expat coaching - Feel at home abroad Living and working abroad as an expat is an adventure but also a major life changing experience. How can you make yourself feel at home abroad?
Holland Verlof Service - Rental apartments for expats in Amsterdam – Netherlands Expat in Holland? Are you looking for a comfortable, luxury apartment, house or villa in a popular location in Amsterdam, The Hague/Wassenaar, Haarlem/Heemstede, or the Gooi area? Holland Verlof Service has over 30 years of experience in the furnished or partly furnished rental business for expats.
Meditation and Sports | JourneySkorea Expat who is living and working in South Korea. JourneySkorea is a place to experience Korean culture. Articles about deepening awareness through meditation and sports with a dash of stupidity. Childhood lover of sports but was missing the spirituality aspect which has been uncovered in South Korea
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Online Therapy with Laura Farha - Confidential, Affordable, Safe I offer online therapy for your expat experience. Confidential counseling for depression, anxiety, conflict zone, PTSD and identity issues.
Experience Is An Arch – Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’ gleams that untravell’d world whose margin fades forever and forever when I move. In which a South Carolina girl travels Europe with her Air Force husband, eats strange food, sees historic sites, and tries to survive as an expat.
Therapy Anxiety Trauma I Barcelona I ExpatTherapyBarcelona.com ExpatTherapyBarcelona is an English speaking psychotherapy practice that aims at creating balance and regulation to issues of depression, anxiety and trauma related symptoms, which are often exacerbated through the expat experience.
Home- ISG Invest- Buyers One Stop Shop We are the N○1 Expat Buyers Agent in the Czech Republic. Providing excellent service in investment property research and officiating low rate mortgage loans are a staple for what we can distribute amongst our clients. Through extended training and experience, we ensure our clients receive the proper attention needed.
My expat world Welcome to my expat world, a personal blog written for you. This online diary is thought to help you making the most of your international experience through learnings, adventures, information and experiences, not only in Germany but in many different countries. No matter whether you are planning to relocate to a new country or whether you are just organizing some…
Home - expatseasy.com We share our expat experience!
Happy Gallivanter – Explore. Experience. Express. Explore. Experience. Express.
Aussie Expat Home Loans Aussie Expat Home Loans was founded on a simple goal - to ensure that Australian Expats living in Asia are getting the best home loan deals they can.
Culpeck Insurance - Probably the Cheapest Expat / Forces Insurance Probably one of Germany's largest Expat / Forces Insurance Agencies. Let our over 60 years experience give you the service you deserve!
APARTMENT IN JAKARTA - INDONESIA Thamrin Residences is an exclusive residential located in the heart of city of Jakarta (only 150 M from Bundaran H.I). We offer you a unique total solution of living enabling you to manage and enjoy your daily activities with ease, where you can live, work and play at one area, a completely new life experience where you can “Centralize Your Life”. Moreover, your days will be surrounded by the captivated point of view of the heart of Jakarta in any of your activities. Thamrin Residences has easy access to its location (Bundaran H.I, Jl. Kb. Kacang, Jl. Mas Mansyur and Teluk Betung) and equipped with future modern mass transportation (waterway, sub way, bus way, monorails). Aside from that, Thamrin Residences is surrounded by 5-stars Hotel, Kode pos thamrin Residence 10230, Thamrin residence.com are engaged in the buying and selling and renting apartments. we provide a special website to facilitate the search for an apartment as you want or as you see fit, we hope before the field survey, you have at least a complete information about the apartment you are looking for. Address: Jl.Kebon kacang raya, Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10230, Indonesia Phone: +62 21 83783588 Kode pos / Postal 10230
The Expat Experience - Support for expatriates in Basel and beyond The Expat Experience led by Rylla Resler is a support group and website for expats.
Carole Property Shanghai | The Expat Real Estate Agency Carole Property is a housing consultancy based in Shanghai. Founded by a Foreigner with 15 years Real Estate experience, we provide a western quality service in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Welcome to West Small Business Services LLC We are a family owned business, a Professional Accounting Firm and we are proud of our record of service, we believe in treating you like our family. We prefer to work on “Set Fees” so you know what your fees are up front and there are “No Hidden Fees”. Our firm is one of the leading firms in the area. We are the Back Office for many of the Small Businesses in Anderson and surrounding areas. With our remote access software and today’s technology our capabilities are endless; we have clients across the entire USA. Through hard work, we have earned the respect of the business and financial communities. This respect illustrates our diverse talents, dedication and ability to respond quickly. By combining our expertise, experience and the energy of our staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention. Our high standards, service and specialized staff spell the difference between our outstanding performance, and other firms. We make sure that every client is served by the expertise of our whole firm. We have Experienced Professionals with over 35 years of combined experience in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Office Management and Income Tax Preparation. We provide Monthly Accounting Write Up and Complete (Full Charge) Bookkeeping, Payroll & Tax Services to many different small, mid-sized and fast growing businesses. We will even organize and store your records for the year, then box them up at year end so all you have to do is put them in a safe place. This enables you to focus on what you do best: Growing your company and allowing you to make critical decisions today that will affect your business tomorrow. We provide “Personal Service” to all of our clients based upon their specific needs. You Maintain 100% Control of All Monies, you decide which individuals and vendors get paid, you sign all checks. The choice is up to you. Remember—“You make the Decisions”! We realize that each and every company is different, therefore you may not need all of the services that are offered, we can customize a system that will work for you and your Company to fit all of your financial needs. Our name has stood for Integrity, Stability, Quality and Excellence. When we began, we believed our clients deserved the best, we still do, and we always will.
MANISH ABRAHAM Manish Abraham is The New Product Development Manager at Maire Tecnimont Innovation Center, Stamicarbon in Netherlands. Product Manager and Serial Entrepreneur with a global work, business and educational experience. An Erudite Expat Professional with an eagerness to learn and grow. He holds "MSc in Engineering in Innovation and Product Management" from "The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria". "A BEng(Hons) in Mobile communication engineering" from "University of Northumbria, Newcastle Upon Tyne". Maire Tecnimont Innovation Centre (MTIC) is responsible within Maire Tecnimont Group to steer and drive innovation and new business development across Group''s companies. Maire Tecnimont Group is an international player in Engineering, Contracting and Technology Licensing, active in a variety of industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure. MTIC is set-up as a division of Stamicarbon. Stamicarbon is the licensing and IP center of Maire Tecnimont. Stamicarbon is leader in urea technology, while also extensively developing within parent company technologies for LNG logistics, gas treatment, desulphurization, hydrogen and syngas production. Few of my tasks and responsibilities include: Key stakeholder in developing new products and solutions towards successful validation of the technology (acting as cross-functional and cross-company interface). Acting as Project Manager in driving innovation projects once these are promoted to the innovation pipeline (from business feasibility, development and validation to timely commercialization and implementation). Applying new insights to new projects, prioritizing the innovation portfolio and then focusing on the execution of projects with the highest impact. Managing multi-disciplinary (internal and external) project team members and other stakeholders by liaising with the project parties and creating an environment with team spirit. Open Innovation - Creating a pool of external diversified resources in cooperation with 3rd parties (e.g. universities, engineering companies, potential clients etc.) in order to mitigate limitations of internal resources.MANISH ABRAHAM has tried to interlink all the various links in a single place. Manish Abraham has also tried to explain a bit about himself in this website, hope you find it useful. MANISH Abraham''s course involves Holistic integration of marketing, design and technology, combined with strategic thinking in order to develop product innovations in a sustainable way. The Author of this Website is Manish Abraham
Girl in Milan Blog ⋆ Girl in Milan is curated by a Milan Travel Blogger living in Milan, who is also exploring Italy and Europe. Girl in Milan Blog is your local first-hand information guide on how best to live-in and explore the city of Milan! Discover my travel, food, and experiences about Italy and Europe on the blog! Girl in Milan is curated by a Milan Travel Blogger exploring Milan, Italy, and Europe. Girl in Milan Blog is your local first-hand information guide on how best to live in and explore the city of Milan! Discover my Travel | Food | Experiences on the blog.
Home - Doug and Shannon Doug and Shannon are midlife travelers and a second time around at love couple. We love to travel, write google reviews and tell the world about our experiences. We write from the heart and always the truth.
The Italian Party: A novel by Christina Lynch "Italophiles and anyone interested in spying and the expat experience will love the spot-on social commentary." ―Library Journal (Starred Review)
Start | Essence of Sweden Experience Sweden and Swedish culture with Swedes! Small-scale, unique activities for tourists, expats and companies.
Living In Italy | Living in Italy: An Expat's Experience Living in Italy: An Expat's Experience
Unique Bali Luxury villas : Bali Ethnic villa Estate Hidden within the expat residential haven of Umalas, our guests will experience a redefined Bali luxury villas concept, where art, culture, history, travel and creativity are merged together.
The Expat Experience and Travel Advice with Expitterpattica. What's it like to be a global nomad? Read about Lucille's adventures as an expat mum raising a family on the move.
live . laugh . leipzig – An American Expat Experience in Germany This is a story about a goofy girl, her witty husband, and their adventures as expats and travelers! Originally from the United States, these two are now living in Germany's former east in the hip, musical city of Leipzig. In their spare time, they travel around Europe taking in the sights, the culture, and the…
The Expatcker A blog where you can find traveling tips, pictures and gear reviews. Traveling while being an expat is a big part of the experience of being away from home and here it is documented.
Experiences, renewed - LandedVibe Our activities are carefully crafted for the millennials, be it a local, expat or traveller. From entertainment, skill learning to travel experience. Explore!
Expatpoint Relocation Services Expatpoint Relocation Services in Mexico